Adam Lambert's 'If I Had You' video reveals where the wild things are

The lyrics for Adam Lambert’s latest single, “If I Had You,” suggest decadent scenes in nightclubs and hotels and assorted urban glamor stations. But for the corresponding video, which hit the Web yesterday, the unrepentant imp/American Idol season 8 runner-up takes the song’s “life would be a party, it’d be ecstasy” lyrics and transports them to a forest setting. It’s like a mashup of Where the Wild Things Are, Xtina’s “Dirrty” video, and a light splash of Avatar. (Seriously. It’s set in the woods, and Adam has a big, crazy mullet-braid/Na’vi thingamajig, and there are enchanted glowing streamers all over the place, no?) That smirk at the very end of the video puts an exclamation point on Adam’s “get down or get out” message: Groove things will be shaken. Magical light will swirl overhead. Wigs will be donned. Shoulder pads will sprout like sea anemones. And plushies will rise from the mist. Plus, Adam’s Idol kid sister Allison Iraheta and possibly that Ke$ha person will arrive on the scene for the sole pleasure of dancing in the background. (The red-headed rocker, who I am mildly-to-moderately obsessed with, first gets her shimmy on at the 2:40 mark; the “Blah Blah Blah” singer, who barely exists on my pop-culture radar, is not important enough to warrant any time-stamp GPS action. In fact, are we 100 percent certain she’s in this video?)

Unlike Adam’s last clip, the artist-in-conflict internalized soap opera “Whataya Want from Me,” there’s nothing deep going on here, unless you count Mr. Lambert revealing the step-kick-strut maneuver of his “signature walk.” But with his silver ringleader’s hat, Adam jauntily portrays himself as a commanding master of freaky-deaky ceremonies, an astute move that carries the not-so-subliminal message of “Buy yourself (and your friends) some tickets for my ongoing Glam Nation tour! A glittery good time will be had by all!” And what’s more, the clip managed to make me forget (momentarily, anyway) that “If I Had You” is one of my least favorite tracks on Lambert’s For Your Entertainment set. I won’t turn this into a tirade asking his label why it didn’t choose “Sleepwalker” or “Strut” or the absolutely delectable “Fever” as Adam’s summer radio offering — I know, I know, that last-named track contains the lethal (!) pronoun “he”! Le gasp! — and instead I’ll turn the chatter over to you. What do you think of the “If I Had You” video? Does Adam have a megahit on his hands? Hash it out in the comments below!

p.s. Adam, I don’t think that’s an iPad you’re texting on; it’s too thick! What the wholahay is it?
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  • ashley

    great vid, i wuvs him. but, PLEASE, MAKE BROKEN OPEN THE NEXT SINGLE!!!!!
    anyway. :) really enjoyed this vid, i love his stuff. no one else like him!

    • momma bear

      ashley, I agree that broken open is gorgeous, but it will never in a million, zillion, quadrillion years be a radio single

    • KC

      I would bet a lot of money that Sleepwalker will be the next (fall) single. Broken Open is waay too slow and long for radio.

      • jacey

        I’ll be surprised if Sleepwalker doesn’t come out in the fall, but for the summer I LOVE this song.

      • Chris

        Sleepwalker is an awesome track, but the guitar solo in the middle could make it a tough sell for Top 40 or especially AC/HAC radio.

      • jacey

        Well Chris, they can do a radio edit of the song. They’ve performed it before (Leno I think) without the guitar solo.

      • elbee

        @Chris, I dont understand…why the guitar solo in the middle of the song could meke it tough to sell on top 40 . Could you elaborate? i am not familiar with the rule.

      • SXiPPY

        Why has it taken so long for this to come out and you’re right, it isn’t a single-worthy track. When hearing “Sleepwalker” and especially “Fever”, it’s hard not to imagine that blaring out your radio and the kooky, wacky, maybe taboo videos that would accompany the tracks respectively. Record companies suck when it comes to releasing what fans want.

