Allison Iraheta's 'Don't Waste the Pretty': Check out her new single featuring Orianthi!

Allison_iraheta-singleEW readers spoke, and the suits at Jive Records listened. The label is officially releasing to radio this week a new and improved version of Allison Iraheta’s “Don’t Waste the Pretty,” which not coincidentally was your overwhelming choice in a poll I posted last month asking what the label should pick as the American Idol graduate’s third single from her debut disc, Just Like You. “DWTP” scored a whopping 45.4% of the vote, followed by “Holiday” (32.5%) and “D Is for Dangerous” (22.1%).

To give the single a little more juice at radio –and a slightly harder edge than the poppy album cut — the label enlisted  Orianthi, who’ll hit the road with Allison later this week as part of Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour, to add an amped-up guitar line to the track. The Orianthi-infused “Don’t Waste the Pretty” hits iTunes June 8, according to a rep at Allison’s label.

Personally, I’m stoked that Jive is still trying to make Allison happen despite the disappointing chart performance of her previous releases, “Friday I’ll Be Over U” and “Scars.” The overly aggressive production on the former cut ironed out all the vocal nooks and crannies that make the red-headed rocker so superior to her Auto-Tuned teen-pop counterparts, while the latter track was perhaps a bit too subtle to compete with the Ke$has and Katy Perrys of the world. “Don’t Waste the Pretty,” on the other hand, finds Allison at her gravelly, soulful best, paired with a killer hook and an empowering message that certainly can’t hurt a generation of kids who’ll be spending their summers singing along to “Can’t Be Tamed” and “Rude Boy.” Give it a listen below, then take our poll and rate the song’s chances for success. (For all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)

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  • Kendra

    I like it…hope it does well! She deserves all the success in the world because she’s far more talented than most of the teen sensations today. GET IT ON ALLISON! :)

    • Tati

      I AGREE..

    • darclyte

      I always thought that it was a good song, but the music was kinda too boring and didn’t really fit Allison. This version is MUCH better. I’ll be downloading this ASAP!

      • kim

        Every Rocker needs a strong guitarist by his/her side. Excellent idea! The song sounds gret. She should redo the entire album with this chick.

      • kWOW

        Yawn. Sorry, but I just don’t think this song has what it takes to be a hit on the radio right now. There isn’t a strong enough hook and sorry, but I was kinda bored (in fact, I ended up pausing the song so I wouldn’t have to hear it anymore). I agree that Allison deserves a break and I hope she finds success, but I just don’t think this is gonna be the song to take her to the next level. PS – don’t get all nasty – this is just my opinion.

      • MNCyn

        kWow – I actually agree with you on most points, and I wish her debut with Orianti had been with a different song. They both make great music, but I think the lyrics are weak.

    • melissa

      Allison is really great, unfortunately she and Kris were overshadowed by Adam Lambert. I think all the shameless hype and pimping by the show ruined Allison’s career before it got started. That’s probably why she’s struggling so much. She should do much better with the next album.

      • huh?

        You think she was pimped too much by the show and that’s why her CD isn’t taking off? That makes ZERO sense. I think the issue with Kris, Allison and Adam is that the music they are releasing isn’t all that great. For whatever reason the record company isn’t tapping into the sound that is selling right now so they are all getting lost in the shuffle. Plus, it’s a fact that the people who vote for contestants on AI hardly ever go out and buy the music their so-called “favorite” releases after the show. There are a few exceptions, but the reality is that AI is a fun show to watch but the powers that be aren’t very good at helping the contestants make it once the show is over.

      • jerryw

        Adam is helping her the best he can, putting her on his tour circuit and this is the friggin thanks he gets…so ignorant. now I wish he didn’t include her..these types of attitudes ruin all thats good.

      • @Huh?

        Adam was pimped and hyped, dum-dum. I said that Adam overshadowed both Kris and Allison. Learn how to read.

      • tim

        @jerryw: Adam needs help himself. He’s struggling to reach platinum and he’s trying to help Allison? Give me a break. She just needs better music. Adam has his own following and he can’t do anything for her because his fans aren’t her fans.

      • kimberly

        I think management had a lot to do with this tour’s line-up. Hopefully, it benefits Allsion and Orianthi as well as Adam. Ally and Orianthi should draw a younger crowd which IMO Adam lacks.

      • mike

        @kimberley, younger people are scared of Adam, the same way people fear clowns. I think if he cut back on all that makeup…

      • mjh

        Actually @Tim, Adam is doing quite well! And, having Allison on tour with him IS helping her! It is getting her exposed to a whole lot of people at his near sold out tour! Also, many fans of Adam are also fans of Allison, and many who are not will become fans. Plus there will be the media buzz of the tour which will also help keep her name out there!

