Chris Brown speaks on his tearful Michael Jackson tribute: 'It wasn't fake'

chris-brown-jackson-tributeImage Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.comIn a promotional appearance on BET’s 106 and Park yesterday, Chris Brown tried to clear the air about his controversial Michael Jackson tribute at June’s BET Awards. “A lot of people don’t know, I was going to see Michael Jackson the day he died,” Brown said, according to Billboard. “I was on my way to the Staples Center that day… When I heard ‘Man In The Mirror,’ it just touched me. It wasn’t fake. I know people were trying to put extras on it, but everything was genuine. That was my ultimate apology, hands down.”

Brown’s statement is unlikely to change anyone’s mind about that sobbing performance one way or the other. It sidesteps entirely the question of whether Brown’s attention-getting breakdown, even if it was “genuine,” was an appropriate way to honor the late King of Pop. But what do you think of his latest words on the subject? Sound off in the comments.

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  • austinrob

    Nah, Im still not buying it or any of his records.
    Was never that big a fan.
    But good luck to him anyway, I guess.

    • Jason

      since his last album “tanked” by all professional standards, can we stop writing about Chris Brown?!

    • MissVampireDiaries

      If your name really is Austin, then of course you’re not a fan. He only make music for young black girls.

      • jay

        that only speak ebonics, he be awesome!

  • One Tree Hill

    He is an idiot, he thinks he will be the next king of pop, well there never will be another king of pop so stop trying fool.

    • Brett

      Hey – even MJ wasn’t the “King of Pop” during the last 15 years. That whole media hype will never occur again.

      • Ray

        Tell me who was?…For all of the criticism and controversy that surrounded his life there has NEVER been a question who was the “King of Pop.” He sold out 50 shows in the blink of an eye. He hated the media and lived out of the limelight as much as possible. The footage we have from the “This is it” rehearsal footage further cements the fact that, even at 50 years old, he was the King of Pop.

      • JeanJanie

        RAY — well said!!!

      • loveydovey

        Media hype — where’ve you been the past few months. It’s nothing but hyped media. Go Breezy. Is all I can say. Do you. later for the hater.

    • Kayla

      He never said he was gonna be the next king of pop. Stop pullin comments out yo behind

  • Greg

    Let it go already EW!!!! The industry has clearly moved on and is ebracing him again..just let it go

    • Angel

      Thank you

    • charmane

      yes, well said Greg. Let’s move on. There’s a lot worse going on besides an ass beating.

  • Pinky

    what is the big deal? he is not the first person to become emotional in a performance. They need to let C Brown move on from the whole domestic violence incident. He was young and stupid, he shouldn’t be forced to pay the price forever.

    • the girl

      Thank you Pinky. I agree completely. He was young and made a mistake. I know for a fact there are many of us who are glad that the crazy thing(s) we did when we were 19 is(are) not being held against us all of our lives.

      • Joe

        Lol – you guys are ignorant. Young and stupid? That incident happened like last year. Had no idea one could mature so quickly. Once a woman beater always a woman beater.

        Shortly after the incident he was complaining on twitter how his album wasn’t stocked at one store, complaining about how he was treated etc… Maybe you all should look at Rhianna’s abuse picture again. I highly doubt Rhianna has moved on yet, she did just release a single with Eminem about abuse after all.

        Crying during a performance does not indicate one is rehabilitated or a different person. This guy is in a movie about to come out, he’s an ACTOR for pete’s sake.

        The video of him doing community service was hilarious, he was smiling, laughing, waving at the cameramen. NO SINCERITY!

      • Jess79

        Thank You Joe!! I agree with you 100%. The whole crying stunt was that, a stunt. Mr. Brown is just trying to soften his image. Who cares he will never be as big as he once was and I say good! He will always be a woman beater and doesn’t deserve to be treated any other way. He just needs to realize that he’s already a “has-been” and quietly step out of the lime light.

      • Happy Go Lucky

        We’ve all done stupid thing when we we’re kids. But even at 19 I knew that hitting a woman was wrong as did most of the people my age. The fact is Chris Brown is a crappy singer, another soulless, prefabricated creation trotted off the music industry assembly line. He’s already on the road to obscurity and we’ll probably be a has been in two or three years tops. If anything his crimes and the resulting infamy have probably delayed this fact.

