'Glee' star Amber Riley, Colbie Caillat to sing at baseball's All-Star Game

riley-caillatImage Credit: Matthias Clamer/Fox; Fred GreissingGlee‘s Amber Riley will kick off this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Anaheim, Calif. tomorrow, the Associated Press reports. Riley, who plays Mercedes Jones on the hit show, will sing several songs including the national anthem before the game begins. That’s not the only musical entertainment on hand. Colbie Caillat will also be there to sing a no doubt mellow version of “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch. And the Canadian Tenors will sing “O Canada” before the game, if that’s your thing.

Will you be watching the All-Star Game, or attending in person? Which musical performance are you most looking forward to?

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  • Adam

    Too bad she is so fat. Her voice is amazing, but with that look, she won’t go far. And don’t start attacking me, I just speak reality. Yes, she is making money on a big TV show, but let’s not pretend that after GLEE her career will be oh-so-hot. Look at Jennifer Hudson after Dreamgirls…look at Gabourie Sibide…those women are both talented and amazing, but how many films do you think are gonna clamor to have a big fat woman, and a black one at that? HOLLYWOOD doesn’t write that many substantial roles for women,let alone black women; add fat to the mix, and forget it…

    • Elizabeth

      If you were trying to make an intelligent argument, you lost your audience with your opening line.

    • emily

      What a classless moron you are. I’m disgusted by people like you.

      • Erica

        you go emily and diane. rude,ignorant and a moron. sounds like a real winner! i bet he is single (and for good reason) , maybe he should date gillian

      • Gillian

        Maybe she could play Effie in a Broadway revival of Dreamgirls, or Tracy Turnblad in an all-black version of Hirspray (but since racial segregation in America is a big part of the plot, they are gonna have to retool the entire show)

    • dianne

      Wow – how rude and ignorant are you?

    • Lee

      Ugh, she needs to lose weight. No matter what the PC brigade says, no major female star ever IN HOLLYWOOD FILMS has been a fat woman. Name me one big MOVIE STAR, who consistently gets LEAD roles in major Hollywood films, romantic and otherwise, who is overweight.

      • Joanne Paley


      • justsayin’

        Kathy Bates

      • Not everyone wants to be Jennifer Anniston and star in god awful big budget romantic comedies for 20 years. Maybe she’s content with her appearance and if she is, good for her.

      • Gillian

        Kathy Bates? Lead? When was the last time she headlined? When did she ever headlined a MAJOR film that became a big hit? And when was the last time she was the romantic lead in a film? Never. Even after MISERY and her Oscar, the only major film she did, and the only hit she had was Fried Green Tomatoes. She’s been in plenty of films, but as a supporting player, from Titanic, to About Schmidt, but never as the lead. And the few times she had the lead (Dolores Claiborne, A House Of Our Own) it was unsympathetic roles like Dolores or indie family dramas, and they both flopped by the way. She’s never been a romantic lead, or the action star, or the main female role in a thriller, or nothing. And even after MISERY, she was never considered a draw or a leading lady. Sorry, next.

      • Why The Face????

        Off the top of my head, what do you say to Kathy Bates? Maybe she doesn’t do so much in the way of romantic leads, but I think that has more to do with her being “of a certain age” when she started making a name for herself than her size.

      • Why The Face????

        Sorry, by the time I posted my thing Kathy Bates had already been discussed and absurdly dismissed. Since when do all Hollywood stars have to be able to portray romantic leads or be action stars? Thankfully, not all movies are about finding love or being in physical danger.

      • Luke

        Are you kidding me? Queen Latifah is one of the most consistently well-liked and lucrative actresses out there! She gets cast as romantic leads at least once a year, and has a major cosmetics contract to boot! As far as Jennifer Hudson and Gabourey, try taking a look at Hudson’s hit album or Sidibe’s new high-buzz show on Showtime… check your facts people.

      • Gillian

        The question was name a big Hollywood FEMALE movie star who consistently gets LEADS in MAJOR movies (romantc or otherwise) who is also a rotund woman. The answer is ZERO.

