Lady Gaga on 'Today': Even rain can't stop this parade

Even rain can’t hold Lady Gaga down! Despite intermittent pouring showers, an estimated 18,000 fans showed up to New York City’s iconic Rockefeller Plaza to watch Lady Gaga do her thing this morning on the Today show. And despite it being a somewhat sanitized performance (unless you consider exposed bras risqué), it was a totally solid, soaking-wet show. Did you know this girl can siiiiing? She certainly proved that.

But maybe, too, her fans’ rain-soaked resilience was brought to you by pizza: The Today hosts revealed that Gaga sent loads of NYC pies to the throngs who’d been waiting in the plaza since Tuesday. That little move, set up by her PR team or whatever I don’t care, makes me love her more.

But to the performance! While sitting at the piano, Gaga started with a appropriately jazzy (since she’s in NYC!) few bars from “Someone to Watch Over Me” before moving into her megahit “Bad Romance.” At first, the staging had a sort of bordello vibe to it. And she even injected a little of her “Someone to Watch Over Me” jazz into the first few seconds of “Bad Romance,” which had me thinking: Jazz versions of The Fame and The Fame Monster? Yes, please.

Watch Gaga’s performance here:

One other thing I noted during this part of the show was the camera cuts to the teeming audience—there were kids everywhere! Of course Gaga is, like, the biggest musical superstar on the planet at this moment, but I’m always surprised at how diverse her fans are. Little babies! Frumpy dumpy moms from the Midwest! Stringy-haired teen girls! It’s a good thing, then, that Ms. Gags decided to sort of tone down the performance, taking a little of her usual freakshow out of the show. Of course, that makes sense for Today, too. National broadcast television, I suppose, doesn’t need Gaga wearing a mini-dress that shoots flames from her boobs and nether region. Also, the camera cut to Today show fourth hour host (and Tanner fave!!) Hoda Kotb in the audience. That just made me smile. Hoda rules!

A quick interview by Ann Curry and Meredith Viera found Gaga constantly praising her fans and telling them, “Don’t cry, angels! It’s a beautiful day!” And, surprise—Gaga decided to then sing her slow and piano-laced song from her upcoming album, “You and I,” which has been a staple on her current concert tour. “It was written about the most important person I’ve ever met,” she told the crowd (this guy?), all while—and honestly, I just can’t with this detail because it’s so awesome—she sipped tea from a china cup. Classy!

Then, Ann asked who inspired her fashions. Gaga’s response? “You do! You inspire me! I get so destructive on stage, just staring at all your clothes.” Now, I’m hoping she was talking to her fans and not Ann Curry because…sensible suits and dresses for Today‘s news gal? No, Ann Curry can’t be the inspiration. Gaga finished the show, fully rolling around in the rain, singing “Teeth,” which needs to get some radio airplay and become a thing already. Right? Amazing set, amazing voice, amazing resilience.

Little Monsters, did you all watch this morning? What’d you think? Applauding Gaga for going on in the rain?

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  • Winona

    I am not always a fan of some of her songs, but she is one hell of a performer. I’m slowly but surely warming to her!

  • rocket

    It was awesome. ‘You and I’ was powerful. She was so emotional for the bow at the end.

    • Daniel

      Was that Hoda Kotb, host of Today’s 4th hour, at 4:45?


    Lady Gaga is CORNY!!! Who does she think she is Beyonce?? Oh wait, Beyonce is CORNY too!!! Young girls consider gaga as a role model, America is in deep trouble.

    • Brian

      Your face is corny. I doubt you even know anything about her.

      • mike

        “your face is corny” ftw

    • GagaFan

      dude ur corny I love Lady Gaga so shut up shes awesome and ur just jellin

    • 130brian

      What is so corny about her. Her music is awesome, and by the way who do you listen to

      • XOXO

        He probably listens to Justin Bieber.

    • manuel rodrighues

      Amen too that brother! I guess from Europe it’s easier to understand the big picture. Your once great nation is being eaten alive from the inside and people are happy watching whatever that thing is perform. You are being played fo real suckers. SPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPINSPIN

      where does it end ?

