Christina Aguilera explains tour postponement: Are you convinced?

Christina-AguileraImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosWhy did Christina Aguilera delay the tour she’d planned for this summer to next year? The decision, which was announced via press release this week, took fans by surprise. According to an open letter posted last night on the singer’s official site, it all came down to timing. “With both the album press [for June 8’s Bionic] and film press [for November’s Burlesque] I am booked the entire summer and need time to focus on the work at hand,” Aguilera offered. “In addition, my album has not even been released as yet and I would like for you all to become familiar with the music before you hear it live on tour.”

Those seem like fairly legitimate reasons for an artist to hold off on launching a major concert tour. But one has to wonder: Wasn’t Aguilera aware of these concerns before she booked all those dates? If she’s so busy and she wants fans to know Bionic by heart when she steps on stage, then why did she allow tickets to go on sale last week? Maybe there was some epic miscommunication among her team. Or maybe there’s something else going on here. The New York Times cites industry skeptics who think weak ticket sales might be to blame. Without hard numbers (which of course concert promoters are unlikely to release), there’s no way to check that theory out, but it does have a certain ring of truth.

What do you think? Did you score tickets to any of Aguilera’s postponed shows? Read her whole open letter after the jump and let us know if you’re buying her excuses.

“Dear fans,

“I made the decision to move my summer tour and I am truly sorry to those of you who had purchased tickets and have been disappointed by the news. Immediately after wrapping production on Burlesque, I went directly back into the studio and then quickly started the promotional process for Bionic. With both the album press and film press I am booked the entire summer and need time to focus on the work at hand. After reviewing the schedule with my team, I realized there was not enough time to put together and rehearse for a proper show, one that is at the caliber you expect from me or at the level I would present to my fans. In addition, my album has not even been released as yet and I would like for you all to become familiar with the music before you hear it live on tour. Again, I am sorry to have to move the dates but I promise to come see you when the time is right!

“I look forward to seeing you all on the road soon enough to get BIONIC…

“With love,


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  • PDT

    In a way, I feel bad for her, having to defend herself on her website every friggin’ day. And then I remember how high and mighty she seems, and I don’t feel so bad.

  • crispy

    She is a liar and a fake. Justin Bieber would never dissappoint his fans like this! Ugh.. how horrible and sad for those that bought tickets! If I would you I would never buy her music again and I definately wouldn’t go to the makeup dates for these shows! She is a fake and phoney, I’m so over her. She tried to copy Lady Gaga it failed and backfired in her face. Now she must deal with the fact her fans will all abandon her for this! Puhlease, press for the CD is why she stopped the tour?! Ugh.. bye forever Christina.

    • BW

      It is very possible there were weak ticket sales and thats why they were cancelled. However, I don’t see how she is a liar and a fake. I look at it more as spin than as lies. Those reasons may all be true, but because ticket sales were weak, she decided to hold off. What I don’t understand is how everyone is all of a sudden she is copying Lady Gaga. She’s been around for years longer, and frankly has a much better voice. What exactly makes her copying her? Blond hair? Sexual Videos? Dance Music sound? Crazy Outfits? Lets be real, all of those things were done before Lady Gaga came out. Her song “Keeps Getting Better” had all those things in it, and that was once again, before Gaga came out. I must say, I don’t understand everyone who thinks pop music begins and ends with her. I understand her songs are catchy as hell, but my opinion is that she is all style and no substance.

      • Phil

        and since its going to come up “just Dance” was released March of 2008. The video in May of 2008. Pop radio did not start spinning it & Gaga til Fall 2008, at which time Xtina released “Keeps Gettin’ Better”. Technically, Gaga’s “Just Dance” was out first, its just most people didn’t know about her yet unless they had gay friends who were all into her & had her “Just Dance” at just about every Pride party during the month of June 2008. Xtina did “Keeps Gettin’ Better” at the VMAs that Sept. and totally did look/dress/copy Gaga’s “Just Dance”‘s video’s vibe for her performance, which is also the same month pop radio discovered Gaga and where the initial comparisons began about Xtina copying Gaga. But technically there hasn’t been much else copying since Xtina hasn’t released any other new tunes til the just recent “Not Myself Tonight”. I just like to keep people’s facts straight.