      • Jerryw don’t think Strut will be the next single..I was kinda hopin for that

      • Jordan

        I think Music Again or Sleepwalker should be the next single.

      • Amalia

        Sleepwalker is the BEST song on his album by far

    • zoey

      “Broken Open” is my favorite track on FYE, but it would make a terrible single – it’s too ambient for the average top 40 listener and will go over people’s heads.

      • SoSueMe

        I say Fever, Music Again, Pick U Up, Sleepwalker or Strut as potential singles. I’m shocked Voodoo didn’t make the final cut for the album.

      • Emma

        My money is on Music Again.

    • the real wendy

      LOVE seeing Alison!!!!

      • Jerryw

        me too…

    • Brian

      There is no way they would make Broken Open a single. Aftermath or Strut is more radio friendly. Strut would make a great single

      • Jerryw

        I like strut too…

    • Jenn

      This song is just freaking fun and the video is a blast. Love the beat, perfect for moving, dancing, and on my treadmill.

      • asinmada

        I think this song has a good beat to it. and this is my spin. This is his fantasy; what life could be like, “If I had you”. What did you want to see, Adam walking on the beach with a girl? (Cause it would be a guy.)

    • Kayla Kaboodles :)

      This song is my FAVE!! I really like Broken Open too, but I think the next single
      will be either Fever or Sleepwalker. :) I love the vid to this song, it’s so fun,
      and well..glittery! What else would it be? haha I love Adam !!

  • fluffybunnyz

    The iPad wannabe is, I think, a Sony iPad competitor thinamajigie. Not sure, tho. The “Plushie” was a Chinese lion head (they look funny & googly-eyed head-on, but it’s definitely a good luck lion), and Allison getting her tribal self on with Adam was the best thrill in my life while seeing this awesome, magic-filled trip fest of a video. LOVING IT!!

    • Jerryw

      fluffy..I liked that phrase Allison getting her tribal self on..ha

  • Mary

    IIHY isn’t my fave either, but it’s made for radio domination with that insane hook. You-do-do-do-do-do-do!
    This video us pure 80s fun.

    • LB

      I wasn’t a huge fan of the song to begin with either, but I’ve been watching the video non-stop since yesterday. Haha. It’s awesome. Now I kind of like the song. It’s happy and fun and you can’t get it out of your head. (Plus the video gets rid of any 80s imagery/nightmares I had running through my head when I listened to the song).

      • Stormy

        Saw him do this song on stage last night in Milwaukee. I swear, he is one of those superstar talents that only come around once every 20 years or so. I call him millennium Elvis. He’s amazing. Unfortunately, he didn’t do Mad World last night and I so wanted to see him do that live.

      • Jerryw

        The video brings it all together, I really like it

  • ashley

    oh god, or fever!!! agreed, slezak.that song is amazingness. Sleepwalker is great too, and it would follow his fast/slow singles well.

    • Jerryw

      Hey Ashley..Fever is one of my favorites too..its hard to pick a next release for many to choose from, I favor voodoo alot..but I guess we will have to wait and see…

  • John

    Adam is ridiculous, this vidoe is complete crap, and I can’t wait till he goes away and hopefully takes his crazy fans with him.

    • LT

      But then what would you trolls have to do with all your time?

      • Tom

        If you don’t like Adam, then why the FCUK would you click on an article about him? Sounds like you may be a closet homosexual. Come out John, we won’t hurt you.

      • mike

        Closet homosexual? This is the reason why people dis this guy. His own fans are homophobic. And btw, the “trolls” don’t have to like him or his music to comment on the shameless hype and promo this dude continues to benefit from in order to push his career.

      • JML

        Uhh, what ?? Having a little trouble with logic, are you Mike ?

      • LSCH

        Mike: How old are you … 12? Adam’s fans would be those people NOT concerned about his sexual orientation. DUH!

