Rihanna is your daily concert cancellation story for Friday, July 9

rhiannaImage Credit: Fotonoticias/WireImage.comAccording to the LiveNation website, Rihanna has canceled stops on her “Last Girl on Earth” tour in Phoenix, Dallas, and Atlanta, on top of already-dumped shows in Denver and Indianapolis. (The tour’s opening date in Washington last weekend was also canceled, due to “production changes.”) We’ll put in a call to find out what’s going on, of course, but thought you should all know.

Meanwhile, weigh in! Why is Rihanna struggling? Is it because she called her tour “Last Girl on Earth,” but then brought along also-a-girl Ke$ha as an opening act, thereby rendering the tour’s title moot? And as we fill in yet another square on the Summer Tour Cancellation Board, I guess it’s time to start asking: Anyone get a bingo yet?

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  • Gina

    Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour is selling strongly (almost all sold out venues) and is a really good show. So there’s one piece of good news for summer tours!

    • P.C.

      Adam is also playing smaller venues, that anyone or their mother could sell out. Just sayin.

      • crispy

        Justin Bieber has a 75 city tour going on this summer. Every single show is sold out and venue sizes range but many stops (mainly the 2nd leg of the tour) are huge venues. Selling out in minutes. I believe I know who the biggest ticket mover is this summer ;) Take that you haters!

      • Phil

        crispy I’m still trying to determine if you’re a pedophile or not…..

      • crispy

        Usually it’s the JB haters that are and in denial. I think im onto you.

      • crispy

        OMG EWWWWWW. Never respond to one of my posts or talk to me again. !!!!!

      • Phil

        I’m in no denial. And I’m not hating, you just constantly come to the defense of a Canadian teenager. You can’t change that fact, hence why I’m asking how old you actually are, because that kind of constant dedication & devotion is NOT natural for anyone but a fellow teen (male or female really). If its done with the kind of zest you constantly imply and you are indeed older, then it qualifies as creepy. I’m not ridiculous for saying this, you are if you think elsewise!

      • Angela

        Its not a surprise to me that her concerts were cancelled. If American Idol tour concerts were cancelled, then I would not be surprised if there was a big drop in concert ticket selling this year. Very bad ecomomy.

      • Sally in Chicago

        Sorry P.C. – you are incorrect. My mom couldn’t sell out an 8,000 seat venue if her life depended on it. Well, actually, I guess she could claim to have cancer or something and get some mega church involved and their stupid followers would likely show up. But to sing and dance? Not a chance. Bash Adam all ya want – but the FACTS are that he did the right thing and booked venues that were right for him. Sounds to me like Rhianna bit off WAY more than she, or her “career” could chew.

      • crispy

        Phil why is a grown man like you bashing on a teen on ew.com? Your scary.. leave me alone. Thanks!

      • Phil

        Cripsy, Unless YOU are the teen in question, I’m NOT bashing any teen. I have every Bieber song on on my iPod, so you can’t say I’m bashing, I’m jsut questioning your unwavering idolization, hence me asking your actual age. I have no problem admitting I am a 31 yr old that enjoys Bieber’s pop music, but I am not interested in his personal life or Wiki fact page!

    • d

      Omg.. Delusional idiot, Adam Lambert’s largest venue thus far has been a theater. He’s selling out tents and super small venues, Rihanna’s tour is a large stadium tour.

      • raepat

        Adam’s largest venue, thus far, I believe is the Molsen Amphitheatre which has 10000 seats which were all filled for Adam..well actually everyone was on their feet so noonw was ACTUALLY in their seats!

    • weknow

      why bring Adam in here? where does tis article mention him . now all the replies wld be Adam this or that.

      • Gina

        I recently attended one of Adam’s concerts, it was great. I mentioned his tour as ONE piece of good summer tour news, not the only good news. Certainly didn’t say or imply no other people were selling well!

    • Kristina

      Keep the prices low. That’s key. Adam kept them low. Carrie Underwood, who is selling well, kept them low. I thought going to Rihanna’s tour, but I’m not paying her prices for an act I barely care about.

      • will

        Madonna, U2 and others have high ticket prices and still manage to sell out concerts. I don’t think the public cares enough to see Rihanna and others.

      • Kath

        Madonna, U2 and others have older fanbases who can afford higher ticket prices. Not a fair analogy, try again.

      • AK

        I just went and only had to pay about $32 to see Rihanna’s show. It was totally worth it; the concert was amazing! I’m disappointed to hear the tour is struggling, considering how awesome it is, but the show I went to looked pretty much sold out.

