John Mayer slams 'Huffington Post' over Jennifer Aniston story: 'Go f-- yourself'

john-meyerJohn Mayer has published a tirade against the Huffington Post in response to an article which theorized that he is once again dating Jennifer Aniston. In a post on Tumblr, the singer-guitarist compared Arianna Huffington’s site to “a stripper wearing reading glasses.” He also suggested a title for any piece the Huffington Post might run on his response: JOHN MAYER SLAMS HUFFPO: “GO F**K YOURSELF!”

Mayer’s ire was provoked by an item which appeared on the Huffington Post this lunchtime under the headline, “John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston BACK TOGETHER?” The piece described how Mayer said that he “believed in second chances” during his Hollywood Bowl concert on Sunday. The article also noted that “a woman who resembled Aniston was rumored to be in the wings,” during the show.

In his response, Mayer took issue with the manner in which the Huffington Post depicted his quotes and additionally compared the site to “an insolvent law student willing to dance for a few extra dollars.” He then offered up the aforementioned headline suggestion, “should you decide to try and make a few more bucks for whatever body wash or slasher flick you’re hocking today.”

Frankly, I’m outraged about Mayer’s missive: There’s nothing wrong with advertising slasher flicks! I offer no comment on the rest of his words, other than to observe they’re pretty entertaining and deserve to be read in full.

What do you think about Mayer’s letter? Is he right to be outraged? Or has he just lost it?

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  • ah, the king of doucherock. if he gets this upset about one article, i’d love to see how he’s react if he had the media coverage that jennifer, angelina, the twilight people, etc. all have. suck it up, mayer. this is how the industry is nowadays. either bite the bullet, man up, and accept that this is a price of fame/dating someone famous or take your guitar and go home.

    • Spider

      John never called anyone the n-word. He said he was completely single at the Irvine show it’s on also also also LATIMES.COM.

    • Ivonne

      How does everyone keep from feeilng caged up/ under-worked on rest days? Goats? : Not sure what this is? From the context I guess it is weakpoints or difficlut areas. So goats : proper running form, getting MWOD in, Muscle ups, timing for DUs, HSPU, and snatches (probably form on all Oly lifts) and resting on thursdays.:)

  • fancypants

    LMAO! I look at the HuffPo entertainment section occasionally and saw that story on the main page but didn’t click on it because I’m just not interested in JA or JM. But this is amusing. HuffPo is getting quite sleazy and cavalier with the headlines and content of their “entertainment” stories. EW can be silly, but is actually about entertainment, not celebrity gossip, scandal and body parts (hence that idiotic story featured today about Katy Perry wearing a red dress or every other day that Anjelina Jolie or Aniston wears a different dress to a different premier) Yup, those are their so-called “entertainment” stories! LMAO.

  • Carrie

    John Mayer needs to just go away. He’s slamming this article after all of the jerky things that have come out of his own mouth about his exes? He’s nothing more than a whiny, self-centered crybaby.

    • sally

      Totally agree. Even all the cable news channels do silly entertainment stories. Get used to it John. Better still, just go away.

      • Ann

        He is used to this stuff. He just couldn’t resist the publicity he could gain by feigning outrage.

    • Jeremy


  • laughedoutloud

    Ok, he just called them a “Stripper with glasses”. LOL.
    And Ive always thought Forbes was a tabloid in a corporate outfit.

    • Hasbeen Aniston

      Yes, because it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to criticize anything or anyone without in some way taking a jab at women. That boy has some serious “mommy” issues. The only one sicker than him is the Pathetic, Desperate 41-year-old who could stand to be in his presence.

      • Kathy

        I think that you are the pathetic one. Aniston is one of the better actresses of today. If you need some junk to write about, you shouldn’t have to look to far. If you want hasbin, try Jolie. Been there, done that, give it up already.

  • Laney

    JM will never be happy with this type of hype over women. He should enjoy his life, music, natural beautiful women, and leave JA and other miserable paparazzi chased women in the past. He is way too talented to let his wonderful music career become faded by an actress stealing his spotlight.

    • S

      JA loves the attention… it keeps her relevant. Why else would anyone want JM? or Gerald Butler?

      • jodipo

        is GERARD Butler, and cause he is crazy hot, if a bit smarmy

  • Elen

    He is not crazy to go through that hell he went through for dumping her. She always is 0% at fault in relationships for her fans. Who really wants to date a woman like tha?

  • hapijoli

    is this the pot calling the kettle black!!! what about NERDS WITH GUITARS!! he’s not even enough to be a cartoon character! what a geek! not that i’m defending jennifer either… it’s just like her to be roaming in the curtains for someone else who doesn’t want her, what two losers!!!! i’m sick of him, and even sicker of her!!

  • hapijoli

    in fairness to john, at least he has talent, which is more than I can say for jen-jen!

    • u

      Yeah, that bland coffee-shop rock is just too hardcore for those soft romcoms!

  • Vicki

    He summed them up perfectly- HuffPo IS sleazy.

  • Laney

    It’s sad how the “HuffP” and everyone else is more concerned with his love life than his music when a celebrity is “possibly” involved with him. Where is the HuffPuff post article about his tour and his musical talents and his band members, instead its all JA this and JA that. I can’t imagine if those two had babies, those kids wouldn’t have a chance at normal life, being chased by the paparazzi and freakos … what a sad and scary thought!

  • Keith

    Was he drunk tweeting again? Seriously. If he wants to stop being regarded as a celebrity and more as a musician, then he needs to stop engaging with tabloid stories and needs to stop behaving like he’s on Jersey Shore.

    I like his music quite a bit. But he is a capital DB. Honestly, John, it goes with the territory. And there was nothing slanderous or even negative about the story.

  • etm

    Why aren’t my comments going through?? They only go through on the “Music Mix” blog. They don’t go through in any other blog. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Dave

      I’ve been having a lot of problems trying to post comments all over the site lately. It’s getting annoying.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Yeah, it’s been terrible, especially on PopWatch. Seriously, it’s the Lunchtime Poll – I have something to say!

      • Ceballos


        LOL, and I’ve been having the same issues.

    • etm

      Thank you, guys!! I wondered if it was just me. I just watched Jersey Shore, and I hate knowing I can’t post my comments on the recap! Please fix this, EW!!

  • Christi

    Really…no matter what John does or says, even though he speaks his mind like everyone else does, he is going to get slammed. For those of you that have not been privelaged enough to see what JM does onstage, he is one of the most talented musicians and writes the most beautiful song lyrics of anyone I have seen in a very long time. Jennifer….lets see she has had Brad Pitt (one of the sexiest men alive) John Mayer (also beautiful and extremely talented) and Gerard Butler (need I say anymore – HOT!!!) but yet cant seem to hold onto any. I’d say Jen might want to seek some help.

    • Hasbeen Aniston

      Ah yes, the “beautiful mind” of a RACIST who calls blacks n*ggers and waxes poetic about how he only likes to sleep with “stupid women”. Yep, he sounds like Mr. Sincerity all right. As long as there are women young enough and stupid enough to find his boorish behavior attractive, he’ll be ok.

    • Kathy

      I think you need to find someone else to bash and let Jen alone. I believe she and Brad will get back together someday and that would be a travisty. He now has to much baggage but would be the best payback for a husband steeling beachhhhhh.
      en alone

  • Katie

    John Mayer is somebody I’d rather have on my side than against me.

  • Julie

    “an insolvent law student willing to dance for a few extra dollars.”

    Hey, this sounds like the site as well!

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