        And, to what “shameless promotion” are you referring? You do realize that the music industry IS a business, don’t you? (The idea is to make as much money as possible for all concerned parties.) And, Adam IS a product, right? OF COURSE, they’re going to promote him! That’s what they’re supposed to do! You must be living in some delusional fairytale!

        Don’t ever go into marketing. You’d totally suck at it!

    • LOL

      Good luck with that sweetie. You’re gonna get awful tired repeating the same comment every time you see an article about him.

      • lol

        But he’s having so much fun spamming the internet with his hatred! Don’t spoil John’s fun like that… After all, if you have no friends and no life, who will give you the love you deserve if not the internet? Let him rant and hate all he likes… It’s the only way losers like him get any attention.
        I pity people like this John and laugh about them ’cause they waste all their time hating while Adam Lambert doesn’t give a flying fart about them… He’s having the time of his live and making more money than the haters will ever get to see. Cheers!

      • Jerryw

        BAHHAHAH…you are right..I sit back and laugh at how inaccurate they are, and how pathetic to boot..

      • Jerryw

        LOL..I like your flying fart comment…

    • cw

      Why did you watch it?????? Iam too busy to watch someone I don’t like or fan of.

      • @cw

        Don’t tell me that every single video you see is from somebody you’re a fan of. Last time I checked, it’s a free country and you can watch videos of ANYBODY without being a fan or even liking the artist for that matter.

      • @@CW

        But most people that complain about Adam say he is overexposed so why if you are so over him would you watch yet another clip or video of him. I think that is the point CW was trying to make. I can understand stumbling accross this clip and then have it not be your cup of tea but why actively seek him if you are over it?

      • @@@cw

        That’s just the point. This isn’t about watching a stupid video. It’s about venting on an overexposed and overhyped celebrity wannabe. You would understrand if you stopped defending him long enough to see the reality of the situation.

      • katie

        The reality of the situation is that Adam is loved by hundreds of thousands of people!

      • Jerryw

        Because they are stalkers, they probably have a buzzer on their computer buzzing when a new article comes out on Adam…visualize it…seriously

      • luvya

        @jerryw.. seriously? do ya know where i could get a buzzer like that??

    • Starry Night

      Why do you spend time watching a vid and reading a article about an artist you so clearly despise?

      • @Starry Night

        Why does every single fan of this guy ask that same stupid question over and over again? You people get very defensive and possessive when it comes to this guy. Get a grip!

      • Blondiegrrl

        Starry Night has a point. There are many artists I despise, and I don’t waste my time reading about them or watching their vids. Life is too short to waste on things I hate.

      • @Blomdiegrr

        When an artist is crammed down people’s throat as much as Adam is, it’s almost your duty to leave a realistic comment about him. The hype is off the charts. What you relly need to do is ask yourself if he is so great, why is his label promoting him to death. And why he isn’t platinum by now given the record breaking promotion?

      • JML

        Use of the phrase “crammed down people’s throats” is a dead giveaway that an ultra-rightwing nutjob is speaking. LOL

        The attention Adam garners is not due to his label over-promoting him. People are interested in him because he is a genuinely interesting person and a genuinely interesting and talented performer. You just can’t handle the truth. No one forced you to click on an article with “Adam Lambert” in the title. Take responsibility for your own actions, jeeez.

      • Jerryw

        Blom…who is cramming him down your throat..seriously …no one…what a stupid thing to say.

      • Jerryw

        @ starry…Not a stupid question, why…can’t figure out a good answer can you..of course not..go stalk someone else..

    • debbie

      John, your just probably used to pop singers that can’t sing, only lip sync! Adam is the BEST singer out there right now!! You know what I think your problem is? Your probably an ugly straight guy that can’t get a date!! ha ha! While Adam, who is very hot & good looking can get ALL the Women and MEn that he wants!! ha ha

      • @debbie

        I don’t see how this song exhibits any vocal prowess on his part. And what does being a great singer have to do with pop music. If you ask me, Adam’s “talents” are not being used properly. Great singers should be on Broadway, not the pop charts. And judging by the looks of it, Adam is not doing very well as a pop singer.

