Steven Tyler's pal Tommy Lee says the Aerosmith singer would 'Kill it' as an 'American Idol' judge (as long as he didn't fall off the stage)

jones-tylerImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos; PRN/PR PhotosTommy Lee dropped in to EW Towers this morning to talk about his new Methods of Mayhem CD, A Public Disservice Announcement (of which, more in due course). But we couldn’t let the Mötley Crüe skinsman leave without asking whether he had an opinion about the possibility of his fellow rocker Steven Tyler becoming a judge on American Idol. Turns out, he did.

“I know him really well, and he’ll f—ing kill it,” said Lee, who was himself a judge on the 2006 reality show Rock Star: Supernova. “Look, you’re judging karaoke—you don’t need to be a really super experienced judge for that. But it’s nice to have an actual musician in there. He’s fun, and he’ll keep the show exciting too. He’s a good guy for that, I think.”

One possible problem? Tyler would find it hard to criticize anyone who fell off the Idol stage, given his own recent habit of doing exactly that.

“He just fell off the stage,” laughed Lee. “I was watching  the news. I was like, is that from the other time, or is this a new one?”

Do you think Steven Tyler—or, for that matter, Tommy Lee—would be a good American Idol judge?

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  • Jamie

    NO, he wouldn’t. In fact, the one guaranteed way to get me to stop watching Idol would be to make Steven Tyler a judge. Sorry, but I tune in for the contestants, not some old dude whose looking for more fame.

    • LadyBug979

      What would make you think Steven Tyler would possibly need more fame? He’s a rock legend and will be till the end of time. Who are you?

      • CraigJ

        Look at that picture of Steven Tyler. Who the F wants to see his face 2 or 3 times per week? Scary. Plus he keeps falling off the stage and falls asleep during half the interviews I have seen with him lately. I think at minimum we need someone who can stay awake or not get the nods for a 2 hour live show. “Mommy, why is that scary man on the jury look like Skeletor and he keeps drooling.” Please Idol producer’s if you do decide to hire him put him on a 2 week or month trial and if he is as bad as 90 percent of us think fire him asap! Think about it The X-Factor with Simon will be on next fall and you are going to need someone to compete or your show is done! Think about the future. He is gonna suck!

      • ohwsu

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      • Jamie

        So “Ladybug”, S Tyler doesn’t need more fame – so why then would he be doing this show? Out of the goodness of his heart? Because he loves “pop” music so much he wants to be the first to guide these young artists to greatness? I think not. The ONLY reason he would have to do something like this is for money and fame. PERIOD. Oh, and if they do make him a judge than that would be further proof of how much a liar Nigel is when he says he wants to bring the focus back to the contestants.

    • kingsteveo

      jamie – you aint got a gun…or any brains! steven is by far the best choice! he has been rockin since the 70’s. thats called experience. the last thing steven t needs is more fame. if you had any experience or fame…you would understand. rock on steven i’ll be watching!

      • leo

        I’d definitely rather watch Tommy Lee

      • Jamaaliver


    • dakotalee

      Hey dumb ass!! Wake the F**k up. Do you really think Steven Tyler is hurting for fans? I would rather see Steven Tyler than “No nothing about music” Ellen Degenerate!

      • Ron J

        I’ll save my judgment of his abilities to judge for after he starts his stint. Tyler has a great deal of experience in the music industry. He’s written some of the best songs in rock history and is/was an amazing performer. I think he’ll be an excellent replacement for Paula…yes, Paula. Tyler should take the role of the performer turned judge. I’m hoping they don’t put him in Simon’s role. They need an executive/producer type to keep the show viable. Randy Jackson is a producer, but doesn’t have the crass attitude that a real record exec would have. They need someone who is going to judge based on marketability, not just on actual skill.