      • Ali

        LOL this is hilarious.
        because we are totally brain washed americans whose sole purpose now is to watch lady gaga and be just like her. … yeah.
        and is that what people do over in europe? calling people ‘things’ and acting insane? or is that just YOU?

      • edie

        lol an she just came back from her Europian leg of her concert.. THEY WERE ALL SOLD OUT lol if we’r brainwashed by this “thing” then hate to break it to you but she has your europe hooked just as good :)

  • Journey

    Of course I watched. Gaga sounded amazing and looked so pretty. I loved her performance of You & I especially- the jumping on the piano at the end was ace. As for the pizza- yesterday was not the first time that Gaga has made sure her Little Monsters are rewarded with pizza for their undying dedication. In 09 fans who waited to see her at Best Buy were also given 1000 dollars worth of free pizza courtesy of one Lady Gaga. :)

  • tennisfan

    Mmmm, I might have to check this out. I do not follow Lady Gaga closely, but she gave a performance on American Idol in 2009 – Poker Face – that was outstanding, and my young children loved it as well. I keep waiting to capture her doing something on that level again (her 2010 AI performance fell far short), so maybe this Today show performance is exactly that…

  • confidential

    This just proves the best job in NYC is working the Dean & Deluca that is RIGHT in front of where they set up the stage!

  • Mac

    I’m not into dance music and don’t buy her records, but I’d pay good money if she ever decided to record some jazz standards. Great voice, great style, and excellent “straight” performance of a classic song.

  • heartnut

    I love watching this young lady become a stellar showman. She has quite a set of pipes, and I love that she knows good music to draw from like Gershwin. She’s a musician, not just a performer, and she lets everyone know it. Classy lady, can’t wait to see what she does next. Hope she keeps her head on straight from here on out, and keeps her eyes on what really is important.

  • RC

    I wish people would start to appreciate Gaga as a true talent. …I think she’s more Elton John than Madonna, and that makes me very excited for her future music.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure she said distracted not destructive when talking about her fashion inspiration.

    • molly

      show the talent and not the flesh – maybe you could eventually earn the title of great performer

      • Brian

        already has, and she can get away with both

    • PJ

      It would be a lot easier to appreciate her “talent” if she didn’t rely on so many distracting gimmicks…unless that’s what considered her talent.

    • Scarlett

      Exactly. I’ve been saying it for a while. She’s this generation’s Elton John. Luv her.

      • JJ

        Please put the crack pipe down before posting.

      • u

        Elton actually made music with substance, something Gaga has yet to do.

    • u

      People would appreciate her talent a lot more if she made music that backed up said talent. If by listening to her songs on the radio without knowing who she is you would group her in with Britney and other talentless pop stars, then that pretty much tells you that she needs to step it up on the musical front. She may be talented, but to call her this generation’s Elton is overreaching, seriously. The man actually has a serious musical legacy to stand out, something that neither Gaga nor fans can or should boast about as of now. Her songs are catchy, but not substantial, yet you people make the mistake of thinking they’re one and the same. Hell, even Madonna’s discography is more musically substantial than Gaga’s.

      • u

        Stand ON, not stand out.

      • v.c.

        I agree with you completely. I’m honestly not a fan of Gaga, but when she does performances like she did at the Today Show I really do see a very talented singer and entertainer who will go very far in her career. The problem, though, at least right now, is that she is relying far too much on the gimmick. No matter how cool or “interesting” it may be, it’s distracting, and it’s the reason why many people can’t or won’t acknowledge that she does have talent and that the girl can sing. Plus, I’m tired of everyone comparing her to the likes of Madonna and Elton John. The music she is making now is catchy, sure, but it isn’t going to stand the test of time. Why put her on that iconic pedestial when she honestly just doesn’t deserve it right now in her career? Give it 30 years, then MAYBE you can compare her to the greats. If Gaga could focus more on the music and not so much or as much on the theatrical, self-important ego and gimmick, she will really be more appreciated and respected. I just hope she will eventually mature, grow up, and show to everyone that she is an artist and not just merely a gimmick and a Madonna imitator.

