Taylor Swift announces new album, 'Speak Now,' will drop Oct. 25

taylor-swift_320.jpg Image Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty ImagesTaylor Swift hosted a live web chat this afternoon to announce details of her new record, Speak Now, which she’ll release October 25th worldwide. The title, she said, “pertains to the album as a concept, and as an entire theme of the record, more than I can even tell you.”

Swift has been writing the album for two years, she said, since Fearless came out. “You gotta give yourself time to live a lot of things so you can write about a lot of things,” she said. “Thankfully, in the past two years I’ve experienced a lot of things that I’ve been dying to write about. A lot of things that I’ve wanted to say in the moment that I didn’t… Track by track, each song is a different confession to a different person.”

The album was written entirely by Swift, and co-produced by Swift and Nathan Chapman, with what Swift estimated to be 60 percent of the songs recorded in Chapman’s basement. First single, “Mine,” will be released to radio sometime mid-August. Swift said “Mine” is about “my tendency to run from love. It’s a recent tendency. Every example of love in my life has ended in goodbye. The song is about finding the exception to that.” The album will also include “Sparks Fly,” an old song that became a fan favorite after she played it live. Swift plans to tour “the world” after the album’s release.

On the acting front, Swift noted she would love to be in another movie someday, but is too busy with her music career at the moment. She also answered personal questions from fans, involving her favorite summer outfits (sundresses and homemade headbands), her favorite coffee (Starbucks lattes) and her tips for first-time songwriters. “The more it seems like a journal entry, the better,” she encouraged.

The chat is still going on Swift’s Ustream channel. Anyone else watching? What do you think? And who’s excited for Ms. Swift’s new album?

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  • Jonathan

    Cannot wait; Taylor’s incredible ability to write such raw music at her age makes her such an awesome talent. I’m anticipating every song to reach the upper realm of my iTunes Most Played just like with Fearless.

    • movieman

      I think I speak for all when I say that she’s overrated and that the ONLY reason she won the Grammy and every other awards was because of Kanye.
      Frankly, she should have thanked Kanye when she won ‘Album of the Year’, god knows he made it possible for her to win.

      • whatevs

        You’re obviously not speaking for all when you’re responding to someone who is her fan.

      • Des

        she meant normal people

      • sally

        Speak only for yourself. I love Taylor and think she deserves all the awards she has won. I do, however, think she should take some time off. She just finished her Fearless tour. She’s following the Beyonce way of doing things. Too much is sometimes just too much.

      • Ashely

        Well, your most defianlty not speaking for everyone. And what Kanye done, is not why Taylor won FOUR GRAMMY, it’s because she can sing, and write awesome songs.

      • Ashe

        why do you think you gotta be hateful. if you don tlike her thats your problem not anyone elses. no one likes a hateful…

      • addie

        Why you gotta be so mean!!! Just go and friken get a life your probly some big fat lazy guy who sits on your computer all day, still lives with your mom and Has never had a girl friend! Leave her alon!!! Shes and amazing singer and an amazing person! Shes helped me through so much! Why the heck do you even get on here stupited! BElive it or not but nobody cares what the heck you so go and suck it fatso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • amber

        You dont say that:) i love her songs so I think thats alright that she won :D


      I agree Jonothan! I can’t wait! We have had the pleasure of seeing her in concert twice, and it is by far the best concert I’ve ever been to! She connects to her fans like no other. You can really see how much she loves her fans. I think that it is great that she just gets it! Fearless was an amazing album. It is rare to find an album in which every song is awesome. Can’t wait to hear her new album!


      OH NO …. first sign of THE APOCALYPSE

    • homerox13

      Raw? Really? Her music’s about as sugary as you can get, and after reading her last quote in the story I’m already cringing at the prospect of hundreds of teenage girls setting their “really deep” diary ramblings to music and calling them songs.

    • Jay

      Taylor Swift is overrated…her lyrics go like this…

      Today was a fairytale
      I wore a dress
      I looked a hot mess
      Today was a fairytale…


      • Lauren

        Those aren’t the lyrics…

        She’s amazing, one of the most talented singers of our generation. :)

      • Kelsey

        it’s not like you can write anything better, so if you have nothing nice to say about her, don’t say anything at all.

      • Ashe

        dont be a hateful… Taylor Swift is good but thats just my opinion either way no one likes hearing hatefuls talk their crap so if you dont like her thats our problem not anyone elses so dont be rude.

