T.I. and wife arrested on drug charges

TIImage Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Rapper T.I. (né Clifford Harris Jr.), 29, and his wife, Tameka Cottle, 36, were arrested last night in L.A. after police detected marijuana coming from their car at a traffic stop in West Hollywood, confirms Deputy Luis Castro of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau. Authorities subsequently searched T.I.’s car and arrested the couple for possession of a controlled substance. (Officials have so far declined to specify the drug involved.) T.I. and Cottle, who were married July 30, posted $10,000 bail and were released this morning.

T.I.’s label rep is not offering a statement at this time. UPDATE – Atlantic Records has issued the following statement: “T.I. is an important and valued member of our Atlantic family. It would
be premature to speculate about the current situation given that there is an ongoing investigation of this matter.”

The Grammy-winning rapper and sometime actor is still on probation after serving seven months in prison last year for a weapons conviction. Takers, which he also produced, is currently No. 1 at the box office. In an interview with EW earlier this week, T.I. promised to focus on his upcoming album King Uncaged now that Takers is out.

“I gave my word and I promised that after I completely gave my attention to the marketing and release of the film, once I released it to a No. 1 opening and did twenty-plus millions of dollars in box office at the debut — now, starting Monday (Aug. 30), man, I am completely consuming myself with the completion of King Uncaged,” he said.

Cottle was a member of the R&B group Xscape in the 1990s and recently starred on the reality series The Tiny and Toya Show. Cottle recently thanked her followers for their support on her Twitter account. “Jus wanted 2say thank u 2every1 dats been leaving encouraging msgs & prayers,” she tweeted. “We love u guys :) going 2bed now! So glad 2b n a nice clean bed$.”

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  • timelord

    some people never learn. i am sure TI will come out with a statement berating the police for arresting him.

    • jhon smith

      herb is FAR less harmful or dangerous than alcohol and is NOT a “gateway drug” this is proven fact. com on ppl get educated on this issue.

      • Antoinette

        That’s not really the point tho. He’s on probation. It’s just plain stupid to do anything that might get you back in jail. Is it that difficult to be an angel until your probation is done?

      • Jacob

        Nevermind this… IT’S ILLEGAL.

      • A dub

        Ok. But what about the meth that was on him? lol

      • Nyla

        @jhon smith – Driving under the influence is against the law. No matter if he was sniffing paint, he shouldn’t have been operating a motor vehicle.

    • jerky

      Are we supposed to be shocked that a rapper was caught with drugs?

      • SHARITA

        IT FIGURES

      • sally

        You’d have thought he would at least be smart enough that if he was going to do drugs he’d do it in the privacy of his home not in a moving vehicle.

      • Karell

        I agree with sally, totally. These rappers, celebs, PPL WITH HUGE EGOS, think they can parade around and no one can stop them from doing what they want, when they make all this money, FLY YOURSELF AND YOUR ENTOURAGE TO A PLACE WHERE THEY DO THAT AT?? Something, just don’t smoke weed in a moving car (and if you do HOTBOX IN YOUR DRIVEWAY WHEN You ARRIVE HOME MY NIG!!! At least act like you a weedhead) But who are we to judge right.

        Also, you all need to calm the heck down. Rappers aint role models,

    • Billy

      Where are you getting your information on how “harmless” marijuana is. Educate us please.

      • Dee

        He didn’t use the word “harmless,” as you so readily put into his mouth, he said it was “less harmful or dangerous.” There’s a HUGE difference. It’s a shame that people read what they want to read and not what was actually written, but I’d assume no less from somebody like you. Tell us – where did you hone your reading comprehension skills?

      • Michael

        Uh Dee, you might want to give Jhon the same advice, since his comment was equally unrelated to the post to which he responded.

    • BigDriller

      I hope he’s my cell mate.

    • Will

      Or maybe Jesse Jackson or someone will come to his defense… It’s rediculous. These celebrities think they could do whatever. I heard an interview with T.I. with Ryan Secrest on the radio and Ryan praised him and T.I. Told him how jail changed him, what a joke! You can take him out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of him. This is coming from a minority people…

      • stdeveo-8769

        obviously it did change him he wasnt arrested for a pistol was he???? Wasn’t intent to distribute, na it was a blunt. I’m sure you drink, much more worse to the body, and people become violent from drinking. With all the stress from all the paparazzi who wouldn’t need to relax

      • Holly

        Marijuana is NOT less dangerous or even comparable to alcohol. Today’s marijuana is 5 times more powerful than it was in the 60s. It is known to cause brain damage and leads to drug-induced psychosis and schizophrenia. If anything we should be coming down harder on it than we do. It is a major public-health threat.

