50 Cent and Shyne trade zingers in the summer's most entertaining rap beef

50-cent-shyneImage Credit: Sylvain Gaboury/PR Photos; Andrew Savulich/NY Daily News Archive/Getty ImagesYou probably know 50 Cent as a rapper, actor, and businessman, but I think his truest gifts may lie in the phony phone-call field. Take his ongoing tiff with Shyne. The former Diddy protégé has been one of 50’s innumerable antagonists going back years, but things have really started heating up lately with Shyne’s release from prison. Last week, Shyne’s new label, Def Jam, organized a live webcast/conference call to aid with his halting comeback efforts. 50 Cent took this opportunity to call in under a fake name and prank Shyne.

You can watch 50’s edited version of the webcast exchange after the jump via Nah Right — be warned, there’s a ton of NSFW profanity and at least one cringe-inducing Mel Gibson quotation. Really, though, the questionable details of 50’s tirade aren’t the point. What makes this hilarious to me is the way 50 Cent consistently gets right up in his many enemies’ faces. No other artist of his stature would take the time to do this. Jay-Z, for instance, has spent the last 10 years studiously avoiding petty industry beefs whenever possible. 50 gleefully jumps headfirst into the mud every time. I can’t help chuckling at his antics, even when I know I shouldn’t.

In a follow-up interview with MTV News, Shyne called 50’s gag “an all-time low.” (Reps for 50 did not respond to EW’s request for comment.) “I didn’t know he was so desperate,” Shyne sneered. “The fact that he’s sitting in New York, selling his Vitamin Water, listening to my Ustream. What the f—? You’re stalking me.” Which, yeah, sure. 50’s obsessive needling of any and everyone he dislikes can come across as a touch pathetic at times. But in cases like this, it’s damned entertaining.

Have you been following 50 Cent and Shyne’s war of words? Whose side are you on here? And, dare I ask, which of these guys do you have more interest in hearing actual new music from?

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  • Larry

    HAHAHAHA.. That’s hilarious. Is Shyne that degenerate that shot someone in the club for Diddy and then Diddy turned his back on him in court and the guy got like 10 years? What a pawn!

  • Frantz

    I use to like Shyne but since he’s been Home his music SUCKS……50’s the best, i don’t follow hip hop no more cause everybody’s GARBAGE NOW but 50 keeps me entertained, gotta love Him….

  • Monique

    Hilarious.. 50 is a silly fool. LMAO! he cracks me up and he is as real as it gets. He’s no punk like Jay-Z. If he has an issue he will say it. I’ve noticed that most rappers use subliminals and say stuff about 50 (slap) and no one hears it but when 50 responds (shot) everyone hears it and blames 50 when actualy he is responding to peoples saying stuff first.

    • Rodman

      I 100% agree. It’s not that 50 Cent is “needling any and everyone he dislikes,” it’s that 50 Cent is being assertive and standing up for himself AFTER he gets taunted by lesser successful rappers.

      • 50 cent

        that’s what I’ve been trying to get across. I aint no punk pushover, all I’ve been doing is responding…dating back to jarule.

  • Dizzle

    50 cent is what keeps hip hop entertaining..i loved 50’s last album and shyne has more music since getting out of prison? news to me

  • bylaw99

    This is whats missing from hiphop..ENTERTAINMENT..people are so busy being so serious that no one has fun anymore. Rappers used to take jabs at each other all the time now erybodies so scared. Fif goes in on whoever says something slick. We see who the biggest balls in hiphop…NO HOMO!

  • slimjim

    shyne wack he got money,came out of jail and still trying to start a beef with 50.what shyne needs to to is get at diddy cuz diddy is the back stabber. 50 just gonna smash him.

  • bostons

    this all 50 has been doing to stay relevant since kanye. i didnt know he still raps

  • Heart of the City

    Its cool to be entertaining FIF.. I’ve been following your music since you came out…You are my favorite rapper along with Jay-Z But one day, as much as I hate to say it but you will Self Destruct if you keep paying attention to rappers of this caliber. Since 2000, you have been labeled one of the “kingpins” of hip hop. You are a businessman, you know it is not in your best interest to constantly have beef, especially in this day and age where no one is buying music.. Too many enemies will bring an empire down.. I know all of your music, it is the only thing that keeps me up when I’m driving… Take it from a real fan.. No one wants to hear about you shooting people in the hood anymore 50.. Because you are 35 yeas old and you are worth almost half a billion.. We know you not shooting people anymore.. Not to say you can’t keep it gangsta and hood at the same time; but there are so many stories out there that you can use to target your fans again without talking about your guns.. Talk about other aspects of the hood, for instance, babies not finding their way, A better life, Something inspirational so the hood can listen to it and help them out, actually talk about keeping the gun out of someones life.. I’m telling you, if you do this, your career would flourish again.. Don’t get me wrong, this video is hilarious, I was crying whn I saw it, but at the end of the day, it continues to tarnish your image…

    • Carol Floyd

      I totally agree with you about 50 and you are right one day some is really going to shut his mouth. 50 has alot of fans but he must remember that the fans he disses have fans! My son is a big fan of 50, and I refuse to buy any of his products, alot of people are feeling the same way. He’ll self destruct just like you said it will be just a matter of time.

