Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift on Twitter: 'I've learned. I only want to do good.'

kanye-taylorImage Credit: Gary Hershorn/Reuters/LandovNearly one year after Kanye West famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video at MTV’s Video Music Awards, the rapper has taken to his Twitter to apologize — for the second time — to the young award-winner. Today, West unleashed a barrage of tweets about the famous incident, even thanking Twitter creator Biz Stone and CEO Evan Williams for giving him a platform to ask forgiveness. “When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE … I take responsibility for my actions,” one of the rapper’s tweets read.

West even tweeted that he had written a song for Swift: “[It’s] so beautiful and I want her to have it. If she won’t take it then I’ll perform it for her,” he wrote. Though his tweets over the two-hour twitter frenzy ranged from convoluted (“The Wicked witch of the west basically is so convicted to tell her’ truth when she does it she is outcasted by society and turned WICKED”) to introspective (“With new found humility … who am I to run on stage? I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down.”) to utterly ridiculous (“There are people who have named there kids after me… can you imagine that next day in school. Even though I don’t have kids…”), West seems to want to make his remorse clear, finishing his dozens of tweets with one simple sentence: “I’m sorry Taylor.”

Of course, the timing of the tweets — released so close to the anniversary of the buzzed-about incident — is a little suspect, especially when you consider that VMA host Chelsea Handler is aiming to reunite the two during this year’s awards ceremony on Sept. 12. (And the fact that West released a new song, “Devil in a Dress,” on his blog today doesn’t really help his cause either.) But, for the time being, should we view West’s second apology as genuine?

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  • Amy

    Hmmm…seems like someone needs publicity again. Isn’t Kanye’s new album coming out soon? He also knows he will run into Taylor at the VMAs next weekend. The last thing Taylor said about this incident was that she accepted Kanye’s sincere apology…since then, she hasn’t talked about it AT ALL. She has moved on and so have we. He needs to stop bringing up the past. I think this is just another publicity stunt. He needs to shut up for good.

    • Anon

      He’s bringing it up again because ignorant people keep trying to de-humanize him just for speaking his mind. One of the biggest rap stars in history doesn’t need publicity, hes already making hits getting him that. He’s tired of criticism from nobodies, that would be the better term.

      • Casey

        Kanye is bringing it up again because he wants publicity and he has a warped sense of self. It’s that simple Anon.

      • To “Anon”:

        Your words: “He’s bringing it up again because ignorant people keep trying to de-humanize him just for speaking his mind.” Really? That’s ALL he did, speak his mind? He didn’t selfishly run on the stage, physically take the mic out of her hand (um…see above picture) take her moment away from her and put the spotlight on himself in typical self-absorbed celebrity fashion? Take off your Kanye glasses, “Anon”, and accept that what he did was rude and wrong.

      • Jeff

        What a piece of crap he is!

      • Jeff J

        it’s not about speaking his mind, he interrupted someone else’s speech and had no business being on the stage in the first place

      • Kenny M

        Actually, He is feeling the truth! He is no were near the biggest thing anymore nor will he be again! And he is kissing a$$ now because he is close to releasing an album and he knows nobody cares! This is a begging and pleading! F-him! There is a price for not having any honor and he’s paying it! Maybe he should look into construction; he could get aggression out by hammering nails. A back up trade would come in useful for him!

      • Aly

        he was interrupting a young woman’s moment to speak his mind about a petty award show, which undermines all the times he speaks his mind on things that actually matter like when he rightfully condemned the media’s portrayal of Hurricane Katrina. Hard to take someone seriously when they rant and rave about everything and not just the important stuff. It’s a credibility killer.

      • The Boss

        Anon, he didn’t “just speak his mind”. He rudely interrupted someone else getting an award, then posted a supposed “apology” on his blog, where ha again, in the same paragraph as the apology said Beyonce was better, or to put it another way “I’m sorry I did that rude thing, but you still didn’t deserve to win”.

        Now a year after it happens he decides to “apologise” again. It was better than his first attempt, but saying he “doesn’t need the publicity” is very misguided. I like Kanye’s music, but make a point of never buying it or anything else that would profit him for being such a poor human being. I want to forgive him, I’d really like to believe actually feels like he did something wrong and is ashamed of it, but I’m just not feeling that.

