Eminem debuts at the top of the Billboard 200 chart

eminemImage Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty ImagesAs we reported yesterday, Eminem‘s Recovery debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling an incredible 741,000 copies in its first week. It’s the biggest first week sales of 2010 and Em’s sixth No. 1 debut. Last week’s No. 1, Drake‘s Thank Me Later, drops to No. 2 with 157,000. This week’s second highest debut is Miley Cyrus’ Can’t Be Tamed. It enters at No. 3 with 102,000 albums sold. Ozzy Osbourne’s Scream sits at No. 4 with 81,000, giving him his seventh top 10 album. The Now 34 compilation falls one slot to No. 5 with 55,000 sets sold. The week’s final top 10 debut is the Roots’ How I Got Over, moving in at No. 6 with 51,000 albums sold.

Former chart-topper, Jack Johnson’s To The Sea sinks two spots to No. 7 with 44,000 albums sold. Selling 43,000 copies, Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0 drops one position to No. 8. Sarah McLachlan’s Laws of Illusion almost falls out of the top 10, going from No. 3 to No. 9 with 38,000 copies sold. And the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack closes out the top 10, falling four slots to No. 10 with 38,000 albums sold.

Surprised Em’s album did so well? Did you buy it? What did you think of it? Let us know.

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  • UGH

    People still buy Vanilla Ice, Jr.’s records?

    • Vince from NYC

      Vanilla Ice was a record lable fabrication who had maybe two hit songs. Eminem has sld over 90 million records world wide. Retract your statement please sir..

      • UGH

        It might as well be Vanilla Ice.
        He’s horrible.

      • Vince from NYC

        Well not according to the 741,000 who bought his record this week or the 500,000 thousand who will buy it in the weeks to come.. Not to mention all the fans who downloaded the songs illegaly. When you make ignorant statements you should put the words “in my opinion”. Besides, to say he is horrible means that you know nothing about hip hop so why even waist your breath.

      • UGH

        Don’t you have better things to do, like waiting in line with the other Twitards?

      • Anonymous

        Eminem is one of the best rappers in his generation.

      • Barry

        There are 741,000 idiots out there buying this drug addicts cd.

      • Ben

        Would they please just sterilize everybody who buys this loser’s CD so they won’t reproduce?

      • Vince from NYC

        @ Barry – Oh yea, because he’s the only drug addict ever to release a record..You must not own many CDs if you refuse to buy a drug addicts record. (I’ve stopped responding to UGH as he doesn’t have anything relevant to add)

      • Nick Combs

        Taylor Swift sold millions of records so that means nothing. Em only sold this many records because a bunch of white people bought to prove he, a white man, is the best rapper. He’s not. He’s so irrelevent now, it’s sad. But they came continue to give Em their money for his crappy music. I just wish I were white so I could rap about killing and raping and sell millions of records! Yay!

      • Vince from NYC

        OH NO! ALERT WHITE FOLKS! NICK COMBS IS ON TO US! Damn nick, good call, whit man conspiracy. Actually we all send him all the raps we write so he can pick and choose the best punch lines. All the white dudes together will dominate rap once and for all.. MUAHHAHAHA!!

      • Nick Combs

        I’m not saying there is a conspiracy. I do wonder, however, if Em, as talented as he is, would sell the same amount of records if he were black. Based on his lyrical content, I think not! I’m just a little irritated that his stats might be juked based on his race. But there’s no conspiracy, just facts.

    • T

      @UGH…Don’t YOU have anything better to do than comment on artists that you don’t like??!!! I will guess the answer is no.

      • Ben

        That is what comment pages are for, Einstein.

    • hzmq3h

      You have no idea what your talking about. Obviously not a hip hop fan. I bought the album on iTunes. Did you forget that Em won an Oscar for the soundtrack to 8 mile.

      • Ben

        They give out Oscars to people who really don’t deserve them all the time. How else do you explain Judy Densch’s or Kim Basinger’s?

      • Barry

        How do you explain the one for the trash song from “Hustle & Flow”?

  • Janizzle

    That is INSANE…but I think that’s a typo…Now couldn’ve have sold 555,000, that should be 55,000, right??

  • JC

    I really hope that Eminem do not beat out Lady Antebellum (2.3 million so far) for the top-selling album of 2010

    • chaz

      It will

    • buddy

      who is lady antebellum?

