Kelly Clarkson: Is her new leak dissing Ryan Tedder?

tedder-clarksonImage Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage.comAnother day, another leaked new track from Kelly Clarkson. The latest one seems to be called “Wash Rinse Repeat,” and everyone’s talking about how it rips…well, someone.

Who, exactly, is the target of lyrics like “Does it sound familiar, does it linger in your ear/Like something you remember from just last year” and “Music from the past, from the present, well, just last week/We will change a note and get away with it, wait and see”? Idolator takes those as thinly veiled shots at OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. (That’s him and Clarkson in happier times above.) You’ll recall that Tedder co-wrote both Beyoncé’s “Halo” and Clarkson’s “Already Gone,” leading to a minor tiff last summer when Clarkson felt the two tunes were too similar. Now Clarkson has recorded a song that seems to be about industry pros recycling hooks. (Or she recorded it at some point, anyway — there’s no indication of how new this leak is.) Sounds like a plausible theory.

Then there are more general slams, like the one that serves as this tune’s classic Clarkson belt-it-out chorus: “I’ll be playing God and you can be my [airhorn]/The only compromise is you get to pick/Which of these formulas is your perfect fit?/Wash, rinse, repeat, why are you fighting it?” Idolator interprets lines like that as attacks on Clarkson’s label. To me, they seem more likely aimed at the music biz as a whole than any particular person or entity. Still, if Clarkson is implying that her label has been interfering with her artistic expression, it wouldn’t be the first time. A representative for Sony Music bigwig Clive Davis, who has both mentored and reportedly clashed with Clarkson in the past, tells the Music Mix that this song “has nothing to do with Clive.”

We’ve reached out to Clarkson’s and Tedder’s reps for comment. In the meantime, who do you think “Wash Rinse Repeat” is directed at?

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  • crispy

    Kelly Clarkson is just mad that Justin B. doesn’t like her ;)

    • wakeforce

      Kelly has been trying to be Pink for too many years.

      • Ethan

        Uhmm… no, why do you say that?

      • sassy

        I like Pink, but I love Kelly so STFU. Kelly is original and can sing anything and everything beautifully!!!

    • sassy

      Who is Justin B? He has the dumbest hair, and after his voice changes nobody will listen to his drivel.


    Kelly has never hidden who she was attacking in song, meaning she wants you to know even if she can’t expressly say it.

    Check Out

  • T

    Whatever, whenever, whoever she’s writing/singing about… doesn’t matter to me. Girl has an amazing voice and I love how she tells it straight. Team Kelly any day of the week.

    • Sarah

      Amen to that.

    • Krisite Lee’s Horse

      I agree. Kelley can sing. Her best songs are those she does live. Kelly you could take anyone’s song, sing it live and make it sound like a masterpiece. Yo go girl.

      • jacks

        agreee with u T, sarah and kristie lees horse!!!!!!!!!

      • kckellyever

        i agree on that! kelly is the best!

  • any

    This girl is always mad and complaining about something. She really needs to get over that whole deal about her song sounding like Halo. Bitterness is not a good color on anyone.

    • Ed

      Um, one way some artists “get over” their issues is through their art (music, writing, fine art, etc). I’d much rather get a song about the issue than a Twitter post. (And it’s a rather good song.)

      • w11

        Exactly Ed.

    • Ewee

      I never really made the connection between Halo and Already Gone. They don’t sound that much alike – and quite frankly, to me, most pop songs sound alike and are all starting to blend together – not in a good way. I think that’s why Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum, more known as country artists, are doing well on traditional “pop” charts. Seems like Kellie has a bitter side that is not flattering. Plus, yes a good voice, but she has become unattractive and maybe her days are numbered?

  • Jonathan F.

    If Tedder is somehow related, it’s most likely just as inspiration to write a song about the current music scene/her label.

  • Taylor

    Man, she really has some sour grapes huh? I never really understood what the big deal was with the Halo/Already Gone thing. They don’t sound all that similar to me. Similar beat but other than that? I guess they both repeat the title of the song ad nauseum….

    • w11

      Shut up Taylor.

      • @w11

        Why, What did he do? I love me some Kelly, too, but but rudely calling out someone on this board for expressing an opinion just makes Kelly’s fans look bad.

