M.I.A. calls Justin Bieber's video 'an assault to my eyes and senses'

mia-vs-beiberImage Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.com; Robin Wong/PR Photos“I find the new Justin Bieber video more violent and more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I’ve made,” says  M.I.A. in the latest issue of U.K. weekly magazine NME. Opting not to explain her recent “Born Free” video, in which redheaded citizens of a desert nation are slaughtered, M.I.A. called Bieber’s clips “more offensive” than her controversial offering.

But before fans of the Biebs come for M.I.A.’s head, know that it was all said in jest. That said, I still wonder what video in particular she’s referring to. Is it the distasteful bowling “Baby” clip? Or is it the wild house party he threw at Usher’s house in his “One Time” video?

What do you guys think of M.I.A.’s quip?

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  • Q

    Agree. Bieber’s mere existence is an assault to my senses.

    • His num. one fan

      Yea,who cares…?

  • Spike



    • nykolus


    • mooseman

      Spike, I think that it’d be better if you and Justin Bieber just S.T.F.U. All Bieber is is another puppet like Hannah Montana being whored out to the public by companies like disney. He’s a fad that’ll last a few years and disappear. M.I.A is a true ARTIST.

  • Jam

    I look at Bieber and my fist just wants to reach out to him. Why does he seem so punchable. I also want to shave his disgruntled mellon head hair off. P.s. this kid is all kinds of dumb

    • crispy

      Of course he looks punchable, your old and have a failed life. If I were you I’d continue being bitter and jealous it suits you ;)

      • Scott Cortland

        @Crispy It sounds like the pot calling the kettle black and Bieber is annoying like all 16 year olds are annoying. Its not their fault they can’t help it.

    • makenzie

      you’re stupid and ugly and you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bre

      lol you go jam!!!! He thinks he’s all that…UGH

    • ani

      yeah…i think he’s going to end up being douchey. but at least he’s not as bad as the jonas brothers. those are some really lame, ugly dudes.

      ya ya, i know what you silly teeny boppers will say to that: “you don’t know sh*t, your (without the ‘e’) an ugly sk*nk”. blahhh blahh blahh.

    • chelsea

      ur dumb

      • U is not a word

        says the person who can’t even spell correctly… :-)

  • Ambient Lite

    What does he have hiding under that strange mound of hair?? I’m picturing robot parts, a la Vicki from Small Wonder.

    • Bug

      Wow, it’s been a while since I have heard a good Small Wonder reference!

      Looking at the two images, I actually had the thought that they look like they have the same stylist.

    • crispy

      Awesome! Old men bashing a 16 year old guy. You guys are just all kinds of cool! Sorry you’ve failed at life! And M.I.A. is just trying to get attention come on “paper planes” is the best thing she has ever done and that says everything.

      • Scott Cortland

        Do you live under a rock? M.I.A has put several great albums since then

  • Chuck D

    Hmm, I see a positive correlation between MIA’s public bashing of more successful pop stars with the time left until the release of her new album. I might be onto something with this…

    • Eric

      I don’t think so. I think Justin Bieber just plain sucks.

    • mooseman

      Yeah, if you look at the pop stars she’s been bashing, you’ll notice that they all deserve it.

  • Peterbilt

    Nice one M.I.A.!!! F Bieber

  • Michael

    M.I.A…. you are not nearly as cool as you think you are. I don’t like Bieber either, but c’mon, your video was scary as Hell! Scary in a psychologically sad and disturbed way.

    • Wil

      “c’mon, your video was scary as Hell! Scary in a psychologically sad and disturbed way”

      That’s the freakin’ point of the video…

      • Eric

        yeah, apparently all political commentary is lost on you.

      • Kiran

        I disagree. You can get the political message behind MIA’s video, and still find it very disturbing. I love MIA, but I think that video took it a little too far. It’s important to bring awareness to global issues, but it’s also important to not fight violence with violence. It just leads to desensitization.

    • dillontrip321

      m.i.a.’s music has meaning around it. and all of it is completely unique, never before heard or done. she is a visionary and makes many hits. all of the people who she bashes on have one thing in common. no originality. they all have made music done before or atleast very similar. they are just copies of people before them. lady gaga is the madonna/britney spears/christina aguilera. justin beiber is the aaron carter/jesse macartney.

