Lady Gaga flips off photographers at Mets game: Do you care?

lady-gaga-the-fingerImage Credit: Nick Laham/Getty ImagesA photo of Lady Gaga that’s so far beyond the pale, it’s not fit for anyone with an impressionable imagination or certain heart conditions has been all over the Web lately. The shocking shot depicts Gaga attending a Mets game at NYC’s Citi Field yesterday while wearing a studded bikini and — my goodness! — extending an upraised middle finger toward a photographer’s camera. It’s so risque that it should really go below the jump on a family blog like this, but somehow we’ve slipped up and posted it right there next to these words. Aren’t you scandalized?

Okay, as you may have gathered, I’m being a bit sarcastic. Stars flip off paparazzi all the time. When you’re followed by cameras constantly and have achieved anything less than full Zen calm and self-mastery, it’s pretty much bound to happen now and again. Not really a huge deal. And Lady Gaga is not exactly famous for her polite and shy demeanor. But for some reason this particular image is making waves. The Mets formally apologized to Jerry Seinfeld, in whose private box Gaga was sitting when she gave cameras the bird. (I’m sure Jerry Seinfeld has never seen this foul gesture before in his life.) Gaga even issued a self-righteous tweet in her own defense today: “A middle finger is more New York than a corporate ambush. I bleed for my hometown, and I’d die for my fans.”

You’ve seen the photo. Am I the only one who thinks this whole thing is a total non-issue? Or has this incident gravely shaken your faith in Lady Gaga? Vote after the jump.

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  • lol

    Idiot Americans get offended at anything these days.

    • who cares

      i’m more offended by her hideous face than by her middle finger.

      • What is this world coming to?

        lady physco is a crazy, crack head, physco, villain bad guy, bit** in this world. She is like that bad guy villain in Iron Man 2.

    • Kerri

      people are offended because it wasn’t actually the camera she was flipping off, it was the fans that booed her when she came in late and made a big fuss about switching seats. it has nothing to do with being an ‘idiot American’, you ignorant bigoted piece of slime.

      • dragonxphoenix

        Oh, I *do* hate to say it (sarcasm, sarcasm), but the “idiot American” jab does have a point.

    • LOL

      It’s a Gaga world. We just live in it.

    • shawn

      Americans get offended so easily, I would never go there. Bunch of hypocrites and babies.

      • XD


  • Jam

    GET. OVER. IT. you frigging obsessive people at this site, youre the ones responsible for the dumbing down of society and the uberfascination with celebrities and their lives. Live your own life.

  • rch

    I think the paparazzi in general are getting out of control and shouldn’t be allowed to harass people like they do.

  • Sarah

    i’m surprised she was at an MLB game. Gaga has never struck me as the sporty type.

    • ladyofargonne

      That’s why she was there. Because it was unexpected. This way she could attract more attention to herself.

  • Lady Dude

    Jesus! Slow news day at EW isn’t it?.. hey, Lindsay Lohan got caught chewing gum with her mouth open, why don’t you write about that too?

  • Celimene

    In the words of Seth and Amy: Really? America is getting morally outraged by this? Really?

    • Sarah

      I actually don’t think anyone is “outraged”. Kind of like the whole Miley fake girl kiss thing. It happens and the news winds up making a bigger deal than it really is.

      • Thomas

        Exactly. The news media has resorted to constantly manufacturing outrage because hardly anyone is genuinely outraged anymore.

  • Vince from NYC

    Ha.. That is such a New Yorker (especially Italian Amercian New Yorker) thing to do.. She looks like one of my cousins..

  • Sean S.

    Build up and then dedicate all your time and energy into looking for ways to knock ‘em down. Awww…..the American Dream!

  • AD

    Yes, America, let’s defend her and her inappropriate, low class behavior. After all, we’ve lowered our standards for what’s acceptable behavior to the point, that, ya, a raised middle finger is considered “meh”. Wow, we should be so proud that jerks are outraged that there are still some people who are offended by this type of behavior. I’m not a prude or a moralist, but I would like to see some type of decorum when people are out in public where there are families with children. I’m sure there are some of you who have lowered the bar so much you couldn’t possibly understand this. You should be so proud.



    • James

      “prude or a moralist”
      You are both these things.

    • shawn

      yea you are a prude and moralist. Get your head outta your ass!

      • u

        Right, but if this were anyone else, 90% of the comments would be saying exactly what AD said.

      • z

        @u- I doubt that.

    • XD

      I see your point for this, and I agree that it’s not exactly something that’s right and good to happen. However, the world – America in particular – has become so used to the profanity, gestures and general rudeness that no one gives a *beep* anymore. Which IS sad, but there’s nothing anyone can do.

    • Thomas

      She wasn’t flipping off a kid or family. She was flipping off a paparazzo. World of difference.
      …But the mental image of her unleashed on and flipping off a little kid is kind of hilarious to me right now for some reason…

    • Danielle

      Blah blah blah blah. Take your head out of your a*s and turn off your “Little House on the Prairie” reruns. This is 2010.

    • Bob

      I am amazed that this is now an accepted behavior in public, as well as anywhere else! I’ll bet this would be ok too, if your child did this same thing in public, or even to you in your own house! Rest assured, I’m sure there wouldn’t be a pat on the head or comments such as Look at our child! way to express yourself! Maybe we really need to take a hard look at why the situations in today’s society is so adverse. Yes, I am a Christian, and I am proud of it! I cannot make any of my six children respond to my liking, but I will say I have raised them correctly, and if they responded like Lady Ga Ga or many others in the limelight, they would not be praised as a do gooder, or just doing what is acceptable in today’s world!! Shame on all those that approve!!!

  • daisyj

    I’m more disturbed by the note-perfect mid-eighties Madonna impersonation. What’s she going to do next, marry Sean Penn?

    • J

      Yeah. I still like her music, but as for the hype, I think she’s run out of ideas.

    • Michael

      I think she’s copying Madonna circa 1990-1994 more so than mid 80’s.

  • Bobby

    She’s a real class act.

  • really

    I’m more disturbed by the studded bikini. It would almost be more shocking if she wore some normal clothes out for once.

  • Blake

    It’s impossible to take this poll seriously, because you word it in a way that clearly favors it not being a big deal. So there is a response bias where people are more likely to agree with your opinion.

  • CB

    She is without question the biggest attention whore in a long while.

    • z

      @CB Have you met Spencer and Heidi

  • Jed

    How in the hell is this woman even relevant? She really has no talent and dresses like a damn freak!

    • Dylan

      Why the hell does dressing like a “freak” matter? You say that as if there’s something morally wrong with it. Also, study the 70s/80s music scene…tons of musicians dressed abnormally. Outlandish getups often go with the territory of being an artist.

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