Miley Cyrus' 'Can't Be Tamed' video: Has our little tween star flown the coop?

miley-videoMiley Cyrus has released the video for her new single, “Can’t Be Tamed,” and one thing is clear: The Disney star is flying the coop. No, for reals! The video, which you can view here after the jump, finds our beloved Hannah Montana ensconced in full bird regalia, rocking deep smoky eyes, and being announced as “Avis Cyrus, the rarest creature on earth.” Yes, she’s a bird—a huge-winged bird!—throughout. Which made me feel like she should instead be intoning the words “can’t be caged”—she sits in a cage for much of the clip—instead of “can’t be tamed.” Right? Because birds are not so much tamed as they are caged, right? But anyway, enough of me rattling on about it for the moment, just watch the avian madness here:

Of course, just like the single itself, this video is a departure for the tween star, who seems like she’s more than ready to be taken serious. But smart: She isn’t moving too fast, honestly. This here video might be dark and a tad conceptually racy, but it’s not like Miley is stripping or baring much skin, a la some of the stars who have morphed themselves before us in the past. More than anything, she’s just getting into some super-fun dance moves and making a statement, which seems to be something along the lines of her being ready to move into territory that’s darker than, say, “Party in the U.S.A.” (Which, BTW, I still listen to nearly daily.)

Also, I feel like there’s something behind the caged aspect of it all. Does Miley feel caged by her handlers? Is she cooped up and looking to break free? Does she have no outlet now that she gave up her Twitter account? [Insert bird/Twitter joke here.] In some ways, the video could be spliced apart as commentary on the confinement of her personal life. Musicians—and specifically pop stars—are known to eventually get all up into some personal-life commentary with their songs and videos. Britney’s “Everytime” or “Piece of Me,” anyone?

Lastly, I have to add that I usually really despise birds (and fish, for that matter…) as a concept, but Miley sort of made them cool and sexy. I’m shocked I just typed such a thing.

But, what do you think, folks? Are you digging the dark new Miley? Is there a deeper message in all this bird-related crazy?

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  • Jean Guy Levesque

    MILEY HORSEFACE CYRUS is sooo ugly!!!! After a glimpse of HORSEFACE I now have vomit and I feel a case of diarrhea starting too. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emma

      You are a jackass. At least say something constructive. There’s plenty to mock in the video without getting nasty.

      • Ally

        Honestly, there isnt anything constructive to say here. She is talentless. No offense to those who like her. Thats why her fan base consist of CHILDREN. She cant sing, dance, act. She is a terrible triple threat. I love Nicholas Sparks but wont even see the Last Song because the girl has two expressions the entire movie… She is a very sad excuse, but guess what? If your daddy is famous.. your gonna be famous whether your talented or not. So lets keep using celebs kids for movies, music, etc instead of finding kids with real talent.

      • Samy

        Shes seems over correcting all of her dance moves.. like even when she walks she looks really goofy, not sexy.

      • Janee

        Uhm, you’re extremely shallow, Ally. The Last Song was an amazing movie, very sad and meaningful. Miley did a great job in the movie, too. I’m 23 and was a fan since Breakout debuted. She’s extremely talented. Her voice is synthed in this song, but she is a good and talented singer so shut your mouth and keep your unconstructive remarks to yourself. Why are you watching her videos if you hate her? Exactly.

      • Megan

        @Ally- Really? If your dad is a one hit wonder, you’re automatically famous? Interesting. I suppose that’s why all of Miley’s five brothers and sisters are so famous, right?

        And it would stand to reason that if a one-hit dad can make you famous, a mega-hit parent must make you an instant superstar! Which means that all of Rumer Willis press is actually because of her, not her parents!

      • Kat

        Janee, excuse you, but “so shut your mouth and keep your unconstructive remarks to yourself” is extremely uncalled for. Freedom of Speech, have you ever heard of it? Hint: It’s in your first amendment rights, jackass.