        Oh and saying it was racist is stupid. I’m a white man and quick to point out racism in blacks where it exists (as there are already enough people yapping about white on black racism) but here you think it’s much more likely that this has to do with his relationship with Jay-Z and Jay-Z’s relationship with Beyonce? Of course he will be predisposed to her music.

        Not that it matters who was better he was just a complete disgrace for himself for doing it. “I only want to do good?” How about “I’m ashamed of myself”, but you’re not are you Kanye!!!

    • whitney

      shut up amy. he is saying he is sorry. if it was taylor swift saying she was sorry to kayne, then everybody would be like “aww she is a saint. she said sorry again. let’s send her some baloons.”

      • Hannah

        You mistake there is that its highly unlikely Taylor Swift would do such a stupid thing and so would have nothing to be sorry for….

      • Cris

        You’d also think she’d take a lot less than a year to offer the apology, and would likely do it in a slightly more personal, private manner.

      • J-Dawg

        She’d also know how to spell “balloons”.

      • Rob

        The thing is, Taylor wouldn’t do something like that. She has even talked about that very thing in interviews. She doesn’t drink, or really party. She doesn’t want to be that girl that wakes up the next morning and not know what she did last night. She likes to be in control of herself. What Kanye needs to do is show he’s sorry. Not just talk about it. He needs to go to AA or some other similar treatment. He drank a whole bottle of Henessy that night. That would make anybody act like an idiot. He has a drinking problem. But until he realizes that and seeks help, he will only continue down the same path. I really hope he gets the help he needs. I don’t listen to Rap, but even I knew who he was, before that incident, so he must be talented. Please don’t say she isn’t though. The Grammy’s are industry voted on, and she won 4 last year. That says she is. Again, I’m not saying he’s not. I don’t have enough knowledge to say that, as I said before I don’t listen to Rap. I’ll pray that he gets the halp he needs, so we can finnaly all put this behind us.

    • momo

      And those people needing attention are both Taylor and Kanye. Taylor didn’t ask for it, but she certainly benefitted from Kanye’s acting a fool.

      She wouldn’t have nearly the year she had on the strength of her singing and song writing alone, if Kanye hadn’t boosted her profile.

      • D2

        That’s just stupid momo, Taylor being up there in the first place is evidence enough she was having a monster year, she had one of the surprise hits of summer, two hits before that all on the same very successful album, while selling out shows all BEFORE the incident. Would the SNL gig and label as America’s newest heroine not have happened, sure but don’t deny she wasn’t already on Cloud Nine.

      • Kenny M

        Are you kidding me with this? She had already won every award she was up for to that point! She killed at the CMT and the Grammies! All that low life POS did for her was cost her talk time! He’s a talentless DB and now everyone feels it! I hope I never hear from him again! (of course I know he will go until his last drop of blood begging for publicity so I won’t get my wish)

      • u

        If getting her speech interrupted was the worst thing to happen to Taylor in her life, then she should thank her lucky stars. People overdramatized the incident way too much for my liking, especially when you consider it’s a freaking MTV award, not a Grammy or anything. I’m not excusing Kanye, but celebrities who have done far worse things than him have had far less vitriol thrown at them. You call Kanye a talentless douchebag, but the last I checked Taylor is no Thom Yorke, either. Yet everyone acts as though she is. She’s even less talented than Kanye.

      • JJ

        EXACTLY! The post-Kanye sympathy catapulted Swift to areas she doesn’t belong. Country Entertainer of the year? Are you kidding me? She SUCKS! Did you hear her massacre Rhiannon? I wish Kanye would interrupt her now.

    • O’Snap

      Crazy alcoholic.

    • Jay

      Taylor Swift sucks!

  • kaydevo

    Publicity stunt. And who cares?

    • Kenny M

      All the people that stopped buying his music and clothes that’s who! lol,DB!

  • ooo

    he didnt “just speak his mind”. that would have been giving his opinion through twitter or in an interview. the dude did more than “speak his mind”

  • Anthony Hoffman

    Boy. What a bunch of rambling crap. Don’t pontificate on things you shouldn’t pontificate on. Just shut the hell up and entertain, moron.

