Prince says 'the Internet is completely over'

prince-internetImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/; Laptop: Stockbyte/Getty ImagesIf you want to hear Prince’s 20Ten in most parts of the world, you’d better buy one of the global newspapers and magazines that will carry the CD as a free insert this weekend. (American release plans have yet to be confirmed.) Oh, you’d rather download it to your laptop? Don’t make Prince laugh.

“The Internet’s completely over,” the Purple One says in an interview with the U.K.’s Daily Mirror — one of the print publications carrying 20Ten, naturally. After complaining about iTunes’ alleged stinginess, he continues riffing on media theory. “The Internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.”

You may now take a brief break to clear your brain of all those pesky numbers and consider the following paradox: If the Internet is completely over, how are you reading this post? I think Prince just blew my mind.

Meanwhile, by saying the Internet is dead, Prince has gotten every music website on the planet to write about his new album. Clever. Anyway, the rest of the Daily Mirror interview is well worth reading for a glimpse of Prince’s daily life, which includes covering the Beatles, dodging any and all personal questions, and hanging out in a personal concert hall. Check it out for yourself (if you can stand reading on this deadly unhip machine) and let us know what you think — and if you’re looking forward to hearing 20Ten.

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  • billk

    Prince is completely over.

    • Danielle

      LOL!! Funny and TRUE!

      • sLLY

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    • obama!!!!!

      Yeah, Im a big fan but his last ten albums have been ass

      • sosgemini

        Stop being so generous. LOL

      • wtf

        still a fan after 10 ass albums? Everything since purple rain offends my senses

    • PiratesDaughter

      Ha. perfect. I so wish he could put out a great album. Perhaps it was all that studio involvement that helped him before because yowzers he sucks now. So let’s return to the who is better Michael Jackson or Prince debate? MJ is gone but he is still better.

      • Linda

        No way, Prince has made much more better and consistent albums than Jackson. Jackson had two of them (Thriller, Off The Wall) then it gone downhill and prince got going with many of them (Purple Rain, Sign ‘O’ Times, 1999, Dirty Mind)

      • crispy

        Prince tries to stir up sales by making stupid comments. Justin Bieber has good sales by being a great role model, making great music and putting out one heck of a summer concert tour. Gee.. who is better? Hmm.. lets all think. Oh that’s right most of the people on these boards are filled with morons so I guess you all like Prince better. LOL

      • BlackIrish4094

        Prince didn’t molest kids so he’s automatically better.

      • JC

        crispy, y did u have to come back

      • Brett

        A “good role model”? For what, crispy? He sells CD’s and tunes to teenyboppers. His music will have evaporated long after they’ve played “1999” and “Let’s Go Crazy” for the 10 billionth time.

      • obama!!!!!


        crispy molested justin bieber, does that make his comment less good?

      • erin

        SOOOOO ignorant. Anyone who says things like this about Prince obviously has NO ear whatsoever for music.



      • springs

        I’m not convinced that’s really crispy…

      • fancypants

        MJ never molested kids, so your comment is disturbing and a fail.

        But even though I am a huge fan of Prince, I say MJ is better. MJ has a better singing voice, is a peerless dancer, wrote 95% of his music, had a great career w/ the J5 and then his brilliant solo career (Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory), Thriller is the biggest selling album of all time and one of the templates of a single brilliant album, and few other people (never mind singer) in history have had such a global impact as Michael Jackson. I love Prince though. He’s a brilliant musician, guitarist, songwriter, etc.

      • Just Another Fan

        MEN, both of them got it going on. people always trying down the next person.Just like Michael,Lord for-bid if Prince pass-on.It would be a very-very sad day part two.

      • Kel C

        The original Britney v. Christina. Haha. I love them both. Prince’s comments are hilarious. I will say that crispy is right about his comments aiding music sales. The Beiber stuff… he’s not selling records because he’s a role model. He’s selling them because teenyboppers like you think he’s cute. And these aren’t “boards,” crispy (that’s a funny name :)), just a comments section.
        “His music will have evaporated long after they’ve played “1999″ and “Let’s Go Crazy” for the 10 billionth time.” Preach, Brett!

      • u

        I can’t stand people who insist on comparing the two. Both are great artists with very different styles, liking one over the other is just a matter of preference, that’s all. I don’t think Prince became a musician with the intention of competing with other artists, he made his mark as an artist, so has MJ, and there is no debating that. Tons of artists are influenced by both men, and believe it or not, tons of people like BOTH of them EQUALLY. So let’s grow up and end this silly, non-existent competition between the two. I say two pop music geniuses are better than one, let’s learn to respect both artists instead of bashing one in favor of the other.