      • Samantha

        Yes, these picks seem really shallowly formulaic … Steven Tyler(star with drug problems)+J.Lo(star with an exotic look who’s warm and nice)=Paula. I’m surprised they didn’t think it was necessary to have a cranky British dude (eyerolls). Substantively, it’s really hard to actually know how Steven Tyler or J.Lo is going to be as a judge, and same with just plugging in a random cranky person – because being a musical star doesn’t automatically mean that somebody’s going to be able to problem solve and be honest. And yeah, being a music star doesn’t automatically mean they know much about the corporate end of the business of selecting and nurturing talent. So the jury’s still out, but I’m really skeptical because I’ve got Steven Tyler pegged as somebody who’s probably got a belief that pop music these days is crap and that what the recording industry needs is a rock revival of old greats – and if so, is that going to be guiding all his picks and advice? If so, then is next year’s show going to be filled with Bo Bice’s and Tyler Grady’s? Is that what people want to hear?

      • Brett

        Pop music these days IS crap. If Steven Tyler calls it like he sees it, maybe American Idol will turn out some decent performers instead of a bunch of middling talents.

      • Samantha

        People in their 60’s always think that about the music that people in their teens and 20’s listen to, and vice versa. Pop music oftentimes supposedly reflects what’s happening in pop culture, so rock music evolved during the experimental 70’s before people realized how addictive drugs were, and before AIDS. Whereas people have posited that music these days is so light, and heavy on escapism because the economy’s so bad. Hence if you believe that to be true, a rock revival isn’t likely to happen because the society’s at a different place in time.

      • Samantha

        PS A corporate type would be more likely to realize that ^^^ – something an artist who’s heyday has come and gone might not. Steven Tyler may be a rock legend, but he’s no Simon Cowell.

      • @Samantha

        You’re full of it. When did you ever see any American Idol judge “nurture talent?” I never saw Simon, Paula, or Randy nurture. All they do is give subjective feedback. You’re looking a little too deep into this “judge” thing. They’re there to give witty feedback to a bunch of karaoke singers. It’s not like you have the old Motown talent grooming machine up there.

    • @Jamie

      You don’t know what you’re talking about. And you obviously don’t have a clue about Steven Tyler. That old dude rocks! And he’s got charisma to spare! He’s just what the doctor ordered for that show. It’s finally gonna be kickass with a bonafide Rock legend on the show.

      • Anon

        NO WAY. Aerosmith and Tyler are passe’. The entire music industry is different , not just the music style. Tyler is a dinosaur.

      • rlg

        I agree. Steven Tyler is the best choice. He is so talented. He can sing and write and plays many instruments. He has so much character too. Can’t wait to watch American Idol with Steven Tyler as a judge. Fricking Amazing!
        My 19 year old son told me that once he heard that they were thinking of Steven Tyler, he was like OMG, I can’t think of a better choice than that.

  • silverrose

    now that tyler has tommy lees approval, he is a shoe-in. oh, wait, nevermind.

    • Rumplestiltskin

      Tommy Lee endorsing Steven Tyler is like Mussolini saying there’s nothing wrong with Hitler.

      • Samantha

        I’ll bet they each think the other is really good looking too

      • Brett

        Or, more likely, it’s like Frank Sinatra saying Bing Crosby would be a good choice.

  • No ST No!

    I’d rather see Tommy… and that is saying something.

    • Squee

      I’d rather see Nikki Sixx

  • Sassy

    TPTB must have one massive God complex to be so tone-deaf to audience feedback about what it is people want out of this show. It always amazes me that somebody could possibly still be so confident in their “gut feelings” if the person who added Kara and then Ellen to the judges panel is still the one doing the picking. So frustrating as a viewer – what am I going to watch instead, NCIS? Blech … here’s hoping ABC has something better on in the 8pm timeslot on Tuesdays …

  • $Donnelle$

    I really think Tommy Lee will win the oscar next year. Steven Tyler would be lucky to sit on Kara…it took Jim 7 years and Simon Cowell 12 to make it in the window of Ellen’s ear so I think we all agree on Jim’s story.

    • $Donnelle$

      On a side note has anyone seen Gone with the Wind in theaters? It is great and I reccomend it except that its almost as long as Up, the Pixar movie about the old man that slapped the boyscout in the rump GOODNIGHT

    • Borat

      Who wouldn’t be lucky to sit on Kara. Niiice.

