Grammys change Best New Artist rules: So who deserves a nomination this year?

drake-keshaImage Credit: Robin Wong/PR Photos; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosThe Recording Academy finally got around to fixing the rulebook snare that kept Lady Gaga out of last year’s Best New Artist Grammy race. Now the category will accept artists who have been nominated for Grammys in the past (but not won). So who should get a spot in this newly wide-open field?

The obvious choice is Drake, who was nominated for two rap trophies last year, even performed at the awards ceremony, but only put out his full-length debut a few weeks ago. Under the old rules, those previous nods would have disqualified him; today he’s an instant front-runner. Aside from Drake, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ke$ha nominated next year, though the Recording Academy might balk at honoring her disposable pop. B.o.B is a solid contender as well after crossing over from buzzy mixtape rapper to chart phenom. La Roux could have a shot, too, since their self-titled debut’s U.S. release date fell within the eligibility window.

Your turn. Who else do you think should be considered for Best New Artist next year? The album that brings the artist to prominence — a notoriously loose definition — must have been released in the U.S. between Sept. 1, 2009 and Sept. 30, 2010. Nominate away!

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  • Sally in Chicago

    Ke$ha? Seriously? I don’t care how much money that chick makes she deserves a Grammy for singing as much as Heidi Montag. She is a complete JOKE.

    • Jethro

      BNA rarely stay in the biz long enough. Here are some past BNA and where are they now?

      Sheena Easton, Men @ Work, Culture Club, Marc Cohn, et. al.

      • Floptina

        you may add Christina Aguilera now

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Sheena Easton, Men @ Work, and especially Culture Club had decent careers after their wins, but that was a long time ago, and the groups ultimately broke up. But it’s true, the category is littered with one-hit-wonders.


        Siobhan deserves to get more famous too like all these stars that are getting so much attention. She deserves it more than a lot of them. Just saying. Siobhan Magnus was a contestant on this years American Idol. She made it to the top six. If you want to here a very good summer song for this month, then go on youtube and check out Siobhan Magnus singing the song “Summertime” on the Wendy Williams show. This is a wonderful song. The song “Summertime” is one of the most covered songs in history, with over 2000 official recordings by the most epic singers. Janis Joplin, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Siobhan Magnus, and many more. Siobhan did a very beautiful job at singing this song. I completely lit up when hearing her sing it. She shined so much. Classic and incredible moment! I hope she gets a recording contract soon. She deserves that so much. Also-go to to the website songfacts and click on the song “Summertime”. Awesome web page. The song was also used in the folk opera musical “Porgy & Bess”. First it was a 1924 novel and then they ended up making it a great play. “Summertime” was the most famous song from the musical and appears 4 times in the production. Very epic song! Anyway-thanks for listening and enjoy your wonderful summer everyone. <3 :)

      • nodnarb

        Thank you, Siobhan’s mom. What does any of that have to do with the Best New Artist category? I’m out. This thread has jumped the proverbial shark.

      • Brianna

        It has to do with music. This is a music blog and thats why I wrote it. And I think It would be great if Siobhan could win a Grammy someday. So in a way-it does have to do with this blog!!! :)

      • Brianna

        I forgot to put another important note. The week after Siobhan had been eliminated, American Idol had the lowest ratings it has ever had since 2002.

      • Gillian

        Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert are the only two I see getting a nod for now…

    • nodnarb

      Do any of you bother to go back and look at the types of artists that get nominated and eventually win? Rap/hip-hop is virtually shut-out of the Best New Artist category. And Ke$sha doesn’t stand a chance in hell to get nominated. She has zero charisma, not the type of artist the Grammy Awards typically picks for this category.

      • Dede

        I nominate Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds.

      • nodnarb

        Exactly the type of artists that get nominated for this category.

      • Sally in Chicago

        You don’t know the Grammys do you? Kesha will get nominated, she won’t win, but she gets the noms.

        I don’t pay attention to the Grammys, don’t take them seriously, but it’s a good TV show — that’s all.

      • nodnarb

        Noms? We’re not talking about the Grammys in general. This post is about the Best New Artist category. I assure you Ke$ha won’t get nominated for that award. She doesn’t fit the pattern, and the Grammy nominating committee has been very careful to nominate legit singers (typically songwriters too) since the Milli Vanilli debacle.

      • Brianna

        Hey-Ke$ha is awesome. She is a neat girl. Ke$ha is definitely going to get nominated for the best new artist award. For sure. She is a very fun singer!

    • Maria

      If Ke$ha is nominated over the 2nd best selling artist in the US in 2009 (and best in the world) – SUSAN BOYLE – it will prove once and for all how much the Grammys matter.

      • J

        I’d rather Ke$ha over SuBo, she has only put out covers. That kinda makes her just a singer, not an artist.

    • Thorne

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Normally, I’m an “each to their own” kind of person but does calling her efforts “disposable pop” is being far too generous. Does she even sing? It just sounds like talking over a beat that she didn’t even write, perform or produce.

      • Julie

        Actually she does write her own music. She can sing too but she choses to do something different and innovative with her voice. It brought her great success so she’s doing something right.

  • Sarah

    Ke$ha???? Are you on crack??????

    • Jethro

      Blah, Blah, Blah to you!!!

  • UGH

    Ummmm? Who’s the crackwhore?

  • Jethro

    Ke$ha has a good chance because she has the gimmick to keep her in the light until they begin the nomination process.

