Eminem's 'Love the Way You Lie' video: Is this depiction of domestic violence too much?

eminemImage Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagicEminem premiered his new video for “Love the Way You Lie” tonight, and it features Rihanna standing in her underpants in front of a flaming house where Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox are intermittently beating the crap out of each other and playing intense, Stanley Cup levels of tonsil hockey. Meanwhile, Em is standing in a field of pure and innocent tall grass, rapping about how he is sorry. All the rage and beatings are lit in a very dramatic and sexy way, because the people doing the raging and beating are very lithe and muscular and gorgeous. As far as one can tell, it is still not Penny’s boat.

Watch the video after the jump and weigh in, Mixers. It’s a great track, and a star-powered video. The moral of the story is, clearly, that stealing vodka is wrong. But does it take responsibility for its dramatization of domestic violence? And knowing all we know about Rihanna’s personal life (and Em’s), is this collision of reality and fame-world cleansing or just awkward?

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  • Tye-Grr

    I like it, to be quite honest. Didn’t think I would, but this surprised me. Job well done to all involved.

    • john

      absolute perfection – domestic violence is seen in many different lights – this should open some eyes

    • anthony

      a lot of people are saying that this video beautifies domestic violence, not painting it as the terrible thing it really is. however, do u think abusive relationships are all black eyes and busted lips? definitely not. It usually is both sides of the spectrum, passionate and intense, for better or worse. I thought this video portrayed that type of relationship wonderfully

      • Becca

        I loved it. I don’t think it beautifies an abusive relationship at all – I think it just shows pieces of what one is like. I have been in an abusive relationship, and I could identify right down to the teddy bear.

    • Liz

      I concure…I love the video. I did not see that it glorifies domestic voilence at all. It gives it in real term of some people fall in love and this is what happenes. That DV is passionate & powerfull because your in love. Honestly, it paints the picture of what people in a relationship like this might feel. I think its genious not putting Em or Rhianna in the action because we see them as narrator of thier own life.

      BTW I think my spelling is off, sorry

      • Leah

        Not to be rude or anything but omg you should really try spell check once in a while!

      • triddy


      • Bernice vinson

        If you’re use to domestic violence, then that’s your reality!
        I thank God, it’s not mine!

      • stubbornoldbroad

        How about the truth. Abusers NEVER rehabilitate. Fact. Do some research. Never ever. That aside, all the facts n the world did not prepare me for this song or the video…I was able to cry for the first time since leaving an abusive relationship two years ago listening to Em tell the world exactly what is in the head of an abusive person. (you were as much to blame as I was, you made me do it, give me another chance) Notice I said “person” not man or woman. Em is just lucky to make big bucks from his abuse…wonder if Kim gets any royalties?

    • Lori

      I love the song and love the video and I’m 54 years old.
      I agree it DOES NOT glorify violence at all. I think it’s showing how terrible it is.

    • WTF

      I am shocked and apalled! Eminem BEAT HIS WIFE KIM MATHERS ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS! You mean to tell me the same noose that was so firmly placed around the neck of a teenager who had 1 fight with 1 person and everyone knows she started that altercation, will not now be placed around the neck of Eminem? Eminem BEATS HIS WIFE and there’s not a call for his career to end? Eminem BEATS HIS WIFE and EW/Rolling Stone/Spin/CNN/MSNBC/Fox and the rest LAUD and APPLAUD him? Eminem BEATS HIS WIFE and MTV gives him 8 nominations for his videos? WOW, I wonder what’s REALLY GOING ON HERE? Apparently it is not about ABUSE AGAINST WOMEN now is it? WOW life in America????? WOW!!!!

      • Yrb

        Shut up you moron

      • Joe

        HOLY CAPITAL LETTERS, BATMAN! stop being an idiot, I assume you are referencing Chris Brown, and his career is far from over, and I don’t see any nooses around his neck.

