Allison Iraheta parts ways with Jive Records

allison-irahetaImage Credit: Scott D. Smith/Retna Ltd.Allison Iraheta, fourth-place finisher on season 8 of American Idol, has parted ways with her label, Jive Records, has learned. Rumors began to swirl in the blogosphere over Labor Day weekend, when fans of the red-headed rocker noticed she was no longer listed under the roster of artists on Jive’s official Web site.

“Allison Iraheta has parted ways with Jive Records, however she remains signed to 19 Recordings. Allison is currently on the road in the U.S. opening for Adam Lambert on the Glam Nation Tour,” a 19 spokesperson told EW.

19 Recordings is the label arm of 19 Entertainment, which produces Idol. The company has traditionally signed the winner and runner-up of each season of Idol (and occasionally one or two other finalists), then licensed their albums to a Sony Music label (Jive or RCA) for release; in August, 19 announced it would replace Sony Music with Universal Music Group as the label for artists from Idol‘s upcoming tenth season.

Iraheta, who rose to fame on Fox’s reality singing competition thanks to her raspy voice and emotional delivery, released her debut album Just Like You in December 2009, but lead single “Friday I’ll Be Over U,” which favored a more teen-centric sound than the majority of her set, failed to garner much radio play. Subsequent singles “Scars” and “Don’t Waste the Pretty,” the latter which was re-recorded to feature guitar work by Orianthi, didn’t fare any better.

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  • Marisa

    Thanks Slezak. I knew we could count on you to get a comment.

    • mike

      Allison was over-shadowed by Glambert. Actually, everybody that season was overshadowed by Glambert. It’s hard to get noticed when somebody else gets ALL the hype and attention. That was the main reason why she couldn’t garner enough sales. The second reason was the first single. While it was catchy and fun, it didn’t suit her Classic Rock style that people were used to hearing from the show. The bright side of it all is that she’ll start fresh with a smaller label, but first she needs to finish touring with Mr. Spotlight, and develop a spotlight of her own.

      • lacey

        Adam gave Allison tons of support and the opportunity of a lifetime to tour with him. She’s young and I bet she gets another chance somewhere down the line. But blaming Adam is truly stupid.

      • duck

        Hey look at season 5. Hicks won but it’s Chris Daughtry that we still hear from. Or Jennifer Hudson who got like 7th place. Being overshadowed on the show doesn’t matter in the real world. She just didn’t connect to the audience for some reason.

      • allyr

        Duh @mike. Adam and Alison were on different LABELS. You’re confused. She was competing with Kris Allen at Jive. God forbid the 4th place finisher get more press than “the winner”. “The winner” who sold only 300k when she sold 100K. She had NOTHING when Adam Lambert agreed to take her as his opener. A chance of a lifetime. Or sit home. It’s up to her to get the training she needs in stage presence and relating to the audience. And brushing up on vocal classes wouldn’t hurt. Good luck Allison! You’ll have a career, that’s for sure. Next time, SMILE and make eyecontact, tho.

      • Shine

        Love Allison and she deserves better, but this comment is ridiculous.

        Do you actually think Allison would have toured on her own? Her album sales were abysmal. Not fair but true. Adam does not benefit one way or another from having Allison on tour with him. That’s just a fact. Including her on his tour is a way for one gifted performer to help shine the spotlight on another. I’m sure this has been a great shared experience for both of them.

        But I guess people ( ie. mike) want to blame someone when things don’t go the way they should have. blech. I need to stop reading comments on EW.

      • SajiNoKami

        They have a point.[Kradison fan here] Adam has gotten the most attention and if I avoided idol, like I did in the past, I would have no idea who Allison is, nor Kris. Hell doubt I would even know who Adam is. Because in the 8 years I did not pay attention, heard of maybe 6 names and actually songs by 4… I am at complete loss how the machine works. There are so many artist shoved down our throats, it is sad that who ever is in charge of the idols, doesn’t seem think the idols are worth it.

      • Jamie

        mike, your comment couldn’t be further from the actual truth. The “problem” has nothing to do with Adam and EVERYTHING to do with the content of her CD. Sorry, but the material she chose to include on her CD just wasn’t that good. It all sounded like Kelly Clarkson rejects mixed in with something that P!nk might have passed on as well. For all of the “rocker” talk on EW’s message boards I have to wonder if anyone actually bought and listened to the CD – it’s pure pop. Oh, and singing a song that glorifies domestic violence doesn’t help matters either (sorry, you can toot the “it’s ironic/it’s a metaphor” BS you want – the young girls that this CD was targeted for aren’t old enough or mature enough to get it). I just think the “powers that be” didn’t do her any favors and that has ZERO to do with Adam. Having just seen them both in concert I can say that other than “Firday I’ll Be Over You”, nothing she sang that night stuck – and I actually OWN her CD. If anything being on tour with Adam has helped her – I know about 12 different people who bought her CD after going to the concert because they liked her – so hopefully more people are buying the CD on tour. Otherwise something tells me those CD’s would be gathering dust on a shelf.

