Max Weinberg NOT dropped from Conan's TBS show... because no one's been added yet.

Yesterday’s reports that drummer Max Weinberg had been dropped from Conan O’Brien’s band as the whole former Tonight Show squad heads to TBS are untrue, say reps for O’Brien, who add “no details for the TBS show have been set as of now, none at all.” Seems Team Coco is too busy with their Team Tourtour to worry about producing a TV show at some point in the near-ish future, which is understandable, and it looks like they’re having a blast out there on the road — even though Weinberg’s not with them. The lack-of-TBS-show-details thing is also evidently not just a PR line: several other sources close to the show admitted they have no idea what’s being planned for Conan’s return, either.

So there ya go, Mixers. Rumor debunked. But if you had to bet how this one’s gonna play out in the end, what are you thinkin’? And since they don’t have anything set as of now, anything at all… what do YOU think Conan should do with his TBS slot?

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  • sandra

    Don’t care, won’t be watching. I’m not missing Chelsey Lately show for conan.

    • Johnification

      Thanks for letting us know.

      • Nerd

        You’re so cool!

        (If you really don’t care, why did you even read this article?)

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Ease up dude she just found out her hubby was bangin’ a porn star.

    • Chelsey Lately

      Even I will be watching Conan, though!

    • jj

      for being such a huge fan, you can’t even spell her name right…

    • Steph

      Jay, is that you?

    • Jess79

      It’s called a DVR you can watch both.

    • sandi

      I’m with you Sandra. Coco’s comedy on The Tonight Show was horrible. Nobody liked it. Looks likes Max Weinberg thought so too…and asked to be dropped…but it could be in his contract that he has to stick around. Sorry Max…maybe you can watch Jay Leno with the rest of America while Conan digs himself deeper into the ground. Conan is such a loser.

      • Holly

        umm…do you not remember that Kevin Eubanks is leaving Leno? If you’re going to say that Max is leaving Conan because he doesn’t find him funny, that’s a terrible argument because Eubanks is 100% no questions asked leaving the tonight show. so nice try. but not clever in the least.

      • zac

        nobody liked conan? i guess that’s why there were so many rallies and so much support when he had to leave…

      • sandi

        Zac…nothing like Triumph the insult cominc dog to watch right before you go to bed, eh? What a sad pathetic life you must lead.

      • Sandi Rules

        Sandi you do know Leno’s ratings are just as low if not lower than Conan’s were on the tonight show?

      • brandon

        He’s right. Conan is very well liked and only rising. Leno is a real dick which was well known but now alot more people finally saw the true Leno. Conan’s show was the best of all of em. Letterman wasnt bad either.

      • smith1

        can’t even come up with an actual counterpoint? usually happens to those with no real point.

        nah, just the rest of us have a sense of reality in our pathetic lives. unlike the complete lack of any of it in yours. the rest of us will just enjoy Conan’s sold out in less than 2 days 30 city comedy tour.
        that’s apparently “nobody” to those that lack reality.

      • Mo Ronick

        YOUr are write, Sandi can’tnot believe what a looser Connin is? How dare he not make a funny when J is workding overtime to force us to laugff?! J is very grate!!

      • alex77014

        @ Mo Ronick
        wtf??? were you a contestant on JAYWALKING??? seriously…nothing you said made any sense!!!

    • blueorchid

      Thanks for stopping by, Sandra.

      • sandra

        you too, blueorchid. Now go help Conan’s team write more poop jokes….can’t wait to see that!!!

      • windi

        Go and check some newspapers, sandi, maybe you can find some funny typo in a headline that will keep you amused for the rest of the month.

    • Paul Zucker

      I like Chelsea Lately. But let’s be realistic. Chelsea is not Conan O’Brien.

    • Blake

      That’ll make you and… you.

  • joline

    I hope they don’t bring back Andy. I really like him, but he doesn’t work on the show anymore. Nothing fresh about it, wasn’t funny.

  • maiv

    That’d suck if Max didn’t come back. He was hilarious.

