Justin Bieber appearance leads to 'hysteria,' injury in Australia

justin-bieberImage Credit: George Pimentel/WireImage.comBiebermania has officially circled the globe. According to reports noted by Access Hollywood, chaos and injuries resulted when Justin Bieber was forced to cancel a televised appearance this morning in Sydney, Australia. Local newspapers reported that the singer’s planned gig was scrapped due to an “unruly crowd.” Few things make a crowd unrulier than scotching the event they’ve come to see, so this reportedly led to a 2 A.M. “crowd surge” and several unspecified injuries, including “at least 10 girls cared for by paramedics following fainting spells.” Bieber watchers may recall a similar incident that took place at a Long Island mall last November.

Bieber seems to have placated his fans this time with a brief one-song performance after moving inside from where the gig would have taken place. You can watch him sing “Baby” and banter awkwardly with Australian TV hosts after the jump. “Well, I guess the police say that you guys have to go home,” Bieber tells everyone outside the studio following the song. “I mean, I’d love for you to stay and hang out, but we gotta go. So, talk to you guys later.”

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  • Jerrica


    • OMG

      What?? If I was 15 I would be in the clubs snogging some cute guy. No Bieber NO!!

      • todd

        Sorry for the newbie question, but is “snogging” another word for kissing, or is it something more sexual? Thanks. Yes, I am an American

      • E

        todd, Google is your friend.

      • snogtastic

        Snogging is kissing, shagging is sexual

      • Celia

        Clearly todd has never read Harry Potter.

    • sarah

      I hate his stupid emo haircut. Also, he looks like a girl. I don’t see the appeal.

      • Sarah2

        I concur.

      • jessica

        I agree.

      • ps in seattle

        The hair is ridiculous. I prefer long hair on guys, but this stuff is like a shiny helmet. What’s he hiding under there?

    • shocked

      His fans were up at 2am? I am shocked.

      • karlie

        I was there since 11am the day before and I stayed up all night for him!!

  • felisberto

    justin bieber is the new king of pop

    • Vivi

      That’s just down right ludicrous.

      • lefty

        He seems to be well on his way right now…

        We’ll say Prince of Pop right now. 4th-in-line of Pop right now…

      • I don’t see the fuss

        More like princess

    • robert

      pop tarts – sticky sweet and with too much – come nausea…ugh

    • jessica

      I beg to differ!

    • JeJe

      If he is the new king of pop then I feel for our youth. He looks to be 12, how do these young girls find him cute? I just don’t get it…..

    • Celia

      I wouldn’t got that far, but clearly he’s got something going on. I don’t think they even go this crazy for the Jonas Brothers or twilight.

  • Vivi

    I just do not understand that hairstyle.

    • Kim

      I know. It looks like a comb over.

      • Umm…

        I also don’t get the hair. I just want to give him a headband.

    • robert

      hair dear vivi -two words – BUMP IT

  • Torey

    You’ve got to be kidding. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I really don’t see anything to mob about.

    • Leah

      You’re also not a 14 year old girl….

      I think he’s adorable, got a good voice for his age, and while I do not personally like his music it seems that (right now) he has a good head on his shoulders. Maybe in a few years things will be different, but for now let him enjoy his hard work.

      • Cris

        Where did the hard work come in? When the record label handpicked him, wrote his material and dictated his style, or was it after that?

      • robert

        yeah in a few years – the drinking, drugs and fawny sex kittens with make you think twice

      • jessica

        Give him a few years to start a binge and purge act and start acting and behaving like every young wanna be celebrity. It’s really pathetic that we as americans are paying these young kids millions of our hard earned money to make them rich while many americans are suffering financally, jobless and facing foreclosure. It’s the Robin Hood effect. His 15 minutes of fame hopefully won’t last. He really is horrible. What ever happened to people with really talent? Now a days it’s just about looks.
        UNBELIEVEABLE what this world has come to.

      • Johnny Canuck

        Easy on the poor little rich boy! He’s not responsible for ridiculous hair being fashionable; blame Twilight movie star Robert Pattinson. Earthquakes & stampeding tween girls are caused by the immodestly dressed west as any Iraqi cleric will tell you ;)

    • Michelle L.

      apparently he wasn’t famous.

  • Cris

    You know, normally I wouldn’t advocate violence, but let’s face it, this is the thinning of the herd, survival of the fittest. If these brain-dead tweens want to trample each other to get to this pre-packaged flavor of the month, then I say, have fun, do your worst.

    • True Blue

      I agree… clean up the gene pool a bit.

    • S.M.

      hahaha hopefully they’ll trample him in the process and knock that fugly hair into a different style..

  • Nie

    This is ridiculous

  • Susan

    From what I know his mom put his videos of him singing on youtube.com for a couple of years and he got a following from that and then Justin Timberlake and Usher were both wanting them in their companies but he went with Usher. I had no idea who he was and saw him live at David Letterman. Adorable and talented. That is all I have to say.

    • Shana

      That’s all true. Plus, he actually started singing and playing the guitar in public places to help out his struggling single mom, financially.

      • Dantheman

        You’re gay

  • brianna

    he is hot.

    • annairb

      he is not.

  • brianna

    & he has a good voice -_-

    • persimmon

      he does not

  • Cvisca

    Parents clearly need to do a better job at parenting. This is ridiculous.

    • jessica

      I wouldn’t dream of throwing my child in a life of this. It’s not good parenting on this child’s part. The parents are probably in it for the money and the kid doesn’t know any better. Shame on you!!!

  • Kiki

    Call me old-fashioned, but what were a bunch of 10-13 year olds doing out at a venue at 2am? Isn’t that waaaaaaaay past their bedtime?

    • lefty

      At 2am? Isn’t there a morning show in Australia? I thought it had a gma vibe.

    • anon

      Think it was an Australian holiday or something.

    • Celia

      Not just a bunch…over 5,000! I didn’t even know there were that many teenage girls in Austraila. I’m assuming some people followed him to America. Theres’s no way all of them were Austrailan.

  • Lori

    Will somebody take that kid to CostCutters? Or corner him with a Flo-Bee?

    • jessica

      Do you think he’s got a moe cut from the Three Stooges? If he’s making so much money he may look better if he gets the curly look…

  • Maureen

    Why are people acting like they’re surprised by this? This is the same thing that happened in the 90s with NSync and Backstreet Boys, in the 80s with New Edition and New Kids on the Block, etc, etc. As long as there are cute teenage boys in the world who can semi-sing/dance, there will always be hysteria for them from tweenybopper girls. ;)

    • Jerry

      the 90’s? Don’t forget the original mass-mania for cute boy singers, The Beatles, way back in 1964! I doubt Justin Bieber will match thier success, but I wish the little guy the best. He seems to be a nice kid.

    • felisberto

      these you mentioned are pop groups of 80s and 90s.actually justin bieber hysteria looks more like evis presley or michael jackson in the begining of their careers.

  • GavinStrick

    Why isn’t this child in school?

    • lefty

      He gets tutored every day…he keeps up with his studies. Gosh, I need to stop commenting on here, I’m going to look like a Bieber maniac.

      • sarah

        Actually, your extensive knowledge about Bieber makes you look like a loser, but that’s just my opinion.

      • risky


  • trio x

    I think it’s adorable, I was hanging out with a crowd of justin fans, all awesome teenagers, and they didn’t mind I was 45 years old. It’s the passion for him that brought us together..

    • randy

      you must be a pedofile

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