      • addie

        Wow!!!Why you gotta be so mean!!! Just go and friken get a life your probly some big fat lazy guy who sits on your computer all day, still lives with your mom and Has never had a girl friend! Leave her alon!!! Shes and amazing singer and an amazing person! Shes helped me through so much! Why the heck do you even get on here stupited! BElive it or not but nobody cares what the heck you so go and suck it fatso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Destinee

        To all thefans of taylor swift first: Taylor did a really great job with this album.. she has continually impressed us with her lyrics and melodies. She is a great girl and amazing role model for us. She has become famous with music that has come from her heart and she has been in the tabloids for scandalous stories. For those who are against who and feel the need to make your opinion public: your accusations and opinion were welcomed and they were considered. The point those is instead of taylor getting wrapped up in the materialistic things of this world she has focused on her own music and her fans. She hasnt become a mess or dilinquent.. She has to somehow put up with the public, rude comments, doubts, and her own personal life issues all while working on her music. You all do have an opinion and yes it means something but dont put someone down about their dreams if you dont like them. She does have some faults and mess ups but dont we all. why does hers have to change how we percieve her music? Taylor has become a great musician and writer. I appreciate that i can listen to hear music without knowing shes in rehab, doing drugs, getting drunk, or being a slut (excuse my language). but anyways she is an amazing artist and i applaud her for her strength and courage. Keep up the work taylor.

    • JC

      Listen up people, this girl has as much talent as a 5th grade talent show. She can’t sing LIVE to save her life.

      OMG, she is a RACIST…lol….she is the DEVIL…lol. LMAO :)

      Kanye West is far more talented than this here-today-gone-tomorrow piece of kit. :)

      • Emily

        How is she racist?
        Hmm? When has she ever mentioned something racist… I get pissed off incredibly when people pull the race card.
        This is the article for racism
        “Not because she had stated something racist or wore anything to suggest that, but simply because she was photographed with a guy who was wearing the swastika on his t-shirt.”
        So, your calling her a racist because she was seen with someone… Hmmm… Perfect sense. >.<

        And you probably can't sing either, your not the brightest crayon in the box, already proven by the racist comment. And, she is one of the best country crossover singers of our time.

      • Kelsey

        it’s not like you can write or sing anything better, so if you have nothing nice to say about her, don’t say anything at all.

      • Ashe

        do you have nothing better to do with your life then be a hateful? and wow how is she racist you dumbass just because shes white dont make her racist. all you hatefuls are just jealous because she has a great life and you dont. so why dont you go get a life.

      • addie

        Go and screw your self jerk! Shes got way more talent than you’ll ever have! Aperntly you have know Idea what the hell your talking about! So suck it! Taylor is an amazing person and helps alot of teenage girls every day!

      • Taraney

        She is not a racist if anyone is it is Kayne West.

  • terryMOORE

    “Swift has been writing the album for two years”

    Does it reallytake her that long to write trite lyrics about unicorns, fairy tales, puppy love, and secret crushes? Really? I thought she simply went online and checked out sappyromanticlyrics.com…

    • Sarah

      Nah she’s past unicorns. Her songs will probably be about sending Tweets to her crush.

    • terryMOORE SUCKS

      She is 20 years old. Do you expect her to write rap songs about growing up in the hood, having abortions, or living in a trailor with a wife beater? Cut the girl a little slack. She is young and has had a hectic year. She is a clean cut girl and has been able to make it through some crazy drama this past year without becoming like Lindsay Lohan. I have a little knowledge on what life is really like behind the scenes at events that Taylor attends and it isn’t pretty. She is a pretty cool girl to be able to keep her head on her shoulders and still write about love.

      • Maureen

        What does being 20 years old have to do with growing up in the hood? Or better yet, what does it have to with abortions or living in trailers? So some 20 year olds don’t go through hardships? Give me a break. Enjoy her album of inevitable high-school diary lyrics.

      • Lily

        Maureen, why are you reading about Taylor if you do not like her music. There are some people in this world that have different taste of music. As a 36 year old married gal with 2 kids I find myself singing Today Was a Fairy Tale every once in a while. So what if Taylor writes about love or finding the right man for herself. The Beatles sang “I want to hold your hand.” Elvis sang, “I can’t help falling in love with you.” (BEST SONG EVER)
        Case in point, Taylor is a good role model and I think it is amazing that she isn’t on stage tearing her clothes off and pole dancing while singing about riding a disco stick. She is a simple girl who likes to write about love and there is nothing wrong about that.