      • WTF

        @Yrb Mon 08/09/10 2:34 AMShut up you moron

        I’m a moron because I question why this adult male has been able to skirt by “scott-free” without so much as a side-eye glance? Okay then, I’m both brave and strong enough to be that! You fu@king idiot!

      • DiMi

        I think it’s moronic to silence people who discuss domestic violence openly. I don’t think it’s moronic to point out the racial double standard when it comes to domestic/dating violence. I didn’t even know about Eminem’s history. Sean Penn is another famous white guy who has beat up women and received awards afterward. It’s worth thinking about. The people who are calling “WTF” a moron for mentioning Eminem’s history are just proving his/her point. I appreciate the information.

      • megan

        Wow. Chill dude he’s sorry about it, and he went to get help. He finished his rehab and he is clean now. Why can’t you give him a second chance?

      • IrassJ

        So, you really think Chris Brown only beat Rhianna only ONCE!?? REALLY??!!! WOW!!!! That is quite a naive statement!!!

        There are different situations here – RiRi is a music world sweetheart. Kim wasn’t. You say the one time Chris beat her she instigated the altercation – Kim never did? If you think that, then you’d better brush up on your Kim / Marshall history.

        I also don’t agree with the whole, “She started it” bit – be a man and walk away.

        Domestic violence is never right on any occassion, but you have to admit that something like BEATING HIS WIFE is more expected from someone like Eminem than Chris Brown.

        Appreciate the song – how is that for an idea. It tells a lot about DV and the feelings / emotions involved and IMO a great way to get people to understand who haven’t lived it.

      • blake

        I agree, I dont understand why people are not more offended by the fact that Eminem clearly has an abusive relationship with his wife. Why is it ok for him to do it and then people condemn Chris Brown and say they’ll never listen to his music again? Is it simply because Rihanna is famous and Kim is not? Either way it is totally unacceptable for people to have such a double standard, if so many people spoke up about Brown then why are so few speaking up now?

      • Deb

        Em has never tried to hide his troubled past with his EX wife, and if you’ve ever listened to his music you know more details than you probably should. Their relationship was a sick, twisted mess on BOTH of their parts, and while his past behavior sickens me, I thank him for shining a light on it, accepting that he’s done wrong and earnestly going to rehab and working his way through it unlike some celebrities who hide behind lawyers and the bible (looking at you, Mel Gibson) and blame the other person (looking at you, Chris Brown).

      • NINA

        BTW, Eminem never actually beat his wife or any of his girlfriends, Kim and him had a volatile relationship like the one in the video, Chris Brown out and out beat Rhianna, period, there is a difference. I came from a home where my father beat my mother, she never touched him or even so much as argued back but she did eventually get out. I actually was in a volatile relationship and the difference is that myself and my boyfriend where abusive in ways (not physically beating) to each other. However, I know this sounds crazy and no one can truly understand until you are in that kind of relationship, but you really love that person and just like the song, when things are good they are GREAT but when they are bad, they are really bad. I did go on to marry that boyfriend and we grew up and have a good marriage, there is no abuse and we have two beautiful daughters and a good marriage. So, the moral is that even when you don’t split things can turn out good. But this sond and video is pure genius and depicts the situation perfectly.

      • Tiffanie

        I have never really liked eminem. I have never really grasped what people thought was so great about him, however, I love this song and this video. I think it takes a real man to stand up admit that what he has done is wrong. The song states every thought that goes threw your head when you are in this type of relationship. “I’m sorry baby, I’ll never do it again” but you both know it’s a lie. And yet, you can’t walk away because that other person is your whole life. All you think about later are the good times you have that are so great you can’t give them up. But when the bad times come, they are horrible and it’s a decision both of you have to make to walk away or work thru it. This is not a song about a man violently beating his wife. It is about the kind of relationship where the abuse (no matter what kind) is even and from both sides. Like i said before, this is the first song I have actually loved from Eminem. I have been in this relationship, and this song exactly describes how you feel when it is you and the one you love neck and neck.