      • jakx

        @kimberly Check out the vids of Adam at the Steamtown Mall in Scranton PA on youtube if you think he lacks younger fans. The guy has them of all ages. That’s why he’s more successful than the winner of Idol.

      • @jakx

        You obviously weren’t watching Idol when we were constantly hit over the head with the idea that Adam was the winner. The fact that Kris and Allison didn’t as well as Adam can be traced back to the show. Adam had an unfair advantage, as he was pimped beyond measure on the show. That’s why everybody expected him to win, and that’s why he outsold the others. But given all the hype and promo, his “success” is really a failure.

      • m0rrigan

        it’s gokey who was pimped beyond measure, Adam was brilliant and they were telling him this – it’s truth not pimping! They did the same for Ally. I don’t understand how somebody can love Adam and not love Ally though

      • @mOrrigan

        Are you serious? Adam was promoted, hyped, and darn near coronated week after week on the show. The judges NEVER critiqued any of his permoances. This gave him the ILLUSION of brilliance, when in fact, he had several trainwreck perfromances and all the others were karaoke. But I can see why most viewers were disillusioned by the judges influence. Given all the push that Adam had, he should’ve been much biger than he is now. But then again, the charts have a tendancy to expose artists for their shortcomings.

      • nicky

        @huh?: American Idol used Adam Lambert for the ratings. His outrageous look and theatrical singing was just what the doctor order to keep the show interesting. Unfortunately, they pushed him so far that it worked against the other contestants. Thus the whole “judge’s favorite” thing. That’s why a lot of people resent Adam. If Allison wants to be seen as a legit Rocker, she should stay far away from Adam since it’s pretty obvious from his album that he’s not a real rocker.

      • Red

        Kris’s single got more radio play than Adam’s and sold over a million. So the fact that Allison’s single doesn’t get radio play has nothing to do with Adam. Blaming Adam for Allison’s career not doing great just makes you look like a spoiled little person. Allison would cringe at having people like you for a fan.

      • @nicky

        Sorry, but that just doesn’t make sense. The judges pimped Danny that season – but not Adam until they realized that people were responding to him. I believe that they follow the trends that they see happening. Early in the season Danny could do no wrong and it wasn’t until much later that they started praising Adam and even then I don’t think their praise was over the top. Simon said that he felt Adam would be an International star and that has proven to be true – he’s more popular in other countries than he is here. I just think that the people who complain about the judges are people who feel sorry for Kris Allen because the judges never drooled all over him – and frankly they shouldn’t have – he’s not that great and his CD sales prove it. He’s cute, and seems really nice, but he’s just not a “rock star”. As for Allison – I have NO IDEA who deemed her “the ROCKER” – seriously. Have you heard her CD? There is nothing “ROCK” about it. She’s purely POP with a slight edge to her. Sorry, but it tales more than dying your hair pink and wearing black leather to be a true ROCKER. Allison isn’t selling well because her music isn’t that good – PERIOD. It has ZERO to do with the judges. (And yes, I did buy her CD and sorry, it’s just not that good)

      • Farooq

        Wow, marvelous blog luyaot! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is wonderful, as well as the content!

    • Emma

      Orianthi doesn’t actually sing on this single does she?

      • Siggie

        It’s better that way.

      • OMGq

        Indeed! She was HORRID on Idol when she performed. She should stick to the guitar only.

      • Stephanie

        Also agree. I think Orianthi would do well to listen to the statement “Shut up and play your guitar!” She rocks on guitar but not so much at the singing.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Love the girl. And I hope this does well for her. Personally, I prefer her stripped down version, a la her AOL sessions (you can Google ‘em). I just wish her longevity more than anything else. SAVE THE ROCKER!

    • Me&Ur1

      Finaly. A mature Rock. The 17 years old girl is now a woman rocker. I believe she is now on the right track of success.

  • Tati

    I like this.. didn’t completely change the song.. (like they did with Kris’ The Truth…) It just rockafied it a bit more…

    • graeme

      Maybe we can force the label to release Kris’ “Alright With Me”, which was stupidly not released as the second single.

  • Amy

    it’s the best so far. if radio ignore this then you can’t say allison and jive didn’t give it their best shot.

  • Ugly Jenny

    I love everything Allison! I’m glad they picked this as the next single, although I never heard “Scars” on the radio at all. Is a single still a single if no one hears it?

    • davey

      That’s actually a really great point! If I didn’t buy and download Allison’s album, I never would have heard it since it never seemed to play on the radio – nor was it on any Top 40 countdown I listen to.

    • ern

      My mom actually heard Allison on her XM radio…she turned it on in honor of me :) I am a HUGE Alliholic! But seriously I LOVE “No One Else” it was writen by P!nk and Kara Diaguardi so it has potential to be a big hit…if only the FM radio stations, like G 105.1, would only play the her darn songs!!!