    • Jackie

      I totally agree with you. He made a mistake like so many people and has acknowledged it was wrong. He is trying to move on. I think Chris did right by Michael by paying homage. You can see Michael’s influence all over Chris’s music and dance. As far as Michael being the king of pop he is that without a dobubt. I have been following his career for 28 years and had the honor of seeing him in concert in 1988 and he was BAD! God gave Michael a wonderful talent and it doesn’t deteriorate with age. The older he got the better he got.

  • Tom

    Wow when did chris say he will be the next king of pop? Last i checked he siad he LOOKED UP TO THE KING OF POP never siad he gonna be the next king of pop! Get over the hatred n get over yourself! U dont like him, stop payin attention to his posts smh…

    • Kayla


  • SandeePB

    I find Chris Brown to be super amazing, genuine, and sincere :) I admire how he did right by his wrong and has stuck with the rules given. What I don’t like is people and society bringing him down because of their own evil bitterness. If you don’t like him then don’t look up his articles to start slamming him. Keep your negative comments to yourself. I wish Chris Brown much continued success and will remain a loyal fan to the end :)He’s OUTSTANDING! He’s the BEST!

    • Marie

      what has he done to do right by his wrong?????? fulfilling his court mandated requirement without violating it is not the same thing as doing right by his wrong. he’s not out there speaking out against violence against women, he isn’t out there teaching young men that there a better way to deal with anger. HE’S DOING NOTHING!!!
      i’m sure you wouldn’t be speaking his praises if he abused you the way he abused Rihanna

      • SandeePB

        Chris Brown is the best artist out there and you know it Marie :) Stop kidding your rude self.

      • Nicole


        I have to disagree with you sweetie. Chris not only goes to DV shelter and mentor kids, but this is something he has done for awhile, so its not a front and he isnt looking for approval from you. I know you strongly dislike him so much, you had to comment on a posting about him. I dont see any actor/actress doing half of the service he is doing/ has done. Domestic Violence works both ways. You can continue to walk around with hatred in your heart. Chris is not affected by your hatred. God has forgiven, so that all that matters. I pray the peace of God in your life and as you read this response. Be blessed

      • Marie

        first of all, let’s get this straight, i’m not your sweetie, so don’t call me that.
        let’s not forget that he plead guilty to a violent FELONY against a woman. it’s not like he got a ticket for J-walking.
        i don’t think i saw him on BET speaking out against violence against woman…WHICH HE WAS CONVICTED OF COMMITTING, but i do remember him complaining that his CD wasn’t in Wal-Mart (focusing on himself) and crying on the BET awards (again, focusing on himself), complaining because he was banned from a certain country because of his felony conviction (again, focusing on himself),appearing on 106 and park (focusing on himself)and that fake apology where he was clearly reading off a card and not speaking from the heart months after the incident occurred (meant only to get his face on tv).
        he seems to be behaving as if the media is treating him as the victim for beating on a woman.
        everything that has happened to Chris Brown was his own fault.
        I don’t hate him, but I’m definitely not his fan, so Nicole, you need to work on not putting words into other people’s mouths, maybe God could help you with that flaw of yours since you’re bringing God up so much (why don’t you take that to church with you on your next visit so you can and pray on that!)
        you and i both know that Chris Brown needs to do more than simply say “i visit a shelter, so now you must forgive me when i cry a few tears onstage to a Michael Jackson song”. that is not going to work. as a celebrity Chris Brown still doesn’t realize that he was convicted of a serious felony. he can go to as many shelters as he wants, but if he wants to call himself a celebrity, so far, he has done NOTHING to own up to what he has done. WE ALL SAW THE PICTURES OF RIHANNA. and if he wants to change his image in the publics eyes, he needs to do something on the same level as those pictures of a beaten Rihanna that we all saw. It’s not about me, its about his public image, which has NOT changed. He can’t do small trivial things in private (like you’ve mentioned) and then use that to justify his PUBLIC image. that’s not going to work.

      • kam

        Chris brown is truly amazing, he made a mistake and should be forgiven… I know God has! I love his and wish him the very best in all that God has blessed him with.

      • loveydovey

        You should save that same speech for the males in your own family. It sounds as though you’ve been damaged. Get a LIfe.

      • loveydovey

        That last message was for “poor” Marie, who sounds as though she might need counseling. Or could it be that she might have the hots for Chris. Just a tad judgmental.