      • kec

        you are a jackass, who clearly has no understanding of this issue at all. so shut your mouth forever, no one wnats to hear a word, ever again

      • WOW!!

        i guess you dont understand how music works. If someone is a good artist then their personal life is really just gossip. They are still going to be a good artist eminem happens to be one of the great artists we have, so yes he is going to be nominated for awards not because he abused his wife. an artist is good cause of their talent not cause of their lives.
        Elton John (gay), Amy Whinehouse (rehab), Michael Jackson (the lawsuites), Brittany Spears (this ones a little overtop but she still has good albums)

      • Leah

        What are you talking about? huh there was nothing wrong with the video where’s your ******* head at dude!

      • nani

        from some one who has been in a similar situation its rarely one sided…. we would fight with each other… we were both abused and not good for each other but we were so wrapped up in each other we couldnt see straight .. this particular video hits that gray area not domestic violence case is black and white

      • jane

        please just hush you are being very stupid stop hating and admire the work

      • TT

        My friend had the same opinion when she first heard the song. However just a quick comment, you need to understand who Marshall Mathers is, and the difference to his ART / PASSION as a performer! He and Kim are divorced through his younger days had a very violent and abusive relationship, and they are now divorced.

        However he is also a father, and is step-father to Kim’s other children. This song is more about “Mistakes” he “HAS” made, more than the mistakes he “IS” still making.

        That is why this song is amazing, it is from the truth of an abusive relationship, and the true feelings of an abusive relationship, he is in essence of the song telling women to get out of abusive relationships, promises that abusive partners make are only lies, they will continually lie to keep the person they love around, no matter how much they hurt them.

        It is easier to understand the song when you know a little more about it.

      • jaydin f.

        You just need to shut up . ok .?.?.?.? ok then bye-bye……

      • Shel

        Dude, at least he owns his actions. Now he uses music as an outlet. MOST abusers deny their actions EVEN to themselves and to their abusee. Any one who has been on either side can relate, and maybe even use songs like this as an outlet, or help them face their actions.
        If you haven’t experienced violence, I guess no you shouldn’t be expected to GET it….

  • MCS

    haha pennys boat

    • Casey

      Totally laughed out loud at that one.

      • shannon

        yeah me too.

    • Susan

      I missed that..where??

      • Samantha

        LOST reference

    • Shasta

      Charlie is lookin’ FIT! Hot.

      • melissa


      • Anna

        I love Charlie!!!! HE IS SOOO DAMN HOT! HAHA

    • wtf

      What are you hahaing about its not funny

  • matthew

    hahhaha Eminem is awesome.

    • Fluffer

      I’d HIT that! lol

      • WTF

        And he would hit you too as he did his WIFE in front of his daughter. But you ppl don’t consider him a monster? WOW….SMH….WOW?????

      • Marty

        OK Chris Brown, oops, I mean WTF – you can go back to trying to figure out a new career now.

  • well

    I think you totally missed the point of the video, it’s more deeper than that, but you write for ew

    • More Deeper?

      EW is awsome!

    • K

      Well, you read EW, so let’s not throw stones when we live in glass houses.

    • N

      Well you just said “more deeper” … sooo…..

      • T

        “Spits iced coffee out on laptop screen”. LOL!! I love when people try to get all sanctimonious and end up sounding all sancti-stupid.

      • coco


    • Woot

      At first I was annoyed that it didn’t really say that domestic violence is wrong, but then I realized it’s just portraying domestic violence and that we should see how wrong it is.

  • amber

    jeez megan, lets not engulf dominic now.

  • Larry

    Disturbing and Incredible all at the same time.

    • harry

      awesome awesome video!!!

  • M

    I think the video fails on the level of visually communicating to an audience, the power that the single had on it’s own when it was just a song. The video does glorify domestic violence by dressing it up in sex and pretty images. The images don’t have quite the same resonance that the song itself has. It doesn’t show the real damage that domestic abuse causes. It doesn’t even work on the artistic level of giving either Rihanna or Eminem a means of catharsis for their own pasts. It’s a terrible video and what’s more awful about it is that it comes at the expense of what is probably one of the most powerful singles I have ever heard on the radio in my entire life. For the video to flub that, or even the artists to flub that with the chance they were given, I think speaks volumes about their commitment to artistic integrity.