      • muskan

        i does not agree with the stupid girl are tottaly bad mannered girl and does not know about passsion…… are completely stupid…


      well if you think SHES a horse face i dont even want to see what YOU look like. Miley is amazing and you just SUCK ! If you hate her so much dont lick on the link to get here . i cant use “inapropriate” language so you seem like a horrible judging person, you too Ally . I agree with Janee ^ above ^.

      • KAYLA

        R U STUPID THIS VIDEO IS DUMP AND THE LYRICS SUCKS. she trying to be some thing shes not. she needs to go under a rock somewhere

    • jojo

      I dont like Miley but even I have to admit that she is pretty and the song is catchy, not all singers are created equal but you have to give the girl points for working with what she has. She doesn’t force anyone to buy her records (thats why I dont have any of her records), so I see no reason for such bitterness. If you dont like her dont listen to her songs, SIMPLE !.

      • Rachelle Chimblo

        exactly. fighting on a blog site over whether or not miley cyrus has talent or not is a complete waste of time. she’s obviously famous for more reasons than just the fact that her dad was famous first. she can sing, dance, and act. maybe she wasn’t a complete natural at all those aspects at first, but she’s showed everyone that she’s got the drive, commitment, and compassion to make herself better every day. leave her alone and cut her some slack. nothing good ever comes out of bashing someone else’s success, whether you feel it’s deserved or not.

    • madison

      To the people who are bashing. All I’d like to say is who are you? Some nobody who is sitting on their computer who probably make $10/hr with an average Jane face.
      There is a reason Miley is famous, and makes money so leave it at that.

      • ashley

        Excuse me madison, but you are stupid. How did miley get where she is today? Not by talent, thats for sure. This is by far the WORST video she has ever done. And what kind of role- model is she for her younger fans? She is just turning into another brittney spears.

      • veronikah

        i tottaly agree she is just like a mini version of brittany spears she will end up in a bar somewhere drunk and knocked up not knowing who the baby daddy is and who is there to blame her parents

    • Paul

      The song is about her relationships listen to the song stupid and youd figure it out god..

    • hunter

      I used to be one of her fans but after seeing the video I’m not one anymore. She keeps saying she wants to branch out and grow up. Miley, grow up, don’t dirty up. My 8-year-old sister was a big fan of yours and you’ve devistated her! >:(

      • Amber

        miley cyrus is aswome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!

  • Maserda

    This video just shows how Miley wants to grow up, like how Britney did her “I’m a Slave 4 U”. I think I like this song best of out the other Miley songs released so far.

    • Abbie

      I agree!

      • amber

        This is so stupid that is not even right for doing the video like that or even doing the song i use to look up to miley and think as my imperation but she is going to far i hate her now.

      • amber

        she is turning into to brittney spears

      • MILEY FAN

        MEEE TOO ! THIS IS AN AMAZING SONG ! The best shes EVER done.

      • hunter

        If she wants to grow up, fine. But there’s a difference between growing up and dirtying up.

    • Keith

      You call what happened to Ms. Spears growing up?

      • amber

        Exactly thank you

    • Ellie Mia

      Totally agree with your ‘Slave 4 U’ comment. Was thinking that the whole way through!

    • Nick T

      You’re right. Except Slave for U was an awesome video and this one is kind of goofy. And this is totally not better than her other songs.

    • Breezy

      I definitely agree. She’s like Britney in a good way!

    • Julie

      Why does this video look exactly like Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” video?
      And this song is not “great”… it’s autotune all the way to hide that she can’t sing…
      Yeah, she’s going to be “like Britney” all right… I give her two more years, then she’ll shave her head…

    • Brent

      The difference about ‘Slave” and this song is that there were sexy visuals to go along with a sexy beat and it just *worked*.

      I mean, there’s a freaking vocder used to make her voice sound like one of the chipmunks during the second verse. jeebus.

      I don’t honestly think she’s the most talented girl in the world, most of the Disney stars haven’t been about talent. it’s the right time, right place sort of thing.