    • Ian

      hahaha exactly! Prince hasn’t had a career since his prentious symbol phase and it’s not coming back. I do enjoy some of his 80s-early 90’s work but really this “artiste” has jumped the shark long ago.

    • J.

      Yeah, Prince is like Michael Jackson: Terrific in the 80s, but completely irrelevant now.

      • fancypants

        MJ will never be irrelevant in the music industry, seeing as how his influence is evident in everything music related. W/o MJ, singers today wouldn’t make music videos, wouldn’t incorporate intricately choreographed dancing into their performances, etc. MJ’s influence is evident in Usher, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, etc…..everyone you consider “relevant” today. SMH @ your inane comment.

      • fancypants

        also, MJ was one of the 1st artists to have such an impact on fashion. many singers today copy him by trying to impress their fashion tastes upon the public (Gaga, Rihanna, etc), but none have the impact he did. nothing they wear will ever be as iconic as the rhinestone glove, the socks, the red leather jackets, etc, because they try too hard.

      • wtf

        Im pretty sure someone else would have made a music video at some point

      • fancypants

        yes, but no one elevated the music video to an art form, to a means to promote a single until MJ made the iconic videos for thriller, billie jean and beat it.

      • Linda

        I just want to say that confuse the Lindas, i’ve posted before her and i don’t think mj is a pedophile, just a terrific relevant artist… stupid Linda #2 ruinning or names…

      • Linda

        *don’t confuse

      • Linda

        Just to make things more clear, I am not the naive Linda that doesn’t think MJ was a pedophile just because she likes his songs. I’m the Linda that recognizes the obvious, that Michael was a pedophile. I hope that clears everything up. And yeah, the dude could sing too, this Linda won’t deny that.

      • hob

        @naive Linda, the “*don’t confuse” wasn’t the only mistake in your post. It was practically unreadable with all the misspellings. If you’re going to make a correction post, correct it all, even if, as in your case, it will be time consuming.

      • Aly

        @Fancypants, #1 Why did music videos exist in the first place if not to promote singles? In fact, before they were called music videos they were called promotional clips, and The Beatles were releasing them as far back as the 60s. Those videos listed weren’t even HIS first videos, and they certainly weren’t the first time music videos were used as promotional tools. He wasn’t the first to elevate it to “art” either, he just upped the ante on production values.

      • fancypants

        F U. You are truly disturbed. MJ was never a pedophile, but maybe you are since it’s all your twisted mind can think about. Fu#k you.

      • Linda

        Pedophilia isn’t the only thing I think about. It’s just the only thing I think about when I think about Michael Jackson. Because he was, you know, a pedophile.

      • Kel C

        “It’s just the only thing I think about when I think about Michael Jackson. Because he was, you know, a pedophile.” Linda #2, you’re hilarious! Totally disagree with you though.

      • fancypants

        MJ never was and never will be a pedophile, it doesn’t matter how earnestly you believe this lie.

      • Linda

        That Michael Jackson was a pedophile is not something that can be agreed or disagreed with. He was a pedophile, that’s just the fact of the matter, no reasonable person disputes this. Yes, he was a good singer too, wouldn’t try and deny the obvious. Phil Spector was a musical genius, but he also killed a woman, both things are true. So it is with Michael Jackson, just because Thriller was a great song doesn’t make him any less a pedophile, which he most certainly was.

    • Mark

      Prince’s career is dead. He hasn’t had a good album since Purple Rain. And yet, here we are talking about him because he made some dumb-ass comment.

      • El Mexicano

        Mark you are not a fan of Prince are you? Because anybody who says he has not mad a good alblum since Purple Rain is not a fan, being that Purple Rain is his most popular album I would see why you say “since Purple Rain” because any true fan of Prince will tell you his best alblum is Sign ‘O’ The Time witch came out 5 years after Purple Rain. Oh by the way Graffiti Bridge, Diamonds And Pearls, Emancipation, & Planet Earth are ALL good albums. You should try giving a listen to them.

    • Jen

      Still, if he announced a tour I guarantee tickets would sell out within minutes. That man is one l of a performer.

    • darclyte

      The ONLY thing that I want to hear from Prince at this point is an in depth interview about his REAL relationship with Michael Jackson, and what he felt about him and his untimely passing.

