M.I.A. strikes back at journalist with a furious new song

miaTweeting a phone number was just the beginning. M.I.A. took to her blog this weekend for another swing at the author of an unflattering New York Times magazine profile. Two more swings, actually: First, M.I.A. posted audio excerpts of her interview with the Times writer, presumably in order to suggest that her words (and french fry flavor preference) were taken out of context. She also posted a new song addressing the situation.

“So you wanna hear about my politics, yeah?” M.I.A. asks over a muggy electro beat. “I’ll show you things that could make you sick/There’s a satellite above me that’s taking pics.” The song would appear to be titled “I’m a Singer,” a phrase that also opens its chorus: “I’m a singer/Never said anything else/I didn’t lie to you/Thinking of somebody else.” Also: “You’re a racist, I wouldn’t trust you one bit.” As a piece of music, it’s not hugely memorable, but words like that convey her message loud and clear.

Check out the whole post over at M.I.A.’s blog, then let us know what you think.

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  • crispy

    Wow, trying to stir up trouble to promote terrible music must be the new thing for M.I.A. Justin Bieber’s music is 1,000,000 times better. The only people that like this trash are people that pretend to like it to appear “cool” or “unique”. Sorry, fail. M.I.A. if the best you can do is “Paper Planes” obviously you need to make a career change. However, if your acting is twice as good as your singing I wouldn’t try that field of work either. Perhaps you should just disappear? Trust me, no one and I mean NO ONE is going to buy your music just because you can get articals on ew.com because your a moron. Everyone check out Justin Bieber’s new song “Never Say Never”. Now that’s a really goo dosng with a great message for kids / adults alike. Kiss that M.I.A.!

    • Akim

      I stopped reading once you said Justin Bieber’s music was better than M.I.A.’s. Only an idiot would think something like that!

      • atavanhalen

        urgh they’re both awful

      • crispy

        Have you even heard her song, “Born Free”?! Seriously.. what a load of crap! The only thing that made that mildly entertaining was the video and even that wasn’t offensive so I guess she fails at even trying to offend people. Come on chasing down gingers?! Seriously.. this isn’t the 1800’s. And sorry but look up CD sales I believe most will agree JB is 1,000,000 better than M.I.A. Seriously she can’t create good music she just has to stir up trouble to get attention. Sucks for her when her album drops she will move about 10,000 units. How many did JB move again? Hmm… yeah I guess your the moron.

      • JJ

        Haha, my thoughts exactly Akim.

      • whiterhino


    • Juuust a little outside

      Dude, you slam M.I.A deservedly, yet you pump up Bieber, which negates your entire post.
      Only twelve-year old girls like Bieber, who also looks twelve.

      • crispy

        If you can’t troll properly to offend anyone why bother trying? Your just a moron ;) Go buy M.I.A.’s new CD seems like something an idiot would listen to.

      • Juuust a little outside

        Wow, you are really slobbering after Justin Bieber. I find M.I.A. unlistenable and as for your musical tastes, I would make fun of them if they weren’t so sad(Bieber, seriously?!?! Does your mom know you are skipping out on our all-girl school?) .

    • anonymously

      I am of Southern Indian descent. I can relate to MIA’s music. Even though I was raised in the US. There is nothing wrong about having ties to your own country and trying to relate to the plight of the people.

    • roger

      justin beiber…LOL you gotta be f**kin kidding me…WTF are you 13?

    • j.

      Justin Bieb???? Are you kidding??? Epic Fail. Not even a MIA fan but Justin ???????????

    • ed

      I just stop reading when I see the name Justin Beiber. Period.

    • joseph

      this proves lynn hirshberg’s journalism is crap…also what a bunch of armchair warriors people are…so what if she decides to live in a nice home…she lived in the ghetto in both sri-lanka and england for most her life…what so because now she can afford to improve her life doesnt mean she cant talk about those who are suffering in other countries?…why dont people pick on BONO, he lives pretty damn comfortable yet no one bats an eyelash when he draws attention the the poor…and he’s not even from these countries…MIA is!

  • Akim

    I stopped reading once you said Justin Bieber’s music was better than M.I.A’s. Only an idiot would think something like that.

  • Brian


  • Chappel

    Every time I see a caption with MIA in it I expect to read about her blowing herself up while making a pipe bomb. Maybe next time….