  • GoMe!

    Cool song. Like most Miley Cyrus songs, it takes a few more listens before I fall in love with a song (like PitUSA), but I’m already liking this one.

  • nykolus

    what i can’t figure out is why she’s tryin to look like adam lambert…

    • BR

      …and sound like Adam Lambert. Not a great song.

      • Emilia

        Actually, Adam Lambert has a great voice, he’s been cast in several mudicals (most recently “Wicked” in Los Angeles) prior to becomming a recording artist.
        Have you ever heard Miley Cyrus sing live? Whenever there’s no autotune available her voice sounds like a tortured cow and she can’t hit any note without being pitchy and shrieky.

  • ash

    My ears… This is autotuned to death, pitchy and so repetitive. Miley is trying so hard to be Gaga in this video, and it’s just not working. By the way, nice boobies, girl! And good job stretching out sexily in a corset displaying them!

  • crispy

    Wow this even racier than Lady Gaga’s poker face. and that’s saying something.

  • Cris

    YAWN … A desperate attempt to expand a fan base, or rather, grab a new fan base, since most of the tweens have moved on.
    Miley has always been a product, not a musician. Looks like her handlers are trying to change her image, rather than letting it happen naturally. Miley’s 15 minutes are right about 14:55 …

    • sonus

      QFT. She’s like a really, really poor man’s version of Britney. Lets hope she keeps putting out these horrendous songs so she can be irrelevant already

  • Elizabeth

    So, if you wear heavy makeup, are scantily clothed, and a little edgy, you are obviously channelling Gaga?

    No – you’re trying to be a female performer in pop music. This is what we do to women. God forbid they just sing a song. Thank the industry and the lame-o stations who won’t play anything else.

    • Mel

      Thank supply and demand, and people who won’t BUY anything else. You want good music played? Put your money where your mouth is and pay for some good music. We always blame the record industries, but they’re just going where the money is, and what people are willing to buy. Instead of complaining, get off your butt and give your cash to a good artist.

    • Ann

      lol THANK YOU ELIZABETH! Extremely true (: I love Miley and she’s just trying to grow up! I’m 15 and loved her since she was just starting out and now she’s growing up and her music is maturing as am I, so I still love her (:

  • Kelly

    I personally love this video. I don’t think of it as a ‘new’ Miley. She’s been slowly breaking away from Disney and moving towards a mainstream pop world with an older crowd. This is just another, slightly bigger, step. She really is very talented, and incredibly creative. I could see her working her way towards a great long career.

  • Miss Talk

    A big handful of Britney,
    a bit of Beyo…uh, Sasha Fierce,
    a little bit of Glambert,
    a little bit of Gaga,
    a little, very little bit of Alicia Keys (yes, the feathers she wears on her latest album’s cover)

    At least, Miley (copies)…uh,learns from the best.

    • Nat

      If only she could sing as well as Adam Lambert or Alicia Keyes!
      This song is autotuned to death but whenever she tries to sing live… so, so bad…

    • Ash

      @Miss Talk lool your right!!!!!
      @Nat yh Britney sounds better than her, and AT least britney was original MILEY is just copying britney!!I have my bets on 3 years then comes rehab maybe a baby befor……..

      • Lexy

        U know i totaly agree

  • feathers

    I’m not even a big Miley fan (aside from screaming out the words to Party In The USA at parties), but what the hell about this video is so damn racy?

    She’s dressed as a bird, is caged, breaks out of the cage, dances harmlessly…that’s it. There’s no indecent exposure (and if you call a corset racy…dear lord), no overt sexual undertones, nada. It’s a normal pop song.

    And everyone’s new thing is comparing any female artist video with a concept piece to Gaga. Seriously. What about this screams Lady Gaga? The fact that there were costumes? Yeesh.