      • Luke

        Umm… First of all, last time I checked Queen Latifah is in fact a female. Second, in the past decade she headlined at least seven movies that opened upwards of $10 mil. Did you miss that? Maybe you have Shallow Hal syndrome…

      • Gillian

        How many of those 7 films became actual hits? and out of those, how many did so based on her name alone?


      • Gillian

        LATIFAH’s last 7 films:

        Just Wright- FLOP
        Valentine’s Day- HIT(If you blinked u would miss her on the ads, that had nothing to do with her very small role)
        Ice Age 3- HIT (Animated sequel to a huge hit, nothing to do with her)
        Secret Life Of Bees- FLOP
        What Happens In Vegas- HIT (That was all about Cameron Diaz and Ashton. Her small role wasn’t even a factor in the advertising.
        Mad Money-FLOP
        The Perfect Holiday- FLOP

        As you can see, of her las 7 films, everything that has her as lead, flops.

      • totheignorantandbeyond…

        WHO F’ING CARES!!!!! The point of this post is Amber performing at the All-Star game, not “Amber snags lead roll opposite Common and Paula Patton in rom-com”, oh wait, that was Queen Latifah. Or “Amber adds Winnie Mandela to her list of accomplishments, including an Oscar winning turn in “Dreamgirls” (J. Hudson), or “Amber snags supporting part in new Showtime series, “The Big C” opposite fellow Oscar nominee Laura Linney” (G.Sidibe). You get the point (maybe) and although the intention of this post was to ONCE AGAIN, talk about her All-Star performance, it’s clear to anyone with some sense, which apparently doesn’t include you and a few other commenters, that given her TALENT, the sky is the limit for her, regardless of her weight. Morons.

      • me

        the stars of blockbuster movies these days are ANIMATED. there ya go.

      • Avaritia

        How about Whoopi Goldberg? An oscar, and 38 wins.

      • Karen McDonald

        Whoopi Goldberg. DUH! she big, black and Beautiful! just like Amber. and Whoopi is a name that almost everybody knows in the industry. she is a legend, and crazy talented.

      • taylor

        queen latifa anyone?! she’s amazing… not to mention a covergirl.

      • Lanae

        Queen Latifa. Brooke Elliot, where do these idiots live??? Under a rock. Monique and Jenifer got Oscars, Blacks are writing and Directing their own movies so before u idiots talk, please shut up, stop making it how look so obvious that America is filled with IDIOTS!!!!

      • Daniel

        Is a successful and rewarding career solely dependent upon headlining?

      • whatevs

        Gillian – being a stick figure doesn’t mean a sea of hits either…case in point…Jennifer Anniston. Don’t dis the Queen!

        The Bounty Hunter – Flop
        Love Happens – Flop
        He’s Just Not That Into You – barely a hit and had nothing to do with JA
        Marley & Me – cute sad dog story, no one went for JA
        The Break-Up – Flop by Vince Vaughn Standards – probably because of JA
        Friends with Money – HUGH Flop
        Rumor Has It – Huge Flop

      • jess

        Queen Latifa

    • Not Moby

      Adam, your delivery is horrendous, insensitive, and offensive, but I understand the point you’re trying to make. I will point out though that after Dreamgrils Jennifer Hudson was in a little film called Sex and the City. I heard that movie made a few bucks.

    • Kitty

      @ Adam – could have said it better – but then again – why sugar coat the brutal truth – Hollywood and America is too fixated on what people look like – they like the women to be skinny, have fair skin, have giant b00bs and a tiny waist – basically the super sex-ridden image of what women should be – Adam thanks for speaking the truth – and to the rest of you who think he is crass – you are just lying to yourself when you write what you did – elizabeth, erica, emily, gillian…and the list goes on
      P.S. – just so you know I am 5 foot 4 inches and weigh 215 pounds…what about you……..

    • Liz

      Gillian are you FAT??? So much hostility to “FAT” people. Realize my ass how about JERK. Why can’t she be successeful because she’s heavy. And must we go through the endless women who have succesfull music careers even if she is big.

      • Liz

        I meant realist..typo

    • teris

      You are an ignorant prick. Sorry for the language, EW; he deserved it.

