Taylor Swift's brand-new song 'Mine': Hear it now

Taylor-SwiftImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosThere is no rest for the wicked—nor for those merely possessing of wickedly split-endless amber waves, approximately eleventy million platinum records, and a Jenga-like stack of golden trophies that Kanye can never take away.

Which is to say: Yes, Taylor Swift is back. The ringleted czarina of country-pop crossover has just dropped the first single from her upcoming Speak Now, and while it won’t go to iTunes until August 16, several websites have it streaming already, including this one.

As per several previous hits, “Mine” follows the narrative arc of young love blossoming—in this specific case, young college love. (Though 20-year-old Swift is, as of yet, only a student at the University of Superstar, at which she already appears to have picked up her honorary Masters).

So–the world’s first taste of Speak-era Taylor has arrived, and it sounds very much like we expected: just like Fearless-era Taylor, maybe a little older and wiser, but still as peachy-sweet as ever. What do you think, Swifties?

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  • PapaRazi


    • Yin

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  • PapaRazi


  • Drew

    I feel like they should have auto tuned her vocals a bit more. Im not being mean – I really think it sounds like she’s struggling here and there and someone should have auto tuned it a bit. Its a nice song. Its a lot like Love Story only not as good.

    • iljliuj

      Have you heard Katy Perry and Kesha lately? Bad vocals are in!

      • Come On Now

        KATY PERRY can sing. I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Taylor does sound very shaky here. More than I have heard her sound on a record before.

      • Anonymous

        have you ever heard katy perry live? obviously not.

      • Frankfurt J Lapidus

        Katy Perry doesn’t write her songs. Taylor Swift does. Sorry, “Come on Now,” But that at least gives Taylor an indescribable amount of brownie points to hold over Katy, bar none.

      • Well…

        Actually Katy Perry writes or co-writes ALL of her songs. AND she co-wrote Kelly Clarkson’s hit “I Don’t Hook Up.”

      • Jasmine

        stop hating on katy perry. her voice and music is very unique and suits her personality.

        now kesha is a different story…

      • u

        Swift’s lyrics are so trite and insipid that I hardly think she deserves any kind of “brownie points” for writing them. A five-year-old could do an equally good, if not a better job.

    • Ellen

      Haven’t heard the song, but let me guess: The lyrics include “unicorns”, “fairytale”, “puppy love” and “forever in love” somewhere in there, right? Why doesn’t this girl get a Pulitzer Prize for Most Complex Lyrics! I know such an award doesn’t exist, but with Swift’s brilliant songs, they should create it (YES, this is sarcasm)

      • Joe

        Taylor Swift is to song lyrics what Uwe Boll is to movies.

      • Vighorois

        Don’t forget “prince” and “damsel in distress.” That’s a 21st century feminist!

      • @Joe

        Uwe Boll? If you’re going to reference something, reference somebody that people actually heard of.

      • Will

        it’s not our fault you haven’t heard of Uwe Boll…in the time it took you to write this post, you could’ve googled him, and saved us your ignorance

      • courtney

        thats bratty

    • mike

      Why do people make such a big deal over live vocals? These non-singers are making millions regardless, just ask america’s sweetheart (and tour queen) Britney Spears.

      • @vighooris

        Um… it is possible to talk about archetypes like those in fairy tales without being anti-feminist. Her songs do tend to be about how love does not actually adhere to those fairy tale standards.

  • pianoplayer

    I love the new song. I can not stop listening to it. I can not wait for it to be available on itunes.

    • English

      its up on itunes guys and its the top selling song!

  • JC

    This is what you fans have been waiting for? After AOTY? This can be written in 5 minutes by her. She needs Mutt Lange (see Shania Twain) to give her something real awesome. This is average at best. I never liked Taylor and this proves me right. :)

    • loucyloo

      Are you kidding. Did you even read the lyrics. They are complex mix of words. It definitely took her more then five minutes. You are just a jealous person. And why in the world after and AOTY win would she change her formula? Already the reviews are coming in and they are saying that he she sounds like an older swift. She’s doing the right thing. When she’s late 20’s early 30’s material will continue to grow. But the girl is doing her thing and the only people who want her to stray from her AOTY winning formula are her haters. Not gonna happen.

      • couchgrouch

        she is older…just not better. and the lyrics are mush. she really strains for those talk/sing notes and needs an army of back ground vocals to beef up her sound in the chorus. country bubblegum.

  • Leslie

    It’s good
    Sounds like all her other songs though.

    • AJ


  • pianoplayer

    It is now available on itunes. YAY!!!

    • Kammie

      i just saw it on itunes and was expecting it to be a pre-order but its not! it must have just got on there this morning because it wasn’t there last night! so excited!

  • Christine

    I like it!

  • Ella

    This is not meant as a criticism in any way, but I just realized she looks a wee bit like Lorena on True Blood…

    • Bee

      omg you’re right! i just thought about it and they do look very similar.

  • Miss Talk

    Same old sound and same old hook.

  • Bee

    not good. sounds JUST like all her other songs. same old, same old. somebody on another board wrote: “wait. wasn’t this song on her last album?” which is hilarious and pretty much sums it up. sounds like a leftover track from fearless. and not as good. putting the world college in it doesn’t make it mature. still the same sound and the constant boy and cheesy love talk. and it even follows the same pattern as love story. in both songs, the first few times, a girl sings the chorus and then the last chorus is sung by a boy. having said it, it’ll probably be a hit. just from the hype alone. although i wish it wasn’t. and it’s a FULLLL on pop song. it’ll be so annoying to see people still call her a country singer after this. her first album was pretty country. her last album was pop with a few country sprinkles thrown in. this is total pop.

    • Teasy

      Let me guess…the “other board” is either a Carrie Underwood or “Bee”yonce fan site. Of course those fans know how to hate. Jealousy is going to kill you all one day.

      • Bee

        um no. those were general music sites. and that comment came from someone who enjoyed a lot of taylor’s old songs. so enjoy that. and jealousy? lol like there’s ANYTHING to be jealous of.

      • @Teasy

        The person bringing up names is usually the jelous one.

  • jayla

    I LOVE IT!! i have been waiting for it to make it online for weeks and finally i get to hear the whole song!

  • hellen

    Sounds good. A little more mature than her old stuff at least.

  • Cat

    Fun song! Taylor always writes a good hook.

  • Steve

    Countdown to the termination of the EW staff writer for posting a link to pirated material.

    All copies of this are illegal.

    • Bee

      it’s not. the song is currently available on itunes. it leaked earlier today so the label released it everywhere.

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