    • Ann

      Exactly!! Just because she got her start as Hannah Montana automatically means she has to stay an artist for little kids forever? Uhm, no. She’s growing up! And it’s slightly racy, but only since she’s a minor… If she was 18, no one would have a problem with this at all… And it’s very catchy:) Love it <3

    • raven

      Not to mention she actually sang in front of people doing stripper like moves on playground equipment, all while she wore barely there short shorts in “Party in the USA”. I honestly don’t see how this is any more racy then anything else shes done. Besides, the songs alright, even if it is a little 2003.

  • seana

    ~rolling eyes~ Good grief people, this is nothing, a little goth and over the top “drama”, but racy, no. She’s trying to break out of the kid disney crap she’s been stuck in for so long, give her a break.

  • Phil

    I had heard she didn’t wanna hype this ‘coming out of the Mouse House’ video too much, or discuss too much info. on the new album, and just casually started mentioning the release in march. CLEARLY there is alot of maturity in both the visual & in this uptempo-auto-tuned dance track!! I think this is the perfect summer record, and I have always been a love her or hate her fan of her pop releases since I’m 30, but I have to say, that video is FIERCE and will surely rack up nominations for Mtv Video Awards later this summer! Anyways, my biggest gripe is this. Miley, I hope you have some STRONG follow-up material on this release cause you haven’t had much success after lead singles drop at radio, but seriously I like this single alot! Way to go girl!!

  • J

    This really sounds like a Britney song.

    • Phil

      And as per every blog this week, so apparently does “Telephone” …WHAT DOES THAT MATTER?! Is any auto-tuned dance pop song that doesn’t feature a guest rapper mean it sounds like a Britney song?! I think the dancing and the choreography in this Miley video is WORLDS better than the kinda lame choreography Brit put towards her last video clip, “3”. I am so sick of kids these days that have no concept how long it used to take for pop artists to release new material, and how it very rarely ‘sounded like a so & so” release…I’m sorry if this makes me sound cranky, cause I’m honestly not, but its because of the younger generation’s short attention span that virtually everything released these days has very little originality & on some levels sounds exactly like some previous release by WHOEVER. I mean I am sure tat some uninformed kids think this qualifies as a DANCE track since there is an elextronic-synth, but thats wrong, its a uptempo-pop track…anyways, I’m getting off point. Obv. Britney fans will think this is Miley biting off her or Gaga or wheoever since they’ve had success with these type of songs, but they don’t own the genre, and I enjoy all the singles ALL of those artists release, but I wish some uninformed nitwits would stop categorizing pop music by other artists they admire or adore. Its a genre & they don’t own that sound, they’re simply using it like everyone else to make money and hopefully hits.

      • J

        Still sounds like a Britney song.

  • Lex

    I think it’s a gorgeous sexy video. I actually like the lyrics. But I’m not a Miley fan. The total opposite in fact. I think she is trying to SEX up her image. Even though she is only 17. Personally isn’t that a little um… UN CLASSY for a teenager? But I do like the video and the song, just for someone older. Even though she does look about 23 in this video.

    • karen

      I don’t think it’s unclassy.
      It would be trashy if she were wearing less clothes or shaking her butt or wearing almost nothing like Spears does at her concerts.
      I have a friend who likes watching Argentinian tv and there is a band “teen angels” the girls wear less on their promos, they show more skin and they manage to look classy.
      I don’t think the vodeo is classy, but is not opposite either.

    • Bethany

      Completely unclassy. You could wear a potato sack and still try to be sexy and ridiculous. This was no where near the realm of classy. I’d never let my tween see a video or listen to music like this.

      • Milo

        Miley tries to copy artists like Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert or Britney Spears but all she really does is make people realize again how inferior she is as a singer.
        Now, I don’t know how good a singer Britney is since all she does is lip synch but both Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga are really talented (Lambert was cast in “Wicked” before AI) and almost always perform live.
        Instead of dancing on stripper poles in front of kindergarden kids Miley should hone her craft and get a good vocal coach… otherwise she’ll soon be tabloid fodder like Britney and Lindsay Lohan

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