      • Orange glass

        Christina had been saying in interviews dating all the back in 2007 that her next album would have a futuristic vibe. No one knew who Gaga was in 2007. Very few heard about her in mid-2008. So any similarities between the two are coincidental. If you’re gonna keep people’s facts straight, make sure you know all the facts.

      • Phil

        MID-2008 Means June, which if you happen to be GAY is Pride Month where there are all hours parties in clubs in every major city EVERY WEEKEND IN JUNE. June 2008 Gaga was heard EVERYWHERE and performed on Logo’s New Next Now Awards. IF YOU WERE GAY U KNEW WHO SHE WAS. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

      • Orange glass

        Oh, sorry that I’m not a gay man who keeps tabs on the latest up-and-coming dance-pop songstress. My bad for being so out of touch.

      • Phil

        Don ‘t be such a moron and turn this into a gay thing. U claimed very claimed VERY FEW knew who Gaga was cause thats an assumption you created through your own naive standards, when in reality many did know who she was.
        Another fact, at the time, Colby O’Donis who is featured on “Just Dance” was popular on the radio with his only single “What You Got” with Akon that entire winter & spring and until his album was released the only other song that he came up on when you searched on iTunes was Gaga’s “Just Dance”. And as I stated in the original post about Xtina canceling her tour, the BIGGEST reason Xtina mirrored Gaga when she first debuted is because they both surround themselves with alot of gay boys who take all the risks in productions & performances. So if it has to go back to the gay thing, then fine, but when I made the comment on Monday, most of the peopel here agreed I was correct, so again, I guess you are right maybe you just are out of touch? I pride myself on keeping myself informed and can’t stand when other people insist they are correct when they’re most definitely NOT. Orange Glass you are definitely NOT right in this case.

      • Orange glass

        I said most people (in the US, I should clarify, because I cannot speak for the rest of the world) did not know much about Gaga in mid-2008. You pointed out that her music was getting played at every gay pride party/parade during that time-frame and she performed on an award show on a TV network watched primarily by gays. You basically told me that if I were gay, I would know who she is during that time. Well if she had yet to become a household name outside of the gay community in mid-2008, how was what I said wrong? I said MOST people did not know about Gaga at that point, which is true. Her videos didn’t start getting any spins on US music television networks until later on in the year, and her songs weren’t getting played regularly on mainstream radio until later on that year as well. A big part of that was Perez Hilton drawing up comparisons between her and Christina, which led to the infamous “I’ve never heard of Gaga, I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman” comment. Even Gaga herself said that she should’ve sent Christina flowers, because that comment is what sparked curiosity about Gaga, which eventually led to her popularity.

    • JC

      But She can actually sing and Justin Bieber cant , Jus wait until he gets older …..Justin who

      • Phil

        crispy is a sarcastic poster who is totally NOT serious about his or her love of all things Bieber. He or she makes such comments in order to rile up the Bieber fanbase on posts that have NOTHING to do with him.

      • crispy

        No, I’m not he is just the best music artist at the time. It isn’t my fault your so dim you can’t understand it. Maybe next lifetime for you Phil? Go Bieber!

    • Heather2

      Hahahahahahahahahaha. I am laughing my butt off at you right now and people actually think you are being serious.

    • Alosjs

      She is not fake, & what you know about music if you’re a fan of Justin Bieber? & she didn’t copy Lady Gaga, only because young people have been brain washed these days by Lady Gaga it doesn’t mean it’s true that they’re saying about Aguilera copying Gaga, I hope this people stop their ignorance & just enjoy the artists they like & STFU! UGH!

  • skyllz22

    I can see her concerns, I mean an album out in June and start a tour in July does seem quite soon. This gives her no space to really rehearse, or even allow fans to get used to the new sound. I don’t think it was low ticket sales, and indeed it may be a small factor. But look at Britney Spears it was 4 months after her Circus release that we saw her touring, 3 months makes a big difference then 1 month.

    • Noipic

      But as stated in the article, if it was too soon why schedule the dates in the first place?

  • Kelly

    I don’t know what her reasoning was all I know is that is the best picture I have ever seen of her. Looks like she finally figured out 30 pounds of makeup is not needed!

    • Sarah

      Yeah she does look great in that pic.

