Eminem returns to No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart, album goes double platinum

eminemImage Credit: Karin CattReturning to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart is Eminem‘s Recovery, selling 133,000 copies. Not since Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream claimed six straight beginning last December has anyone spent as many weeks in the top spot.

To date, Recovery has sold 2.1 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Behind Lady Antebellum, who’ve sold 2.5 million units of their Need You Now, Em is the only artist to cross the double-platinum line this year.

Last week’s chart-topper, Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs, falls to No. 2 with 52,000 albums sold. Disney Channel’s Camp Rock 2: the Final Jam debuts at No. 3, selling 41,000 copies. The second-highest entry comes from Black Label Society, whose Order of the Black comes in at No. 4, selling  33,000 copies. Blake Shelton’s second EP of the year, All About Tonight, comes in at No. 6 with 33,000 units moved.

The final debut in the top 10 comes from Mike Posner, with his debut effort 31 Minutes to Takeoff, flying low at No. 8 with 29,000. Sparked by the hit single “Cooler Than Me,” many expected higher sales. Justin Bieber‘s My World 2.0 climbs up two spots to No. 5, selling 33,000 albums.

Rick Ross’ Teflon Don falls two spots to No. 7, moving 30,000 sets. Kidz Bop 18 set rises up two places to No. 9 with 28,000 copies to their credit. And Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare rounds out the Top 10, falling seven places to No. 10 and selling 27,000 copies.

Are you surprised by Eminem’s success? Let us know.

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  • dctoronto

    Well there is no accounting for taste is there?

    • TR

      LOL Arcade Fire plummets over 60%, ouch.

      • Rich

        Arcade Fire are on a tiny label that spends less in a year than Em’s label does in a week. They have no singles on radio and no promotional videos. The fact that they sold 200,000 albums in 2 weeks is a huge achievement regardless.

        In contrast, RCA/Sony spent millions marketing Mike Posner, only for him to sell 1/5th of what AF did last week. Sometimes America has taste after all.

    • Jay

      dctoronto – you are so correct, sir!

    • moviemenace

      How does Billboard work nowadays? Are Itunes and mp3 sales factored in at all? Can someone enlighten me?

  • Rakim69

    Eminem will beat easily L.A. It’s Em’s 8th week

    Come to think that with all the respect that I got for them, country music got more people who buy records than hip hop artist. Eminem is like 10x popular but gotta wait some months before to surpass them.

    • Jay

      I agree man, King Mathers will beat L.A.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Dang people. If you’re gonna listen to rap, I guess I’m glad you’re listening to Eminem (or Kid Rock), but can’t you give a real artist a listen, like David Alan Coe or Johnny Reb?

    • Rakim69

      Em’s a real lyricist. So that’s mean real artist for me. Same with guys like Nas, Kurupts and others. I’m already busy with them.

      • Mark

        at least your choice in music lets the rest of us know that you have no taste and probably no education, job, life, etc.

      • Kyle

        Please let us know what you listen to, so we can judge you. Thanks!

      • Phil

        Flow is tighter than ever before

      • Ninja Boi

        yo Mark that comment was not cool u can’t jusdge an individual based on what they listen 2 my company makes in excess of 4 million dollers per yr and Rakim69 listed some of my favourite artists

      • Margie

        Haters can make like bees without stingers…
        I have issues with the swear words and some of the lyrics but there is no denying that Em’s songs are almost always amazingly well written and well produced. His newest album is excellent and heartfelt. His loyalty to Michigan, his daughters and his fans is appreciated too. I hope he finds God and deals with more of his issues but to imply that he is a bad artist just because you don’t like his style is ignorant.

    • Derek

      Other than Kid Rock’s first album, I’m not sure I would consider him “rap” anymore……more Rock/Counrty at this point.

    • ROB

      So you’re not happy that people want to listen to rap but you’re glad that at least they’re listening to *white* rappers?!? What’s wrong with this picture??? Eminem is great, but kid rock is not a great or even good rapper; I guess all you care about is that skin color huh?

    • jeff

      i don’t know which is more enbarrassing, the fact you don’t consider eminem a real artist or the fact you consider kid rock rap.

      • msa424


    • Carrie

      I think it’s funny because DAC wrote a lot of stuff for Kid Rock’s first album. They are BFF….

  • J-MAC

    Man, you know that we are in desperate musical times when a guy that was number one 12 stinkin’ years ago is still writing the same crap that he wrote back then and STILL number having number 1 albums….Musical creativity is dead!

    • Paige

      … Actually he IS talking about other things. Why don’t you try to learn about something before you broadcast your opinion’s?