  • coco4ever

    In response to the above post—Conan’s comedy on The Tonight Show wasn’t horrible and many people liked it. The problem with it was it wasn’t lame enough, it wasn’t simple enough for all the masses who want their jokes tame and easy to understand. Leno used to be funny years ago, but even he has eluded to the fact, and it is a fact, how he caters to his audience (read: dumbs it down, makes it pleasant and easy to swallow, pablum) so as not to be in any way offensive. In other words, he sold out. Yes, he’s made millions by doing that, but he sold his comedic soul in the process. And apparently he thinks it’s totally worth it.

    • Terri

      well…nobody liked Coco at 11:30 on The Tonight Show. Nobody watched him. Just because he is different doesnt make him funny. Wonder how George Lopez feels having to move back an hour for Coco. This is quite ironic now, isn’t it?

      • Camille

        Correction: nobody liked LENO! His show failed in the epic numbers, which trickled down to bad viewership for the news, which then trickled down to Conan’s “Tonight Show.” (It also coincided with the Letterman scandal, so people were tuning in out of twisted interest, all of which hit Conan’s new show at the same time.) And if you’d like to talk about low ratings, remember Letterman consistently beat Leno in the ratings for almost two years. Conan got less than seven months.

        And if you had been paying attention online instead of lost in your own little dream world, you’d know that Conan refused TBS’s offer because Lopez was already at that time. It wasn’t until George called up and told Conan that wanted him to have the 11:30 spot that Conan agreed to the deal! George has a lot of respect for Conan and realizes and frankly, the move to have Conan as his lead-in show is brilliant on his part. Lead-ins are very important, as evidenced by TTS suffering from Leno’s terrible lead-in. Lopez’s show will probably get more viewership because of Conan’s popularity; it’s already won him a lot of fan support for personally calling Conan and talking into the deal in the first place.

    • wendeelue

      You are so right. I used to work at a club where Leno played all the time. He’d do long, funny shows – the staff even stood at the back to watch. Now he is so bland, unfunny – caters mostly to a conservative audience. On top of that, he comes back – doing all the same tired schtick.

    • smith1

      definitely seems to work for the Sandras and Sandis and whatever other Sans that are out there. y’know, the ones that support each other.
      and post within minutes of each other.

      • smith1

        oh, and almost single-mindedly reference the same specific skit that wasn’t even a large part of Conan’s show once he moved to the Tonight Show, yet it obviously had such a similar, identical lasting impact on the Sans out there as they basically echo the exact same sentiments.

  • jeff

    coco4ever is so right. take a look at leno on late night back in the ’80s and early ’90s when letterman was the host. leno was easily the funniest guest and it’s like a completely different guy than the one who hosts the tonight show.

  • kakadoodoo3000

    leno doesn’t have any originality at all…even his headlines & jaywalking just mock other people’s mistakes–and he stole jaywalking AND john melendez from howard stern. before you diss me OR howard stern, the point i’m making is that stealing from ANYONE is wrong. only thing leno’s good at is sucking up to nbc brass, which is why they gave him the tonight show in the first place. read bill carter’s ‘the late shift’ and know the truth about your leno. whether or not you appreciate conan’s sense of humor, at least his stuff is either original, or if it’s from other people, he’s decent enough to acknowledge his sources. conan’s a man with integrity, and a real class act. best wishes to your move to TBS, conan! God bless you! :)

  • kakadoodoo3000

    check out my youtube channel by my same name, and please see the deadly serious cartoons i made there, about little-known facts about leno, and all the awful things he’s done. i used to tune in, too, before, when he preceded conan on ‘late night.’ granted, he was mostly just not unpleasant background noise while i showered, brushed my teeth, and fed my cat, to get ready for conan, the main event–but he seemed ok, pleasant, slightly amusing. i actually liked leno BEFORE the whole nbc mess with conan, and i found out what he was really like. i knew he locked horns with letterman long ago, over the tonight show, too,but i was young and didn’t appreciate letterman’s sardonic humor yet, THEN (i love him now!), and preferred leno. what an idiot i was. now i know all about leno, and i feel bad for having been duped for so long by his totally fake ‘nice guy’ image. big, fat phony, he is! :P

  • RR3

    we don’t see how Conan’s ratings will beat Leno or Dave on cable / TBS…where he faces fierce competition…
    George Lopez fans are already upset because now they have to watch Lopez Tonight, at midnight…
    where he will crash against a wall called…Craig Ferguson…the very best in late late night…

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