Glee's Madonna tribute knocks Justin Bieber off No. 1 spot

GleeImage Credit: Carin Baer/FoxA little Glee appears to be the cure for Bieber fever. Glee‘s The Power of Madonna soundtrack nabbed the No. 1 spot from Justin Bieber this week on the Billboard 200 album chart this week, selling 98,000 copies. It’s the highest debut yet for a Glee-related album, but also the lowest first-week sales: Glee Season One: The Music Volume 1 sold 113,000 copies its first week, while Volume 2 did 173,000.

Lady Antebellum moves from No. 3 to No. 2, selling another 83,000 copies of their Need You Now. Last week‘s No. 2, MGMT‘s Congratulations, fell out of the top 10 altogether.

With the blockbuster film more than a week away from release, AC/DC’s Iron Man 2 soundtrack debuts at No. 4, selling 76,000 copies.

Justin Bieber dropped to No. 3 with My World 2.0, while’s first installment My World is at No. 8. His label head, Usher, dropped from No. 4 to No. 5. His Raymond v. Raymond sold 52,000 units.

Selling 31,000 albums, Jimmy Buffett’s live Walmart exclusive Encores debuts at No. 7. The Zac Brown Band jumps from No. 15 to No. 9. And Lady Gaga‘s rounds out the Top 10 with her 2008 debut, The Fame.

What albums, if any, did you pick up last week? Surprised about this week’s numbers? Let us know.

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  • crispy

    Justin Bieber sucks. And people who like his music should be killed.

    • Ceballos

      Now, THERE’S the crispy I know.

      • crispy

        If some troll is gonna steal my username, I’ll just beat ‘em to the punch on every Bieber post. :)

    • crispy

      Your comment has been reported ;) Glee this battle isn’t over!

      • crispy

        Oh on the plus side “real crispy” it’s good to know your life is so pointless that you must chase on the coat strings of a 16 year old leaving hate marks to get attention ;) He goes out and earns real attention, why don’t you try that for a change? Oh thats right failures can’t. And let me guess your only response will be about grammer. LOL.. guess the “The Bieb” wins again ;)

      • Ambient Lite

        HA! I knew fake crispy was a 12-year-old! Tattletale!
        Are you homeschooled or what?

      • crispy

        Reported? HAHAHA!!! Wow, fake crispy, you are a bigger loser than Justin Bieber. Oh, and Justin Bieber has never “earned” anything. He was just well marketed to pre-teen virgins and frigid women.

      • crispy

        Your obsessed with him as well apparantly crispy are you a tween girl also? Yeah I thought so =D Show your love girl!

    • Ambient Lite

      But crispy, his fans are all children!
      R.I.P. America’s future. :(

      • Mele

        you are a bigger loser than justin Beiber. oh and Justin Bieber has never earned anything. He was just well marked to pre-teen virgins and Frigid women

    • born yesterday

      One trick pony

    • paige

      i got scared we lost you to dark helmet aka bieber…

    • paige

      why do you always get people stealing your name?

      • crispy

        No idea. People just want to be me!! LMAO at Dark Helmet!

    • SB

      I agree. Not about the killing thing but Justin Bieber is truly horrible. Maybe HE deserves to die. And are you really THAT surprised that he got knocked off #1, a spot that it’s a shocking atrocity he reached in the first place? Come ON.

  • Padraig

    Another sloppy, incomplete article posted on EW! Shocker! Couldn’t you at least remove the blank line and say that Usher’s sales were not determined by press time?

  • Victor Eloy

    that guy Bieber is so queer! he look s like a girl , and his voice is so annoying……he is like a “manly” Taylor swift version….ughh

    • crispy

      *yawn* idiots bore me

      • crispy

        Really, I thought you were a Justin Bieber fan?

      • Matthew Thomas

        Just like you bore all of us.

    • jasmonae

      yeah yeah

  • Miss Talk

    Go Glee!!!

    But puh-lease, no more special episode (No to Britney! Yes to Janet!) until next year. Although I enjoyed Madonna’episode, I loved yesterday’s one more. I rather see the cast of Glee dealing with their own plotlines.
    I hope Glee will get that Emmy!!!

    • stan

      All queens love Madonna.

  • JC

    The only album i care about in the top 10 is “Need You Now”, i hope they get 2010 best seller…. Justin Sux, whats gonna happen when he reaches puberty

    • crispy

      You suck worse.. your obsessed with the fact you’ll never have the talent he does now. Fail.