  • Kenny

    Leave Kanye alone. 1st of all this wasnt his first apology. 2nd he makes more money and sells more albums in total than Taylor because he raps AND produces…he doesnt need any publicity…Taylor definetly benefited from this because in 2008, most people didnt even know who she was until her album came out the next year…and in all honesty she didnt deserve the award, but its over, forgive and forget.

    • Desmo

      Kanye sucks.

      • Andre

        You have to admit he’s really good at it, though. :p

      • Desmo

        @Andre Oh your good…

    • DivaSoulSista

      Okay, and because he “makes more money” he’s entitled to be an arrogant a**? And people had heard of Taylor Swift, hence the award nomination and the win. I just get so tired of people giving ignorant behavior a pass because someone ‘makes a lot of money.’

      It’s a publicity stunt. Look at the timing, conveniently before the next VMAs and coinciding with the release of his new CD.

    • Jeff

      Rap is Crap.

      • Jeff J

        Jeff the 2nd agrees

    • john stamos

      People had heard of Taylor Swift before this incident. Her album came out almost a full year before the 2009 VMA’s and she won for her hit single “You Belong With Me” which was played in heavy rotation on radio stations nation wide, like her single before that one “Love Story”. Her album had already been a top seller. A lot of people knew who Taylor Swift was.

      • Mellissa

        And a lot more heard of her after Kayne.

    • Kenny M

      He is going broke over this! Read the article before you babble on and on! The guy is a POS DB at best and its good this happened to him, he needed to know that he cant act like a low life forever!

    • Aphriclese

      lol… i am not a taylor fan but ya… looking at her competition she did deserve the award. for me it takes more then a repetitive song filmed in black and white of a sometimes cute singer shaking her but to make best vid of the year. beyonce has talent, but fact is that video was crap.

      • Mellissa

        And, in my opinion, not entirely original. Madonna already did the leotard thing a few years back.

  • Solomon

    EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES!! There is no one on earth that has not made a mistake that they regret. So I accept Kanye’s apology, and I think everybody else should. If Taylor Swift accepted his apology, we all should!

    • Mike

      yes, but KANYE KEEPS MAKING THEM! This isn’t the first time it’s happened. If it was the only time, then I’d be more forgiving. But it’s not. He is an arrogant ass that is trying to do damage control now.

  • Miss Talk

    Take it for Chris, Kanye: Stop apologising.
    You did it already, she said she forgives you, everything is fine. Those who wanted to forgive you already have already moved on. Don’t care about the *haters*, sorry, the others especially those were not even buying your stuff on the first place.

    • Kenny M

      lol, read the article! he is losing money at an alarming rate! nobody wants to work with him and nobody wants to buy his trash music! the guy is done!

      • Judith

        I bet he got more money than you!!

  • Lisa

    Why is the apology deleted now? You never know with Kanye. Just when you think he is coming clean he reverts.

    • k

      It hasn’t been deleted. You need to log in to twitter to see the most recent tweets.

  • Alex

    I’m just pointing this out:
    While Taylor Swift undoubtedly did benefit from a “boost in profile” after the incident, she wasn’t some irrelevant nobody before it. Fearless was the best-selling album of 2009, but the VMAs weren’t until September. It was already the best selling album of the first half of the year, the first album to go platinum in 2009, and, back in late 2008, the album sold almost 600,000 copies in its first week.
    She was doing just fine before this episode.

    • Mr So & So

      Now she’s doing EVEN better because of this episode, just pointing that out.

      • Desmo

        Kanye sucks, just pointing that out.

      • Mr So & So

        Desmo is the name of my retarded neighbor, just pointing that out.

      • Desmo

        You got a problem with retards?

      • Woot

        Seriously Mr So & So! My brother is retarded and I take great offense to that.

    • Danny

      That’s true alex! Glad that u point that out. And why bring up that again. Taylor already forgave him last year and she moved on already. Man, maybe it’s a publicity stunt for his new album and the vmas

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Everybody loves Chris beat-her-down Brown now cause he boo-hooed over Michael boy-lover Jackson, but everybody still hates Kanye. IMHO its because Kanye offended a white girl. Brown did far, far worse, but his victim was black.

    • Gary

      Don’t play the racist card here. Kanye did was wrong period. And chris was wrong also.
      I’m black that know a right from a wrong

      • Hmmm….

