Kanye West to perform at MTV VMAs: How will it go down one year after TaylorGate?

Kanye-West-TaylorImage Credit: Gary Hershorn/ Reuters/ LandovWell, that was quick. Just as fast as Kanye West was ushered out of the building for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at last year’s VMAs, he’s back.

After months of backlash from his impromptu outburst, MTV has opened their arms and is hailing his forthcoming performance as a “triumphant return,” during which West will likely perform a selection from his  as-yet-untitled November album. The news will be a surprise to many who ideally would expect MTV to punish West for last year’s debacle. But hey, newsflash to all who didn’t know: There are no morals in entertainment. On the heels of releasing his groundbreaking “Power” clip (on MTV, by the way) and surprisingly premiering an unfinished Beyoncé-assisted track yesterday, Kanye’s comeback likely will bring in ridiculously high ratings.

When the awards air September 12 live from Los Angeles, we’ll certainly be tuned in. Swift, who’s also gearing up for the release of her Speak Now album and recently debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard hot 100 chart with the set’s first single “Mine,” probably will be in attendance.

Do you think Kanye will acknowledge last year’s gaff on stage? Since then, he’s personally apologized to the country-pop starlet. But do you expect him to do it again publicly? Do you think MTV will script a skit for the two to comedically act out? Oh, so many questions. Let us know what you think.

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  • Jonathan

    Kanye deserves the performance; he’s the best rapper out there in my opinion. I doubt he will acknowledge the Taylor situation; it’ll probably just be a performance and then he will be done. Kanye is great, Taylor is great; it should be a good awards show.

    • ugh

      “Imma let you finish, but I got Beyonce on the track”. perhaps the best line out of See Me Now. either that or “if you fall on the concrete, that’s your asphalt”. I hope people are finally over that overblown incident last year

    • jam

      Download Collin Marrero’s Sweet Dreams on Itunes. and let him perform on the VMA!!!! Its a really great track and the music is amazing! He would put on a great performance

      • emily

        wow it is a great song

    • Miss Talk

      No one man should have all that power !!! Go KANYE !!!

  • Danya

    Would not be surprised at all if Taylor made a surprise appearance during his set. I think that would be an extremely VMA-like thing to happen.

    • Carrie

      I can see that happening. It would actually be really cool, I think.

    • John

      This is the VMA’s right – so expect some elaborate staged event dealing with Kayne and Taylor – it’s going to be HUGE!!

    • my opinion

      That would be hilarious!

  • Tye-Grr

    I’m really psyched that they’re doing this. I hope Taylor and Kanye do something together to make everyone get over what happened last year.

  • Brad

    I thought he was banned from MTV or something or rather. If they let him come back and perform this soon, then their ‘banned’ doesn’t mean a thing and their show isn’t worth watching, which I don’t or haven’t in a long time.

    • Mr. So And So

      Where did you read that he was banned? Anyways no matter how you view it nothing on MTV is ever worth watching anyway, that’s why there’s Youtube

    • WIL C


  • mari

    I do not know if I agree with the opinion that Kanye is the best rapper — best use of autotune perhaps. But I digress. Kanye, IMHO, comes across as an arrogant douche. I normally don’t have problems with performers who are douches since I do not know any of them personally but I just cannot stand Kanye West. Sigh.

    • at

      I’m sure Kanye’s life is now over now that mari cannot stand him.

      • John

        Kayne’s life ?? wow this is getting really deep … so if Kayne’s gal Beyonce don’t win this year – who is he going to diss this time – lady gaga perhaps…

      • sushifox

        No one said it was, dude. People are free to express their dislike of someone without some sort of implication that it was supposed to be cutting or hurtful to the person in question. I think Kanye’s a d-bag too, as do lots of people. I know he doesn’t care. I don’t care that he doesn’t care. I simply don’t like him. (Though I will say that I’ll always love “Golddigger”, and god bless him for inspiring the South Park “Gay Fish” episode.)

    • Jonathan

      @mari Kanye used auto tune on one album; the reasoning behind him being a great rapper is the fact that he can make a great non-explicit rap album (808s) and makes songs that DON’T center completely around sex (looking at you, Lil Wayne). Eminem is deep, but I dislike the homophobia and other slams towered minorities he occasionally expresses. I respect him for not constantly rapping about sex and thus avoiding becoming a one-trick pony, but those topics keep me from fully embracing him the way I do Kanye. Say what u will about his ego, but Kanye as never dissed someone for being who they are (correct me if I’m wrong), and I respect that immensely.