    Drake is a one-hit wonder after this all calms down. Jason Derulo has more talent than Drake and don’t forget, under the new rule, let’s petition Adam Lambert, who deserves a chance.

    • P.C.

      well he has had about 3 solo hits already (Find Your Love, Over, Best I ever Had) so there goes your theory that he is a one-hit wonder….BURN!

    • Rise2theTop

      I second that notion!
      Adam Lambert for the WIN!

    • Sylvia

      ADAM SHUD!!!!!!I AGREEE WITH U!!!!!!

    • chickc

      ADAM LAMBERT has earned his spot as best new artist (and against the odds).

  • Linda


    NO to Kesha.

    • Jethro

      Why not to Ke$ha!!

      • chica

        Oddly enough, I think she’s cool and kinda funny in interviews but her music/performances?…just.. no.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Has any Amer Idol ever been nom’d for best new artist? Maybe Kelly or Carrie, but I don’t think others have been nom’d.

      • nodnarb

        Carrie Underwood won Best New Artist in 2007. I believe she’s the only Idol that’s ever been nominated.

      • Brianna

        Jennifer Hudson was not nominated for best new artist, but she was nominated in 2009 for four Grammy Awards. She won the Grammy for best R&B album. Jennifer Hudson is a fantastic singer! I hope that Siobhan Magnus wins a Grammy Award someday! Siobhan rocks and has such a beautiful voice!

      • z

        @Brianna- she has to release music first

    • Jurnee

      I don’t know what the criteria is for this award but having heard all the names bandied about for BNA, I have to agree that Adam’s vocals beat Drake’s, Ke$ha’s, Justine Bieber’s & even BOB’s by a landslide – esp. if you go by live performances. Drake sounded horrible at the MMVA’s, IMO. If the criteria is best first album overall, then I Adam’s bid may not be as good. If it’s best selling album, then the Grammy’s should just say that and ditch the pretense that’s the category has anything to do with musical talent.

  • ravengirl

    Ke$ha has no talent other than to be picked to sing (or whatever that’s called) catchy tunes. If the dates are right and he qualifies, clearly ADAM LAMBERT should be nominated and win.

    • Floptina

      screw him… the mosto overrated guy on earth by its fan… he does have a great voice, but he’s material is bad and not too ahead of Kesha’s who at least is a girl and can do the stuff he does on his FYE videos

      • Floptina

        OMG i just killed english hahahaha

        screw him… the most overrated guy on earth by its fans… he does have a great voice, but his material is bad and not too far ahead of Kesha’s who at least is a girl and can do the stuff he does on his FYE videos

  • watnext

    There’s no competition…Adam Lambert.

    • Sylvia


  • Jazzie

    Adam Lambert should be nominated..He’s New,he’s fresh, and the best singer and performer to come along in decades.

    • Rick

      You forgot the other descriptive Adam words: annoying, over rated, screams like a Lord of the Rings “ring wraith” and a ton of other reasons why he doesn’t deserve a grammy.

      • Tyler

        Haha well said Rick!

      • Jurnee

        @Rick, You clearly haven’t heard him live and I think unless people have heard the artist in question in concert they need to STFU.

  • chica

    Kesha? If youre going to use the words “best” and “Kesha” in the same sentence it wont be about music! Adam Lambert should have a shot at the best new artist title, Gaga if she’s still eligable under the new rules, La Roux for sure. Is Bruno Mars eligable? I’m still laughing at

  • gagirl265

    I am on the Adam Lambert train FTW!!!

  • Bee

    WAIT, so if someone has been popular in the industry for like 10 years and never won a grammy, they can still be nominated for and win best NEW artist? huh?

    • Sally in Chicago

      I’m with you ^ that’s why the Grammys are becoming a big joke.

    • z

      That’s not the case- they changed it so that artists are only eligible the year they release their first LP, whether or not they released a single the year before

  • whatevs

    Listen, I don’t care for Ke$ha either, but the Grammys have been a joke for years now. It wouldn’t be surprising.

  • Lady Gaga

    Charice could be IT!

  • John

    Here come all the crazy Glambert fans! Kesha deserves to be nominated before that fake male Gaga

    • kk

      Adam’s performance style, music is nothing like Gaga..don’t know why people keep making that compairson. And not all Adam fans are crazy. We just seem that way cuz we’re having fun and enjoying life instead of wallowing in negativity. ;)

      • gagirl265

        well said kk

      • Rick

        I’m positive in the fact that Adam is annoying.

      • chickc

        I’m positive in the fact that RICK is annoying.

    • nodnarb

      Yeh, I noticed the sudden influx of Adam Lambert fans. This must have been posted on someone’s Twitter. I like Adam just fine, but I don’t see the Grammy committee awarding him Best New Artist. They are typically very conservative with that category.

      • chica

        Honestly, I don’t either but I do think he deserves a nomination. However, they did change the nomination rules for Gaga who isn’t exactly conservative. Those who dont follow Adam might not know what he’s accomplished in this one short year selling out all of his concerts when others are cancelling tours for lack of sales, creating serious buzz and earning gold and platinum records all over the world. He’s an amazing performer/singer and has earned a possible nom at LEAST as much as Kesha has.

  • Bee

    wait, so if someone has had success in the industry for like 10 years but never won a grammy, they can still be nominated for and win best new artist? so someone like katy perry is eligible for this despite a popular single from over two years ago? huh? that’s weird and kinda unfair.

    • Bee

      sorry posted this twice cus i thought it didn’t work the first time

      • Krista

        no. only if they release NEW material in the eligibility window.

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