Lil Wayne pleads guilty to Arizona drugs and gun charge

lil-wayneImage Credit: Ray Tamarra/Getty ImagesCurrently serving a one-year prison sentence on a gun charge in New York’s Rikers Island, Lil Wayne appeared in a Yuma County, Arizona, courtroom on Friday (June 18) morning through live video feed to change his plea in a 2008 drugs and gun case there to guilty. The Yuma Sun reports that by doing so, his chances of more jail time lessen.

On January 22, 2008 authorities stopped Wayne’s tour bus at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint almost 80 miles east of Yuma. They found cocaine, marijuana, Ecstasy, drug paraphernalia and a .40-caliber handgun registered to Wayne. He was charged with felony possession of a narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia. At the time Wayne pleaded not guilty to all the felony charges.

The acclaimed rapper could get up to 36 months of probation on the Yuma charges. They’d start after his New York sentence ends. Superior Court Judge Mark Wayne Reeves sentences Wayne on June 30.

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  • Phil

    Lil Brain

    • your stupid

      Johnny Cash was in jail 7 times for a lot less then that turd.

      • Josiah

        Wasn’t Johnny Cash’s actual prison rep grossly over-hyped?

      • “your stupid”

        ah the classic “your” stupid response…

      • JDawg1

        JC’s prison rep was from PLAYING there, not being incarcerated. I think the most “time” he did was an over-nighter once for DWI.

      • LBF

        Johnny Cash never served any kind of prison sentence, LOLOL. He did spend time in jail overnight from time to time for misdemeanor infractions.

      • Dogg

        Remember Lohan was stopped in CA and ol Lil Wayne was stopped in the AZ, and there not playing games there with open carry and all.

      • riri

        ur a bum

      • alicia

        there is a “web//site” named “black // white / Cupid” for dating or relationship, black or white singles can go there to find something sexy or beauty online !!!! ;)

    • Dan the Truth

      Lil Brain? I guess if having a billion dollars makes you stupid…

      What happened to Johnny Cash is not relevant to this case or anything that happens in the year 2010.

      Racism is a two way street.

      Lindasy Lohan was never caught with cocaine and nobody sees jail time for one DUI.

      Dee, if things are so bad where you are then move. Complaining never got anybody anywhere. Although if you look at how black people try and solve their problems that might surprise you.

      • CD

        How do “black people try to solve their problems”, Dan? I am curious what you are alluding to.

      • Dan the Truth

        Lets weigh Dees options about the perceived racism in her community. The way I see it she has the following options:
        1. Work to make the situation better
        2. Live with things the way they are
        3. Leave that area for someplace better
        4. Complain about it

        We know what option Dee is going with, I happen to think it is the worst option.

      • dnash001

        ‘no one sees jail time on one DUI’


        Drive in Maricopa County and let Arpaio’s boys pull ya….you’ll see 30days on work release (spending nights and weekends) at tent city. Try that in July…no A/C and 115 degrees.

      • holla

        People DO see jail time after ONE DUI…..learn the laws in different states. there is ZERO tolerance in AZ.

      • Carlos

        We need to do something about our education in this country. Although most would not agree, but the past has relevance to the present. I say this because prior to the civil rights woman and minorities were treated as second class citizens. Some people hate that conversation when it comes up, but I think people have to realize that this country was built on terrorism, and hate. The terrorism aspect is revelevant in the Boston Tea Party revolutionary act, when a group of colonist disguised themselves as Indians, which is pretty messed up when you think about it. The hate aspect isn’t slavery, it’s what happened after slavery during the Jim Crowe era. We have come a long way, but I have and many sociologist agree that due to the injustices and treatment of Blacks social can explain a lot of the social conditions today. One sociologist explained it to me the best. She said it’s like being in a race and the gun goes off for the White person, but the gun hasn’t gone off for the Black person yet; and what he was referencing to was that the obstacles and challenges that Blacks were subjected to caused them to start the race late. Imagine your mother or father not being able to read and or write; then tell me if it’s possible for those parents to teach their offspring?

    • Grandmom Cool

      He looks like Rick James in this photo.

    • LD

      Welcome to tent city, m****r f****r! Here’s your pink underwear and bologna sandwich!

    • monica encinas

      free weezy……i love u wayne ….