  • Not Sure

    Eminem has the biggest sales of the year… yet there’s not a single person I know who has bought or was even looking forward to this record.

    Who are buying these? Record execs are making their employees buy them in mass aren’t they?

    • Vinny

      I bought the album the first day it came out and was waiting for it to come out for months. Eminem has many fans. Obviously you are not a fan and do not have friends that are fans.

      • Vince from NYC

        Must be in the name.. I also Bought it the day it came out. I was looking forward to it.. The album is fantastic..Then again, I like everything that he has ever done..

      • Angie

        Honestly 13 seems a too young for an Eminem concert, coedisnring the crowd almost always consists of preps, fratboys and jocks.While Eminem is an incredibly clever lyricist (even if you don’t like Hip Hop) and his Bad meets Evil album was very nice, I hate his fanbase; I hate it.95%+ of the people in his concerts know nothing about Hip Hop and never will.Harsh but true, look at any of his current live footage.

    • sally

      You must know the wrong people who aren’t Eminem’s fans. I’ve seen message boards where a bunch of people have bought the album and love it.

    • Carol

      I don’t know one person who listens to this white trash idiot’s music. I don’t think people want to admit they bought it. I have never bought a CD of his and never will. He’s a loser, a misogynist, and just whines about how unhappy he is on all his CDs. You’ve got to be a miserable person like him to like this crap.

      • Bob Loblaw

        Get off my lawn!!!

      • Kenny

        “recovery” is purposefully uplifting. it’s funny to me when people have such strong blind opionions.

      • Dave

        Well, Carol, I bought this CD, and I’m not a miserable person. Plus, I’ll freely admit I bought this CD. It’s a really good album and his lyrics and flow are off the charts. It’s good to see Eminem back on top. Maybe you’re the miserable person, Carol, for coming onto message boards and chastising people who like music that you don’t. Why don’t you keep listening to your Billy Ray Cyrus tape with your 13 cats, and let the rest of us enjoy our music. Thanks.

      • JesseDaGreat

        yeah lady you sound like you’d hang out with people who appreciate Ems genius. Youactually sound like a prude who walks around with a stick up her butt looking down on anything that isnt milk toast. This is one of the best albums hes ever put out.

      • Juan

        @Bob Loblaw

        Have you updated your law blog?

      • Bob Loblaw

        I started to incorporate a Lost discussion in my law blog, but since the finale I’ve stopped updating. Still, you can check out Bob Loblaw’s Lost/Law blog’s Backlog somewhere on the web.

      • ashley

        How would you know what’s on his cds if you never buy them?

    • Jimmy

      I, as well as every single person i know, bought the album the first day it came out. it is incredible. you do not know what you are talking about

    • Anonymous

      You must not know many people. Or live in a senior citizens home.

  • Maureen

    741,000 in the first week?! Holy crap! :D

  • Mj

    Shady is back wit a big bang recovery its hot his back 2 his oldself

  • Bob Loblaw

    @ Not Sure

    Tell me what it’s like to have the whole world revolve around you.

  • Kristen

    Well, to anyone who’s surprised at Eminem’s sales I’m telling you that it’s not a surprise at all. In the rap world, meaning the world not on the radio but just devoted fans who listen to rap both underground and in the limelight, Eminem is one of the most respected and admired artists and his album was highly anticipated. He also didn’t disappoint. The album has gotten almost all positive reviews. Reaching number one was expected.

  • dipshat

    Finally, the music biz has picked up, people are buying albums again!

  • Sally in Chicago

    I bought it for my son – I’ve heard some of it (I love “Not Afraid”), but some of it just seems sorta like been there-done that for him and frankly I think he’s better served when he tells stories and talks about his emotions then just talkin smack about women. It’s like, OK, I get it – you dated Mariah and she was whack – next!?!?

    • brandon

      actually the album is really emotional.its not just him slappin woman.as a matter of fact theres only like 3 songs where he is slim shady.there are amazing songs life im going through changes where he raps about when he almost died and all that stuff

    • Bob Loblaw

      He mentions Mariah a grand total of…once…on the whole album. In fact, it was on the first verse of the first track.

      • Kenny

        reading alot of these comments are soooo frustrating. What’s the point of commenting if you know nothing about what you are saying. If someone doesn’t like the album who cares but why make yourself sound like a moron in the process?