    • weknow

      *sigh* Why do u guys do this all the time?. where is Adam Lambert mentioned in this article. Now all the replies wld be Adam this or Adam that and not one mention of Rihanna and why her show is not selling. Lambert fans STOP bringing up Adam in articles that have nothing to do with him and maybe the haters wld not pile on him at every chance they get.

      • Sally in Chicago

        ^ LOL – you’re right! Adam worship has begun.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Well, let’s see…about Rhihanna…who in their bright mind told her to bring along Kesha? Now, we know that untried untalented singers are usually the opening act for the bigger act and they’re not paid any money…it’s just a way for them to promote and get experience….but Kesha? Really? Wasn’t Kanye available? or Drake? or even Keri Hilson, or anybody!
      Besides Rhihanna can’t carry a show by herself in the States; she does well overseas but now here. In other words — she’s not all that!

      • Miss Talk

        Opening acts are for up and coming artists like…yeah, Ke$ha (one hit wonder IMO) or Nicki Minaj (who backed out of Riri’s tour shortly before the tour begins…yeah, not a good sign). Rihannna was an opening act on Kanye’s world tour a couple of years ago, he’s a big name in the game. Rihanna crushed Drake’s heart, so no way. Keri Hilson maybe a new artist but she’s a well-known songwwriter, she penned “Gimme more” for Britney.
        Live Nation thought way too big with this Rihanna tour. People like her tunes on the radio and were compessionnate after her domestic assault, but in fact she doesn’t have a solid fanbase already. Rihanna is an excellent top-charter but what is HER thing? She started with ragga-reggae ,went to r’n’b, then bubblegum pop, then pop and now she’s a rockstar! Not to mention she’s not a great live performer like Beyoncé, Pink or Gaga. Finally, I have to mention, it’s not that difficult for US successful artists to sold out in Europe; apart from UK, they usually have only one date per country therefore fans manage not to miss it.

  • BossGalaga

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: All these tour cancellations have nothing to do with the economy, lethargy, or whatever. They have everything to do with the public being fed up with the bland, autotuned, homogeneous crap that defines pop music right now. No one is going to pay $100 for basically the same experience they can get on the radio for free (fifty times in a row.)

    Now is the time to go out to your small, local music venue and invest in up and coming musicians. Send a message that real artistry in music needs to come back.

    • Adam

      Thank you! You’re absolutely right. People get a bette show from these “artists” by watching their over-produced videos on TV.

    • Jen

      Preach on! I’m only 30, but I’d much rather see “outdated” acts like Prince, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner etc. than these prepackaged musical tarts that have been forced down our throats over the last 10 years.

      • Carole

        Can I get an amen?!

      • fancypants

        I’m 22 and I would sleep on an NYC street overnight to see Prince or Tina Turner or Stevie Wonder in concert. Rihanna? I wouldn’t even see her free show on GMA later this summer. I’m not getting up at 4am to watch Rihanna warble. I did it for Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige a few weeks ago, but Rihanna’s not worth it. She is only a studio singer, she’s horrible live.

      • fancypants

        i should add, while I don’t think Rihanna is a good singer, she has some very good songs that i frequently listen to on my ipod (disturbia, rehab, don’t stop the music, rude boy, cold case love), but she is a terrible live performer. below average voice, she doesn’t dance, doesn’t play that lame guitar she holds in her rock star pose, and no stage presence.

      • slow rider

        Exactly. She has catchy, danceable tunes, but that’s about it. No one
        I know thinks Rihanna is a great performer, it is common knowledge that she is terrible live. Poor vocals, weak showmanship, all there is about her performances are her tacky and trashy costumes to stare at. She feigns playing instruments, pretending to be a “rock star” when in reality she’s not a star at all. Oh well, that’s what happens when record producers scope her out because of her looks and not her talent.

    • bruno

      ab. so. lutely.

    • Sally in Chicago

      You’re right. Diana Ross recently sold out 2 nights in Chicago @ the Chgo Theatre; and the “old school” roster at Ravinia is sold out (The Temps and Tops)….tried, true and veteran acts have no problem selling concert seats (EWF, for example) because the public knows they’re going to have a good time….however, with Rhihanna we’d be watching somebody writhing across the stage and lip syncing and — well, who gives a f**k!

  • JJ

    Translation for “production changes”: Poor ticket sales.

  • Jase

    I def think its ticket sales. People dont see her as a stong performer i think. Regardless, she’s still a superstar. More top 10’s than any artist since 2000.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Superstar? Hmmm….that’s debatable.