      • u

        You cannot compare the Beatles and Elvis to Taylor Swift… you just can’t. It’s true that some of the best written songs are the simplest, but they also have originality and heart. Taylor’s songwriting is generic and typical, there is nothing unique about her at all. And as someone who genuinely loves music, I could care less if she’s a good role model or not. The only thing I demand from a musician, and it’s that they produce good music. Whether they’re wonderful human beings or not doesn’t concern me, I’ll raise my own kids instead of relying on celebrities to do it for me.

      • Wow

        U: Define generic and typical please. You do realize that Fearless came out when Taylor was 18 years old and wrote the songs when she was 16 and 17. Give the girl time, she will write more mature songs as she lives her life.

      • u

        @ Wow:
        Her songs are generic and typical as in they have no difference with what anyone from the Disney/teenybopper set would sing about. Taylor isn’t any different from Justin Bieber, the Jonas Brothers and the like. And as for her songwriting, look further down for the comments about Alanis Morissette and Kate Bush. Both women wrote songs way beyond their years when they were younger than Taylor. Her age isn’t an excuse, she’s a terrible songwriter, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Good songwriting doesn’t wait to show itself until you’re 30.

      • j

        you mean after puberty..

      • cricket

        U: get a life dude. The girl sales millions regardless of your opinion. I like her and I enjoy her music. Her music is fun and when I am having a bad day, I know Taylor will have a song for it. By the way, is this what you do all day? Sit behind your computer waiting to pounce on people you do not like on webistes. Get a life!

      • to all of you

        Ok, first off, this comment goes out to all the freaks who hates on Taylor. You obviously have no lives if you claim you can’t stand her. If you can’t stand her, why do you sit around looking her up? And you know something, she’s a millionaire and is perfectly happy writing the songs she writes. Did it ever occur to you that she actually HAS fans?! And that writing about her doesn’t do a thing to her being so popular and famous? She’s amazing regardless of your idiotic comments and no one really cares about your opinions. I hope you have a great rest of your life sitting behind a computer desk all day looking up random places to hate on people. and no matter how many people turn on her, know that she’s always going to be a great person and will always have tons of fans, including me. So, hope you enjoyed my comment :)

      • Noah

        Age is not an excuse. Either you have talent or not. Regardless of how old are you, if your music is that bad it shouldn’t be exposed to the public. There’s a British folk songwriter called Laura Marling who is two or three years younger than Taylor and has been recently nominated for the Mercury Prize. Marling wrote her debut when she was 17 and she didn’t write about fairytales and teenage angst, she writes about mature things like mortality psichology and religion. Stop defending Taylor’s mediocrity with cheap arguments.

      • weiowjhgui

        so true…people are just mad because of all her talent. and comparing her to jutin bieber is the most ridiculous sttement i have ever heard in my life…he doesnt write songs, encorporate talents(guitar and drums)

      • James

        Why all the hating on Taylor? Sure she’s not the most talented or best singer but could you sit down and write a song that reaches to millions of fans like she does? I personally love Taylor but shes not my favorite artist either, and i am very excited to hear her new music. I also plan on supporting her when her new album comes out by buying it!

        And to Noah, I looked up Laura Marling and I think shes really good..thanks for mentioning her :)

      • Talyor Creeders

        okayy, First Of All Taylor Was Raised Amazingly, Thanks To Her Parents. She Never Lived In a Trailer, She Was Never beaten! Amd SHe has REAL Talent!:) Shes My Idol!, Shes Who I Look Up To, One Day I Wanna Be Just Like Taylor swift! Shes AWESOME! I Love HER!!!

    • Des

      It’s not the writing that’s taking forever, it her practicing how to carry a tune

      • pinecone

        Des, go away. If you don’t like Taylor, why are you reading about her or even commenting about her on this message board. The carrying a tune junk is old. Get over it. Move on. It’s music. It’s not the end of the world. I like Taylor and I have to say her concert was one of the best I have seen in years. Move along sucker!

      • u

        @ pinecone:
        This isn’t a Taylor Swift fansite, dissenting opinions are as equally welcome as positive ones.

      • Wow

        U, it is simple, if you do not like Taylor, then why read about her.

      • @wow

        Some people just like to read. Taylor’s fans are the ones being rude for attacking people who don’t necesarily appreciate her more than other talented song writers.

      • @pinecone

        A “singer” not being able to carry a tune? NO! That never gets old.

