Drake says his fling with Rihanna left him feeling 'terrible'

drake-rihannaImage Credit: Rui M. Leal/PR Photos; Christopher Polk/Getty ImagesIn a new interview with the New York Times, young hip-hop stud Drake confirms that he briefly dated pop starlet Rihanna last summer, as was widely rumored at the time. Big deal, right? As you might expect from any young pair (he was 22, she 21), the relationship fizzled as fast as it sparked. More surprising, though, is the candor with which Drake is now speaking of its conclusion.

The Times cites one verse from “Fireworks,” the opening track from Drake’s forthcoming debut Thank Me Later, as being about their time together. “I could tell it wasn’t love,” Drake raps on the song, which doesn’t mention Rihanna by name. “I just thought you f—– with me/Who’d have predicted that Lucky Strike would have you stuck with me?/I kept my wits about me, luckily/What happened between us that night, it always seems to trouble me/Now all of a sudden, these gossip rags wanna cover me/And you making it seem that it happened that way because of me/But I was curious, and I’ll never forget it, baby, what an experience/You could’ve been the one, but it wasn’t that serious.”

Looking back on their relationship, Drake told the Times, “I was a pawn…You know what she was doing to me? She was doing exactly what I’ve done to so many women throughout my life, which is show them quality time, then disappear. I was like, wow, this feels terrible.”

I’m amazed at that quote. How many rappers do you think would openly say a girl stomped on their heart? This is what makes Drake an incredible artist. I don’t appreciate him because he hurts just like us. He’s human. I knew that. He’s special because in a realm where guys are Teflon tough, he’s confident enough to say he’s weak.

Off the top of my head, Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” (targeted at Britney Spears) and Travie McCoy’s “Don’t Pretend” (shot at Katy Perry) are two songs I can think of about guys hurt by their real-life exes. What are your some of your favorite songs with guys going in depth about being hurt in a relationship? Let us know.

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  • Ktct

    Springsteen, “One step forward, two steps back”.

    • the vicster

      “Rubbed one off to the picture i stole from your wallet” – Zen-Drivers

    • meep

      What a baby. The levels one will stoop to for sales. She sure does get around.

    • huh

      Who is this tool and why should we care? So, you had a few dayes and she was not impressed. It happens.

      • Snarf

        What an ego. While whining about how he’s been treated, Drake manages to imply he’s a totl hit with the ladies and a great lover (insert eyeroll).

    • Jason

      If not for her, no one would ever have known this guy existed.

      • Joe

        umm, I’m pretty sure he would still make great popular music.

  • Versae Sincere

    Airic Relevant’s “Visions”, that’s the illest heartbreak track ever!!!

  • u

    What I am shocked about and appreciate the most is that he is willing to admit that the way their relationship ended was karma for the way he has treated women in the past. VERY few men, especially rappers, will say out loud that they are cads. Self-awareness is something I didn’t expect from Drake, but kudos to him for it. Maybe all the shamelessly misogynist rappers out there will take a cue from him.

  • JC

    I dislike Rihanna,I think she is a B***h and she used the Chris Brown situation for sympathy and for promotion on her crappy album and she kinda destroyed Brown’s career

    • talkin’

      Nah – he did that himself. Open your eyes.

      • deeedee

        Fo’ real. Whatever you think of Rihanna, what Chris Brown did was what Chris Brown did. It’s one thing to dislike Rihanna, but to blame her for her own abuse? Thats uncalled for.

    • etm

      I don’t like Rihanna, but I totally disagree with your comments. Did you see the pictures of her? How badly she was beaten? Chris Brown destroyed his own career.

      • Chris Brown

        I didnt even hit her that hard, When i was driving and punching her she fell out of the car and then everyone blames me

    • WTF

      She is a MAN-EATING TROLLOP! I am so sick of this little tramp! She needs to go back to her country! Rihanna is not innocent! She admitted per the NATIONAL COALITION FOR MEN that she started that fight by beating on him. I am so sick of this one-sided point of view as if she, a WOMEN WHO HAS ABUSED HER LITTLE BROTHER & AN EX-BOYTOY prior to her abuse of Chris Brown, did nothing wrong! Rihanna dear KARMA IS A B!+CH & I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL IT CATCHES UP WITH YOU!

  • D2

    How interesting he says this now a week before his album drops…

    • Ana

      Why would anyone care otherwise? Most entertainers don’t randomly do interviews. There’s usually something to promote.

    • wino

      well, yeah. artists give interviews about their lives/album when a new project drops. why is that wrong? arent the supposed to be promoting their work??