      • Rogene

        This is the first season that I’ve been able to watch Idol since we don’t have cable. Thanks to the laoang to digital conversion, this is an extra channel we were given with our converter box. (CW was the other one). I have to say, I’m loving Idol! And Adam had me from the first time I watched him. Kris is sweet and a good singer, but Adam’s singing hits a nerve Wild World totally broke me up. I was missing you blogging about Idol, so happy to see this post.

  • MP

    Awesome vocals and guitar work. Go Al and O!

  • kimberly

    This is really, really good. Orianthi’s guitar riffs and Allison’s amazing vocals. Wow! Is that Orianthi on background vocals? If so it works well, softens the vocals a bit. This song is very, very cool.

  • Minnie

    Like it. I LOVE ‘Scars’ too, even though it never got radio play. Beautiful song.

  • terri

    love it!!

  • Chappel

    Orianthi is a pretty good guitar player but her playing tends to sound like a mish-mash of guitar licks and cliches from the 80’s. I hope someday she finds her true voice. I admire her skills but as long as she plays things I’ve heard hundreds of times already I’ll never buy anything she plays on.

    • Mari


    • Michelle

      That’s why I like her. Reminds me of the rockin 80s.

      • ern

        Ya I agreee…she has that old school rockin’ sound that I love!

    • Al

      don’t know what your complaining about. The guitar work totally amps up the song. 100x better than the cd version.

      • Chappel

        I’ve been listening to guitarists like Al Dimeola, Eric Johnson, Larry Carlton, Steve Vai, Larry Coryell and Steve Morse for a long time so I’m pretty sure I’m hearing her guitar work from a very different perspective than you are.

    • randomx6

      Al Dimeola, Eric Johnson, Larry Carlton, Steve Vai, Larry Coryell and Steve Morse – you mention all these follks yet I know for a fact, Vai, at least, thinks she is one of the best players to come along in decades. I’ll listen to him and ignore yoiu if I need outside ears (which I don’t)

  • Ellie

    This sounds so good. Orianthi’s inclusion actually peps the song up, and it’s actually better than the album version, which is also a pretty good song. How could Jive get this right, and royally screwup on Kris Allen’s “The Truth”, which is a horrible idea for a single.

    • Ktct

      Totally agree with both points.

  • Musicfan5

    I love it. Allison is an amazing vocalist, radio needs to wake-up. In a perfect world Scars would have been a huge hit (still my favorite track) but I hope this does the trick. It doesn’t sound like a carbon copy of everything else and the guitar solo “freshens” things up just enough. Love the guitar fade at the end too.

    • RoqueMocan

      Indeed, Scars is a big hit in Indonesia and the Philippines… Wake up America!

    • Lucas

      I like Adam because he’s enntreaiting. He’s weird and reminds me a TON of a young Liberace (the mouth and the smile).I think moley mole mole will be leaving too, and I am glad for it. OVER him.

  • truism

    Teresa L Whites should never touch the rocker again. She dropped the ball. Allison saved it with her sick vocals.

  • Will

    Pretty damn awesome! Absolutely love the new version. I really hope it does good on radio, Allison deserves it!

  • Margie

    I just hope the lable actually puts some promotion behind this. It isn’t just about the stations picking it up – Jive has to PUSH it too. I feel like Jive let Allison down on the first singles. That said, I can see this being a hit!

  • Paul V.

    I like how they made it a little more edgy and rockier. I just wish they didn’t change how the words from the first verse were put on the second one, or vice versa.

    But pretty much I really wish Allison could break into the Top 10 charts.

    • ern

      Heck I would take Top 100!!! Just put her on the charts somewhere!!! Please America!!! Allison is raw talent that you cannot teach anywhere!!! Lady Gaga is just a puney performer compared to this chic!C LOVE IT!!!!!

      • Sky

        Are you mental?
        Lady Gaga sings 10x better than Allison, I love allison and all.. but Gaga has a better voice when she actually performs.. her Idol performance did suck yes.. but that was taped and edited.

    • Darlene

      Sky, you are the mental just like Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga sings awful. ALLISON IS A TEEN AND SHE SINGS MUCH BETTER THAN HER. The reason that Allison has not became very famous is because no body is helping her. No even her own managers.

      • ern

        Thank you Darlene! And no I am not mental…I didn’t mean to actually say that Lady Gaga was not a good performer, I was trying to say that Allison SINGS way better than Lady Gaga. I will agree Lady Gaga isn’t a bad singer and she is an amazing performer. Allison is WAYYYYYYY better at singing, though, and just needs more experience to be a good performer. Which is why it is good that she is going on tour with Orianthi and Adam Lambert who are both more experienced PERFORMERS.

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