  • jslost

    Am I they only one that thinks this chick’s name (M.I.A) is disrespectful? Maybe it’s just because I’m older, but from the couple of articles I’ve read here on EW, she’s ummmm, I’ll just say not the type of person to deserve the same respect as our nation’s true M.I.A.’s.

    • Juuust a little outside

      Actually, her M.I.A. stands for Major Intellect Absence.

      • crispy

        Yeah sounds deserving for her. If she really wants to be political perhaps she should record her next album over in Iraq.

      • Juuust a little outside

        You are a tool. Go back to your Bieber girl crush.
        Too bad pre-teen girls aren’t allowed to serve in Iraq, so you don’t have to take your “musical tastes” there.

      • anonymously

        Don’t feed the troll i.e. crispy.

  • Ramo

    This is unfortunate because up until all of this, I’ve liked and respected MIA. Her two albums are fantastic and she’s an innovative and exciting artist. But all of this petty BS is really turning me off to her. She just seems to crave attention and controversy.

  • lofi

    Bieber…..really? Thats so cutting edge. Bs music for tween vaginies. M.I.A. all the way.

  • Star

    MIA has every right to defend herself..

    these sorts of journalitsts would pay for champagne and caviar for the Bonos and Madonnas of the world, who keep writing lonely songs of being outsiders….. and write rosy columns on them and their causes.

    what.. did MIA say she was homeless??? her fans know she’s rich, like any other rock star.. but she has a justfied cause and supports her cause…

    you can be poor and be an outsider.. and you can be rich and an outsider.. let’s not forget our history of the 1940’s…

    • halo

      yeah cause you know a cause like murdering innocent people to make way to political fame is really great….uhhhhmmmm no it’s not. TERRORISM IS NOT THE WAY TO ACHIEVE POLITICAL CHANGE
      So when you buy anything MIA that’s where your money is going.
      AND the racism against those of Irish descent is sickening,
      I would not waste 1 penny on MIA or Bieber.

  • Tamil

    OK…MIA is a little immature…she is taking on a country without the maturity to understand the politics…all that is true….but the truth is…sometimes feelings need not be intellectualized…and she is trying to potray the feelings of an underdog….He country was shot up and she was a refugee…no taking that away from her. Her hurt is real…

    • Ethan

      What is with all of the ‘…’ ?

  • cloudy

    ppl would probably respect MIA a bit more if she spent her rock star $ on proper things a young rock star employed person does: hubby publicity $, drinking, drug-rehab, traffic-tickets, divorce settlements, etc.

    Imagine… being rich, eating truffle fries, and supporting the Sri Lanka cause.. tsk tsk.. Bono would not approve…

  • MariaD

    hahaha people crispy is going from article to article proclaiming the good new of Justing Beiber.

    • Juuust a little outside

      I think Crispy is Bieber’s mom.

  • ness

    eating truffle fries sends the wrong message as a rock star. that’s actually food, fancy expensive food for which one has to pay $ for.

    cigarettes and/or booze, which you pick up free at any party, is more sincere and ‘rock star material’.

  • Mary

    She should stick to defending herself in song, but tweeting someone’s personal info (like a phone number) is silly. What does it accomplish in getting your point across? Nothing; it’s just being a nuisance for the heck of it. It’s the online equivalent of toilet-papering someone’s house.

  • True Blue

    Wow… ANOTHER article in which the comment section veers completely off-subject! I gotta give crispy his props though, cause he is turning out to be a really successful troll! And shame on the posters responding to him for not recognizing an obvious troll!

    • MariaD

      oh but it’s oh so amusing now

    • Karsen

      I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost ipmsoisble.

  • Jem


    Everyone remember the amazingly gorgeous Audrey Heburn who worked for Unicef, because she remembered her painful childhood? Audrey.. the one who adored Tiffany gems in real life (and on screen).. the one who adored that famous designer and was addicted to designer clothes… yes, she had fame and fortune… but goodness, at least she wasn’t caught munching a truffle fry when interviewed about Unicef back then…

    YES, YOU CAN LIVE THE HIGH LIFE AND MAKE IT.. AND STILL REMEMBER YOUR ROOTS. so far, Lynn has proven nothing one way or another of MIA– so the joke is on Lynn.

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