  • steve

    Hey JC, you are brain dead if you believe what you posted AND I don’t even care about Rihanna as an artist necessarily :p

  • SXiPPY

    Hello, how about we address the bigger issue here: JIMMY BROOKS CAN WALK AGAIN!! It’s a miracle!!

    Sorry I had to since no one else did yet. Hate me later.

    • G

      OMG!!!! Agree 100% <3 Degrassi

    • niki

      Yeah I just can’t take this guy seriously after Degrassi..

      • Joe

        haha i said the same thing…give him a chance, he’s pretty good..

    • liz

      Who got left behind now, Ashley? (she took his rap off that track she sent to the record execs..what a b@#$%!)

      • ani

        dude, i HATED ashley. she was just such a lame character.

    • Kate

      Hahaha! I thought that too! Didn’t know he went on to become a rapper.

    • crash


  • SXiPPY

    Seriously though, it’s all just a ploy to collect attention for his album. It is sad when artists have to name drop, feeling as though the common consumer won’t invest in their material, based on talent alone. I thought he was above this.

    • Mark

      The funny thing, though, is that people forget that artists don’t particularly talk to the press at any other point. It’d be weirder if this came up during a point off of his album cycle, as if Drake would call a reporter, while suntanning at the beach, and say, “hey, do you want to hear about my fling with Rihanna?” So I wouldn’t be as assured in my presumptions of timing; he may just have talked about it to a reporter at a time where that was possible, if you were going to say something to a reporter.

      • huh

        are you crazy. They go all out to pimp themselves and sales.

  • lex

    DOnt 4get bout bow wow- outta my system to dedicated to ciara

    • Andre


  • topazbean

    Interesting that all the songs you mention were written about another celebrity. As far as I’m concerned this apparent soul-baring comes off as just a slightly classier version of selling your story to a tabloid or TV network.

  • Caterina

    Nice article, Shakespeare.

  • LOL

    Z zz z z z z

  • dw

    f*** you lucy by atmosphere

    “How much time did i waste?
    f*** you Lucy for leaving me
    f*** you Lucy for not needin me
    I wanna say f*** you
    Because i still love you
    No, I’m not OK
    And I don’t know what to do”

  • Dylan

    I’m not sure we should be praising some artist for tattling about how much another particular star hurt his feelings, in a development that will only cause her to get blasted by his insipid fangirls when she’s simply focusing on getting her career back on solid ground after the abuse fiasco. He should have just left a private matter like this to tabloid speculation. But I guess we should fall over ourselves complimenting a guy for admitting he uses women…when we’d just call a female celebrity a b*tch and/or whore for the same admission.

    • Leena

      Right, because Rihanna hasn’t been talking about either her current relationship with Matt Kemp or her old relationship with Chris Brown to the press at all… *eye roll*

      • Dylan

        There’s a difference when you’re talking about a relationship going WELL…that doesn’t really hurt either party. I’m talking about giving the dirt to the press when things go badly, which gives the public ammunition to get involved in a “who’s at fault here” that they have no business being a part of. Oh, and Rihanna didn’t CHOOSE to go to the press like, “Hey, I got a story about me being beaten up!” – this was a criminal matter that the the press ran with without waiting for her “permission.” She was dragged into the media blitz and then went on to set the record straight in order for things to calm down. Discussing domestic violence/felony assault is different than gossiping about who was jerk or who cheated on who. I can’t believe you’d equate the two so cavalierly. One is a serious social issue and one is a pointless blame game between two people.

      • Leena

        Talking about the incident after months of silence is one thing, but giving us updates about your new relationship, I even remember an interview from late last year where she discussed her sex life, it’s quite a sudden change from the girl who was once incredibly private and protective about her personal life. Even when things were presumably going well for her and Chris before the incident, she refused to publicly acknowledge the relationship. Kind of suspect to me that she was very shy not very long ago, and now she’s open about her personal life.

      • Thoomas

        Okay…I don’t see what point you’re debating or refuting there, Leena.

      • justme

        That’s exactly right Leena. Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s capitalizing on her private life very much. It’s the best PR she thinks she can get. Don’t care about the singing, that is only the third most important selling point for Rihanna after 1) “sex sells” and 2) her private stories sell her songs. Rude Boy was not an outstanding song, it just got to no. 1 b/c it was about Rihanna and sex.

  • Free Agent

    drake’s might be an “incredible artist” but his album is just AWFUL.

    • Vivi

      Says the person that I’m pretty sure has NOT listened to the album.

    • Brett

      Who’s Drake?

      • Joe

        he happens to be the person we’re all talking about…read the article. (sarcasm)

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