Joe Perry lashes out at Steven Tyler over 'American Idol' rumors: 'After 40 years, he couldn't tell me about this?'

aerosmithImage Credit: Scott D. Smith/Retna LtdAerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has criticized band mate Steven Tyler over the singer’s possible recruitment as an American Idol judge, according to the Boston Herald.

Perry told the paper that he confronted Tyler last Saturday before Aerosmith’s show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, having read about the singer’s possible new job on the Internet. But Tyler informed the guitarist that he had been told not to discuss the subject. “I mean, after working with me for 40 years, he couldn’t tell me about this?” the guitarist said. “Why so secretive? We’re told it’s a done deal. If Steven is committed to a TV show, that kind of affects the rest of us. We’d like to plan our lives, ya know?”

The relationship between Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith has been a strained one of late, and earlier this year there were rumors that the band were looking for a new vocalist. What’s your opinion of this latest kink in the ‘Smith’s saga? And do you think Tyler would made a good Idol judge?

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  • UGH

    Y’know, Aerosmith’s time has come and gone. Joe needs to suck it up. The band hasn’t been relevant with new music in years and barely have written their own material. Just go out and tour with the band in the Spring/Summer on nostalgia tours. That’s where the real money is at. Do your crappy solo project while Steven does AI. Who cares?

    • UGH

      I meant by writing their own material in the past 10 or so years.

      • @UGU

        Wha does “writing their own material” and “relevance” got to do with Aerosmith? They’re not some trendy band trying to make it on Billboard, they’re AEROSMITH for crying out loud! Are you gonna say the same thing about the Stones? These guys are legends of Rock. All they gotta do is annouce a tour and it will sell out.

      • Ana170

        The’ve put out a couple of cds with their own music and have a new one in the works. And I’m seriously tired of the relevance topic as if that somehow means something. Justin Bieber is relevant, that doesn’t make him any good.

      • UGH

        Yeah,I’ll throw the Stones under that same bus. Steel Wheels was probably the last decent record they made, the rest of it was meh. Aerosmith on the other hand has been selling out with their music. Sappy ballads, crappy rockers. If you enjoy that over their newer music over their classics….well, more power to ya.
        All of their recent material is garbage, IMO. They should just do nostalgia tours. Nobody buys records anymore. There’s no money in it.

      • Brianna

        I think it would be great if Tyler was a judge. His band member over did it-why can’t he just let Tyler live his own life? Joe should just let him be.

      • darrin

        if they sold out they did it to stay “revelant” but anyways how about 2004’s “honkin’ on bobo” that was not a sellout it was a rockin’ blues album!

      • Daniel

        @Brianna, I understand your point, but still–he’s not the only member of Aerosmith. Kind of suck to find out your lead singer might bail in a newspaper.

    • KRG

      The bad boys of rock are getting old and crotchety..

      • Rumplestiltskin

        Well, being old and crotchety myself, I’ll go on record saying I think someone Steven Tyler’s age is a wrong choice for Idol. This applies as well to Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Barry Manilow, and other musical greats who are getting up in years. AI is a family show with an emphasis on youth [15 year old bottom limit] and the current music scene. For these reasons I believe the judges should be equally current, having had hits in the last 5 years, or if not an artist themselves, having written or produced a hit in the last 5 years.

      • j thunders

        The last Aerosmith cd worth anything was PUMP. They shoulda called it a day long ago. American Idol needs to go away & Steven Tyler should be ashamed to be associated with it. We don’t need more shallow, souless cookie cutter pop stars.

    • who cares

      aerosmith has always been over rated.

      • Brianna

        Aerosmith is amazing. They have always been one of the most fantastic rock bands ever. Very true talent.

      • Terri

        Overrated?? You kidding me? LOL…get a clue!!

      • Roma

        OVERRATED????!!! Really? Really?! Aerosmith is one of the greatest bands ever.

      • PA

        Aerosmith is and has always been just awful.

  • silverrose

    Tyler needs to stay with the band. 40 years is to long to decide on a drastic career change and just leave the rest of the guys uncertain of their futures, new lead singer or not.

    • @Silverrose

      What are you talking about? What future? The whole band is comprised of multimillionaires. Do you know the life expectancy of the average Rock band? These guys have had at least 4 lifetimes of Rock in their careers.

    • Paul

      Do most AI watchers even know who Aerosmith is? I don’t think he’ll make a good choice for judge. He’s too “old” for the young audience the show attracts.

      • Megann

        Ya know I do watch this show and at first I was so happy to hear Steven might be a judge on AI

  • Peter

    ugh on tyler being a judge

    • chery

      I agree. UGH! Pull the plug on AI already. It’s no wonder Simon left.

    • VibeCat

      I couldn’t agree more. Don’t want to see Tyler as a judge. Absolutely not. Won’t watch.

  • Adam

    Pretty sad that such a formerly iconic singer as Steven Tyler is going to give up his last shred of integrity for a huge paycheck on a cheap karaoke show.

  • Flyer

    Steven Tyler as a new Idol judge? Talk about mixed messages! First the show drops the contestant age limit into prepubescent territory, and now it’s considering adding a rock DINOSAUR who hasn’t been relevant in YEARS to the judging panel? If we end up with too-young contestants and too-old judges, this show’s never going to be “just right” ever again!