      • crispy

        No, you suck worse! nahnahnah

      • crispy

        But you suck the most. I bet you could only dream of Justin B. being the front part of the centipede and you being behind him.. wonder what I’m talking about. Go look up the movie “Human Centipede (First Sequence)”. You’ll figure it out smarty pants ;)

      • crispy

        Your parents should be ashamed letting a young child like you watch a movie like that.

  • jim

    That Blake Lewis’s Heartbreak on Vinyl, the best album of last year has yet to even crack the top 100 is inexcusable.

  • Shiny

    I’m confused; isn’t 173,000 more than 113,000? Which means the Glee Vol. 2 sales of 173 k sales are more than the Vol 1 sales of 113 k?

  • Shiny

    My bad, I see that there are 3 Glees albums mentioned here, I get it now.

  • Sara

    What the heck is a Justin Bieber and who cares? He’s what, 13 years old and looks like Tim Urban’s little blonder brother. Tweenage fans are such sheep….

    • crispy

      Sara jealousy is a horrible colour on you. Scram honey, and get a life like Justin Bieber has. Oh that’s right without talent you can’t. Sorry about your luck.

      • Ambient Lite

        Ack! Fake crispy is British!

      • crispy

        I noticed that too. Weird. I picture a Susan Boyle type.

      • Ambient Lite

        Kitties!!! And bad teeth. heh

      • crispy

        crispy good to know your other personality is ambient. Nice try though but everyone on here already realizes your friendless. And if anyone has a bunch of kitties it’s someone trying to bash a 16 year old from the safety of their computer. But yeah.. so funny you both pop up at the sametime. Gotcha! ;)

      • crispy

        Armchair psychology from a 14-year-old British girl… how enlightening.

      • Ambient Lite

        Bollocks! Crispy and I are actually separate entities, I’m just part of his EW harem of super hot ladies (that’s the word for a grown up girl, once you get your bubbies you’ll understand).
        I don’t understand your Bieber obsession, the only viable explanation is that coming from the country that gave the world the bag of poop that is Oasis, you have no idea what good music is supposed to sound like.
        Now run along you cheeky little twit. Your mum is calling and your porridge is getting cold.

  • pops

    I hope these actors from glee are getting paid because between the tours, cds, ads for a high rated tv shows, everybody else has to be raking in the money.

    • Kenta

      thumps up for 12 years old sluts in mrsnikiit trying to impress this child that will never notice them anymore!

  • paige

    so this is what i learned from this article and the comments: Madonna is hella rich. Justin Bieber looks like a girl with a MASSIVE tumor hemorrhaging cranium– seriously, the kid looks like Brain from Pinky & the brain– and crispy has stalkers on

    • crispy

      Oh yeah and don’t forget we learned your a moron that happens to be jealous of someone half your age that has made their dreams come true. Yeah, your getting old so I’ll forgive you for your forgetting.

      • crispy

        You know fake crispy I’m beginning to love you. And you know something maybe Bieber isn’t that bad after all.

      • crispy

        Sweetheart, I’m pretty sure that paige, and really anyone with a high school education, can tell by your appalling lack of grammar skills which comments are troll comments. Not that it matters since I’m only using “crispy” these days to ridicule Justin Bieber and his army of retards.

      • crispy

        Funny your schooling grammer again when there happens to be a run-on sentence in your last comment. Fail, for the “real crispy”; win for the Biebies.

      • crispy

        Nope. Not a run-on sentence. Do you want to play again?

      • crispy

        But you still came back to look at my last comment, thanks sweety. You have A LOT of free time on your hands. I highly doubt Justin Bieber has that much free time on his hands. You know with how important and all that he is. Win for the Biebies, so I don’t need to try again ;)

  • Mimi

    Hello! Glee “Home” episode was AWESOME! Looooved it! It hit “home” with me. I didn’t like the “Madonna” episode and I don’t feel bad about that either. Glee needs to stop doing episodes dedicated to one artist only, Madonna already has enough money. If they are gonna do that than they need to do a Janet Jackson episode or a Beyonce episode not a damn Britney Spears episode okay.

  • lad l laurence

    in LA you will soon see playwright larry myers’
    “justin bieber stampede”
    on a bill
    “lindsay lohan s mistakes tree”
    fun frenetic fanciful frightening

  • Matthew Thomas

    Musical taste has been thrown out the window in this country. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Kesha…Are people listening to the music they buy?!

    • stan

      It’s corporate rock. The real music is out there, somewhere.

  • lanford laurence

    Justin Bieber = Number 2
    is there some message in this?!
    saw aplay abt this brat last week called “Justin Bieber Stampede”
    How was taht play written lastw eek if it didn t happen till this week?!

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