    • 4me2know

      Okay what village just lost their idiot. I think you need to stop sipping on that haterade

    • CK

      Wow Adam you really are a nasty little man….. if you have an ounce of her talent then maybe that would qualify you to comment, nasty nasty man

    • anabelle

      Here is the thing, i understand where you are coming from… but she is not a “big fat woman” she is overweight yes, but she is not horrifically fat, and by calling her “fat” just shows that you only focus on the outside of people. It also shows that you are extremely ignorant and need some real information. Amber Riley is an amazing singer and actress for a tv show, and maybe after this she doesn’t want a movie career, sometimes it’s not about money and careers, but about whats happening now. Get some info before you start bashing people because of their weight.

    • Destinee

      wow adam, first off Jennifer Hudson’s is a singer and got dreamgirls because of her voice and you see she got almost every award for that movie. And look at Queen Latifah, she has a great career as a actress. so plz dont say she wont go anywhere because of how “big” she is. so stop hatin :)

    • torie

      there is absolutly nothign wrong with being a bigger woman. fat, skinny, short, tall, white, black, polka dot it doesn’t matter our outside. people who judge before truly knowing the situation should go shuv theyre jealously us theyre a**. but we are ALL children and creations of God and it doesnt matter what we appear to be physically a person needs to be recognized for who they are, not what they are. you need to think before you make a comment sir Adam because it is just wrong, your way of preconceiving the situation.

    • anonymous

      Self-fulfilling prophecy, idiot. Of course she’ll have problems in Hollywood as long as people like you are around to judge her. Too much work for you to go against the grain, lazy?

    • Zach Crandell

      Queen Latifah ring a bell? Dumb ass.

    • kris

      jeniffer hudson is one of the worlds top females. shes known. same thing with gabourey. it doesnt matter how many roles they get, its about what roles they get. jeniffer hudson is set to play the title role in WINNIE, (nelson madelas wife). and amber is singing national anthems at baseball games. c’mon…size does not matter if you have the pipes.

    • Lindsey

      Jennifer Hudson is so not the person to bring into this conversation right now….if you haven’t noticed…She’s currently a size 6 and last time I checked that isn’t fat.

    • nadenna

      Your an idoit, please get your facts straight before posting something. Jennifer Hudson has been in 3 major movies since Dreamgirls. Sex in the City, A Life with Bees and another that is production currently. She has own 2 Grammy’s since them, and now is a spokesperson for WW I think she is pretty damn good.

    • Tyler

      Hey bud, just to point one thing out… look at Nikki Blonsky… She is heavy set, became succesful off of hairspray and look, she has already got another movie coming…

      P.S. you are a classless

  • Elizabeth

    I’m only watching to see Amber sing the anthem. So happy to hear that she’s getting a little more spotlight.

  • seriously?

    Adam you have got to be kidding me! Jennifer Hudson went on to win an Oscar, and Gabourey Sibide is starring on a new program on stars with Laura Linney. Also, Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky is now starring in her own television show. Weight has nothing to do with it, they are all very talented young women. Amber Riley will do just fine, despite bigots such as yourself.

    • seriously?

      I meant Starz, not “stars.” And now that I think about it, the show might be on Showtime or HBO. Can’t remember for sure. But still a pretty high profile gig for Sibide

  • Adam

    Nikki Blonski debuted in a big hit film that had the biggest opening ever for a musical (before Mamma Mia! surpassed it) and went on to gross over a 100 million, Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for her first acting job ever in a star-filled, critically acclaimed film, and Gabourie Sibide was Oscar-nominated in an Oscar-beloved movie that became a cultural touchstone, sure.
    But look at their careers now. Blonski has been demoted to a TV show about…you guessed it, fat people and their “problems” on ABC family (not even the real ABC network), Sibide is now on pay cable, and Hudson…well, after the Oscar she had a glorified cameo in the first SATC film (but was not particularly good in it) then starred in a flop film with Latifah and Alcia Keys and now has a film in the can whose release has been pushed back forever. It’s been years since Blonski and Hudson got any real, substantial offers to make any major films. We all know that if they had been skinny, bland, white girls and had started out with the big splash they did, they would have offers up the wazoo, and films in production (at least till the next skinny, white chick comes along)

    I’m just being realistic. It’s hard enough for women in Hollywood to get roles of substance. But for fat women? And fat, black women? Quick, name me a black woman of rotund proportions that has become a big superstar in Hollywood and whose career has lasted for decades, in film? Latifah was for a while, and she did get a whole lot of choice scripts, and major films, but sadly, after her one-two punch of Chicago and Bringing Down The House, all her films flopped…Then again, all she was offered was crap.