  • Nkwame

    Thats striaght up racism yo if that was like Elvis or some guy like that he never do jailtime. They on Lil Wayne cause he a powerful black man in America and thats dengerous to the system

    • Hunter

      You are an idiot. Making people suffer the consequences of their actions is not racism. You are racist for making everything a race issue.

      • JD

        Do you not know when you are being trolled?

      • Nkwame

        JD, not so loud…. :)

      • Dee

        are you kidding me? there is most definitely a bias against African-American/African-American celebrities in this country.
        Lindsay Lohan has been caught with cocaine, driving under the influence, and has missed a court date. She has barely suffered any ramifications. Don’t be blind.

      • wowzersss

        Lindsay Lohan would spread so much disease to the prison population it would bankrupt the federal prison system trying to vaccinate everyone. We need to keep her out of heavily populated areas so we put a bracelet on her and sent her home, next time we just need an exploding bracelet.

      • solomon

        you can make ur point without being offensive.that’s a nice piece but harsh delivery

      • Dimitri

        Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby. Would he agree?

    • Joey

      your stupid

      • artrain

        It’s the contraction “you’re” not the possessive.

      • wowzersss

        my stupid?

      • Iceman

        Haha, most of you are so ignorant, it baffles me as an educated individual. Just a few facts…

        Wayne PLED guilty when he didn’t have to. He could’ve very well stuck out the trail and ultimately easily beat the charges. He chose to plead guilty and worked out a short prison term to up his street cred.

        You Black power types can keep preaching your racisms this racism that crap til you’re blue in the face. Never heard ANY of you deny wayne was actually guilty, oh thats right you CANT deny it because he ADMITTED IT, you just think putting guilty black people in jail is a racist crime. Fools. i don’t hear you crying every time a white guy gets caught with drugs and guns and gets put in jail for a crime he PLEADED guitly to! lol, ok ready set go…let the “I’m Racist” comments start…

      • Nkwame

        In our system, you plead guilty because it saves you some time. You know you can’t win so they offer you a bit less time to plead out. And what I was sayin was Black men are busted more often then whites, they are convicted more of the time, and they get served more time then whites for the SAME CRIME. Thats scientific fact. Maybe you racist, maybe not, but you are blind to tha truth.

      • Dan the Truth

        Black people commit more crimes per population then white people. This is a fact, although you will probably call me racist.

      • big

        Really?? Here white people commit more crimes.

      • D Bo

        @Dan the Truth. Could you site a source for the fact that Blacks commit more crimes, per populace or not. I would really like to see it. Is this narrowing it down to specific crimes that blacks commit more or are we going off illegal activities all together? Illegal drug trafficking in NY? Blacks have it hands down.Sadly, many see it as a quick way to make a buck, to feed their kids and get ahead. Child pornography possession in the same state? I’m willing to bet there is a high percentage of white males involved. The point, all of our races have their legal flaws. There are as many White people doing illegal things as Blacks, Hispanic or any other race. Just depends on where you go looking. And, no, I don’t think your a racist. Probably very proud about what you believe in and willing to defend the same beliefs if necessary.


      Elvis is dead, and so is your English teacher, apparently. Yo.

      • mctatty


      • EnglishTeacher

        I’m alive and well. Apparently, someone needs to teach you how to use commas. Yo.

    • Kevin

      Dude how old are you? Lil Wayne needs jail time. I’m a black man and feel that with all of my fiber……He needs jail time simply because he is a disgrace to the anscestors who fought, died, cried and killed for freedom, and her he is doing outrageous things to get his freedom taken.

      • Dee

        I think he should pay for his crimes. But the judicial system in this country, specifically in my hometown, is geared toward inflicting harsher punishments on black men and women who commit, or allegedly commit a crime. To say otherwise is pure ignorance. There are cases after cases, where people enjoy more lenient sentences when white or in a higher income tax bracket.

      • D Bo

        I feel he deserves time as well. The sad part is that he will still be viewed as a hero in the eyes of many young black men. When a rapper refers to his upcoming jail sentence as a vacation or resort (Like Lil Wayne and T.I. did), the youth get the wrong impression that prison is ok, just a little time away. That defeats the purpose of the system all together. I wonder if a year of hard labor would work better, 365 days straight working 16 hours a day in a sweat shop instead of a year in a prison. That might deter a pampered celebrity from saying it’s a vacation.