  • Rayjada

    I hate that Bieber dude. Now when I watch M.I.A.’s ‘Born Free’ video I shall always put the little chipmunks face on the redheaded kid who gets shot in the head.

  • Kelly

    What is up with this kids hair??

  • Chappel

    M.I.A. needs to start brushing her teeth.

    • chelsea

      omg forrr real

  • Dan

    I’m not a fan of Bieber’s either, but M.I.A seems to be insulting whoever is popular lately (Remember the whole Gaga flap?). Could it be because beyond the violent nature of her new video, no one seems to care about her all that much and it’s a semi-desperate ploy for attention?

  • Elizabeth

    Who ARE these people?!? I have no freakin’ clue! And I’m not that old, but I have no idea who Justin Bieber or M.I.A. are. If you had a gun to my head I couldn’t hum one of there songs, hell NAME one of there songs! Not that I’m going to bother investigating them or anything, but, wow, I must really be out of touch.

    • kobi

      yeah, you’ve def been under a rock for a while.

    • rallow

      I want to go there.

  • ElCharlito

    ‘Chappel’ needs to start brushing up on the insults. Insulting people’s teeth, especially those from third world countries is SO 2nd grade-level.

    • Robin

      Since when is Britain a third world country?

      • U is not a word

        Since they all look like inbreds & have bad teeth DESPITE free health care, now that’s lazy!

  • ElCharlito

    People, it was said “in jest”. What more do you need to know?

    • crispy

      Well she is entitled to her own opinion I suppose. But the best part of this whole thing is she is known more for bashing beloved music artists then for her own music. It is so funny in one way yet another so sad. Next I’m expecting her to fake an own suicide attempt just to get media attention. *cough cough* Your music sux! *cough cough* Just remember that while Bieber continues blowing up the charts and when your album debuts I highly believe his album will move more copies than yours ;) Girl is a laughing stock.

      • Fatima

        Only in mainstream venues. She’s the literal queen of the indie world. That radio hasn’t taken a shine to her like it has Bieber doesn’t say a damn thing about her talent, it just say that radio is as interesting as dirt.

      • Ambient Lite

        Wasting your time Fatima, arguing modern non-bieber artists with fake crispy is futile. Fake crispy is a narrow-minded child (or childish, if he/she is an adult – ugh, shudder) whose realm of being is entirely dependent on this one fad pop “artist”.

      • Vicki

        Ambient it is certainly clear you are over 18 so why again are you posting on every board that features Justin Bieber? I do wonder. =/

      • ani

        how does one distunguish the real crispy from a fake crispy?

      • Alex

        Sigh, another idiot who equates financial success 100% with music quality. Please die in a fire.

  • Vicki

    OMG she looks like a nastier and trashier version of Ke$ha.. and I didn’t think anyone could pull that off. Fix your face M.I.A. before you mess with Bieber! I was going to buy your album not now your trash! Complete trash messing with a 16 year old to get attention. OMG TRASH!

    • Evian

      VICKI you are judging M.I.A. based on her looks not her music = lame! She’s had a career long before bieber and ke$ha, hasn’t sold as many records as either because she is not mainstream trash and she speaks her opinion on WORLD issues…issues of importance like poverty, war and terrorism…young tweens are not interested and neither is the general population who don’t use their brain…M.I.A. is more entertaining and more important than bieber or ke$ha to the music world = both of them are fads, M.I.A. = the future!

      • crispy

        You listen to her music only because it makes you “feel” smart (your not) and you throw it around like a weight to make yourself feel better at night. But the point is bashing on a 16 year old makes you a moron no matter what music artists you like. Look at M.I.A. she looks just like Ke$ha just darker. Now that’s what I call trash!

      • British Lingo

        LOL you make Trashy girl look like wonder woman. If young tweens don’t like her music than it’s because they don’t like her music. And singing about world issues is def not an excuse! 2pac’s Killuminati hit top of the charts!!! If you were smart instead of a follower of attention hogs who will do anything for the spotlight then you would realize that MIA is just a super lame cant-be-so-ill-be-a-wannabe singer who has a bad voice, writes bad songs and is trashy. Now before you go on. I am only 11 years old.

    • U is not a word

      Wow, so your parents saved $30, good for them! :-)

      • Parul

        Exactly, British Lingo. You are eleven years old, and you have no idea what the purpose of music is. Justin Bieber uses his music to make money off tweens. M.I.A. uses her music to express her views and make a powerful statement.

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