'American Idol' tour dates canceled as Summer of Sadness claims another victim

The slaughter continues. This summer has already claimed the partial if not total lives of tours from Christina Aguilera, Lilith Fair, the Eagles, Jonas Brothers, John Mayer, U2 (the latter both due to illness) and more, and now it’s taken down what in years past would have been a sure thing: The American Idol tour has canceled eight shows and rearranged others, meaning this season’s Idol journey will end Aug. 31 in Indianapolis, rather than two weeks later in Portland, Maine.

As we await official statement from the Idol camp or tour promoters LiveNation, let’s put on our thinking caps and try to diagnose this sickness. Is it the economy? Lack of interest in Season 9’s finalists? Lack of interest in Idol in general? Public protest against the insane loss of Crystal Bowersox? Can we, like Limp Bizkit (whose tour this summer was also, yes, canceled), blame it all on some sort of nookie? Discuss.

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  • BJohnson

    I’m not upset. I would rather wait for Crystal to tour the small venues and get my money’s worth than spend a crap load of money to hear Casey and what was the high school student’s name? See I can’t even name them. Eww def. wouldn’t want to waste time with Michael.

    • Brianna

      I was not ever planning on going to the tour. I have never been to a actual “real” and “big” concert before. So I want my first concert to be Siobhans “official” concert. I would rather wait till Siobhan gets her recording contract, and then she gets her own concert that she gets to do her way. Thats the one Im going to for sure!!!

      • Tagrid

        @Brianna – Totally agree – and I’ve been to TONS of concerts over many years – but I would never attend AI9’s concert – tho I’m attending several of Adam’s Glam Nation shows this summer. Siobhan is the only one from AI9 I want to see – and I’m willing to wait for her!

      • Cotton Pannies

        who is Siobhan?

      • Rush

        Siobhan’s going back to Barnstable Community Theatre.

      • Mainehunter

        @Briana-My sentiments are so in line with yours. I know you will be very happy when Siobhan is finally free from her AI obligations and can do her own thing. You are a smart young lady. Good luck!

      • Brittonee Chalmbers

        Umm – no offence or nuttin’ but Ya’ll keep spelling Shabonne’s name wrong. It’s “Shabonne” not Siobhan”, mmkay? I should know, I’m like her #1 fan n’ stuff. We love u Shabonne!

      • nymetschick

        Brittonee – #1 fan, huh? It’s you who are spelling her name wrong. Look it up…it’s Siobhan, but pronounced Sha-bonn.

      • musicfan

        uh, Siobhan’s number one fan needs to learn how to spell your idol’s name – NOT Sobanne!

      • Brittonee Chalmbers

        well, metschick – she’s actually changing it to “Shabonne” – I’m like I total insider so I should know – the press conference should be by the end of the week.

      • Cam

        Rofl at all of you that let Brittonee Chalmbers Troll you.

      • Merin

        Siobhan is a gaelic name, pronounced ‘Shi-von’.



      • Cy

        Lol, I second Cam’s statement–Britonee’s a troll, guys! (obviously) XD Just leave trolls be.

      • Slovo

        Seriously, if you’ve never been to a real concert — you certainly don’t want your first one to be Siobhan. You will feel embarrassed by that for the rest of your life.

      • Edward San Martin

        A Siobhan concert would defenitly be worth going to!

      • Ben

        @slovo. Yes. Embarrassed like all the people who look back and realised their first concert was Barbra Streisand must have been. Siobhan is the most talented person on AI9 by far, and even allowing for peoples personal tastes, if you don’t like her that doesn’t mean that those of us who do will ever be embarrassed by that. All not being able to admit she has talent shows is that you are no musician.

    • Karen

      Everyone is going to Adam’s Glam Nation tour instead – which freakin’ rocks!

      • Tyler

        Yeah right.

      • Rob

        I’d rather pay to see Adam five times than see any of these fools once. Sad but true.

      • beb

        Adam is playing a tent here in the Boston area…just sayin’.

      • sally

        That “tent” holds 2250 people beb and alot of famous artists play there. Nothing wrong with playing that venue. Anyone can look it up. The Cape Cod Melody Tent.

      • gah/rph

        Adam’s Glam Nation Tour is AWESOME….I can’t wait to see him again!

      • Jennifer C

        Sally – “That “tent” holds 2250 people beb and alot of famous artists play there. Nothing wrong with playing that venue. Anyone can look it up. The Cape Cod Melody Tent”

        The Cape Cod Melody Tent is Siobhan Magnus’s home turf – her summer highlight. What she saved her babysitting dollars for and went to since she was a kid. Where she saw Hanson and Aretha live and other “greatest awesome wicked cool things ever” that inspired Siobhan. Where she herself ended up on stage.