    • Everyday American

      I’m guessing that you’re just a troll trying to make a race issue because nobody else is stupid enough to be serious. The only thing dumber than your comment are the people who feed you trolls.

      The fact is, any “regular” person would be looking at VERY SERIOUS prison time for possessing the amount of drugs he had, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, whatever. If he were just some regular guy off the street, we probably wouldn’t be hearing from him for the next several years.

      • FatCat


    • billy bob

      r u a f’ing racist or just stupid. oh your both. Don’t say that its wrong. The bozo got caught with drugs. HMMM lets see can’t find any place on the U.S. Law books that says Marjiuana, Cocaine or Ectsay is legal. Go figure. leave it to a dumbass like you to say its unfair that some one should go to jail because they were stupid enough to get caught with illegal drugs.

    • Steve

      Your a complete moron, yeah he is one powerful felon behind bars that produces terrible music. He aint dangerous to nothing, just another wimpy little rapper doing time.

    • billy bob

      one more thing. maybe they should make being an stupid idiot illegal. Then u could spend jail time with your boy and the rest of the world wouldn’t have to suffer from the crap you call intelligence.

      • Nkwame

        billy bob he a man not a “boy” see as a K K K Gran Dragon I expect such. you prove my point so keep it comin.

      • DGH

        Anyone with the name Billy Bob can’t be taken seriously!!!

    • tell it like it is!

      No cause he is a loser

    • Dee

      Wow, you’re damn edgy.

    • Badman84

      This isn’t a race issue. It’s an intelligance issue. Idiots come in all colors.

      • tct

        And usually in large numbers.

    • Snuppy Won

      Look…the guys is a criminal, true to his image. Not so powerful as well when your serving time…

    • NYPD

      Kwame and Dee racism is dead — you both need to move on from your hang-ups and get into the present. Yes, there was racism but now, every time I bust some clown in Queens or Harlem he cries racism and I gotta go through the third degree. I’m second-generation Italian, but I don’t say it’s racism every time some black guy shouts stuff at me about being a luigi or gino or whatever. I just give em a busta-fazoo if you know what I mean – that’s America!

      • Carlos

        Racism is very well alive and kicking, and for the record I grew up with a lot of white people and for a black person to call you gino and stuff is racist period. Racism begets racism. And America will suffer if it continues to be racist and sexist. Lil Wayne is a idiot and I think he deserves more time. The same junk he raps about some young black kid in the ghetto will listen and live out the narration he and many like him are giving. I grew up on Hip Hop and I’m ashamed that if you say the N-Word a 100 times you get a million dollars each time (Jay-Z). I can’t say everything is racism because it’s not but I beliieve the justice system is flawed majorly. It’s designed to keep to prey on the lower class, not just blacks, but hispanics, whites and anyone that falls into the poor category. Blacks do get harsher sentences when caught with drugs and I encourage research these things. In fact, poor blacks get harsher sentences because they don’t have money. Poor whites don’t even get a break in this country because of a lack of money. As a law student I would like to see Lil Wayne get more jail time. Believe it or not folks rap music preys on the weak minded and control their souls. Lil Wayne has a crap load of money and getting high (something illegal) is how he wants to parade around, then f&%$ him. And also, I think white people have to stop being on the defensive when it comes to race because racism does exist. Look on youtube and listen to the hate a lot of Americans have towards their mixed president. I’m a realist and I don’t call him Black at all, he’s a product of a Black man and White woman, but sadly some whites not all feel he is complete Black. Also, I think Black and White people have a huge distrust towards each other because of the media. Why do we listen to the most ignorant voices when a message is being put out there for people to hear and read. It’s because we all have a little racism and if you can’t admit that then your fake. Furthermore, Italians when they got off the boat were being called the N-word, the Irish back in the day were drawn up as a monkey in cartoons, Blacks were considered the most inferior race, so you see my friends racism isn’t a one way street. I could go on for days with this but I have to say we need to work together. The people who are really running this country have their own agenda. They are shaping it so they will remain in power. While we fight and bicker they are taking away our civil liberties. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We are arguing about racism, which an important topic, but lets talk about how we are going to make money. I don’t care about your color but what I do care about is how can we prosper financially. I hope I haven’t offended anyone but I hope we can have a better discussion about and why Lil deserves this, whether your a fan or not.