      • Taylor

        What a mature, reasonable response w11. I am actually a big fan of Kelly’s sooooo I am not trying to slam her at all. I just don’t understand what the big deal is/was about the songs sounding similar.

      • annechantal

        Another typical, rude response from a KCE member.

      • arristat

        seriously annechantal, how do you know that taylor is a kce member. you’re nuts!

    • annechantal

      Her fans are some sour grapes, too. Just look at the comments on Idolator.

      • crystal

        i am sick and tired of reading things about kelly clarkson( who i love i am a huge fan) an seeing annechantal dissing her fans on evry website get a life and no i am not apart of kce

      • candace patterson stinks

        i agree!! annechanatal =candace patterson from canada. i hope by trying to make kc + her band look bad you’re just making yourself look like a fool. your parents should really get rid of the internet.

      • lucy

        OMG!!! Are you still around???

  • poo

    i agree the songs dont sound similar. besides beyonce’s version sucks, i prefer the glee version of halo

    • Drew

      So do I, and I kind of can’t stand the Glee version either. It’s so manic hyper-tastic. I love Kelly because she has more of a variety than most artists. She’s one of the 4-5 people I’d really say have broken out of being former Idols.

    • Miss Talk

      Queen Bey’s Halo won a Grammy.
      Regarding Kelly Clarkson, this girl needs to stop beefing with the music industry. She’s doing now what she should have been doing since the beginning: writing her OWN songs. And there are a couple of other things she should try too: getting married, starting a family. Because if a woman has enough time to write a song because Ryan Tedder is only a human being and not a robotic songwriter (who MUST make sure that all the dozens of songs he wrote sound all different) then she’s definitely missing something in her life.

      • Don’t get it twisted

        You’re one to talk. If you’re on an online blog commenting on someone’s life than maybe something is missing in your life too?
        She has written songs from the beginning. ‘Miss Independent’ ‘Trouble With Love Is’ ‘Thankful’ all have her name as a writer and that was off her debut album.

      • Jennifer

        Yes, all women should stay home in the kitchen and pop out babies.

      • josh

        you hit the nail on the head Jennifer. Are you available?

  • Clint

    I love Kelly clarkson because she is not afarid to take on anyone and she will stand up for herself and her music us awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sassy

      Well said, Clint. Kelly is a strong woman, and sticks up for herself. Some people just can’t handle that. Kelly is an artistic juggernaut, and I cannot wait until her next album comes out. Ryan Tedder is a lame lazy punk who should stop duplicating music!!!

  • True Blue

    She’s too wannabe badass for me. Same reason I don’t like Pink. They try so hard to be punk.

    • Ethan

      No, they don’t. They try to express their music in different ways. They like to different genres rather than be stuck with just one genre. She has no reason to be a badass, she actually only writes what she’s feeling. If you felt that way wouldn’t you want to write something like this? Well I would answer that question with a “hell yes”.

    • sassy

      Kelly is Kelly. She likes all kinds of music. And she can sing all kinds of music. What is wrong with that? She is a true artist.

  • Krystal

    Ahhh! It makes me so mad because Ryan Tedder writes such great songs and he shouldn’t be picked on. So what if Beyonce and Kelly have similar sounding songs, you hired the same writer. My advice to Kelly, write your own songs.

    • sam

      you shouldn’t be quick to assume either. kelly has writing credits on ‘already gone’ in fact she receives more royalties on this song than tedder (kc’s 40% to tedder’s 30%). she came up with the melody & lyrics. ryan was in charge of the music. the problem was the beat. kc didn’t hire tedder, her label did.

      go to youtube it’s not just kc’s songs that tedder has copied. there’s a whole mix of his songs w/ very similar styles.

      • Krystal

        Don’t get me wrong. I love Kelly and I know she writes her own songs. To me, “My December” was one of her best albums because she wrote the entire thing. But she shouldn’t be dissing Ryan because “Halo” and “Already Gone” sound similar. She should stick with writing her own songs. They’re better and more meaningful.

        As for all Ryan Tedder songs sounding the same. “Bleeding Love”, “Halo”, and “Already Gone” are completely different than his albums with his OneRepublic bands. I suggest listening to their albums “Waking Up” and “Dreaming Out Loud”.

    • every ryan tedder song sounds the same. he has no originality.