      • escot

        “Great singers should be on Broadway, not the pop charts.”

        Really? Well someone should have told that to Freddie Mercury before he made the horrible, horrible mistake of fronting a band that would write multiple chart-topping hits and sell a ton of records worldwide, not to mention become embedded in music history. Oh, wait…

      • @escot

        For heaven’s sake, please don’t try and use a Rock legend to compare to this media driven phony. And fyi, I was referring to current pop singers. As everybody knows, you don’t have to be a great singer to be successful on the pop charts. Adam is not a great pop singer. Don’t believe me? Check the Billboard Charts. All the pop singers sell AT LEAST a milliion. He needs to make up his mind if he’s a theatrical singer, a Rock singer, or a pop singer, because he obviously can’t be all 3 regardless what his misguided fans think.

      • Sam

        You do know that all you haters do is giving Slezak more hits, right? Everyone else just laughs at you because people like you are really pathetic… Get a Life!

      • Red

        Adam’s single “Whataya want from me” sold over a milliion and even reached top 10 in non-US countries such as Germany and Australia. He is a rare male Idol alum who has had an international pop hit so get your facts straight, you misguided hater.

      • @Reed and Sam

        When are you 2 going to make a sequel to “Dumb and Dumber?” First of all, calling people “haters” implies that this dude is a generally accepted music star. Well, he’s not. He’s a frek show who’s trying to convince people that his form of “glamrock” is relevant. Secondly, you’re confusing the success of one song to a media driven artist. He’s all image, and very little substance. So why do you morons still consider him to be some sort of superstar? He acts like one, but he doesn’t have the multiplatinum records to back it up.

      • Peter

        Well, he’s got the sold-out, headlining concert tour to prove it. His management is still adding new venues (there are now nearly 70) because most have sold out in minutes after going on sale. And concert-goers rave about his live performances. He is adored by an incredibly diverse fanbase. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to see him live someday and then you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

      • u

        Maybe the Freddie Mercury comparison was a bit of a reach, but you’re still dead wrong in your assertion that “great singers shouldn’t be on the pop charts”. Michael Jackson, Annie Lennox, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, even Lady Gaga, all are amazing singers who are also hugely successful pop stars. If Adam isn’t commercially successful, it isn’t because he’s too talented to fit in the genre.

      • Jerryw

        sold out concerts, and platinum single..people are delusional saying he is not making it…he has made it…get over it..

      • Jerryw

        These are just a bunch of Jealous people spouting off at the mouth..wonder which fanbase bus they got off of…let them say what they want, we know the facts..nuff said ..

      • @Jerryw

        You people talk about him as if he were a superstar. You laughingly compare him to rock legends, and yet all he has to show for it is a run of the mill platinum single and an album that will never sell a million copies. Where I come from, superstars sell MULTI millions on all their records. Therefore, he HAS NOT MADE IT. Concerts don’t count if you don’t have the platinum albums to back it up.

      • @@jerryw

        Go Away, attention whore, no one is interested in your deranged ramblings anyway

      • JG

        Media driven phony? He’s had to fight for every bit of coverage he’s gotten! Media driven? No, it’s fan driven! If you are going to make a comment like that, get it right! And when he’s still around in 10 years…who will be laughing…the driving fans! Just saying!

      • Ahyar

        God gave Adam and Eve the gift of the Holy Spirit when God Breathe the breath of life in Adams nolritss that was actually the blood that give us life today, you can look up blood and breath in the Strong’s concordance, the Angles where made to worship God, Adam and Eve where blessed with a human Soul.

    • Dee12

      OMG! Are you sure? He’s taking us with him? This is great news! I can’t wait to go away, or anywhere, with him!