    • Erica

      adam, you are an idiot. i think i speak for everyone here. plus, the fact the you know all this info on all these stars tells me you are a “closet chubby chaser” I think you like the big girls but feel the need to go with society and make fun instead.

      • Gillian

        No, Erica, you don’t speak for anyone else but you. I agree with Adam.

      • Kitty

        erica – shut up and speak for yourself – you are a jerk

    • sam

      I’m pretty sure Amber Riley is going to be fine. She’s got a couple things going for her-singing AND acting. It’s been established she has a good voice and I think in the end that’ll carry her pretty far. She’s got a good gig with Glee anyway for the next couple years.

      In regards to Jennifer Hudson-is it really necessary to bring her in this argument? I’m pretty sure when you’re able to win an Oscar the first time you act in a movie your talent and ability to succeed shouldn’t be questioned THAT much. She had a kid…and then 3 family members were murdered…

      oh gee i wonder why she didn’t do anything for so long-cause that incident wasn’t a big deal right? No…grieving doesn’t matter at all.

      good job.

      • Laurie

        Thank you Sam I was thinking the same thing. She also released a hugely successful award winning album during that same time.

    • debra

      Jennifer Hudson did the film Secret Life of Bees. Then her family members were killed so she took some time off. She had a baby and now she is making a film where she will be staring as Winnie Mandela.

    • Barbershop 2? The Ice Age series? Queen also won a ton of awards for this HBO miniseries she did in 2007, including a Golden Globe and a SAG award. She’s doing just fine; she and Hudson have both released well received albums in between their film commitments, winning Grammys and selling respectably. Sidibe’s doing the right thing in terms of her career — she’s taking a small, supporting role on a strong network that already has significant buzz. I would rather she ‘cut her teeth’ so to speak working alongside Laura Linney than go for the first high profile gig that came her way.

      • Gillian

        Barbershop 2 was a flop and she had a glorified cameo. ICE AGE were hits but nobody went to see them because of her. ICE AGE, the brand, is what sold it.

      • Why The Face????

        The all-star cast is part of the Ice Age “brand.” When they added new characters, I’m pretty sure most people were able to recognize the actors voicing them, and you better believe the studio did that on purpose, knowing that people will be more inclined to see a movie featuring the talents of an actor they like. I don’t especially like your stance on this matter, but I do see that you have a general point that it’s usually more difficult for a large black woman to find work. However, the anecdotal evidence you’re using doesn’t make your point well – you’d be better off with sticking to some statistics or something. I’ll keep hoping for the day when Hollywood starts using a little more sizeblind casting (shoot, I’m still waiting for colorblind casting…but it’ll happen) and I will continue to support nice, talented people no matter how large or how borderline anorexic they look.

    • Karen McDonald

      WHOOPI GOLDBERG. She’s a friggen house hold name!
      38 time Award winner, and 43 nominations for her many roles.
      Sister Act 1&2, Theodore Rex, she does voices for DISNEY! Altogether has appeared or starred in 115 films and t.v shows, helped produce 17 movies or TV shows and is also an accomplished writer.
      Did I mention she also sings?

    • jayautumn

      actually erica it is the truth sorry to break it to you. i am a 13 year old black girl and u hardly see black women having huge roles in movies no matter what they look like. now i dont agree with what everything he said, but it is the truth. and adam, no need to be brutal to people who may be sensitive of their weight.