    • Andrea

      Seriously? Big words and insults doesn’t make your point more intelligent. We are all entitled to our own opinions and I respect yours I seriously don’t feel that they are glorifing DV by showing sex and how in the world can you show the real damage of domestic violence in a 2 minute video? It’s a V-I-D-E-O not a Lifetime movie. It does so the harsh reality as well as the brutality but it also shows a passion that so frequently follows after a fight. It’s called make up sex. Not to be crude but that is what it was attempting to show not that it’s sexy to beat up your loved up.

      • Ry

        Andrea — if you respect that M has an opinion, why are you attacking him/her? M’s comment wasn’t directed at anyone and i don’t believe it was trying to insult anyone — just give a critique. and while i agree that a video doesn’t have to send a message, i think your assessment isn’t exactly on target… the point of the video is to show make up sex??? err… i doubt it. i agree more with M, that i LOVE the song but was disappointed by the video. could’ve had a more emotional impact (to me anyway) if it wasn’t so predictable and generic and… cheesy (though i thought the acting was fine). on the superficial plus side, everyone looked great =)

      • steph

        Ry, just because someone doesn’t flail around going “OMG BEST VIDEO EVARRRR!!11!!” and tries to give a thoughtful critique on a video that takes on a very serious subject does not mean they are trying to appear superficially intelligent. I think you both make good points. While the video didn’t quite live up to what I thought it could be, given how powerful the song is…it’s a music video and this isn’t the 90s anymore. No one really cares about videos. lol.

      • john

        @ andrea – shut up and let the M use the words as it flows – if you are jealous – so sorry for you prissy @ss

      • john

        @ steph – talk about attacking b!tch – look in the mirror

      • steph

        @ John…whoa hostile much? I didn’t attack anyone, and nowhere in my comment did I mention anything about attacking.

        You are one classy dude.

      • sharon thomas

        watched the video twice and have lissoned to the song a bunch of times, coming from a family of dv. i can tell you it is a moving and true lyrical interpretation of it, you can say oh its sexing up dv, but sexy people live with dv in there life to, case in point ryahna. i think it was great! and i also think it was playing in to a deeper meaning too. and i know im not a good speller, so save it.

      • Carla

        I was actually quite impressed with the video, and the song. Eminem is one heck of a writer, like him or hate him.

      • Mel

        the sexiness is the point. Listen to Rihanna’s lyrics… “just gonna stand there a watch me burn BUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE I LIKE THE WAY IT HURTS” It’s talking about why it’s so hard to leave a relationship like that. When you are so passionate about something, you’d do anything to keep it. It’s not romanticizing violence, it’s revealing a true aspect of the nature of an abusive relationship.

      • Juneau

        …passion following a fight??? sorry, but in the real world women end up with bloody, swollen faces and knocked out teeth. I don’t think kissing or passion follows that. A trip to the emergency room follows that. You’re proving the point that the video glorifies DV. The last thing any woman would do would be to fall into bed with the man who just hit her.

      • WOW!!

        its sad that you interprit your personal oppinion as fact because FACT is that most women in a Abusive relationship tend to stay in it for a LONG time why? dunno different reasons different aspect, you wouldn’t know unless you were the female (or abused male) in the abusive relationship.
        and just for refference: Rihanna went back to Chris after the altercation.. like it or not. they also probably had sex (they’r broken up btw)

    • TQB

      Unlike some others, I appreciate your thoughtful commentary. I agree that this is an extremely powerful track, but I actually found the video to be equally heart-wrenching. I don’t think the video was trying to speak to the broad category of domestic violence, but I do think it captured quite elegantly a very passionate and violent relationship. There are many, many kinds of abuse. A relationship fueled by alcohol and jealousy is clearly one of them. This video really speaks to many young people who find themselves almost addicted to the drama of relationships like this. Because what can you say about these two people? They are both the abuser and both the victim.