      • cookiegirl

        I think this is fantastic news, too! What am I going to wear? I would be part of the Adam tribe in a heartbeat and go primal with him anywhere! If only life were a video… Adam, take me away!

    • zoey

      If you don’t like him, then why did you feel the need to click on a post about him?

      • nick

        @Zoey: what kinda comment is that? You have to watch the trainwreck before you describe it.

      • Jess

        What? You don’t know a train wreck is a problem until you watch it? No wonder you don’t get that this video is just freaking fun and nice to have a positive message too.

    • BB

      It’s a freakin’ video!! It’s meant to be fun. Why,oh,why Michael do you open these questions up to everyone. The idiots come out,spread their spew and rile all the believers. If you could create a button to zap all of the non-sensicals and their stupid random unthinking ridiculous responses,then maybe we could have mature opinions posted. Until then,we are forced to defend,ad nauseum,Adam’s intentions for this video. It’s all in good fun people! He’s not running for public office (YET!)!!!

      • @BB

        If Adam were a real superstar, instead of a media driven phony, you wouldn’t have to defend him. The guy is the biggest joke in the music biz. A homosexual man trying to bring back Glamrock? Please. The reason that Glamrock worked back then is because it was GENDER BENDING. Straight guys wearing outrageous make up and costumes was audacious. A gay guy doing it is called DRAG. And you people are dumb enough to back this? Gimme a break. Adam is as good as the hype that pushes him.

      • Teresa

        Wow. So only straight men can wear make-up and make that relevant? Sorry gays. If you want to make a statement, it’s jeans and t-shirts for you.

        Hey, I don’t mind people giving their negative opinions. Nobody says you have to like Adam if you don’t. Or like his video if you don’t.

        But the hype? The reason he’s getting it is because he’s a great singer, a fun personality and he’s doing something that feels different. Face it, the media are like fish–fascinated by bright shiny objects.

        And he just keeps reeling them in. :)

      • @Teresa

        You obviously don’t understand what the relevance mens. A straight man in makeup and outrageous clothes is relevant and contrary, which makes it more interesting than watching a self-indulgent Drag Queen doing the same thing. It has nothing to do with liking or hating Adam.

      • BB

        To @BB and @Teresa

        Adam is not a drag queen. He’s not a transvestite. He is gay. Not all gays are drag queens. Drag queens dress up as women,usually for entertainment purposes….complete with boobs,high heels,lipstick,wigs…you know the whole enchilada. Adam doesn’t. Just a gay guy who wears costumes with glitter,and some eyliner/shadow. He wears make up,but so did Elvis,Michael Jackson,Prince and David Bowie…a fine mix of gay and straight performers. No one has ever accused them of being drag queens. Adam has been photographed a couple of times wearing a dress….doesn’t make him a drag queen. I believe they were ‘dress up’ parties….you know….like Halloween! Perhaps you’re confused with the costuming….let me see…Freddie Mercury,Elton John,Liberace,DAVID BOWIE…they all wore costumes…..but none were ever drag queens.

        Do you understand the difference?? (Please nod your head and say yes!)

      • @@Teresa

        So, according to you, there are strict rules about what a gay man can do but not what a straight man can do. Isn’t that called homophobia ? A straight man wearing eyeliner isn’t trying to look like a woman, but a (handsome! masculine!) gay man wearing eyeliner IS trying to look like a wwoman ? Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense.

    • Rita

      The world would be a better place if YOU went away.

    • Cathy

      John…go back to Kris’s fansite. I understand his next video will/or not have a clock and he will either wear plaid or a white teeshirt. That is the most exciting thing you can expect from him. Adam is too sophisticated for you. You will never understand him or his fans

      • @Cathy

        Nice comeback, assume that he’s a Kris Allen fan. You do realize that season 7 of American Idol is over, don’t you? Mr. Lambert is not competing against Mr. Allen anymore. Look on the Billboard chart to see who his competition is now.