        Judging from your writing abilities, I doubt you know left from right, much less right from wrong. Go get an education besides “street smarts” and then you can tell us what’s acceptable and what’s not. (You may have to Google that big word Gary, sorry.)

      • Desmo

        Hmmmm… seems to be a racist, thereby negating everything he just said.

      • Jeff

        Oh no he dint int!

    • Kenny M

      Week! It was an honor-less dirt bag thing to do that’s why people hate him and as far as Chris Brown, people still hate him! Trust me! but that whole thing didn’t happen on live TV! that’s the real diff. Also, who says “White Girl” any more?!?

      • Liz

        I don’t hate him n I bet his album will debut at #1 kanye west is nor going anywhere ;) # team kanye ps Taylor singing sucks didn’t u hear her at the Grammys what a joke

  • ObiHave

    Before people start defending him, remember the ruckus he starts when he loses an award. Go back to mama, Kanye and ask for some milk…speaking of just pointing out.

    • Rosey

      His Mom’s dead. Nice try.

      • Kenny M

        I said; lol

    • Kenny M


      • Liz

        Kenny you r a mean human I bet u never made a mistake in your life

  • Gary

    It’s hard to trust the guy because he’s just a douche a long time ago long long before that vma incident.
    Publicity stunt I guess.

    • Mr So & So

      Nobody’s asking you to trust him lol

  • Taylor

    Whoa. Kanye quoted Wicked? I feel like I’m in some bizarro, horrible nightmare.

    • Hmmm….

      If you are such a drama queen that Kanye quoting Wicked is your worst nightmare, then you are a loser of epic, unimaginable proportions.

      • jodipo

        yeah, but you still rank higher on the loser scale you tool

      • Veronica

        Better than someone who likes to troll. She never said it was her worst nightmare either (that’s be Justin Bieber being Fiyero. He’s more of a Boq.)

      • Desmo

        Hmmm… Is homophobic too? All clear to completely disregard anything he says in the future.

      • Taylor

        I actually didn’t say it was my WORST nightmare, but ya know, don’t let me get in the way of your little tantrum.

  • jared4ever

    At least he had the balls to do what everyone else in that room wanted to do. Take the Award away from her because she didn’t desrve it.

    • To jared4ever:

      He had the “balls” to take the award away from her? From Taylor Swift? Really? How many balls does it take to do that exactly? Would he have done it if it was Pink who won? or Mary J Blige? or Madonna? Because chances are, they would have shoved him off the stage. Doesn’t take a lot of balls to do that to a teenage girl who’s just trying to say thank you. Who, by the way, graciously let this self absorbed jerk have HIS moment, while he took away hers away. Apparently, he doesn’t get enough attention storming out of award shows where he doesn’t win, so he has to get onstage somehow.

      • jared4ever

        He woudln’t do it to them because they all deserved their Grammys. You missed the whole point obviously, he did it because she DIDN’T deserve her award. And at least someone was brave enough to say it to her face.

      • Mellissa

        Um, we’re not talking about a Grammy. We’re talking about a Video Music Award. And speaking of Grammy’s, Milli Vanilli won a Grammy. That’ll be way more tragic than anything Taylor Swift wins. At least it’s her.

    • Kenny M

      Who was everyone? She got the most votes!?! you’re weird!

    • mads

      It doesn’t matter if she didn’t deserve it, which I think she did. Everyone has a right to give an opinion; but grabbing the mic from a teenage girl and ruining her chance to thank her fans is never justified. And who cares if it was just a VMA. It’s still an honor that people voted for her over people like Beyonce.

  • Tom

    Apology NOT accepted by this ex-VMA watcher. Sure, I looked forward to the performances and the unexpected…but, Kanye’s self-centered egotism was my tipping point. Ruined the girl’s night, why don’t you. Who are you anyway? Why didn’t you just ruin Sandra Bullock’s Oscar night by snatching her award and proclaiming that Precious should’ve won? I’m sure Mtv has this stunt reunion waiting in the wings…but, suspecting KW is in the house…means my house will NOT be watching. Besides…what ‘music videos’ is MTV awarding anyway? They’re the station that put the coffin nail on videos? Why don’t they just rename this silly accolade the MTV Reality Show award?

    • Mr So & So

      Through all the whining I can still hear the world’s tiniest violin playing for you

      • u


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