      • fancypants

        i’m curious about that also. from what i can gather, MJ and Prince had a friendly rivalry on a business level…there’s nothing out there to suggest that they were ever friends the way MJ was friends with Chris Tucker, etc. I remember reading that MJ wanted to duet with Prince on “Bad”, but the plans fell through. Also, there was a funny quote from MJ regarding Prince in EW’s story on This Is It. Durign rehearsals MJ commented about how he wanted to always be aware of ideas coming to him from God (regarding his music) because he didn’t want those ideas to go to Prince in case he wasn’t paying attention! lol

      • darclyte

        There are rumors that they used to play basketball together at MJ’s Neverland Ranch.

    • Wondercookie

      LOL – that’s for dang sure. See what happens when your head gets so big you can’t think straight anymore? That’s what happened to Prince. His attitude looks better on Lady Gaga these days. It just doesn’t fly with a guy Prince’s age; it’s just kind of naaasty. Like Madonna still trying to play virgin – *blecch!* Prince needs to come back to the real world and stop thinking all things center around him. His music all sounds the same anyways.

    • Andi

      Agreed. Because he says it that makes it so? I’m the same age as Prince and his time is definately up. NEXT…. : )

    • Rush

      So true. Prince hasn’t been relevant since 1992. Of course he hates the Internet, he’s an old man now! If he thinks iTunes is “stingy”, he could go exclusively through Amazon, or set it up on his own site.

    • Adindaforever

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  • dexterthinks

    He can do no wrong- and read the article before you jump to conclusions on the meaning of the INTERNET is over, it actually makes sense.

    • goose

      No, no it doesn’t make any sense at all. It is in fact a completely illogical, childish, silly, and flat out incorrect statement.

      • Inigo Montoya

        There’s that word again. “Illogical.”
        I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • @Inigo

        I think you mixed up illogical with “inconceivable”.

  • Fat Albert

    Hey HEy HEY!!!

    • LOL

      It’s Fat Albert!

  • cmahorror

    Prince has been over for a long time. If you want a look into “Prince World” I highly recommend An Evening with Kevin Smith. I will stick to listening to the Purple Rain soundtrack on my Ipod.

    • Jay

      TRUE!!!! Watch the Kevin Smith DVD and learn the inner workings of “Prince World”. This man lost grip with reality decades ago. Regardless of what you think about his music, Prince has no clue what is or isn’t dead in the real world.
      Prince = irrelevance

      • Brett

        Since Michael Jackson lost his grip on reality before Prince, does that mean HIS music’s irrelevant, now, too?

      • Jay

        never said his music was irrelevant. (read my comment again)
        Only that Prince himself (and anything he has to say about anything) is irrelevant.
        Music is all taste. Either you like it or you dont. I’m not debating his artistic style at all here, only the fact that he is completely out of touch with the rest of the world

    • Nick

      I can never think of Nordstorm without thinking of Prince. I have Kevin Smith to thank for that.

    • John

      Kevin Smith the man who hasn’t made another decent movie since Clerks.

      • YUCK

        I thought dogma was good.

  • Cris

    Look, his quote works if you replace MTV with Prince…
    “The Internet’s like Prince. At one time Prince was hip and suddenly it became outdated.”

    • Mark

      It’s very true! I’m far from being anywhere near a “ruby”, but God has done so much for me all these years of being silnge. He still is…hopefully, I’ll make a good wife when the day comes!

  • Spike

    I loved Prince’s music (and not just the popular stuff) but he has to be one of the stupidest people who ever lived.

    He’s lost countless opportunities to expose his work to new generations that will buy his music, because he won’t let his stuff be on YouTube. He thinks he should get paid for something which was made years ago for the purpose of ADVERTISING his work to begin with!

    • Sally in Chicago

      Totally agree. Everytime a singer/songwriter has their tunes sung on AI or Glee, the sales go up….he is getting stupid the older he gets.

    • LaLa

      Oh, gee, look . . . the young masses are getting all worked up over Prince’s determination to keep all of his publishing rights (which are worth millions, I am sure).

      You guys are nuts – everyone knows how stingy Prince is over his name, image and publishing rights. He fought with the record companies for years and even gave up THE NAME HIS FATHER GAVE HIM in order to avoid having others in control of it and him. He is one of the only artists to fight and succeed, and more young artists need to pay attention to that example. Also, Prince was exploiting the internet way before Napster, iTunes, etc. made it cool to do so – at one point, the only way you could buy his music or tickets to his concerts was through his own ridiculously high-security website.

      Now he’s moving on some other advertising/marketing tactic. I, for one, cannot wait to see if it works.