        Went there myself a couple of times while in college doing summer classes so I could finish in 3 years. Great venue. Saw lots of kiddies and Bohemian parents, Gaggles of odd girls yakking up a storm in glazed eye wonderment. 10 years back. Was irritated at one show by a high-pitched gurl screamer I swear you could hear 3 miles away. Siobhan? If that was you, all is forgiven!

      • anonymous

        ADAM’s concerts are practically ALL SOLD OUT!! AND more are being ADDED!! Then on to Europe, Asia, Australia, Phillipines (50K – 100K seating capacity) WTG ADAM!!

      • Patty

        I agree with Rob. I’d pay multiple times to see Adam than this crew!

      • donna

        Adam is actually playing two “tents” in Boston – Cape Code Melody Tent and South Shore Music Circus which are very good venues. And his tix sold out in MINUTES of going on sale. Adam’s the real deal – I’m thrilled to see him in a smaller venue now because I know next year he’ll be playing big arenas.

      • Waterfront

        OMG, ADAM LAMBERT was AWESOME ! Glamnation tour well, well worth it ! The warm up with Allison Areheta and Orianthi (especially) was SO INCREDIBLE !

      • Mary

        Adam Lambert is a phenomenon that even a bad economy can’t stop.

        The GlamNation tour rocks, I’ve seen it twice and will be seeing two more times this summer. Would have been three more times if that damn tent wasn’t SOLD OUT.

      • Skylar

        I saw Adam in Myrtle Beach and want to go again. WOW what a show. I kinda like Casey, Crystal and Siobhan but would rather see their solo shows and not have to sit through Lee’s 6 songs.

      • BlackIrish4094

        No, they are not but glad for you if you are.

      • magicdancer

        “Everyone is going to Adam’s Glam Nation tour instead – which freakin’ rocks!”

        It sure does!! I’d go to every one of his GlamNation shows if I could afford it. Total awesomeness.

    • Rupert

      High School Student Aaron Kelly (or something like that) :-) – and totally agree with ya.

    • Karl

      Wasn’t it Tim?

    • wakeforce

      In other shocking news; Ed and Jillian broke up.

    • forrest

      Idol had a tour this year? Really? Absolutely no buzz about it whatsoever. Nothing missed. Nothing lost with the cancelations.

    • nicetold-utres

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    • nymetschick

      Brittonee – #1 fan, huh? It’s you who are spelling her name wrong. Look it up…it’s Siobhan, but pronounced Sha-bonn.

      • micmac

        It’s pronounced Shuh-VAHN

    • McCoy

      And I am waiting until Casey plays a bar near me because I would rather hear him play guitar than listen to any of the other contestants sing (except Crystal if she is doing original material).

      • CougarsForCasey

        I’m still waiting to see Casey on Idolatry.

    • ogawo2

      Ill wait for mamasox tour…support the cause of diabetes and an awesome singer/songwriter

      • BlackIrish4094

        Totally! Find the cure for diabetes!!

    • Shiny

      I wouldn’t lump U2 and Mayer in with tours that aren’t selling tix. The truth is that once a musical movement is over, it’s over. Just like Aguielera and Timberlake killed of Grunge, now nu metal and indie bands are killing off sugary pop. Green Day’s rise has meant pop’s demise.

      • ClareFrancis

        This. U2 makes a ton of money every time they tour. Bono had back surgery – that’s the only reason their North American tour was ‘cancelled’

    • Rich

      A sudden outbreak of good taste amongst the American public?? Shocking!!!

    • Slips


      Didn’t say she didn’t have some talent. Just that the poster will be embarrassed by it. My mother’s first concert was Herman’s Hermits when she was 12. Think about how often she feels bad about having to admit that!

  • Andrew

    This group is like the contestants from season six. There really is no MUST-SEE performer.

    • Sally in Chicago

      It’s a combo of many things: the economy…recession…people out of work…no breakout star(s) on the tour…bad venue planning…a whole bunch of things.

      What they should do to save the tour is throw in a “name” singer – like Michael Buble or Jennifer Lopez. Honestly, if this tour is dying, then you take desperate measures…and I’m sure the Idols wouldn’t mind.
      The problem is – though – they get paid per show, so if there’s cancellations, they don’t get as much money.

      • Cat Tea

        Ha! Jennifer Lopez would fit right in with a bunch of singers no one wants to see or hear. Good call Sally.

      • jer-dog

        great idea Sally, jlo’s tour was a success so they should just put jlo on the tour and drop all the idols… no kelly no adam not interested!!! lilith i am sad its getting canceled!!! but i didnt buy a ticket anyways not enough marketing@!