      • Lindsey

        TQB i think you hit the nail on the head!

      • the girl

        This is exactly how I felt watching this video, which I love. I would like to add that I am glad that neither Rihanna nor Eminem chose to play main characters in this video. We already know way too much about their dramas and it would have taken away from the song. Using other people makes it more personable and less about us witnessing (again) all of the agonizing pain the artists have gone through. I realize that because it was Megan and Dominic it has less of an impact than if it were two regular unknown people depicting this torturous relationship, but I am still glad that Ri and Em stepped aside.

      • Lispill

        I couldn’t agree more. I think that what it showed was exactly that, that usually in abusive relationships the people involved are both abusers and victims. For this kind of relationship to take place it requires a pretty explosive combination of personalities, and it’s never just one person’s fault. What it also portrayed very well was indeed the huge amounts of passion that abusive relationships usually require, and that’s the reason it’s so difficult to walk away from them. Now I this is just my opinion as a psychologist who knows a bit about these things. But the video couldn’t possibly speak to every aspect of domestic violence so they just gave a very hollywodian interpretation of some aspects … I honestly don’t expect a lot more from these videos. Having said that, the song is amazing.

      • TQB

        The impact of this video on me actually pales in comparison to the sadness I feel that so many people had the same reaction to it as I did: familiarity. May we all have the strength to turn away from these situations and recognize that sometimes you have to walk away from someone, even though you love them desperately.

      • Karate Pants

        Yeah, domestic violence just isn’t sexy.
        LOVE the song, love some of what was done artistically in the video – but I think we’re left with a very different message here versus with the song. The video dips a toe in the waters of romanticizing violence, which I think is rather distasteful.

      • Mia

        @Karate Pants – I understand what you mean, but I thought that they weren’t aiming to make it look romantic. They added the sex factor to say ‘look how warped this situation is’, not ‘look how in love they are’. If watching them kiss after he tries to hit her make you feel sick, then the video did its job.

      • p

        My oldest friend has found herself in several domestic violence situations and, here’s the thing, this video kind of show how it actually plays out. Her relationship timeline: They spend a lot of time getting drunk, then making out, then one of them moves in with the other after a couple of months, he starts acting shady and having phone numbers in his pockets, she has a few too many male “best friends” that she hangs on while they play pool, they take turns smacking each other, he suddenly remembers that he’s stronger than her and punches her/throws her against a wall/etc, then they have sex. Repeat cycle. Everytime she gets a new boyfriend, she has a whole lot of cheap stuffed animals to toss out. I don’t think anything is being glorified. I think it’s telling a very specific, very sad, very common story. This could have been a video about her exactly. Respect yourselves, people. You deserve better.

    • Phil

      Hey M, I think you said it perfectly, and the BIG words are just fine. But what I can’t understand is why no one is mentioning that the song is Em looking back to what he put his Ex wife Kim through, and how this is one of the few tracks on the new disc that actually recalls what he used to put her through on all his previous discs..although in a much realistic light…with that being said, I do belive the way Dominic is dressed and looks in the video..he is supposed to represent Marshall from a decade or so ago…and Megan is supposed to be his ex wife Kim (?!) talk about flattery…but I digress.
      Anyways, to everyone questioning Eminem rapping in the peaceful cornfield…I’m just throwing this out there…From what I recall, evnthough Em got remarried to Kim, and then divroced again…aren’t they on good speaking terms now, and possibly wasn’t there a report she was pregnant with another of his kids?? I can’t remember if that were TRUE, but if thats the case, it explains why Em let actors portray their previous volatile relationships while he was standing in a cornfield looking sorry. He’s done fighting with Kim and doesn’t want to start again.

      • Alice

        I think the point of Eminem standing in that beautiful field singing such ugly lyrics is that you’re supposed to see the contradiction — the way that the two people in this abusive relationship see what they want to see, when they want to see it. How the woman believes the man’s pretty lies, and the man sees himself as fixing the problem. He’s viewing his own self through rose-colored glasses. He’s in complete denial of the ugliness of his words and actions. And so is she.