  • Jessica

    Adam, I think you are way off base. Jennifer Hudson stopped making movies for a bit because she was pregnant with her first child. I don’t know how many directors want an ever growing pregnant woman on set. Also, Queen Latifah was one of the stars in Harispray, so your conclusion that everything she has been in since BDTH is false. Also, just because they are blonde, thin and white doesn’t mean they will get a job. I am sure there are tons of aspiring actresses who fit that description who would gladly be in some c-list movie, let alone a TV show.

    • mscisluv

      I also believe that Hudson took time off to grieve the murders of her mother, brother, and nephew.

    • Gillian

      Latifah was not one of the stars of Hairspray. Motormouth Maybelle is a supporting part. The stars of Hairspray were Nikki Blonski, Zach Efron, John Travolta, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

      • Erica

        gillian, latifah was one of the biggest stars of hairspray. maybe you didnt watch it but she was an instrumental part. why dont you and adam go meet for a pizza

  • Mac

    I hate to be a a$$hole, but i kinda agree with Adam (cant believe I am saying this)even though I disagree with the way he said it.

    I think she has a great chance at being a major recording artist (IMO best voice on Glee) or even on broadway, but I cant see her as a big hollywood actress.

    Again let me say that i completely disagree with “Hollywood Standards” and i do want her to “make it”.

    • Why The Face????

      This is how Adam and Gillian should have phrased themselves. Thank you for being honest but nice about it.

      • Jen

        I think Adam and Gillian are the same person.

  • TV Fan

    Of course the ironic thing about the two of them performing for the same event is that both Amber and Colbie reportedly were rejected from earlier seasons of Americal Idol during the early producer rounds and never even got to audition before the judges.

  • WatchesEverything

    Who said she even WANTED to be a “big hollywood actress”? She’s first and foremost a singer, and her future (and past) has Broadway written all over it.

  • Carrie

    Wow these comments are so far off track it’s ridiculous. I don’t care who’s fat or not, all I care about is that Amber Riley can sing like crazy and she’ll be a million times more entertaining than Colbie Caillat at the All Star Game. If you all want to watch and listen to skinny girls, turn it on after Amber’s done. It’s that simple.

  • Muopsies

    The original poster, while somewhat illiterate and unable to bring about a coherent point, is correct. Jennifer Hudson knew she couldn’t land a consecutive streak of leads because of her weight. Hence why she went on Jenny Craig to drop the equivalent of a 10 year old off of herself.

    • Kitty

      again this stupid image of a woman that Hollywood and made – that is why all the star are on some weightloss plan

  • Justin

    Why can’t it be enough to say ‘Good Job, Amber’ or ‘Awesome, she has a really beautiful voice.’ Why can’t we realize the good that people do instead of the bad? Why must we qualify everything in relation to skin color or weight? When reading comments like those posted by Adam and Gillian, my first reactions are usually shock and disbelief — mixed with a bit of anger. However, more than anything, I have this desire to pray for individuals like them. For someone to demean and denigrate others in response to their accomplishments speaks volumes of their character.

    • Jackie

      Very well said, Justin! I couldn’t agree more.

  • Tom in STL

    Wow, the vitriol in these comments is ridiculous! I wasn’t planning on watching the All-Star game, but I will now based on this news, at least to hear Amber and Colbie. Amber is my favorite part of “Glee” so it will be nice to see her have the spotlight instead of Lea Michele. And while Colbie is generally a laid-back singer, I’m sure she will give proper heft to “God Bless America”.

    • Jackie

      I agree that it is nice to see everyone in the Glee cast take center stage at some point or another (Lea included), but this is not Amber’s first time out in front. She took the lead when the cast was singing the national anthem at the World Series last year too.

  • jazzmanchgo

    The very idea that anyone could have categorized the pre-weight-loss Jennifer Hudson as “fat” is indicative of the ridiculous, unfair, and downright unhealthy standards of physical appearance our society places on women.

    And think about how how standards have worsened over the years. Not terribly long ago, Jennifer would have been considered a knockout. Look at the way Marilyn Monroe was built when she posed for Playboy back in the early ’50s, and compare her body to Jennifer’s before Jennifer went on her diet Ain’t much difference!