      • annechantal

        Ryan Tedder has originality. He has a signature sound, so of course his songs are going to sound similar and be easy to pick out. Ryan Tedder has been in the game a lot longer than Kelly has been, anyway. Behind the scenes and such. I think he knows what he’s doing. He even said he’d likely be willing to work with Kelly again if she wanted to work with him, so instead of whining, maybe Kelly should learn to be a little bit grateful and stop disrespecting so many people in the industry. Kelly Clarkson is the one writing diss tracks because she’s so desperate for attention. Beyonce doesn’t mention the song drama or anything, not even if someone calls her out directly because she’s mature. She’s got better things to do than start drama in the media

      • crystal

        hey annchantal in one thing isaw u wrote is that u don’t like ryan cause all is music sounds the same so make up a story and stick 2 it must b hard cause u sure write on alot of websites

      • annechantal

        I DON’T like Ryan and do think all his music sounds the same. I’ve never NOT stuck to that story. Ryan has a DISTINCT sound, so of course his music is going to sound the same or similar. That doesn’t mean I’m bashing Ryan. Know what you’re talking about before you run off at the mouth, Crystal.

      • swimmer09

        Oh shut the heck up Annechantal, we don’t give a rat’s white a** what sh*t you say.

      • Preston

        Last year, I think that Ryan Tedder kept the songs he produced apart from each other. Beyonce’s Halo and Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone sound like sisters to each other with their sounds, but they’re both different. I loved how he produced Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield with the thumping cannon sounding beats and the big Bon Jovi-like choruses! His songs do have a relaxing, meditative, yet moody feel to them, but they’re full of melodies and strong landscapes.

  • sam

    i’ll never get why people put kelly on such a high pedestal? this is her music, her face, her voice, her image, her goals. i’m sure if some of your coworkers were treating you like a child you’d be upset too. people should understand it’s a job, but unlike most of us she’s under contract.

    • sam

      I’m sure if she could buy out her contract she would have done so a long time ago. But you’re talking about an artist who made her company over 100 million with one album (breakaway) she’s one of the top artist with RCA, of course they won’t let her just walk away.

      • jason

        She can’t get out of her contract with RCA. she said at the time of My December that she tried to break her contract and that she got the best entertainment lawyer there is and he couldn’t get her out of it. She has two more albums left in her contract.

  • Pablo

    Her new song is awesome!!! It says everything that needs to be said about the current pop scene~

    Take GaGas ALEJANDRO is a remake of Ace of Base “Dont Turn Around”

  • lucy

    Is this your job? Because if it isn’t then you really need to find another hobby…because you’re kinda of a joke.

  • annechantal

    Another blog really hit the nail on the head with this comment: The issue with this song is that Kelly transforms herself into one of the talent-limited, unoriginal artists she’s poking fun of to make her point. This is probably deliberate but her stance would have been much stronger if she did this in her own style, the way Pink successfully bashed her air-headed counterparts in her signature pop/rock sound in Stupid Girls.

    • Stance

      Clearly that blog is just as stupid as you candace patterson from canada. This is a stolen song! She probably had no intentions of releasing it. She probably just wrote it to get it off her chest. I’d make fun of you even more but I really do believe you are retarded so I won’t. You need Jesus in your life.

  • Parker

    I think Kelly makes a great point by using autotune. I don’t think that blogger understands what a joke or being sarcastic is. Right now in music all labels want are a dance track and autotune. That’s exactly what Kelly is delivering. She’s using the upbeat sound to cover up how she really feels about it in the lyrics.
    I’ve seen a few reviews of this song and most seem to agree with Clarkson. It seems your level and that blogger’s level of wittiness is not up to pair with the rest of us. Sorry for your ignorance.

    • Parker

      * up to par. Another thing, I hate when I read a Kelly article you are promoting yourself, bad mouth Kelly, her band and fans. Yes, you don’t get along with the KCE boohoo. But what I cannot stand for is people who are ignorant and generalize. Since a few people on that site were mean to you, you go after the whole site? Generalizing is why racism still exist today. Since one black dude mugged me I assume all of them are thieves??! You are spreading hate little girl. You have too much time on your hands, when you’re older you’ll realize you wasted your youth on nonsense.

      • kckellyever

        stop saying that, if you dont like kelly leave her alone! dont say anything bad about her! yes ofcourse she is up that a lot of people want’s to down her! but she’s always great anytime.

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