    • Princey

      In total and complete agreement!

      • Susanne Cox

        Yea, well said!

  • Samantha

    karaoke show? carried underwood and many others sort of prove that false

  • Emma

    Joe Perry has been jeaelous of Steven for years. Tyler has no issue with Perry’s own project, but anytime when Steven has one -Perry has an issue.
    Steven Tyler would be a good judge, he is a pro.

    • Crystal

      I agree Emma. How many times has Joe done solo things? Now suddenly its a travesty when Steven wants to branch out…….altho he didn’t have to be completely aloof about the whole thing. I dunno, Steven’s behavior tho has become odd in recent years – since being with Erin. Hmmm, coincidense?

    • KPNunn

      Emma…as a diehard Aerosmith fan since 1976 (ROCKS),I have probably forgotten more about the band than you will ever even know and I can tell you…Joe Perry is a happily married man who understands priorities. It appears that Steven Tyler is developing a Peter Pan complex by jumping at anyting that comes along. I believe JP puts out his recent solo work because NOTHING is happening with A-smith while Steven searches for the fountain of youth.

      • Rumplestiltskin

        Typical. Aries is the infant of the zodiac. Tyler is an Aries.

    • who cares

      the point is not that perry is doing his own thing. its that he hasn’t let any of his bandmates know about it so they can plan accordingly. its pretty inconsiderate.

      • who cares

        *tyler doing his own thing, not perry.

      • start reading

        Tyler had been told not to discuss the subject that early. It was last Saturday that Joe confronted Tyler. Didn’t you read this article before you started doing comments?

    • Jeff

      Karaoke. Yes. So is the American Idol “Tour”. Doesn’t mean that the contestants can’t sing. Doesn’t mean that Carrie and the others who have made it are doing that now. But the show and the tour are. Take it for what it is. A bunch of contestants singing other people’s songs – but instead of being backed by a machine, they get a live band. There are no original songs. No songs written by the contestants. Sure they might change up the arrangement here and there – but those are few an far between. Still, karaoke at it’s best.

  • Frank from

    Here we go again… Steven Tyler, you stick with Aerosmith!

  • butterkukp7

    I hardly doubt Joe is jealous, he has everything in life he could want including a beautiful wife and family and all the $$$ in the world (but remember Steven lost a LOT of his in his divorce). Believe me it’s Joe’s real desire to keep playing and making music until the day he cant make music any more. If Steven effectively drops the band to do a tv show after just rejoining the ‘Boys, after all that DRAMA they just had, it might hurt them forever. Certainly it would hurt those of us who have been looking forward to new music since 2001….relevent to you or not they are still relevent to me.

  • butterkukp7

    (I only brought up the $$$ as it might be a reason for him wanting to do this stupid teenybopper tv show in the first place).

    • oh please

      How do you know that its about money? What if this is something that he thinks would be great for his life? What if he has a bucket list of things that he wants to do before he dies, and this is one of them? You don’t know that this is only about money. Tyler has been trying to be a better man in life. Give him a chance.

      • kate

        I think that would be why butterkukp7 wrote *might* be a reason. I thought s/he was clear on that.

  • joeman

    Aerosmith is done, they’ve been done for awhile. So have the stones for that matter. I know theyre rock legends, come on, the best days are behind them…

  • Stormy

    I don’t think it matters if ST becomes an Idol judge. Unless they fix the voting issue and limit the number of call per phone, Idol’s done. The teens and tweens will only vote for boys from 15 to 25 and no matter how good a singer anyone else is, they won’t win. All of the arguments about this or that judge are pointless. Anyone with a decent musical resume is a potential judge, but the voting is the key to Idol’s future.

    • I agree

      Well said

    • Em

      Great point!

    • Millie

      ITA! I’ve been saying this since last season. The power voting not only skews the show results themselves, but the voting does not translate into cd/ticket sales. It seems like for a lot of ‘fans’ their interest in their winner ends with the finale or if the winner is lucky, with the tour. It’s free to vote 10K times, but that one person with 10K votes is only going to buy one cd at best. So the vote and the title of winner means only that you had a lot of tech savvy fans, not that you will sell a lot of records.

      Worst and most stupid of all, TPTB seem to give credence to the power voting and the “results” and last year heavily skewed the contestant roster with guys just like Cook and Allen leading to the most boring season ever.

      • ER

        That may be because TPTB don’t really give a rat’s posterior what happens to these kids’ lives once they’ve made their money off of them. The Idol Tour is a sop to the masses, but it’s really about the show’s ratings.

  • Shawn

    EW, I know you love being cute with your vocabulary, but when you call Aerosmith “the ‘Smiths” you’re insulting a much better band in the process.

    • mark

      totally. ugh.

  • Sean S.

    My gut says that this is all hogwash. I could be wrong. Time will tell, but I think in the end this will all turn out to be some free press for Tyler and Aerosmith and a total non-issue for Idol.

  • Lisa

    I think the only one that can save AI is HOWARD STERN!!!!!

    • Rumplestiltskin

      If Howard Stern was capable of saving anything, he’d save himself from being Howard Stern.

    • Millie

      Howard Stern knows nothing about music and cannot do a family show, which is what AI is. Moreover, I loathe him with the fire of a thousand suns.

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