  • skyllz22

    I can understand her concern. Her cd is out in June and her tour was scheduled to start in July, even before this alligation i thought that this was way too soon. I mean Britney released Circus in December started touring in March and april. I mean I would never pay for tickets without getting to know the music first. She shouldnt have to explain and besides she moved the dates back not cancelled the tour.

    • Sharlin

      NSYNC toured for Celebrity before Celebrity ever came out. That’s a mute argument.

      • Emily

        I believe you mean moot argument. She didn’t argue silently.

  • Phil

    I defended her yesterday, but one has to also consider the facst that aren’t mentioned in this article or on her website. Everyone forgets the CEO of Ticketmaster is ALSO her manager, Irving Azoff, the same dude that Axl Rose filed the court case against last week for trying to use his contacts to manipulate him into touring with original Guns N Roses again. The dude is shady and now because of the Ticketmaster/LiveNation merger, he is on the cusp of having his hands in EVERY piece of the music industry. EW Weekly or Rollingstone should SERIOUSLY consider doing an expose piece on him. I GUARNATEE Xtina is in this very position because of him, and yet there is no mention of this anywhere. Fans wanna hate someone, HATE HIM, NOT HER. Anyone with an actual brain can figure this out.

    • Sally in Chicago

      ^ sounds reasonable to me.

      • Phil

        The expose on Irving Azoff will never be written anywhere because he is SO powerful & on the verge of being even more powerful. No editor will give the go head since he would cut off the magazine’s acess to artists he manages & wouldn’t give the writers tickets to ANY of the showsz his company is responsible for. And of course, Xtina is probably trapped in her contract now. I mean, don’t get me wrong, MAYBE she is perfectly happy with Irving, HOWEVER, IF she toured behind “Bionic” it would bring him more money as her manager and as CEO of Ticketmaster. It saddens me than magazines would rather rehash stories from press releases or copy comments from a Twitter or Facebook feed, when the REAL story is completely ignored. And y’all have the nerve to call yourselves entertainment journalists!?

  • bruno

    load. of. bs.

  • James Cambria

    Please never use Justin Bieber as a counter argument again.

    • Susan

      Thank you! It’s ridiculous to compare someone so new to someone who’s been around for more than ten years.

  • Heather2

    You know the difference? Christina can actually sing and is talented. She just needs to be reminded of that fact from time to time. I am a fan of hers, but I am also disappointed in this new fake image she has come out with. Hopefully she has learned her lesson.


    My guess is she’s pregnant again and just not ready to tell people yet.

  • Miss Talk

    Smart move, if you ask me, no matter her reasons. When I see this picture of her,it reminds how great she is as a songstress. At this point of her career, she doesn’t need makeup, leather, whor-e lips and simulated s-e-x to make her point. I feel bad for her that she has been labelled as a clone of Gaga by a well-known “perezite” but she had it coming. What happened to the motto “back to basics”, Xtina? Sing, girl, just SING.

    • ryan

      i agree 100%!
      well said!

  • ryan

    I just heard “Bionic” and I think it’s kind of weak to tour on. “Not Myself Tonight” may be the strongest track, which isn’t saying much.
    It would be really hard to tour on a C+ album (at best), especially considering she’s not as “interesting” as GaGa.
    I like Christina, but she seems to be gimicky (“woohoo”) and trying really hard to remain current and sexy. She should probably give Madge a call and come up with a way to reinvent her image.

  • KatyPerrysHugeKnockers

    Dear Xtina,
    It’s still not too late to do a Playboy shot to coincide with the album release. I could care less about a concert tour. I watch your videos with the television muted anyway.

    Kind regards,

  • NanCeE*

    I don’t really care, to be honest. I love Christina’s voice. I remember when Dirrty came out, and everyone hated the video (including me)…and then I bought the CD a few years later and was blown away by the great music that never made it to radio. I am willing to wait to hear the CD before passing judgment. I’m hoping there are gems on this one, as there were on Stripped. Don’t like the first single at all, but I’m willing to wait to hear the rest of the record.

  • bruno

    scheduling in the new work for “suckage”…when is this woman going to get a clue and realize that NO ONE CARES.

    • Iyad

      Ur a LOSER!!! Get a life! Christina Aguilera is Amazing! And she has 5 Grammys to prove it! And 45 millions C.ds sold to back her up! What r u haters going to say now?

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