    • Legendary Stupidity

      Lil Wayne is far from a powerful black man. What he is, however, is a piece of crap that is preying on the youth of this nation who are not old enough to realize that the guy is a complete loser. Just like anyone else who glamorizes drugs and guns. In my opinion anyone who gets caught with drugs should be sent to Afghanistan to act as sponges for the real “powerful” people in this world, our military personnel. The other thing that really makes me wonder is the people that walk around with their pants to their knees. I wonder how many people actually know what it signifies? I will tell you what it means, it means you are in prison and available. That is where the whole thing started. I laugh my butt off every time I see one of these clowns with their pants like that. The other part that I really like about it is that it makes it really easy for the police to catch them because they can’t run and hold up their pants at the same time.

      • Grandmom Cool

        Now that’s the most intelligent thing I’ve read thus far. Lil Wayne is a piece of crap. However, I must correct you as to the pants to the knees thing. Your meaning may be true but from what I’ve learned it started back in slavery days when the men had nothing to help keep their pants up while they worked.

    • Lorenzo

      Powerful??? Are you kidding. Current day rappers are hardly powerful…please.

    • Mike

      Just another example of thug rappers…. They wonder why our kids are so messed up….

      • big

        word up

    • David

      “powerful Black man” ??…now that’s laughable. He is a thug and he is going where he belongs. Maybe his followers will learn from his mistakes and be better people than he turned out to be. Money isn’t everything…but freedom is.

    • Scoobiesnack

      lots of illegal drugs are illegal. Doesn’t matter who has them. I bet Li’l Wayne will get lots of free room and board in Arizona. We should drug test everyone in the US. That’ll stop drug use.

    • Hong Kong Fuey

      That was a very ignorant statement (btw i’m black). Learn to speak/write proper english as well or go back to Africa…we got enough of y’all here as it is ummmfoofoo.

    • PinkFloyd

      You actually think Lil Wayne is a powerful anything? You are as stupid as he is! Get a life and wake up and try to maybe follow a black man thats not a criminal!

    • riri

      so true

    • joel

      I am the last one to be racist and I think stating that the reason he is being imprisoned is because he is black is ignorant and racist promoting he did a crime multiple times he got a year and mabe some probation anyone else no matter what color size or sex would have got at least three years unless they rolled so stop all the negative bull shi comments its 2010 everybody needs to drop the racist talk and get over it its skin come on

    • bocka!!

      lmao are you kidding me? if anything, the world should be against him because he’s black. and you’re wrong, he’s doing such little jail time solely because he’s a rich and powerful man. to be honest.. wayne isn’t even that rich, but he is influential and that speaks volvumes

  • snake

    Is it just me or does Lil Wayne looks constipated on the picture above?

    • gcom

      Word, the brother is b-a-c-k-e-d u-p. FiberCon.

    • Steve

      Been getting it good from behind, its all part of the prison experience. He likes it anyway.

    • JailGape

      Jail time would do that to you, if you know what I mean.

      • Holly

        JailGape, everybody knew what it meant when GCOM said it. Except you :)

    • Jules

      He’s just a jailhouse rapper getting poked in his crapper.

  • George

    This is complete bullish. We all know that was for personal use. He has way too much money to see it

    • Kevin

      Personal use? And that is Okay?

      • Erik

        I guess you don’t embrace personal freedom of choice. It’s HIS body. He isn’t forcing it into the bodies of little children or something; why would you care?

      • Norml

        It’s absolutely ok! The governement should have as much right to tell us what we can and can not put in our body, as what we put in our mind. Everyone should have the freedom to choose their own poison.

    • Steve

      No its not, the moron needs to keep his street cred and be all gangsta so he will sell some sh*t and carry a piece cause he has to keep up appearances.

    • Fallout

      Uh, because it’s against they law? Is that enough reason to care? Or perhaps you would like to do away with the laws, at least the ones that interfere with your “personal freedom” to be a drug-using loser. Don’t say that he isn’t hurting anyone. When it comes to drugs, somebody somewhere is getting hurt or dead. So phuck off.

    • Nick

      it wasnt all for his own use he had to much of the drugs for personal use and he also had duffel bags full of money so if i have to say anything he was dealing

  • Carol

    Nkwame – your so irrognant! Elvis was addicted to prescription drugs. No one ever said he was dealing them or has there been an evidence that he did illegal narcotics.
    Lil Wayne has been busted and pleaded gulity to those charges. No one set him up. He did it to himself. But don’t you worry, he’ll use his convictions to give himself more thug creed.

