Lady Gaga performs new, never-heard song, 'You and I': Listen here

lady-gagaImage Credit: Kristy Sparow/Getty ImagesLa Gaga gave Jerry’s box seats a break this weekend to debut a new song at her erstwhile partner in duet sparkle Elton John’s annual White Tie and Tiara Ball in London—though it does look like she brought along her Yankees team spirit, in the form of this same demure brassiere.

The singer, in Marilyn hair, knee-high boots, and bedazzled underbits, introduced the “brand new, never heard before, ever” song “You and I” as “a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll tune, which means it will most likely never get released as one of my singles, so I guess it’s OK to play it tonight.”

In fact, it sounds a lot like The Artist Formerly Known as Stefani Germanotta—the husky-voiced, piano-straddling NYU student who haunted lower Manhattan’s open-mic nights and basement bars in her brunette, bepantsed college days.

In fact, Gaga tweeted this weekend that the song was “written in NY on the piano I grew up with,” and it has that pre-Fame (and fame) je ne sais quoi; I like the song’s torchy, slow-burn cabaret quality—no AutoTune, fancy production, or performance gimmicks (other than, of course, her habitual rejection of outerwear, and a gymnastic late-game backbend), just the voice and the instrument. Watch it all after the jump:

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  • Kel

    I’m excited now for her new material. I love the melody of this. It too reminds me more of her work with the Stefani Germanotta Band. I think she can go back to this vibe and it could do well. Her Monsters would like it.

  • yay

    Brilliant :)

  • Melissa

    Fake British accent? Trying to meet Yankee players (thus to hook up with them)…. seriously, girl wants to be Madonna so badly

    • Dan

      Wow Melissa, deluded much? Haters gonna hate.

      • JRB

        No, “haters” gonna tell it like it is.

    • Tarc

      Actually, she’s a pop star… and she’s doing what all pop stars do. Seriously… clue in.

    • gaga

      She has surpassed Madonna. Madonna hasn’t been relevant in 15 years.

      • Brooke

        Confessions was released 15 years ago?

      • Robbyrob

        Don’t GAG yourself GAGA!

        What have you been smoking? Did you wear those high heels like your namesake and fall? Did you hit your wig wearing noggin??? Madonna has nothing to defend. The confessions tour was the biggest selling tour for a female artist. That was 2006. Now, dear Gaga….I hope your taking notes…quiz later. Madonna’s next tour, Sticky & Sweet was in 2008 & 2009, which even SURPASSED Confessions. So basically, Madonna broke her own record! Madonna’s 2008 CD Hard Candy was #1 all over the world. Madonna was nominated and elected into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on her first year of eligibility. Sure radio hasn’t played most of her newer songs but don’t blame Madge…blame radio being the bastion of ageism. They hardly play anyone over 35. Madonna had MTV. Gaga has YouTube. Sure Madonna was outlandish in her appearance, but she never resorted to hiding her identity or wearing hay around her face. It may be easy to make fun or say that Madonna is out but you do NOT have the truth on your side. We’ll see what happens when Gaga has 25 years in the business…or when shes reached the point of over-saturation…which is happening just about now. So, Mr. & Ms. Gaga, I think you failed your quiz.

  • Chichi

    This is the GaGa I love. Not a huge fan of her over produced pop. But this has such a strong melody and lyric and her voice is front and center.

  • cas

    Wow, I really like this song. And her boots.

  • Mike


  • BeBe

    I really like this song! She is really talented!

  • BeBe

    Melissa – She is nothing like madonna…

    • Michael

      Yeah…Madonna’s been around for nearly 30 years and was way more original than GaGa.

      • Dan

        Just had to get that dig in there didn’t you. Grow up and stop being so negative.

      • Tarc

        Pop music is pop music – it’s all been done before. Perspective please.

    • Krissy

      You sound like one of those people who don’t understand that Madonna was copying Marlene Dietrich, so when you someone else reference the 1930s, you ignorantly think they are copying Madonna.

      THAT is all you can come up with for the differences between Madonna and Gaga? Here are a few more for you. Gaga WRITES her own music. Gaga WRITES music for other people. Gaga is a classically trained piano player….I could go on and on.

      • Agustin

        Who told you Madonna didn´t write her own music? Get your facts right, girl

      • Jen

        Krissy – I totally agree. Madonna referenced a lot of other artists (Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, etc.) and even those women were symbolic of the times that they lived in. Gaga experiments with style, and just because another blonde wore a black bra at one time, does that mean that this option is off limits to ALL pop stars?

      • Robbyrob


        If your such a fan of Gaga, then how come you didn’t disclose that one would need $$$$ to have a classical background in piano. Madonna was not born into money…Gaga was…or should I say Stefanie Germotta. Madonna never resorted to being a character (sometimes in her work yeah…not in everyday life). Madonna is her given name…not a made up moniker like Gaga…which she’s being sued about by her ex-boyfriend. Madonna learned how to play the guitar even though she had some early experiences with the instrument in the early 80’s. Gaga’s family money also helped finance her various wardrobes over the past 2 years…no new artist could afford that. I think you should do some research before you speak Krissy. I’m waiting for you to go on and on…but then again you might twist what you call facts even more.

  • JC

    She looks like Madonna in the pic

    • Agustin

      100% agreed

    • Delon

      Yep, like a spitting image.

  • BeBe

    She might be dressed like her but thats it

  • ashley

    Really amazing. She has a great voice, can’t wait for her new album.

  • Robbyrob

    Can we please give anything Gaga related a rest? Pretty please? Gaga is simply overexposed to the point of exhaustion…for her and definitely for me. I can always count on a Gaga song playing on whatever station I listen to and I find myself turning it off. I’m sick of the woman. Don’t get me wrong…she’s an amazingly talented artist but she needs a break. I mean, does EVERY song of hers need a 7-9 minute video? The clothes and outfits are getting really tired. How is she going to top herself? She’s already whining about fame and she’s barely 2 years into it. I find it ultimately very sad that she’s gained fame as a persona and not as Stephanie Germotta. Sorry but I’m on Gaga overload.

    • Stephanie

      You and me both.

      • ES

        why are u guys commenting on this then? you saw her name in the title of this post so why waste the time to click on it if you’re tired of her?

  • tlctaurus

    Not like Madonna? You’re kidding right?

  • Dee

    I like it a lot, very catchy. I wouldn’t mind hearing more rock n’roll from her!

  • Danielle

    Wow…she looks exactly like Madonna circa 1992/1993 (think “Girlie Show”) in that picture. The black bra, the head mic, the smile, everything. She has become something of a parody of Madonna.

    • Tarc

      Who was a parody of Marilyn, who was a parody of Diedrich, and so on. So what? Wearing a puffy blonde wig is hardly a statement.

    • Agustin

      Agreed, I thought it was Madonna from Girlie Show era (1992/1993)!

    • Delon


      • Myrunaa

        Why dont they ever mention Russle Ferguson sosean 6 winner? He was a krumper. When they judge Jose they never compare him to Russle. They both are as far away from their comfort zone or dance stlye as you could possible get they even gave Jose the very same praises. Did Russel do something wrong?

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