      • sotired

        @pinecone, then don’t listen to her.

    • sarah

      umm she’s only 19, what do u want her to write about?

      • Maureen

        Three words: Jagged Little Pill. ;)

      • therealshelbie

        Good call Maureen!!

    • CiCi

      ha ha ha good one!!

    • WOWW

      haha yeahh? and who do you think you are? you are sitting behind a computer trash talking about a young person you don’t even know..obviously your life is grand.

  • Maya Trilling

    It’s October 25th, not 26th. (in the title)

    • Whitney Pastorek

      Yeah, I realized that about 30 seconds too late. Thanks for your sharp eyes.

  • LoveTS 1218

    Actually her album is coming out October 25th….a day earlier than you said. lol

  • ANNA


    Ugh. She is like Britney’s cousin from the Appalachia.

    • sarah

      I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not…but that’s what the best albums are about…you moron. It’s called having heart and soul.

      • u

        @ sarah:
        Taylor has about as much “heart & soul” as an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

    • Hayley

      Yeah, pretty dumb girl who won 45 million dollars last year,every music award you can think of, had the most successful album of 2009 and had a sold out tour worldwide.

    • veronica

      if you don’t like her, why are you wasting your time responding to an article about her, why not smell a rose or something? ..

      • Meg

        Same as you, to voice our opinion

    • Sweet Tea

      As a southern lady, I take offense to the comment about Taylor’s accent. Not everyone in the world that you meet will talk like you. A southern accent does not make a person stupid or dumb. As a side note, I think it is hilarious when Yanks come down south, they never leave.

      • James

        Northerners come down south for the good weather, not the inbred rascist southern folk.

      • Kim

        Taylor’s from PA. She is not Southern at all.

        @James; I’m from the South, and I live there now, but I’ve lived in the north, and you people have no room to talk about inbreeding and racism.

    • Jaqattack

      I resent the fact that you think nothing can happen in two years.As a normal citizen I have lived through an incredible amount in two years and I’m sure Taylor,who’s life is way more fast paced and hectic than yours, has definitely been through much. How about you have your life filmed 24/7 with massive amounts of pressure, and people tearing you down constantly not to mention the regular pressures of live for a 21 year old? And you honestly compared Taylor to BRITNEY??? I like both of them but they are nothing alike at all, personality wise and music wise. Even if you don’t like her music, as a person she has managed to maintain an excellent reputation as being kind and generous to her fans and charity organizations as well. You should never judge someone you don’t know. No wonder this world never progresses, haters like you will continue to be immature and spiteful no matter what.

  • Kevin

    Hope she knows she can’t come out with “love story” type songs anymore. Here’s to hoping its more grown up if she wants to top Fearless

  • hannah

    Awesome. There were like 60,000 people watching the live stream.

  • Scroobles

    I’m no swift fan, but the girl is really young. Cut her some slack. At least she wrote every song. You have to give her credit for that.

  • Michael

    O MY GOSH! I CANNOT WAIT! I HAVE MEMORIZED EVERY SONG ON FEARLESS, and I’ve been waiting (seemingly endlessly) for her to come out with a new album! I’m SO excited! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!

  • Hayley

    I’m a little worried about this album, because she just finish her tour and I don’t know if she planed this enough. It looks like she did.. We have to wait a couple of months to find out.. but I agree with Kevin, she has to make more mature songs if she wants to have another successful album.

  • olivia

    Gosh…its the 25th people!!! lolz I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • Briana

    Thank God. I’ve heard Fifteen on the radio for such a long time! Can’t wait!

  • sarah

    omg people she’s only 19, how mature do you think she has to be. She only lived through her teenager years, that’s all she knows, cut her some slack. She talks like a 19yr from the south lol Why are people always trying to push people to change, I like that she not some perfect little cut out, i like that she kinda strange : )

    • Hayley

      Actually she 20 and I think you don’t give her enough credit. I think she is mature, she was working as a songwriter when she was 14! I don’t want her to change but as any successful artist people expect her next work to be better than the last.

      • Kim

        She’ll be 21 in December.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Can’t wait, if it is half as good as Fearless then we are in for a real treat. And if Sparks Fly is in this album then I think we can expect some good songs

  • Carrie

    I’m looking forward to her new album. No one ever said she was the best singer/song writer ever, but the girl is classy and she has talent. Her songs are very catchy and I appreciate the fact that she writes them herself, especially at such a young age. I think she deserves her success.

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