  • Lola

    Wow…Wierd how as soon as he gets outta jail he attacks fif, and than when fif does this shyne calls him a stalker lolol

    • kala

      actually fiddy cent tried to sign him and dissed him at the sametime while he waz in jail das y!!Gosh yall do some research before you start yappin!..and the ViDeo wit da prank call was edited..shyne sed he got 2 calls from boo boo the time he be talkin reckless homeboy wasnt on the fone,,fif is a clown gangsta and i gotta laugh yo,,not with him tho,,at him..worrrd up!

    • kala

      actually it was fif who tried to sign him wen he was in jail and diss him at the same time…yall do some research before yappin plz!

      • dizzman

        Nah 50 never tried to sign him ! it was sha money xl and if you do your research as you like to point out you will find it wasnt even for g unit records !! 50 dont sign no one without hearing the product ie beenz

        shyne could have stayed in his lane an continued to make his music but he decided to call out fifs name is several freestyles since his release ! i dont blame him because hes not relevant and lets face it his music right now is terrible ! its nearlly a joke

      • kala

        LMAO!! go on youtube..SEARCH “THE GAME FEAT SHYNE G-UNOT FOR THE RECORD”..yes the call was recordedd before the song!! “sha money from g-unit records i got the call from fif…and if you kno u intrested to signin to g-unit records….” dont embarass yaself maann fif didnt deny this…lol!!..look shyne down on his luck now dont expect him to do much caz he has to work on gettin back to the states..he aint go mess that up jus to please yall..we dont know the full situation alright..either way dont forget its the same shyne from ten yrs ago..50 aint come close to shyne lyrics back then he jus got hot beats from dre and a catchy hook..and why is he betta than jada styles p or even the game??cause he got shot 9 times??(which is false) btw that for the record track from shyne froze 50!!and it wasnt that long ago think about it..and how did 50 reply? he can sen sum1 to run up on him with a shank wit just a few pennies out his piggy bank..ye 50 pikin on sumbody das was in jail yeaaa he’s da mannn he’s sooo kool behavin like an ass while he at it haaaill 50 everyone!! get outta here mannn!!

  • ARoss

    50 two-piece is too pathetic for words. A multi-millionaire has time to beef with artist who is not as successful as he? Give me break. Curtis has no ethics. If he spent more of his time on his lyrics and music (which aren’t that great to begin with) then his sales would reflect his “beefs.” Shine on Shyne, this fool is played out, and scared of competition.

  • raskaza

    You know what i cant understand..Why doesnt the media point out that FIF tried to sign shyne to g unit when shyne was in jail?Is FIF payin these guys to talk gahbage!Yes he tried to sign shyne and at the same time disrespected shyne on a lloyd banks freestyle over the radio..Reason why shyne came out with a diss track from jail “for the record” that he recorded over the phone..Then 50 came out dissin shyne again on the track piggy bank which was also aimed at nas, jada kiss, fatt joe etc…Then shyne finally comes out of jail starting to push 50’s buttons now all of yall is like..why shyne goin at 50?!? The video up above is obviously edited! It made shyne look stupid because it was edited..IF YOU LOOK UP SHYNE ON USTREAM YOU WILL SEE IT WAS EDITED!!C’MON PPL!!THAT VIDEO UP ABOVE NEVER HAPPENED THE WAY 50 POTRAYED IT TO HAPPEN!..Jus like he told everyone he got shot 9 times in order to sell records off of some of dre’s hot beats!..he got shot 3 times people its on the police records and such..And his rhymes aint all that jada kiss was right he has the weakest flow in his camp!!..Shyne jus needs to readjust himself back to the outside world in order to blaze tracks like he use to..There is kno rapper in this world can be on top of there game after doin 10 in the pen give shyne some time..If you look up shynes classic tunes jus compare them to some of 50’s classics,,50 aint got nuttin on S.H.Y.N.E!!!

  • lorenzo

    50 cent is my favorite rapper hands down…jamaica queens stand up!

  • JMaG

    50 is a funny dude. Shyne music has been wack since he got out of jail.

  • sHeDz

    Shyne got 50 where he wants him..He still got lyrics but da producing,beats etc is wack..Shyne knows this so obviously its a strategy,,first he comes off with some weak jabs let 50 feel comfortable to mess around then shyne goes inn for the kill and surprise those that hate and underestimate..As shyne got his first break bak in the day he went to jail right after..So know one should say 50 is better,,listen to shynes old stuff 50 aint jackin dat on no level everyone knows that thats why 50 tried signing him in da first place!!Lets see whats up first before we start da yappin people!!50 a clown he already beggin for peace..you will see what im talkin bout eventually..got to give it to fifty tho,he fooled the whole world and got rich off of stupid people..What makes you think he wouldnt diss YOU!! YES YOUUU 50 FANS!!

  • Eminem

    look below at comment

    If your actually 50 cent than im Eminem

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