Chely Wright on her decision to come out: 'I won't be a whisper. I'm too proud of who I am.'

On Monday, country star Chely Wright (“Single White Female”) revealed on that she’s gay. Read the full post.

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  • Patty

    When I can out 20+years ago I am Now 47yrs I told mom sis brothers and family to me that was all that matters friends come and go A good friend told me if thay were your friends in the beging thay will be your friends in the end… I guess that u have to just what and see what happens but keep on going and don’t look back and in the end you will come out the winner look what happen to all the other singers that came out and movie makers still working comming out made there carriers better haha.. So of that all leave you cuz of you sexualley you will always have a friend here in Fresno and all the gay family I know will b your family aswell take care love ya!!!! Friend.

  • Liddy

    Nashville is ultra conservative and I agree with the “freezing out” that takes place. Bravo for not being afraid to be herself. It’s probably not a big deal to younger country music fans. But the older folks? And the execs? You can forget it. They’ll go to their graves as bigots.

  • Fatima

    I’m very happy for her, but this announcement was hyped for weeks now. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed when it ended up being someone this minor.
    That said, I can’t imagine how scary it would be to come out in the country music world. It’s probably just as bad as it would be in the rap world.

    • Ambient Lite

      I can’t wait until the first rapper comes out (Mr. Mathers, I’m looking at you)!

      • severine

        I’m sure 50 cent will edge out Marshall in the race to come out.

  • Ian

    I have been a fan of Chely’s for a long time. Seeing some of the other quotes that have popped up, this interview really surprised me. I can see where some of her anger comes from. I can’t identify with it because, as a straight male, I don’t have to live in fear of who I am the way the Gay community does. But I can see where the anger comes from. Especially when people hang names like “deviant” and “whore” on them just for being who they are. The other thing to remember, regarding Being Famous, is that the industry is NOT what it was years ago. Someone like Chely could carry a career, release a new record every other year or so, tour all the time, live off the money she gets from her past “hits” and have a GREAT career. She has been doing it for years. I have seen her in concert several times and she still draws a big crowd. She doesn’t need NAshville, and hasn’t used Nashville, to continue her career. And her career won’t end. She may end up touring and playing and selling to a different group of people. But she will find support, and as long as she continues to write music as good as what she as done in the past, she will continue to get that support.
    What she gets from this is honesty. And she is finally getting to be honest. God Bless Her. Her new music is amazing, and her story is very compelling. I am thankful that she chose to live instead of taking her own life. I am thankful that she put this record out. And I would love to see some of the other closeted(SP?) nashville artists, whoever they are, take the step out. I also love her SUPER gay comment. That made me laugh out loud, as did her reaction to the Lambert comment. She is a funny lady. yeah, I’m a fan.

  • Bill

    Way to know your politics Chely. I know it’s popular to bash George Bush and Dick Cheney for everything these days, but the policy that makes you “so mad” was put into place by Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Good try though.

  • Anne

    CHELY, I am so in love with you. Not only are you beautiful, smart and talented, you are also a genuine person whose experience is very much similar to mine and I thank you for sharing this and standing up for yourself. It’s almost as if you’re telling my story! You have made a difference in my life and I know that you have made a difference in others’ lives also and perhaps save those lost souls who are on the brink of suicide. I hope to see more of you in the future and even if nashville rejects you, you have a new family who will embrace you with open arms. Thank you & god bless!

    • Pat

      ….and they all lived happily ever after.

  • Chip H

    I don’t want to take anything away from her personal story, but k.d. lang was a popular country artist with two Grammys and she came out 18 years ago. I’m not really seeing how she’s the first to do this and I’m kind of shocked EW didn’t bother to point out the factual delusion on her part.

    • Jo

      OMG. Of course. How soon they forget. k.d. was and is huge in the business. Guess because she’s Canadian and not ‘true Nashville’ she doesn’t count. *shrug*

  • Ian

    one other thing, I do find it odd that they are skipping over KD lang with this. But, KD was never really part of the country community. She, even before she came out, was too fringe for country, especially at that time.

  • Mick Crisler

    Chely I think you owe k.d. lang an apology. But good for you otherwise!

    • Glory

      I believe Chely has said she’s the first “mainstream” country artist to come out. kd was never mainstream country.

      • KCWolf

        kd’s “country credentials” has pretty much been cancelled before she came out. I remember country stations banning her music when she spoke out against beef. She had already been made a Nashville outcast before she came out and moved into pop music.

        I’ve always wondered if the situation would have been different if she came out before denouncing beef. I still think the anti-beef stance would have caused bigger waves. Besides, how could any country music fan think kd was straight after hearing her sing “Big Boned Gal”?

  • aa915

    Come on, folks, we all know any publicity is good publicity, at least in the long run. Even Nike and Tiger Woods have kissed and made up–that took, what, a month?

    Please. She’ll be doing the talk show circuit before the month is out, with a book deal right behind.

    48 hours ago no one had ever heard of her. Soon she’ll be crying all the way to the bank.

    • J. Norman

      Exactly !!

  • Woody7

    I don’t care about who she dates, but I think its really disrespectful to speculate how someone like Brad Paisley will react to this news. I mean, give him a shot. And honestly, he doesn’t have to say anything….Chely is putting him in an awkward position. No matter what he says/thinks, he is going to look bad.

    • Lisa

      How is Brad going to look bad?
      He loved a woman that he thought was available in every sense of the word. Besides, she gave him the highest regard.. she didn’t say anything bad about him. In fact, she said in not so many words that he deserved better than that, and she regrets misleading him like that.

  • Scott

    And who is this again…?

  • April

    I am so happy for you and i love your music and i thank you are so beautiful.And you are a Country Star!You have made a difference and that is good. Thank you Chely. P.S We love u!

  • Mim

    I’ve met Chely. I met her @ a very difficult time in my life. My son, a marine, was killed in Iraq. She was a genuine friend to this family. She helped us on our journey to heal.

  • sparkle the gym bag

    if she is “so proud of who i am” why the heck did it take her till she was about 40 to be honest, seems like a cop-out

    • MC

      if you’re not gay, then you will never understand the fear people have in coming out to their closest friends and family and being afraid of losing them, being looked at differently, being banned, etc. etc. It takes a long time for a lot of people to face these issues and overcome them, and sometimes people never muster up the courage to be who they really are, which is a sad representation of where our country is in terms of being so judgemental.

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