    • JesseDaGreat

      im pretty sure you only listened to that one song. He only mentions Mariah once.

    • Alley B

      he revels so much about his personal weaknesses in this Album, he’d have made himself a target for every rapper with a grudge or wanting to make a name for themselves, to use it against him. You can’t do that in this game, you can’t say “I’m weak”, so he had to include some battle songs, and yeah he does respond to allot of the things Cannon said and posted about him in them, But we knew that was coming when he put out The Warning last year! He said “now Im Pissed” When has Shady ever let things like that go! But I’m glad he’s responding to him! Cuz I think it awoken the clever & witty fired-up Em/shady in him! Besides their video was like the ultimate public humiliation. And while The Warning was eviscerating for carey and Cannon, Em knows his diss tracks on this album will never get the wide spread public airplay that her, not-so-subliminal diss did, bcuz radio still isn’t warm to playing his jams. So I’m glad to see ol Shady’s still in there, they deserve every bit of humiliation he hurls at them!! I love this Album it the best Rap Album froma major player in years!!

      • Sony

        Le morceau de Labi sirffe est vraiment bon. Pour info la compil shaolin soul contient que des morceaux de ce genre ainsi que quelques perles qui seront tot ou tard dans samples.fr. Merci en tout cas pour ce blog riche en de9couverte et toujours bien fourni.

    • Alley B

      You should TOTALLY listen to Talking 2 Myself, Going Through Changes, Space Bound, Love the Way You Lie, and Your Never Over!! REALLY Deep, Raw, Emotional stories! It’s the first time a Rap album that has ever made me teary! Really! And I think he might actually be the very first Rapper to write a song openly expressing remorse and shame for hitting his woman! As well as sharing his on-going struggle with not giving in to rage and continuing it! I gotta lot of respect for him for that! Yeah he smacks us around again in another song, even strangles a new love and commits suicide. I don’t want that to stop, IT’S FUNNY when he’s smacking us around! Lighten up! But his addition of the other side of that abuse is very commendable and refreshing, and I hope more Rappers get the ballz to do it also! Cuz it can help create a balance in the community! And we all know there are quite a few in both the Hip Hop and RnB community that should! No Love, Seduction, & 25 to Life, are about Hip Hop’s treatment of him, as he is very unfairly treated in this community by the hip hop media & elitist list makers, because of his skin color!(even though the majority of noteable and new Rappers, have the utmost respect for him, cuz they see skillz) Almost Famous and Cinderella Man are retelling’s of how he got his start, to remind other new Rappers, and share it with new fans.. and Shady does some partying in WTP and has some some funny, yet Hot sexy time with a chick in So Badd. So there’s plenty more than just Mariah!! Quite frankly believe it or not there are ALLOT dumb women who treat great men like crap, that while they don’t shouldn’t be smacked in real life, I like hearing them get their butts kicks by shady! Space Bound is a great example

  • tarun oblum

    listen up ppl . eminem has a delivery that not to many rappers have these days . all i hear from them is pop music . he is one artist who has been versatile and has put his talent to use . he is one of the best rappers the genre has ever seen and he will always sell albums i.e. even after 10 years . so big an artist he is that even people in India were really looking forward for the release of the album so yeah, eminem all the way ! hip hop till i drop

    • Barry

      What the hell do people in India know about music. Their music sounds like 2 cats in heat.

      • DGD

        Its obvious you’ve never heard of Ravi Shankar.

  • sofee

    eminem is talented and his amazing comeback shouldnt be a surprise to anyone.

  • tina

    I bought it the second it went on the shelves and i still cant stop listening to it. It is A-fricken-MAZING. Best cd of the year and Eminem’s best work to date. I love Eminem and i wanna go see him in detroit but tickets are sold out so i am depressed.

    • Barry

      Take your anti depression medication & you’ll feel better.

  • Eminem is greatest

    Eminem is the greatest!!! I bought the cd!!!

  • Kathy

    I downloaded the song “Love the Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna – loved it! But then again, i love Em and everything he does

    • Alley B

      You should Download Space Bound and Going through Changes too! They are allot like that one. Seriously though this whole album is fire, even the tracks I thought were ok to pretty good when I heard them, the second time around the beat doesn’t feel so alien and you realism its FIRE! At least that’s how i felt about it. Really if he replaced all bad language with shady-isms so his flow does get messed up from editing, he could release every track on that album as a single!

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