    • Lauren

      I completely disagree with you, M. Eminem wasn’t trying to “glorify” abusive relationships. Rather, he was merely trying to illustrate the other side of them that people don’t see. He knows from experience that abusive relationships are hard to get out of because there’s a huge sense of attachment to one another. So, he was just depicting the love and intensity that goes along with the anger.

    • TB

      M, I couldn’t have said it better! This video is sadly a complete failure. First off, casting Megan Fox and the “Lost” hobbit removed me completely. I didn’t believe the violence. It was cheesy. Also, it felt like Eminem and Rihanna’s performances were just backdrops. Perhaps the filmmakers should’ve kept the drama between them only. I just didn’t like it. Absolutely LOVE the song, tho. One of the best singles I’ve heard in years.

    • catie

      “dressed it up as sex?” you honestly think people in abusive relationships dont have passionate make up sex? the making up is why most people think they are in love and decide to stay.. use your head. this couldn’t be a more true portrayal of an abusive relationship

    • Heather

      M, I totally agree with you. Well said.

    • NINA

      To Juneau, M and the others…I don’t think any of you all have ever been in that type of relationship and therefore can not understand it but believe me when I say there is a definite real passion and not everyone gets swollen, bloody faces in domestic violence, there is abuse of all types, some emotional, some that is just fighting and pushing and punching inanimate objects, a lot of it is from both parties involved and then there is the extreme where one just beats the other up. This isn’t glorifying it, it is showing what it is truly like to be in that kind of relationship. And look at the contrasts, Em is in the beautiful peaceful field singing about dv, there is a true contradiction to that picture which is what the relationship is like, the woman wants to leave but the man says anything he can even though he knows it is all a lie and does anything nice to get her to stay and she does because she wants to believe that he truly is going to change even though deep down she knows he is not. Maybe you just have to have lived it to understand it.

  • Andrea

    I thing it was much deeper than the simplistic review you provided. But then again it is Eminem and critic love to hate him. Maybe you should delve deeper into the meanings. Better yet do you think that Rihanna, after what she went through, would actually be in a video and sing in a song that condones domestic violence? All I can say is way to go at least Meghan Fox can’t say “Charlie bit my finger!” LOL

  • Elton John

    I was kind of hoping for an emotional repeat of “Stan”, which tells a consistent and touching story that does a fantastic song great justice. I was a bit disappointed with the video to be honest…the visuals were striking, especially Eminem in the field, but I felt using Dominic & Megan as the main characters was a bit off. They’re very attractive and their presence almost contradicted the original intent of the video.

    It certainly didn’t glorify violence but it also didn’t capture the side of domestic violence that Eminem was trying to express in the song. Just my 2 cents. Eminem is still amazing and I’m hoping the “Not Afraid” video wins all 9 categories it was nominated for.

    • Shasta

      Why is everyone saying Dominic and Megan are too good-looking for this video? I wouldn’t have sat through a 4-minute video to watch a couple of fugs going at it.

      • Fluffer

        Uh yea! Would have rather seen Eminem and Rhianna or pretty much anyone else. It’s sexual – NOT sexy!

      • scrofus

        haha “fugs”, really? awesome! i’ve read entirely too many of these responses considering the time and place i’m in, but your colorful language gave me something to laugh about and tell the guys out here…”fugs”

  • Lola

    Amazing video! I was waiting for it ever since I heard that this astonishing song will be the second single of the album of the year “Recovery”. <3

  • Casey

    Wow. I really liked that. The scenes with fire were good visuals. And this is probably the best thing Megan Fox has ever done in her career. Sadly.

    • Ellie

      I agree 100% … I think she is a completely overrated talentless empty shell of good looks…but she actually did quite a good job in that video.

  • Gina Vera

    I liked it but expected more given the producer and the actors. Love the song because I’ve met couples that they true live like this video in their relationship which is like of sad. Didn’t like Riahanas acting that could have totally been better, Em was great love live the king !!