    • DmanX

      I’m with you Mari. What’s next a duet with Rihanna(lov 4 U Gurl) and what’s his face (CB). Too tolerate such actions gives way for any future DOUCHE to do the same and reap rewards for it. Apologies mean nothing, Action means everything. I want these people to stand upright for once and stop acting like spoiled little brats.

  • Jeremy DC

    I hate the VMA’s. Man, what happened to MTV? Swift will come out and perform with Kanye and everybody will act like it’s so shocking which it won’t be. I can already see MTV playing it up like it’s the greatest performance in VMA history.

  • Kristen

    Who cares about him when Gaga’s going to be there!

    • Jay

      I’m more excited for Kanye West than Lady Gaga…

  • chris

    who cares, why do they even do this show anymore? its useless with little meaning. also through the years the show has become so fake.

    • John

      it’s a set up for next year and it means alot – to those attending the after parties

  • Bob Nibs

    Yeah they’d probably try to do a skit, like she takes the microphone away from him, and it’d be funny and all for a few minutes, *until*, while she’s closing the skit with some speech, Kanye grabs the mic once again, saying “Yo Taylor Imma let you finish, but I just wanted to say that this was a great skit and all, but Beyonce’s skit was OTH, it was the best skit of the year!!” while everyone groans and cringes and Taylor stares in shock like a deer in the headlights (again).

  • Elizabeth

    I think she should introduce him if she has to do anything.

  • D2

    Far more excited about Florence + The Machine performing

    • u

      Me too. Far more talented than Kanye, and a hell of a lot more humble.

  • chu

    Great news he desreves it, he was treated way to harshly for speaking the truth.

    • hmmm

      theres a diff between speaking the truth and being straight up rude. he could have said his opinion without taking away taylor’s moment and embaressing her on live tv. i never cared about what he had to say but rather his time and place.
      beyonce probably should have won but in the end who cares…its the mtv vmas. it’s not something to be taken THAT seriously.
      and it wasn’t taylor’s fault. if he wanted to yell at anyone he should yell at the people who gave her the award. the girl was doing her thing just like beyonce and every artist out there and can’t really be faulted for that.

    • Martin

      Uh, he was treated “harshly” not for speaking the truth, but for showing up at the awards staggeringly drunk off his ass, continued to swig down straight from the bottle while doing the press line, stumbling up on the stage during someone else’s moment to declare that someone else who neither wanted or requested his “help” (and looked embarrassed to death) had the better record. Like most things in life, it’s what he said, it’s the WAY he said it that made him a laughing stock. Had he not made himself a drunk embarrassment, he would not have gotten well-deserved raft of crap that he got. Hopefully in the last year he’s gotten control of his alcohol issues and some therapy for his ego issues, dealt with his grief issues so that he can show up and entertain with his music, rather than his personal behavior.

    • Brett

      They didn’t flog him in public, so no, he wasn’t treated harshly enough.

      • chu

        yes sir masser

      • Maureen


  • anne

    When are viewers and commenters here going to get a clue…trash is as trash does.

    • John

      and one piece of trash is never enough – they have come to take over MTV – Malcontent Twit Valley

  • Ali

    Oh please, he’s a d-bag who actually wears fur coats and sunglasses indoors. Good ole, Kayne…livin’ the stereotype.

    • John

      It’s the image that is important here – never underestimate the power of the dark glasses…(to hide bloodshot eyes)

  • Jethro

    Why does everyone live their music world around this man? He is nothing but egotistical and disrespectful to everyone. MTV and the Grammys feel they owe him everytime when he enters their room.

    I hope he is treated with rounds of Boos and Chants when he enters the VMA stage. Taylor has more class in her pinky than he will ever have and bet she wouldn’t do anything to relive her moment that he took from her forever!

    Do we forget that she is an innocent 17 year old who won her very first VMA and he killed that one-time first from her mind.

    He should be banned from anything that has to do with receiving something positive because he reaks negative!!

    • John

      Winning MTV award considered positive ?? I thought it was the “I got snubbed by the Grammy’s consolation prize”

    • B

      She won her first award yes, but now it’s the most memorable one she’ll ever have. Tell me, do you think she’s still pissed over it like some of you yahoos are, or is she enjoying the even-bigger spotlight?

    • liz

      Taylor swift singing sucks, but who cares right

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