  • d

    Lets not forget, its about the city as well- she has sold out Madison Square Garden, Staples Center, Ford Ampitheatre, etc.
    Very impressive.

    • K2

      BTW, Ford Ampitheatre is now called the 1-800-ASK-GARY Ampitheatre

    • Jen

      LiveNation sent me an email promo for $10 Rihanna tickets at Ford Ampitheatre. I’d hope it would sell out for that price.

    • momma bear

      i don’t think she sold out MSG…there were still tix available the day of the show…..i just think the Rihanna tour bit off more than it could chew…too big venues and too many of them….she would have done fine with either less dates, or smaller venues

    • GeeseGirl

      Actually, Rihanna hasn’t sold out Staples. I just looked on Ticketmaster and could some very good seats still (Row 11 in 110 area) for two. She could eventually, but she isn’t there yet.

  • JD

    NOTE TO LIVE NATION, DALLAS IS F-ING HOT IN AUGUST. No one wants to go to an outside concert in the middle of summer. (Lilith, Aug 16 canceled and Rhianna) It also doesn’t help to schedule Rhianna the day after Gaga’s 2 days of sold out INDOOR shows

  • Monica


    • Miss Talk

      I thought the same thing because she doesn’t seem to be bothered by those cancellations at all.

  • Phil

    OneRepublic canceled their show tonight in Philly the day after there well-reviewed show up in NYC that has Sara Bareilles surprise open for them. I’m a lil disappointed since I always like catching Ryan & the boys, but I am uncertain IF they canceled tonight’s show due to poor ticket sales, but I’ve heard nothing of a make-up date.

  • Jenny

    Adam’s has 70+ sold out concerts in what the industry calls “medium sized” venues of 2 -4 thousand. Give credit where credit is due here. He is the first AI to headline his own first tour and is getting great reviews. Don’t disrespect what Adam has accomplished. He will be ready for arenas in a few years. He is playing in the Philippines in October at the Mall of Asia….hold 100,000+. He has a whole line up of shows in Asia, Down Under, Japan and Europe for the fall. Man is on a roll because he is such a hard worker and an enormous talent.

    • raepat

      Exactly. His shows are amazingly entertaining. Since all shows are sold out, as soon as the tickets became available, he could obviously have filled larger venues but in a very business-savvy move, he chose to keep it intimate. I am very grateful for the opportunity to experience Adam in these venues.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I am seeing him in a venue that holds 8,000 and it’s been sold out for forever.

  • Emy

    Glamnation tour is the concert recommend to my friends Adam is an incridible performer with incridible voice compare to legend singers.

  • Mitchell

    I think she chose the wrong venues, plus she’s not a huge draw. Her music is popular, but her is fanbase is not that big. Compared to GaGa, Britney, and Madonna, that is.

  • brett

    she has gotten weird and kesha sucks.

  • S

    Went to her show in Calgary this past Tuesday. It sold pretty well/was a good show

  • AR

    Sure, I would love to weigh it on why I(keyword) think her tour is not selling:

    #1. The tickets are way too expensive; #2. Venues are too large. This is her first time headlining in the US. They should have started smaller; #3. Nobody but her loon fans are buying this rock star, bad ass image. It is fake and forced. People in the US can see right through it; #4. Her performance skills need a lot of work. Just look at the other top female artist in the business. Beyonce, gaga, etc. Her best performance is easily their worse; #5. She has gotten too comfortable and think she is at a point in her career where she can just put out something and people will eat it up. Negative. She should have solidified her fan base before trying something like this. I am a fan, not a stan, but Rihanna and her team are slacking big time. They need to get it together. And, I also think her ‘I don’t care attitude’ is pissing people off. Her current single is flopping and so is her tour. But, do you see her trying to do damage control? NO. She is off shopping, going to games, clubbing and not giving a damn. There has been a lot of stuff she has said and done this time around that has left a bad taste in my mouth. And, I don’t know how much longer they will give her a pass on it. People need to stop making excuses. It is not the economy. Gaga and Beiber are selling. They are on Rihanna’s level when it comes to hype, fame, media coverage, etc. There is NO reason for this. If her team can’t figure out how to manage her, she needs to find people that do. They need to stop with the excuses. Production changes/timing my ass. They would never cancel a sold out show due to timing and production changes. If anything, they would just move it.

  • Jay

    I love Rihanna on the radio, but I’m not sure if I would pay to see her live. I would’ve thought bringing Ke$ha in would have helped tho… Girl knows how to party.

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