      • Em

        Not sure that’s the only reason he wanted to distance himself from the name his father gave him…

    • u

      I completely agree with Spike. I mean, I love Prince, but his stingyness with the distribution of his music really puts me off from buying it. Sure, he doesn’t need to sell more records, he is financially set for life and then some, but if he cares about his musical legacy surviving for future generations, then he would be wise to get with the times and allow his videos to be posted on YouTube and make his music available for download. MTV no longer plays videos, radio is slowly dying, the internet has really become the center of our lives for everything media-related, so his statement that the internet is over couldn’t be more wrong. He really is out of touch if he honestly believes that. This is the same guy who insisted on YouTube taking down a video of him covering a Radiohead song, only to be put back up again at Radiohead’s insistence (since it is THEIR song, only THEY have a right to decide whether the video should be up or not). He is a great musician, but an impossible diva. I can’t feel sorry for him being underrated, he does that to himself. Make your music widely available, and maybe people will actually pay attention to you.

  • matt vocal

    Dude it’s not over. He said that just to get attention. For sometimes being a shrew with his music, he’s smart for promoting!

    • Niluththara

      also his aaeppl is just so wide. In the late 80s/early 90s at places like the Wag, Cat and the Hat, Legends, you only had to put him on and this crowd went wild.Then over at the Hammersmith Palaise ( yes I went there too -woops); different clientelle,but the feel for his Purple one, was the same.Cheers ! I’ll whizz over to your blog for a listen

  • JC

    The pic is awesome and prince is just stupid


    been a fan from the beginning (late 70s)s .. the cd should be released in the usa 1st .. being a jehovah witness has wrecked dude of all sensibilities these day.

    • anastasia

      what does one have to do with the other?

  • j2talk

    Prince?Prince who?
    Didn’t he USE to be a singer…….

    • Rick

      Never mind who Prince is – you’ve just butchered the English language.

      • Auth

        Did swim sprints today, scelad the distance back to 200 meters. Only did three rounds, since my times were slowing significantly each time.1 4:082 4:223 5:28 (my goggles came off during this round, causing me to have to stop and put them back on, which messed my time up

  • Jonathan

    A pathetic attempt at relevance.

  • Nena

    Prince has been always been hostile to the internet – e.g. vigilantly getting his videos removed from YouTube. But how has that served him? Look at his career and I think the answer is clear. He’s a bit of a kook, that’s really all it amounts to.

  • shawn

    Prince means that the internet “is over” as far as artists being able to get paid/rich from distributing their music through itunes, etc. In this regard, he is correct. Itunes is paying artists very little for the songs purchased.

    • Buster Cretin

      Correct! His statement has been taken out of context. And while I’m not a huge fan of his CDs overall, they still always contain a few tracks that are well worth listening to.

      • Anon

        With the recent rash of stolen ITUNE account numbers by hackers, Prince may very well be correct.

  • shaun

    Prince is one of the most overrated musicians in history.

    • El Mexicano

      That is absolutely the biggest jackass statement ever. You may not like his music, witch is ok, but to say he is OVERRATED is stupid. Writes, Produces, Plays all the instuments, and not only that he write music for other artists. The man plays more than 20 instruments. You would be hard pressed to find an artist who would not work with him. Wow what a dumb statement to make.

      • TvTroz

        Hey, El Mexicano… Prince sux, ok… playing 20 instruments doesn’t matter if the end result is crap. I remember back in the day when I heard Prince for the first time, just thinking “Who’s the stupid looking weirdo trying to sound like Michael Jackson?”. You may say that he has a bunch of technical skills and that’s fine. It still doesn’t want to make me hear his music. “Oh my rich pile of money, shut down the internet, it’s so over so over, ohhhh my piles and piles of money”. Blegh.

      • Matthew

        Personally I think they are decent band but their suesccs didn’t come from their music it came from their video. And maybe that’s the key here peeps aren’t in love with their music just their creative visuals and the music happens to be secondary. Plus if I recall correctly this before the summer they wanted to evade the big label route and when you do that you lose mktg dollars and a powerfull infrastructure that places in the front of the line across all the media outlets

  • Meli

    I like the idea of having a CD in a newspaper, but the internet being over? Yeah. And how did changing your name to an indecipherable symbol because you said names were over work out for you, dude?

    • Anon

      Read what he actually said dipstick. He was referring to music via the internet.

      • Meli

        Who’s the dipstick that thinks Prince is such an important artist that you can take anything he says seriously?

      • YUCK

        The internet is all about reading, but some how people never seem to understand what they are actually reading.

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