    • Krissy

      I agree that she is far more Elton John than Madonna. I think people that tell her to give up the “gimmicks” are just uptight. Just because you can play classical music doesn’t always mean you WANT to. Just because she is hugely talented doesn’t mean that she can’t do fun pop music and present it in a visually interesting way. Her balance of easily accessable music with challenging visuals is incredibly enjoyable for someone like myself with knowledge of art history.

      • u

        I never suggested that she should ditch the gimmicks, only that she should back it up with music of substance. No matter how much you love her, you can’t tell me that her current music can go toe to toe with that of Elton’s. She is not on his level as an artist. She is a talented musician and performer, no doubt about it for sure. But not having the music to make that talent stand out may hurt her in the long run. And I’m not saying the only way she can be taken seriously as a musician is to perform strictly classical, she can make great pop music. Pop that doesn’t sound like everything else out there.

      • v.c.

        I agree with u. I don’t think anybody is saying that she should ditch the gimmicks, but there’s something just so annoying about an artist that everyone claims is so iconic and original and yet she doesn’t have the music that backs it up. In the long run, her over the top theatrics MAY hurt her. That’s not to say that she still won’t have her fan base or still be #1 on the charts, but let’s face it, over the top costumes or dressing next to nothing and making the same shallow, trite, catchy pop music can only get so interesting after awhile, and comparing her to the likes Elton and Madonna doesn’t justify or signify that she is great, if anything it just says how overrated she is and how it seems like nobody wants her to be her own artist, which I find kind of ironic for a fanbase to do. Why compare your idol to somebody that she is not? Why not cheer her on for her to be her own artist? For what it is worth at the moment, the woman is talented and a great singer and performer, but c’mon, she can make better music than she is making at the moment. The music she is making now is just popular, not iconic, it’s just awfully ridiculous how everyone is trying to make her out to be a legend when she has a LONG way to go before she can even prove that she has the musical substance to back up that title.

  • Kirstie

    She was amazing! I <3 her! I wish I could've been there in person :]

  • barbra Jackson

    At three 3:57 she almost starting singing the wrong part of the song but she caught herself. Which means unlike so many other singers she sings live and deals with the mistakes like a true musician.

    • Jere

      This version also seemed to skip a verse or something. So, I mean, it’s understandable that she’d forget after having sung “Bad Romance” 10,000 times.

  • Bobby F

    Excuse me? Frumpy dumpy moms from the midwest? Who the hell do you think you are?

    • jenn

      I can’t believe he said that. Eff off Tanner Stransky!

    • molly

      Who you calling Frumpy – and your mama too

      • Brian

        I love how the only people offended by this are frumpy moms from the midwest. The truth does hurt!

      • will

        I didn’t see the performance but caught the early part of the Today Show and I did see frumpy moms in the audience.

      • molly

        so Brian – does your mama run around “performing” in her bra and panties for you too

      • Brian

        She does actually. But i’m gay so it’s all good.

      • Bz

        Brian, I live in Los Angeles, have a life many would love to have and I happen to have 2 children as well. I’m anything but a “frumpy dumpy mom”—and his comment was incredibly insulting regardless. Of course they have to be from the midwest also. Did he interview those women and confirm that they are all from the midwest? Apparantly Tanner didn’t have a frumpy dumpy Mom (one who gives so much to her kids that she leaves nothing for herself) otherwise he would have been raised better. Stringy haired teenagers? Teenagers would have sufficed…and no, I don’t have a teenager. Sounds like nobody is as cool as Tanner…except Lady Gaga of course.

  • Rick

    Gaga was FANTASTIC when she preformed “You & I” totally AWESOME NYC rocked like never before!!!! :) THE BEST!!!!

  • seb

    She was really good……

  • alex

    I recently went to her concert, and it was a really amazing and dedicated performance. it was really refreshing to see an artist on stage and not just a synthetic “pop star”. real musician, great talent, great artist! :)

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