    • Oh, Carol

      Honey, learn how to write and spell before you call someone irrognant. It makes you look ignorant yourself.

  • camo

    All ni99ers make everything a race issue.

    • Kevin

      Camo you are real idiot….I’d like to show how stupid you are MOFO I can stand racism, and you are a racist that deserves to be k….d

      • mctatty someone like that is too easy….people like this are why race relations are so stressed..on both sides of the issue…we are all Americans.

      • Steve

        Thats nice mctatty, I think being a racist is better then being a murderer.

      • mctatty

        maybe I wasn’t clear….neither one is acceptable!

      • camo

        And your a ni99er not worth a noose

    • Everyday American

      And racists like you provide substance to those claims. Once again, the bigot actually provides an example, rather than a counter, of why this is the case.

      Epic fail for you, loser.

    • Nkwame

      Cause thats a black mans life. We livin it. In America, everything is a race issue. Look at Eminem, he pistol-whipped some dude but he didn’t do no time. Linsey Lohan been straight up busted with drugs manys a time and she still free. Yall are blind and racist.

      • Not true

        We are all a product of our own environment and choices….bad choices lead to bad things. I know several black men who are successful because of their good and wise choices. Sadly, even they are despised by their own race for being “Uncle Toms”

      • Not true

        And Michael Jackson never did a day for all the harm he did to those poor children

      • @Nkwame

        lest we forget O.J. too

      • Nkwame

        Im talkin about BLACK men.. naw sorry that is just old but I couldnt resist.

      • DGH

        Your full of sh*t too Guearro that was a fist that hit you!!!

    • riri

      YOU are the weakest link

  • mctatty

    What a role-model….and to say that people reacting to this is racist…well, that just speaks to how small-minded YOU may be!

  • Drew

    “He was charged with felony possession of a narcotic drug for sale,” … I highly dout lil’ wayne planned on selling the drugs with all the money he has. funny how they can add a charge like that. He needs to get his life straight or else he’s going to end up dead, you’d think he would realize that seeing he has a kid and all.

  • d

    this has nothing to do with racism “yo”… The only people that scream rascism are the people that are racist. This is called the law you idiot. Learn it, Abide by it and you wont have any problems. God some people are idiots.

    • Dee

      That may be an idiotic comment, but saying only racists complain about racism is just stupid.

      • GetReal

        It is moronic “logic”, calling out something racist makes you a racist, but it is a popular defense on internet threads — they are like a portal to the stupidest people in the world.

        Yes, in this case, he did something illegal — however, some people are targeted, given harsher sentences, etc., will others are allowed to walk for even greater offenses. This remains true today.

        Is Lil’ Wayne innocent? Well, I doubt that stuff was planted on him. A year doesn’t sound like a bad sentence for what was found, but the “intent for sale” charge seems like a stretch. The gun was licensed to him, and people of ALL races in America believe in carrying firearms — this guy is loaded and a target.

        I could only imagine what the cops would have found if they searched the Rolling Stones, Motely Crue, or ANY damn rock group up until today.

  • Kevin

    This dude needs to do 5-7yrs in jail simply because he is an idiot, that uses his power of persuasion for the wrong cause. Since when should we as a national allow drug users, with guns simply get probation……..DO NOT FREE LIL WAYNE…….

  • Daryl

    Rappers are nothing but street thugs, so just why is it a surprise that they’re always in trouble with the law or killing each other? It’s not about race, it’s about being anti-social.

    • Jack Hamilt

      this is a stereotype, not a fact. You have never heard artists like Wale, Lupe, Chamillionaire, Drake and more talk about killing people or selling drugs.

  • mel

    @Drew and George, really? Because Michael Vick had 100s of millions of dollars and it didn’t stop him from running an illegal interstate dog fighting ring, along with taking part in abusing, torturing and killing under-performing dogs… so, your argument the charges are bogus because he already has money is flawed.

  • jphilly08

    The real problem is the border patrol checkpoint searching the bus in the first place. Why don’t the border patrol try patroling THE BORDER instead of using checkpoints to gain entry to peoples vehicles.

    • Hunter

      Mostly, because illegal immigrants use vehicles for transport? And large vehicles are great for large human cargo smuggling?

  • Jack Hamilt


  • kev

    boohoo – (insert tear tat here)

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