      • Shawn

        Sally, That has absolutely nothing to do with it. People have proven that recession and all, if they see something they like, they will will spend money on it. That was the excuse they said about people not going to the theatre as much this year, then T3 an Twilight came along and numbers went up. Carrie Underwood is no Gaga or Beyonce, but even Carrie’s team had to add more venues for her concert because it was doing so well. Let’s face it, NOBODY wants to see AI in concert this year because people have already seen their talent on tv and was not impressed

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Shawn, you’re right Carrie Underwood is no Beyonce or Gaga, she has actual talent.

    • Vicky

      LIAR! There is must see performers. This year had better singers than last year.

      • J

        First of all, if someone disagrees with you, that doesn’t make him a LIAR! Also, even if you think this year’s crop had better singers, this is proof of what Simon Cowell is always saying. It’s not just about singing well; it’s about being a star, being someone people want to pay money to see. That’s what was lacking this year.

      • D’s Advocate

        Vicky, your passionate support of these must sees (which, apparently, you can’t even name) has convinced me. I’m so excited to see …uh…Ted, was it?

      • Well……..

        Well you know what, SIOBHAN MAGNUS ROCKED THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!! And the week after Siobhan had been eliminated, American Idol had the lowest ratings it has ever had since 2002. Siobhan Magnus rocks!!!

      • Love Music World

        I agree. Siobhan Magnus is a star. And I would pay a ton of money on her music and to see her concerts in her future music career.

      • Love Music World

        Oh-I was suppose to write: In her music career future.

      • Skylar

        Poor Vicky your delusion is showing. Step away from the Koolaid. If this season was better than last then the buzz and attendance would be better than last year. The economy was worst last year. So sorry this year while you may love these contestants most of America is passing and that is a fact.

    • SoxFan

      If it were just Crystal Bowersox performing, I would pay the highest ticket price in a heartbeat. I don’t care about the other nine idols. Lee is OK but it’s Crystal that I want to see perform. I cannot wait ’till Crystal puts out her CD.

      • Daisy

        I am only going to pay to see Siobhan Magnus or Adam Lambert!!!! The others bore me to death!!

  • LOL


  • Sally in Chicago

    Well, I think it’s a combination of both – the economy and the fact that last season’s batch of singers wasn’t the greatest. HOWEVER – Adam Lambert’s tour has been selling pretty good so maybe it has less to do with the economy and more to do with the contestants. The only ones from last season I’d want to see live is Crystal and Didi – otherwise who cares about the rest of them?

    • Taylor

      It’s too bad that Crystal, Siobahn, & Didi can’t ditch the Idol tour and join the Lilith Fair. That tour is struggling too, but it would probably be more beneficial to their careers in the long run.

    • what?

      Are you serious? The only two that you would want to see live are Crystal and Didi?? You must be into that genre country and blues a lot then. Im sorry but-Didi. LMAO! Wow really? She is a good singer. But she was not the best there. In my opinion I thought that Lee, Mike, Siobhan, and even Katie were more fun singers than Didi. Didi would just always let the judges tell her how to perform. Like she would always listen to them. That is why she got eliminated so early. Just saying. Didi was kept in a box. No variety.

      • what?

        *She had no variety is what I meant to write.

      • anonymous

        People have different tastes than you. Shocking, isn’t it?

      • Cool Guy

        Shiobahn SUX bigtime. Casey is the best

    • gah/rph

      Most of Adam Lambert’s concerts are SOLD OUT!

      • MK

        Most? How about every single damn one is SOLD OUT! I have yet to be able to get a ticket. I refuse to pay those outrageous prices the scaples (sp?) are trying to get. I love Adam Lambert but I can’t afford to pay 300 for those prices of people buying up the tickets and then reselling at outrageous prices. I try to get a ticket as soon as the ticket thing opens, but I can never get through, online or on the phone. THAT IS HOW POPULAR ADAM IS! Recession or not!

      • Skylar

        I know in fact all have sold out. Same recession and it doesn’t effect Glamberts shows! Why because he is EXCITING and puts on a show and actually can sing. Has range and control.

      • Sally in Chicago

        I am seeing him in CA on the 28th – CAN’T WAIT!!!

    • M

      adam lamberts tour is selling well because 85% of the audience is traveling around the country going to every dang show

      • MK

        Why does it matter why it is selling well M? If what you say is true and people are traveling around the country to every dang show as you put it then that proves even more how popular Adam is. If you were trying to “diss” Adam by your statement, well you did the opposite, you just proved how great he is! Sold out is sold out, doesn’t matter how!

      • Daisy

        @ M, You’re such an idiot!!!! People are freaking travelling from across the GLOBE to see Adam!!! There were fans from Denmark, Singapore, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan at his New York concerts!