      • Amanda

        In general I hate rap, but not only is Em a skilled lyricist, his delivery is mind blowing and as opposed to these other 5 minute fads he has proven that he has staying power. His music has evolved and not at the expense of his integrity or by being condescending to his audience. That man has passion for his art.

      • jennifer

        i so agree. this is a great album all the way around. people need to get past this whole stereotype they have eminem in. He has evolved and so should they. I think he is great

    • Tony

      That proves you didn’t even listen to the album Recovery is NOTHING like his older albums. That proves you were just hating and didn’t listen to the album. Eminem is the Elvis of Hip Hop. He is one of the greatest artist of all time not to mention has sold over 80 million records and is the best selling rapper of all time. Keep hating music ain’t dead. Hip Hop has done great this year. Drake, Eminem, Big Boi, B.O.B, and The Roots have dropped great albums this year. Quit hating on Eminem and hip hop.

  • JMaG

    So happy to see Eminem back on top. Keep it going my dude.

    • msa424

      well tell us what he should write about ??? at least he does write things that have meanng and mean something to him . he doesn’t write about love and crap

  • JC

    Poor Lady A, they deserve the top spot but thats the business

    • Tony

      L.A has a great album but Eminems is by far the best album in years.

  • Jay

    I am officially old. I would never listen to anything up there in the top 10 except for Avenged Sevenfold

  • Larry

    Eminem’s album is a masterpiece in changing musical direction, surviving and excelling. It’s not just a claim of rap music but music period. Eminem should not be cornered into one genre. I’m 61 years old and will remain a fan of one of the most creative artists in some time. That’s why he’s selling records folks. Different from the mainstream and proud of it!

  • dipshat

    Um… are you trying to be Larry David? He’s 61! (coincidence?)

  • Stephanie

    My teenage son wanted this cd, and it is in my car – listen to it all the time even when he is not with me. I love it. I’m a 42-year old woman – who would have thought???

    • Tony

      Wow Stephanie thats great to hear. Thank God Usher and Eminem dropped great albums this year and are back on top of their respective genres. Usher King of R&B and Eminem King of Hip Hop.

    • msa424

      hahaha i’m 15 years old and my mom started to love him because she read lyrics that have meaning ! but i didn’t expect that , she surprised me

  • u

    Good for him, he proved all the people wrong who said he can only be relevant by being shocking. He has actual talent, and can talk about serious stuff (apparently the naysayers have never heard “Stan” or “Lose Yourself”?), which is why I foresee him still maintaining his credibility as a rapper well into his 40s and beyond. Which is a remarkable feat in a genre where your career can only last until you hit 40. Em is one of the very few rappers to cross boundaries and have such a diverse fanbase. Even people who hate rap (as evidenced by Amanda above) like Em, or at the very least respect him. I mean, what other rapper can say they have been praised by the guitarist from Queen? I just wish Em’s success meant a lot of talented underground rappers got some shine as well, cause I can’t understand how Soulja Boy can still have a recording contract.

    • mattb

      I completely agree, soulja boy and some of the other trash that is out there cannot even be called music. I heard his newest ‘hit’ on the radio and at best it could be compared to my six year old cousin blowing on a kazoo. Meanwhile there are so many talented rappers who can’t get any recognition. mind blowing.

      • u

        I’m pretty sure your six-year-old cousin blowing on a kazoo still sounds a million times better than Soulja Boy.

  • Tahiti

    My husband purchased this CD for himself, I personally didn’t care to much for it but he insisted that I listen to it, so he played it in my car and I haven’t stopped listeining to it yet. He keeps asking for it back and I just tell him I forget, this is by far one of my most favorite CD’s. The lyrics, music and mix is AMAZING!! No doubt he’s #1

  • Petey Pablo

    Oh Eminem, I guess if you want to be in a pissed off mood and feel depressed, he’s your man… :)The guy only raps about how hard is life was in Detroit. Give me a break? Who’s child hood wasn’t rough, now the guy is pushing G6 Jets and Bentleys…

  • TMB

    Can someone explain to me what happened to his face? He used to be hot in a trailer trashy way. Now his face looks too tight and he always appears to be wearing a lot of foundation.

    • Tony

      its called him getting older.

  • wow

    cat’s on a car manifold would sound better than souljah boy any day.

    But yeah this new em album is pretty sick i havent been able to stop listenin to it since i got it. It’s nice to have some rap thats worth listenin to again instead of all these radio/club track rappers that are wayyy too prominent now a days. Thx lil jon and tpain…

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