      • Mary

        uM @@Cathy, Adam was on Season 8 not 7. Shhhhhessshhh.

      • @Mary

        Nice comeback. Correcting the season error. Yeah, you got him good.

      • @cathy

        So anyone who dares not see Adam’s alleged brilliance is automatically a Kris Allen fan? What if I think that they both suck?

    • TJ

      LMOA… and you are HUMAN FAIL!!

    • Mal

      John, you sound like a sad sack and need some fun in your life.
      Get out into the woods and dance.

    • Leigh

      Honey – Adam can hang around anytime he wants – he’s fun – you’re a drag. And hasn’t Slezak got enough whatever to come out with an opinion. What’s with that? Wants to see which way the wind blows?

    • 2t2tag

      oh please,please,please, YOU go away. you will feel much better when you do. go away, that is. oh wait. I’LL feel much better. so ,please, go away.

      • @Mary

        Let me get this straight: referring to rational people as “trolls” is your way of justifying your love for this drag queen? I think you need to take a long look at the pop charts. There are plenty of real music stars who are more worthy of your time, dedication, and money. This dude, on the other hand, is counting on fools like you to make him rich.

      • @@Mary

        Oh, you mean like Bieber, Kesha, lip-synching Britney, etc. Real music stars like that. OK, sure. Who wants a talented vocalist anyway ?

      • Pete

        Sorry, @Mary, but most people can (and do!) decide for THEMSELVES who is worthy of their time, dedication, and money. Just because they don’t agree with you does not make them a “fool”.

        Oh, and it’s not you who is “rational” if you call Adam Lambert a “drag queen”. You’re just showing your homophobia.

      • @@mary

        If you believe that a man who has to resort t wearing full makeup in order to be relevant, screaming at the top of his lungs is a “talented vocalist,” than you have serious issues and poor judgment when it comes to singers.

      • @Pete

        Calling Adam Lambert a drag queen is like calling Steve Martin a comedian. Why are you getting offended when that is the image that Adam actually portrays?

    • Mary

      Hey like on another blog I go to, let the “trolls” or non fans have their say. It really doesn’t matter. I won’t waste much needed energy knocking them down when I could be using that instead on celebrating what a great artist Adam is and how I love this song and Video. Loving that Allison is in it, didn’t catch Ke$ha is, I saw a blond but didn’t know if that was her? If Slezak mentions she was in it I guess she was. I love that Adam is so loyal to his friends and to his fellow Idol mates, like lovely rocker Allison. Kudos to ADAM LAMBERT!

      • @Mary

        Or you could just look on the album charts to see that he’s not as great as you think he is.

    • Deb

      Why are you listening to Adam, and watching the video if you don’t like his music or style, is some evil force tying you down and forcing you to watch? Why don’t you just go away, it is obvious that this wonderfully talented artist and we his devoted fans will not be.

    • DJ

      It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

      • MuthaLambert

        LMAO! thats friggen histerical!

    • idolcritic

      You must be a miserable human being for being so bothered by Adam’s success. Take your hatred elsewhere or, better yet, get a lesson in tolerance. In the meantime, those of us who enjoy Adam’s music will do just that – enjoy it! The guy rocks so get over it.

    • @John

      @John: I pity people like you who need to spew their hatred around on the Internet to feel good about themselves. No friends to talk to? Your mother didn’t hug you enough? How many times have you commented on this article now, 10 times? If you don’t like an artist, fine, but you are on a whole new level of pathetic.

    • Lynda

      Hey John, guess what? You are stupid. How do I know? Because you can’t even spell. Dumba**

      • Rsh

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  • me

    Thanx Michael!
    Was wondering what you were thinking!
    I love the sheer fun and colourfulness of it!

  • Melly

    This vid is pure dance partay fun! And I just can’t help but like the song, it gets in my head and sets up camp there for days, happily. Anyway, love to see Adam and his pretty pretty friends getting their sparkly groove on! Plus bonus dancing Alli!