  • Minnie

    I think it’s a combination of factors but mostly the disappointing crop of talent on AI9. The economy is tough, but it wasn’t great last year either. They still sold out the huge arenas because there was more star power and greater depth in the top 10 contestants (IMO). I gladly paid for floor seats last year but am not interested in enough of these performers to pay $80 this year, even if technically I can afford it. Cost/value just isn’t there. I will just wait and cross my fingers that Crystal and Casey will get big enough to either open for another act I like or play smaller clubs next year when their albums release. Feel bad for them though – must be disappointing and they all seem like good people.

  • MikerMan

    Of all the acts that were cancelled, they are either lame or have toured too much recently and they all charge way too much!

  • JRWolfe

    Its the economy. I’ve cut my concert going in half.

  • Lady Gaga

    Its American Idol. People are tired of this show. Get it off!

    • Gina

      It’s the economy, and the price of the tickets. People are sick and tired of the high prices, and can no longer afford to carry this ridiculousness on their budgets!

  • sparkle the gym bag

    I have attended over 300 concerts and still love a live show, but as ticket prices rise I am more careful with what I spend it on and crystal is the only one I care to pay money to see and the others you mentioned (with the exception of Jonas Bros) I have already seen so with me it is supply demand issue with a touch of tix price problem that being said I am spending money on Kings of Leon and Ringo

    • Lisa Simpson

      Come on, sparkle, admit it. You’ve seen the Jonas Brothers in concert. And now you wear a purity ring.

      • Maureen

        LMAO!! XD

    • Bizz

      Sparkle…it’s called punctuation..you should consider using some.

      • KC

        Ellipses are used to designate omitted words in a quotation. The proper punctuation for these sentences is:

        Sparkle, it’s called punctuation. You should consider using some.

      • PF

        Nice, KC. I can’t stand when people on these blogs have no argument other than to criticize people’s spelling and punctuation. It’s an internet blog, not a college admission application.

      • k8

        @KC. Read your comment again and try and find your mistake. Find it yet? It’s “are” not “is”. You’re welcome.

      • English Teacher

        Actually, “is” is correct. The subject of KC’s sentence is “punctuation.” See? We’re so bored by this topic that we’re nitpicking.

  • Happybooker98

    I think it’s the lackluster singers on season 9. The economy is bad, but if I’m really interested in the performance, I’ll come up with the money to see them. None of this year’s top 10 were “must-see” for me.

  • SaraS

    I stopped watching this season as I realized how disappointing the Top 12 was. I’ve watched every single season, and didn’t like ANY of them. Horrible last season of Idol for Simon.

    • Just Say’n

      I agree, until season 9 I watched every episode of every season. I could only take 2 weeks of the top 12 this season . I couldn’t even imagine paying for parking if tickets were given to me to see this season’s contestants.

      • Cool Guy

        awwwww shaddup already

  • Jonathan

    I’d say it’s both; if only America and the judges had been smarter and chosen the right contestants to make it to the top 10 (Katelyn Epperly, Charity Vance, Lily Scott) instead of allowing slightly talented but completely musically confused (Aaron Kelly) contestants through. Hopefully this was just an off season like season 5 and things will be better next year.

    • Vivi

      Off season like Season 5?! The season with Elliott, Daughtry, Pickler, Taylor, Katherine, Paris, etc. was an off season?! Wow.

      • MT

        You forgot Mandisa.

  • maryb

    When we saw the tour it was filled with good performers: the Davids, Jason Castro, Michael Johns, etc. Even Syesha was great in concert. Why would anyone pay the high Idol ticket price for one good performance?

    • Tatar69x

      It isn’t one good performance. The show highlights 4 very good live performances. Siobhan Magnus, Casey James, Crystal Bowersox and unexpectedly and delightfully – an Aaron Kelly who is firing on all cylinders and showing charisma. Magnus and Kelly are being called future stars.

      Also exceeding expectations Idol voewers had are Lee and Katie and Didi.

      I can understand people not caring for 1-2 of the best 4 live performers, but this is a group with a number of solid pleasers. more so than in most other seasons..
      Even “Big Mike” has gotten better and less cheesy.

      • @Tartar69x

        A group of solid pleasers – more so than other seasons? Are you nuts? Crystal and maybe Lee are the only ones worth seeing and it’s not worth sitting through the rest just to see them for a couple of songs.

  • DanOregon

    Wouldn’t be surprised if LiveNation’s control of the market has a lot to do with it. They’re cancelling shows like airlines cancel flights that are half full.

    • Musicfan5

      That’s a good point that no one has mentioned. I think you might be on to something.

    • jane radd

      Hmmm that’s interesting. Would make a good topic for an in-depth feature article.

  • bruno

    lack of interest for sure. in all of them.

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