    • Scott

      and hes HOT & Sexy!!!!! :-)

  • Stephen

    Maybe it should have been more appropriate for him to sing beat it, considering he likes to beat women. Oh man, he wont fight a man but a women, thats trying to compensate. Bottom line is his paper is runnin short and fans so he will act sorry for anything to get back. Maybe he should spend his time speaking, visiting, caring for those who have problems, that would have been an apology, saying quietly, “Im trying to better myself and help others along the way.”

    • Vivianna

      Here we go with these same on stale comments. Some of you folks should practice what you preach. Forgiveness is divine.

      • mcisme

        Completely agreed…a statement comes to my mind…not sure if it’s right but I believe it is “to err is human, to forgive is divine”…I am in no place to judge him when I’ve some really dumb things in my own life…I don’t think he’s ever been the first person to mess let’s forgive and move on.

    • charmane

      stephen As if someone has to prove something to you. Last time I checked it was Rihanna that he slapped. Why you taking it so personal. Check your skeletons!

  • Hector M

    chris brown is the best he can dance sing like michael jackson no one else can do it like him

    • Stephen

      I think Usher is what you want to say, I hope. You were kidding about Chris Brown right. I love Chris Browns AutoTune vocals, they really touch me.

      • Hector M

        Usher is a good dancer and singer but he aint nothing compared to chris breezy

      • Brett

        People will be remembering Usher long after Chris Brown has faded out.

      • Kayla

        Yeah right. Usher is breakin his neck tryin to keep up with the dancers of today. He had his day at dancing, but the torch has BEEN passed

      • angie

        hey stephen, b4 u start talkin bout breezy like, lets see how well u can sing. and have u seen usher lately, he dont even kno how dance no more… he lost his touch. his career is pretty much almost over, but chris has still got more time to do what he has to do. so u know wat, just stfu!!!

    • kam

      Hector ur right, he’s the best….soooo versitile and I love him.

  • Elizabeth

    Time to move on, folks. If Rihanna can, so can we.

    • Stephen

      Tell that to the people who did this article, not us. They wont let it go, we just comment on it. I appreciate your concern for us all though

    • amber

      if you don’t like chris brown why did you look up his article?

  • nick

    you guys are so perfect. give this kid a chance he was 19 when it happen .i just hate when someone continue to bring some one down all the time

  • Stephen

    Hey lets all stop commenting at the same time. In the space in between, be looking for Michael Jacksons new album. When I post this and someone posts after it, that means they wont let it go and they keep it burning.

  • Jay

    Chris Breezy! He’s got the voice, moves and star quality…honestly, i don’t even care about what happened anymore…Rihanna is doing just fine, time to move on…and frankly, Chris Brown is a better entertainer than her! Keep it REAL :) i wish them both the best though…Chris Breezy, make your “Don’t Be Cruel” classic album! :)

    • Brett

      Rhianna’s a performer. “Chris Breezy” still comes off like a little b***h.

      • Kayla

        Please! Rihanna comes off like a slut. Especially in the rude boy video. Chris Brown’s music kicks!!!

      • charmane

        rihanna’s a what?! I know you didn’t call her a performer. She can’t sing or dance. Let’s face it….She’s a piece of ass. And asses tend to droop.

  • sara

    chris brown deuces os set to go number this week on the charts so chris brown is back

  • sara

    i meant to say chris brown deuces is set to go number 1 on the charts
    breezy is back

  • kay

    yall go see chris brown new movie takers this weekend

    • Rusty Shackleford

      learn grammar, Kay you ho.

      • angie

        yo it aint english class, its the internet. u can spell however the hell u want!!

      • loveydovey

        Wow. Rusty got some nerve calling someone a “ho. He probably beats his mamma.

    • Rihanna Lover

      i bet that movie is a piece of trashy crap! it’ll be lucky if it hits the top 10.

      • charmane

        Since you think it’s a piece of crap, that must mean that we won’t have to put up with your pimply face and putrid armpits while we enjoy the movie. Right!

      • sisterB

        First of all, I’m a survivor of physical and emotional abuse. People want to forgive Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen because they didn’t physically touch the women in their lives. I can truthfully say that there were times during my abusive relationship that I wished he would have hit me instead of the verbal abuse because the words struck at a deeper level. Verbal abuse is just as bad if not worse. I went to counseling and worked on my self esteem. Did I forgive the person who abused me—Yes. First of all, hanging on to all that anger did more harm to me than it did him. Secondly, he did go to anger management and it really helped him. It changed his life. Even though we’re no longer together and haven’t been for years we both grew from the experience. He’s actually is a good person. I feel Chris can change to, and he’s doing just that.

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