  • Lori

    Im really disappointed at the persobn writing the review of this video. You have obviously never been in a relationship like this, because if you were you would know that the song and video both are amazing. Eminem is a genious in everything he does and he showed it more with the lyrics of this song. They are so deep and meaningful. Great job Em.

    • Julz


    • TQB

      I also agree, it’s a very specific kind of relationship, and if it’s happened to you this video is profoundly affecting.

    • aj

      The reviewer does nothing wrong in this post because it’s not a true review. She simply poses a legitimate question for discussion: Does it take responsibility for how it portrays domestic abuse? (Especially considering the musical talent in the video.) From that, you get debate. You don’t need to have been in a relationship of that type to comment on the video.

  • Fred

    Megan Fox is HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • darclyte

    I liked how the director used light as a visual link. For much of the video, the sun is in the center of the screen behind Em in the field and thru the window in Megan’s house, and it also emanates from the fire of the house and even in the bar there is a sign in the middle of the screen that is much brighter than the rest. The light also moves as it gets darker and the camera positioning tracks the light so that as it lowers in the sky and moves off to the side the brightness of the fire also moves off center. Subtle but very nice.

    • Karate Pants

      I liked that too, I think the video is artistically quite beautiful.
      The problem lies in the behavior of the characters.

      • Fluffer

        Woulda been a more accurate depiction of domestic violence if they’d strung together a bunch of old clips from “Cheaters” and “Cops”.

      • Gabby

        Um, no. All the moronic, fawning Eminem fangirls saying, “Oh I’ve been in a domestic violence situation and it was just like that”; “This is what most abusive relationships are like”; “It’s not just one person at fault in abusive relationships”; “This is so beautiful” have no idea what they’re talking about…and haven’t spent much time at a battered women’s shelter to ascertain just how many of these women were at “fault” for their boyfriends/husbands beating the crap out of them. It’s not “passionate love,” it’s sick dependence of women with low self-worth who rationalize their abuser’s behavior to the extent of imperiling their lives.

      • Gabby

        Argh, forgot to add @Fluffer.

      • p

        Hi, Gabby. You’re completely right about it not being “passionate love” and instead being “sick dependence of women with self-worth…” I don’t think these women are saying that. Also, if a woman is talking about having been in a domestic violence situation, I don’t think calling them “moronic” is very nice. Anyway, the thing is, I have seen the after affects of domestic violence. The women, bruised and battered and shell shocked. And–for the time being, at least– removed from the situation. IN the situation, however, they can’t see past, “Oh, but I love this person so much! How can I leave when we have such heat and passion between us?” It’s not a very mature view of love, but it is what it is. I appreciate you speaking up about what you’ve seen as the result of domestic violence, but I think what these people are commenting on is BEFORE the after…when your mind is confused and you forget what “love” and “passion” are supposed to REALLY mean.

      • p

        *LOW self worth,obviously.
        *Effects, also.


      • hamid


      • Guy


        DV is a two-way street dear heart, I hate to break it to you! Men are battered everyday but no one gives them a space to talk about it. If a guy is smacked around like the guy in this video and does nothing in response he is considered a punk. When he hits her back he is then labeled a woman beater!

    • NINA

      @ Gabby, I don’t think you understand, there are DIFFERENT types of dv relationships, there are definitely ones like that one depicted in the video and don’t say I don’t know because I came from a household like those you are speaking of, my father abused my mother and was not provoked, she didn’t even argue back with him but I was in a relationship like the one in the video, it was raging and it was passionate but it was as much me at fault as it was him. Those types of relationships do exist, they are not all just men abusing women.

      • greeneyes

        @gabby, I have been in a relationship so similar to the one depicted in the video, it made me cry the first time I saw it. When both people have that fire and passion, things tend to explode. There is a very fine line between love and hate with passionate people like that.

        And BTW, you’re the moron. Maybe you should research before talking since you’re an idiot.

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