  • Dawn

    Wow, what a great choice.Steven Tyler is a musical genius and a greatest entertainers. I’ll be watching Idol

    • CraigJ

      You do realize Steven Tyler is only one person and therefore can not be multiple entertainers.

  • Keith

    i have the aerosmith logo tattooed on my arm, and im considering getting it removed because Tyler is a judge. Tyler is a rock star. They need to find another Paula Abdull a washed up performer, examlple Belinda Carlise. Vanilla Ice, Taylor Dayne.

    • CraigJ

      Don’t make me get my Vanilla Ice tattoo removed.

      • Person Who Talks

        Hahaha WIN!!!!!

  • Stephanie T.

    I remember Tommy judging on CBS’s Rockstar: Supernova and honestly, Dave Navarro was sooo much better than him in terms of judging. Actually, Dave Navarro would not be such a bad idea as an Idol judge. And yeah, Steve could rock the judges seat.

    • deeannek

      You got that right and I thought Rockstar was a much better show than Idol. It was the only reality show that all of my friends and my entire family watched-including my 75 year old mother. Dave Navarro would be a much better choice.

  • DN

    If the Idol producers are smart, they will hire legitimate music producers like Bob Rock, Ted Templeman, Mutt Lange, and Rick Rubin, because, I don’t believe any of these men will give a (expletive) if the audience boos their remarks or not. AND, if the given contestant is smart, he or she will tell the audience to quiet down because a music producer knows what works and what doesn’t. Their words will be true pearls of wisdom.

    • Stormy

      Mutt Lange is too camera shy, but he’d be great.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Bob Rock would literally never shut up. Seriously, the guy is completely in love with the sound of his own voice. Rick Rubin or Mutt Lange would be good choices, but I’d really like to see David Foster. He’s articulate, funny, knows the music biz inside out and would make a fantastic judge. Steven Tyler–ugh. No way will I watch AI now.

      • leo

        David Foster has been my first choice since Simon announced he’s leaving. Guy knows his stuff and he’s moody too so there is a sense of unpredictability that I like. You can’t argue with a guy with his success plus perfect pitch.

    • jury’s out

      They’d be corrupted by the producers like Sharon Osbourne was.

  • Natalee

    I think Steven would be great as a judge, he could give better advice singer he is A LEGEND…and a lot of younger people will get to know what a great band Aerosmith is…

    • RJ

      I think that Ron Jeremy would make an amazing judge. Him and J Blo and The Dog! Woof Woof!

  • Nancy Jo

    Tyler is a good step in the right direction, now just finish it by adding Shania Twain and Bret Michaels.

    • LadyBug979

      Ditto Nancy Jo!

  • Rush

    Tommy Lee’s penis should be a judge.

  • Lorrie Carroll

    Steven Tyler just is a sell out.
    The boys in the band needs to DUMP him and get a new lead singer.A man who use to be my fave, is now imho no beter than David lee Roth.
    The band will survive and thrive without steven.
    He hasnt really been concentrating on his loyalty to the band for at least a decade now, with his drug problems and constant leaving the stage antics, he is as big of a yesterdays news as american idol.
    they both suck

    • Craig P.

      Anyone who thinks that any new singer can come in and replace Tyler has to be nuts. Whoever comes in will just be some guy trying to do karaoke. I don’t think most Aersomith fans can even name the other 4 guys….maybe Joe Perry but they have tured for many shows without a bass guy, a drummer, etc. and no one ever noticed.

      • Anon

        What’s the big deal? Aerosmith in their 40 year history has had 1 number one song. They did NOT write it and it took a major motion picture and a full orchestra to make that happen. I ain’t impressed.

  • young lady

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  • Dmonta

    Tyler is having fun stop being jealous little people and give the man the respect he deserves. He doesn’t need any more fans or fame or dumb ass comments. When you can accomplish what he has then you can make comments.

    • rapearce

      One hit? Are you freaking kidding me? They have had tons of hits. They still sell out stadiums, I think alot of people are judging how he will do before they even watch. I myself had not planned on watching AI after Simon left…I will now and so will my 14 year old twins who never watched the show previously. Steven will rock this judge thing.

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