      • @ Will

        What is actually “rediculous” is that you don’t know how to spell “ridiculous.”

    • stdeveo-8769

      Man it’s ridiculous, First of cali is supposed to be one of the most legal states. And probation aint nothing but a setup for failure. He was probably getting something to eat and was putting one in the wind on the way, He was wwith his wife and wasn’t bothering no-one. shoot we do it in Ga all the time and it ain’t no where near as leagal as cali. All the haters are gonna hate no matter what ya say

      • GK


    • Phil

      So the update on the Pop Eater report to the left says that a small amount of Ecstasy was found & being tested? But that report makes no sense! X doesn’t smell, so the article should read that either X was found along with the herb or just the X, but that would make the cops stopping them and pulling the couple over impossible since again X has no distinct scent to it. So can some journalist please give us an actual scoop or a true account cause now I’m just like do people either know how to write or report anymore!?
      Either way, as many have mentioned here, Yeah T.I. is kinda stupid to do anything in a moving vehicle & and esp. when on probation. Drug testing is part of that probation and X is out of your system in a few days, but weed is most definitely in your system at least a month.

      • Gretchen

        They smelled the dope, searched the car and saw pills they believe were ecstasy, so they are being tested – this was the report I saw

  • Jeff


    • Silent Rage

      Ignorance is bliss isn’t it.

  • Big AL

    They let him out too soon. Lock him up and forget about him. He’s setting a bad example for those that look up to him.

    • whatevs

      I’m pretty sure some kid who looks up to a rapper doesn’t have a chance anyway.

      • al

        shut up..thats something terribe to say

      • sarah

        Statisically speaking, whatevs may be right. Maybe if they picked a BETTER rapper to look up to, there might be a chance of success.

      • wraith808

        It’s the truth, in most cases. Kids shouldn’t be encouraged to look up to *any* celebrity- they’re all humans with a dose of talent and opportunity. But focus on the fact that they’re humans that we don’t know, with feet of clay just like every other human. And the media loves a fall…

      • Karell

        Yo whatevs, do us all a favor and HUSH. As long as the kids got someone to look up to they’ll be alright; because if they not looking up, they’ll be looking down. Shoot, I bet you was a rapper!

    • ashley

      they did the right thing stop hating

      • Makaveli

        shut up it not hating lot of kids look up to the guy and that is setting a bad example so keep him looked up P.S. WESTSIDE TILL I DIE

      • sam

        Makaveli, did you flunk out of 3rd grade English? Jesus, man!

      • StraightouttaComton

        B I T C H step to this and get F U C K E D up sam P U T O

  • kisha

    Wake Up people…Drugs are bad regardless….its illeagal if u break the law then u may suffer the consequences…As a wife I would tell my husband UR ON PRBATION HELL NO

    • Ian Potts

      it’s just pot. jesus.

      • ger

        Smoke all you want – just not while driving, please.

    • Pmann

      Maby his wife had the stuff but he was driving so he still goes down.

  • Keuntaye

    Dam u got a second chance to make a first impression an u get taught with weed dam now that not smart

    • FromChicago

      It’s reported to be ectasy. Worse than weed.

  • Frankie

    You’ve got to be kidding me. This fool just got out of prison a few months ago and is on probation. Just sad.

  • T.Mill

    C’mon yall. He got arrested allegedly over Marijuana . True he should be more careful but come on man, weed isn’t the problem as much as coke, meth and all that other garbage.

  • jim

    building the street cred. or his glaucoma was acting up.

  • LadeeB

    T.I & Tiny you guys should know better, L.A.P.D, is not playin. Oh yeah you all he is on parole not probation. Remember he went to prison, the Federal this is the big dogs, not camp that’s probation

    • shazaam!

      He’s on probation, moron.

  • Dino

    Tell them its medical marijuana LOL … your in Cali!

    Oh well some people never learn…

  • Jose

    She’ll take the rap for him. He’ll be okay.

  • John

    Smoke your weed at home and order in. How hard is that to do?

  • weed

    is it really weed? its severely decriminalized in cali… must be somethign much worse

    • John

      you know.. you’re right about this… if it IS weed then he’s going to get merely a citation, but if they found other stuff that would explain the 10 G’s he had to throw down to get out of the slammer

    • katy

      I heard he was also caught with meth and ecstasy.

    • S. Barger

      Yeah, like the worst crime possible by LAPD standards:being a successful black rapper.

  • Shauna

    I’m in love w/ him Takers waaas AMAZING!

    • ejlova

      Would you let him hit, even though he’s married?

  • Dawit Rasta

    I love T.I to death I hope he will be fine.

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