Courtney Love changes name, says she is 'sick' of talking about Kurt Cobain

Courtenay-Love-240.jpgImage Credit: Ferdaus Shamim/Getty ImagesCourtney has no more use for Love, she tells England’s NME magazine (via the BBC).

The Hole frontwoman, whose Nobody’s Daughter arrives this week, says definitively, “Courtney Love is dead. We’ve all decided we don’t like her any more.”

“We love her when she goes onstage,” she continues,” but I don’t need her in the rest of my life. The name Courtney Love is a way to oppress me.” Instead, she will now go by her given name, Courtney Michelle Harrison.

And she doesn’t want to talk about Kurt anymore, either. “I am not his spokesperson on Earth. I don’t know what he’d be like now, he could be into society girls, he could be into fat girls, he could be homosexual. We don’t know, he died at 27.”

UPDATE: A spokesperson tells MTV that the name-change sentiment was taken “100 percent out of context” by NME (in which the quote runs verbatim). “She’s not changing her name,” her rep continues, “unless it’s to ‘Courtney Love Mellencamp’ or ‘Big Baby Jesus.'”

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  • John

    Wow — way to talk respectfully about the father of your daughter, Courtney Whatever-Your-Last-Name-Is-Now!

    • truthwillcome

      She had him whacked bec he was gonna divorce her. way too many shady events surrounding his death. couldnt believe it once i started researching it, so sad

  • Henry

    I don’t blame her. Who would want to talk about that for the rest of their life?

    • Kurt

      Giver her some money. She will talk your ears off.

    • Mothra

      Yeah, true. But did she have to be so disrespectful? Have a little compassion for someone who saw no way out of his pain than to put a shotgun to his head. I am not condoning what he did or minimizing its impact on her, but nothing good comes of comments like this. Save it for the therapist’s couch.

      • C Men

        Yeah have some compassion for a guy who couldn’t handle being rich and famous. If he were here right now I’d give him a big hug!

      • Mothra

        He had some pretty serious health issues and chronic pain that he was dealing with. It wasn’t just about the fame. If it were, he could have bought and island and disappeared. You make me sad.

      • C Men

        Ah yes his mysterious “stomach pain”. Sounds like a good excuse for a drug addiction to me.

      • 4rocket

        Well, C-Men (I can tell your maturity level just by your name), I hope you never suffer from severe and chronic depression, because if you do then you just might find yourself in Kurt’s shoes.

    • Marcus Johnson

      What else is there to discuss with her? Her vibrant acting career? Her critically acclaimed music? Her preferred choice of drug prevention techniques?

    • ****

      Well, he is the only reason people even know who Courtney Love is, after all.

  • Todd

    I want to like you, Courtney. I know you didn’t kill Kurt, and you have made some great music. But now you’re hating on yourself and Kurt, and I can’t get behind that.

    • LisaP

      oh, she killed kurt. after she sucked the talent out of him for her own cd.

      • mary

        she definitely killed kurt. look at the evidence, and it screams the truth.

    • Butters

      MADE SOME GREAT MUSIC?!! Are you deaf or did you eat paint chips as a child?

  • The Real Quaid

    What a piece of trash. if you don’t want to talk about him, does that mean you don’t want his money either?

    • mary

      all she wants is his money. the courtney from 94 and the courtney from 2010 seem like two completely different courtneys. i have compassion for the 94 version, b/c i think she was hurting just as much as Kurt, but the courtney of today….that’s just sad.

  • Rob Grizzly

    So is she not producing that Cobain movie anymore?

  • Terry

    Ummmm… when she is called “Courtney Love” she feels oppressed? Oppressed? We didn’t pick that name. She did.

  • Wicasta Lovelace

    Kurt Cobain and the name he gave her are the only things that have ever made Courtney Love relevant. She’s built a career upon being Kurt Cobain’s widow. Makes perfect sense to me to stop talking about.

  • crispy

    She is changing her last name to Bieber

    • Momo

      That was random.

    • Mothra

      Crispy, you rock. How about this: Courtney Cougar Bieber?

  • Chappel

    “Courtney Michelle Harrison”? She’ll always be Ima Skank to me.

  • Mothra

    Well, somebody woke up and had a big bowl of crazy. Did the ash cloud scour what’s left of your brain? I love your music Courtney, there are far too few angry women as eloquent as you. However, the rudeness about Kurt will endear you to no one. You make it tough to love you. Our co-dependency must end. Too bad, I was one of about 347 people who would’ve bought your new CD. You should’ve just changed your name to Courtney Hate.

  • b

    Did we EVER like her???

  • mary

    wow….good move, courtney. bad-mouth kurt some more. maybe that will make frances want to come back to you….or not.

  • Ethan

    Damn, people on here sure love to beat up Courtney Love. Can’t we just continue to say she doesn’t appear to be mentally stable, which probably makes her life rather difficult, and yes, Live Through This is one of the great albums of the 90s? I get watching her as a great celebrity train wreck, but I don’t get all the “you’re a piece of trash I hate you” comments.

    • GavinStrick

      Agreed, “Live Through This” is an amazing album–one of the great albums of the 90’s as you say, and yes, she is as nutty as a jaybird, but personally I don’t hate her, I rather pity her.

  • Stephanie T.

    Kurt Cobain was only successful for taking thrash-punk music like Dead Kennedys and making it commerical. No one could fully understand what he was singing unless the lyrics were either written out or sung slowly, ala Tori Amos. Granted, the man was an emotional trainwreck and chose to end his pain with a shotgun to his head. I can understand why Courtney would not want to talk about that but she is not exactly sane herself, now is she?

  • oldrockchick

    Wow! You sure are a class act there Courtney! A real role model for your daughter too

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