    As for Sidibe et al. Yeah, they’ll face some barriers, but remember: not many years ago, it was also assumed that women “of a certain age” couldn’t get leading roles in major films, either. I think that the Oscars pretty much blew that one out of the water this last time. So maybe things are changing for the better, albeit slowly.

    • Marylyn was not Fat

      Anyone who uses the “Marylyn Would Be considered Fat Today” argument is being either obtuse, or must have some visual impairment. Look at Marylyn’s body, thighs, arms, even at her heaviest. She was curvy and definitely not stick-thin, but FAR from Jennifer Hudson’s chubby shape. Jennifer’s arms were blubby and she had a big gut. Marylyn was just shapely beyond what a supermodel would be today. Marylyn=gorgeous and curvy
      Jennifer=Fat. The people today that have the type of body Marylyn has are jennifer Lopez, Salma hayek, and Beyonce.

      • jazzmanchgo

        Sorry, but there’s absolutely no way I can envision Jennifer as ever having been “fat.” When she first broke onto the scene, I thought that she was the most refreshingly normal-looking woman I’d seen in a celebrity role for years. Only in modern-day America would a modestly contoured body such as hers be considered anything unsual or unattractive.

        I was astounded when people began making comments about her weight. I don’t know what her motivations were for going on that diet, but if she really felt compelled to change her appearance to please the image-mongers, I think it’s extremely unfortunate.

      • Gillian

        “modestly contoured”??? LOL
        Sorry, I have seen Hudson, she ain’t no modestly contoured, she is fat.

        And I agree, Marylyn Monroe used to be like Beyonce or Jlo are now, shapely, curvy, but still NOT overweight, like that cow Hudson

  • Lola

    I guess I’m the only one who’ll be watching for the baseball.

    • Maureen

      Seriously! How did this become an issue about weight? *scratches head*

  • Marie

    I am also someone who thinks that Adam has made an interesting point, but I don’t agree with the way he said it.
    In the beginning, I will admit that I was a big fan of Glee, but looking at the show now, I’m starting to ask myself why it is that the only “non-skinny” character on the show is an African-American girl, and she’s also the only one without any major dating relationship(s) on the show as far as the starring woman are concerned. The show seems to be going along with the standard that the African-American girl is always the less attractive one, which in real life is not true and harms the stereotypes of African-American woman in general.

    • john

      GLEE may love to call itself progressive, but once again, the fat, black girl, and the gay kid are the ones without significant romantic relationships, and personifying stereotypes (The black girl is sassy, Oh No You Didnt and has a big voice, and the gay kid is flaming,obsesses over high fashion, and always sees himself as “one of the girls” That’s not progress

      • hmmm

        well, if you actual are a fan of the show you’d know that they are both getting love interests in the next season. you also fail to point out that its progessive because the gay kid has a dad that, although he struggles with it, accepts his son and defends his son.

        not to mention that it has not 2 asian characters, more than most shows, and its adding another one in charice. so his character is a flaming gay kid, last time i checked those types of gay people still existed. so what if shes big, black, big voiced and sassy? does that make her less or more interesting if she was dumb, timid, and annoying?

      • well

        The “gay kid” just got nominated for an Emmy, so yeah……

      • Colleen

        John you must be pretty ignorant to think that, The show is about a Glee club which brings together a group of teenagers who have their own reasons to feel like outsiders. I am a teenager and I know people just like the characters in the show. Also Marie, Its not saying that African Americans are unattractive, Its saying that everyone has an inner beauty and it doesn’t matter what you look like. I would also like to point out that both the “gay kid” and the “fat black girl” are more popular than the skinny white lead singer. Also, why would they need to be in a relationship situation to be an important part of the show? Their presence in the show is very important

      • Alex

        Last time I checked, it was the “skinny white lead singer” who was getting the EW covers and the singing at the Tonys, not to mention the rumour that she’s been offered the lead in the first Broadway revival of Funny Girl in 46 years!! Why doesn’t the fat girl or the gay kid gets those?

      • Danielle

        the skinny white lead singer isn’t getting those because of her character on the show, she’s getting it because she’s a very talented singer, just as the fat girl and the gay kid are, but just because that’s their character, doesn’t mean that’s who they are.

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