    Basically, this video = WIN!

    To answer your question, I am on #TeamThatsNotKesha, she kinda looks like her but if you pause it the facial features are different. I think it’s the hair that looks so similar.

    And question two, only becuz I luv Adam will I not subtract cool points for using a Sony Dash instead of an iPad. Actually, if I wasn’t so poor, I would prolly buy both a Dash and an iPad, you can never have enuff gadgets.

    Oh, and the plushie LOL is actually one of those Chinese Lion dance thingies, I saw them in a parade on Chinese New Year once, wicked cool.

    • sastenio

      Sony is the parent company of RCA, Adam’s record label. Makes sense he’s using a Sony product! :)

      • Starry Night

        Adam’s an Apple (iPhone, MacBook, etc.) guy, so I’m sure his preference would have been an iPad. But the Sony thing…yeah, product placement and all that.

      • Melly

        LOL oh yeah that’s right god point! You go, Adam, way to keep those corporate suits happy so you can keep making kickass videos!

      • elbee

        Hey, Apple should send IPAD to ADAM to advertise their products. ADAM is a SUPERSTAR and has all-ages fans. Apple should get my message.

  • KED

    Michael, I couldn’t tell from your review if you liked the video or not. You watched it ten times just to see Allison look fierce, didn’t you? That’s the beauty of this video, it’s great fun to watch again and again. It’s pretty obvious that they choose this song to get the tweens on board, and the message is a good one. You have to love that Adam and his friends can show up and make a video like that. The rest of us shutter at the thought of what the video would have been if our friends had dressed up to dance in the woods with us:)

    • KC

      I don’t know, my friends are pretty hot. :) He should just invite everyone the next time he has a big party in the forest. Looks like fun.

    • CherelleDay

      Whaaa – hahahahahaha! I am now picturing my friends dressed up like that and partying in the woods . . . hahahahaha! Bunch of fat old farts trying to re-live our misspent youth . . . with glitter added!

      • sumwhut

        but wouldn’t it be fun?

  • Annie

    What a fun, feel good video.Great to see Allison featured. Love the video and the song. Adam scores another hit!

  • Ladyhelix

    Yea!! Save the rocker – and let her be the only one you make eye contact with in the video. Also – let her be the only one wearing your makeup. Warm fuzzies galore!! (That’s at first watch – I may be mistaken)

  • Grace W.

    Everyone seems to think only up-beat songs work during the summer (maybe they do; I don’t know enough about summer chart history to say one way or another), so I can understand why they wouldn’t make “Sleepwalker” his summer offering. I do hope it comes up at some point, though, since it is my favorite song on the album.

  • baybabe

    And yet John you took precious time out of your life to read the review and possibly watch the video….

    I love the video, great for summer time. The song has grown on me since he started performing it live. I agree that Fever would be a great single if the USA could get over their homophobic perceptions.

  • Tulip

    Get down or Get Out! indeed! Luv luv luv Adam

  • Mamo

    One again Slevak…agree 100%. IIHY is no Fever or Sleepwalker, but the video is delicious, psychedelic and fun. Who wouldn’t want to be at that party…except for the commenter “John”.

    • Princess Adora

      Agreed! Great song, fun video, but I wish it was a video for Fever we were discussing!

  • Diana

    Love the video. :)

    As much as I love Fever (it’s my favorite song on the album) I have serious doubts of it ever becoming a single. It sounds too much like the queen herself, even if his version is nothing like hers. It’d be a pretty stupid move to release a song that sounds exactly like another currently successful artist. It’s the same reason Soaked will never get released.

    • c

      That’s a shame. “Soaked” is my favorite song on this CD. The harmonies are beautiful.

      • @c

        Let’s face it, there aren’t too many relevant singles on his album. Most of the songs sound dated, or like uninspired rip-offs of ’80’s music.

      • Circe

        @c: You are absolutely right. We need songs about the oil spill, cheating spouses and vampires.

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