      • allyr

        SajiNoKami, Adam got “the most attention” because the media LOVES him. For a reason. He is ARTICULATE (unlike ali and kris), funny and good natured (unlike ali and kris), charismatic (unlike ali and kris), super photogenic (unlike ali and kris) and OH YEAH, he can SING ANYTHING.(unlike ali and kris). He puts on A SHOW. He has a VISION. He didnt show up on Idol for a joke (unlike Kris) and has been working his ass off for 20 years professionally. (unlike Kris). Ali is just too young without enough TALENT to carry her over the negatives. Swift actually writes winning songs as does Kesha. Miley had the Disney machine backing her. Ali was thrown to the wolves. DIDN’T ANYONE BELIEVE THAT IT’S A TOUGH BUSINESS? Why blame Adam for being successful? It wasn’t handed to him. He’s had to claw his way on the radio charts while getting gay hate on every website and even disc jockeys still making snide homophobic remarks. He has NOTHING to do with Allison and Kris’s lack of success. HE designed his tour. Kris had the same opportunity. He’s chosen to be WGWG. Good luck with that.

      • SajiNoKami


        First I am not blaming Adam, I am just making a statement on what I have witnessed. Love the boy went to his concert.

        Basically what i am saying, if you are not apart of the idol fandom, you do not know of these people.

        If my mother would not have mentioned Adam to me, even with the rolling stone, which i have a subscription to, I would not be into Adam. The only reason I am here right now is because last November, my mom showed me a vid of him.

        Even with Kelly, which was the only idol I ever got a cd from before Kradison, it took to her second for me to even notice her for one song.

        And the rest of your statement basically bashing Kris and Allison, that is the reason I have avoided idol for 8 years. You guys pick your people and trash the others to make your favorite look better. JFC if you like Adam, I am happy for you, I like him too. But if the only way you can prove your love is by trashing the others…. sigh.

      • LisaW

        Ok Mike, whatever, just note that in this article about Allison YOU ARE THE ONE BRINGING ADAM LAMBERT UP!!! So he’s a media hog cuz YOU decide he’s Allisons big problem, ur a moron.

      • Melissa

        Mike why not check actual facts before spouting ur nonsense? Adam has only supported Allison, her low sales happend immediately with the release and she was overshadowed then in November by EVERYONE as everyone releases then for xmas, they shoulda waited. FIBO was a crap first single, Scars shoulda been a hit so dunno what the airplay issue is.

        but once of idol they compete with everyone and even Xtina sunk against gaga, rhiana, kesha, etc so its a tough market.

      • Melissa

        w/o the tour what exactly would she have been doing, Adam wanted her on the tour to boost her. He does radio interviews all the time and says how good she is and when they ask who is out there that should get more airplay he says Allison!!! He really couldnt have done any more for her so BTFO @$$hole.

      • mike

        I’ve read all your comments and I don’t understand why you all are getting it twisted. I’m not blaming Adam for Allison’s failure. I’m just saying tht all the attention was on him while they were on the show, and to make matters worse, Allison is intentionally putting her self in his shadow by playing little sister to him and tagging along on his concert tour. My point is that she needs to form her own identity as an artist.

      • starla

        LMAO Mike. really, thanks for the giggle. Allison wasn’t overshadowed by Adam, in fact Allison was helped by Adam, both on the show and afterwards.

        The fact that you actually believe that she could’ve toured solo is funny though.

        Part of Allison’s problem is that she too rough around the edges and she turns people off. Every performance she gave on television where she might’ve connected with the audience was a miss.

        She’s young though and if she gets some maturity she could bounce back and have a great career. I hope she does because she’s very talened.

      • @Starla

        How many successful recording artists do you know were publicly “helped” by other artists? I was talking about her image being overshadowed by Adam’s. It happened on the show, and it continues to happen with her tagging along on Adam’s tour. People havethe perception that if she needs “help” she’s not star material. I don’t see why you think Adam didn’t upstage the other contestants since that’s the reason why he stood out the most. He was praised, hyped, and promoted over all the others, and he still is.

      • Cookie

        I like Allison and wish her the best; I agree with many on here she is talented and hope she will have opportunites later when she matures some.
        Regarding why her venture with Jive didnt work: I laugh at the Idol people who think that what contestants like Allison and Adam did on a reality singing show is what they should do in the real music business. No one plays “rock” music anymore, and it doesnt sell. People have goofy and unrealistic expectations about the AI artists because they come off a contrived show which forces them to sing old, out of date music. Right off the bat, the AI fanbase is in denial about what is about to happen to their favorite in the real world. In that sense, AI is both a blessing and a curse. Great for being discovered; bad for disappointing delusional fans who are never going to like your CD because “you didnt sing like that on Idol.”
        The Idol universe is insular and strange, and the fans can be even stranger. One of the real problems I see with the show, which no one addresses, is why isnt it important to produce a winner who will sell something. I guess the show itself doesnt need the money, but based on the music selling trends today, if I were a record company, I wouldnt touch an American Idol contestant with a ten foot pole. The paradigm of what makes an artist popular today has shifted, but AI doesnt see the writing on the wall. It still tries to produce artists with the old paradigm, and they may never match the success of earlier idols. But I dont expect to see any contestants that are different, exciting, fresh or contemporary. AI’s idea of that is to get younger contestants. UGH.

      • @Cookie

        Your comments don’t hold water. Most of the successful Idols contined to sing the same way they did on the show. “No one sings Rock anymore? Last time I checked, Chris Daughtry wasn’t doing Pop. And a lot of what Kelly Clarkson does is considered Rock music.

      • ChristineGlambert [KRADISON

        Touring with Adam has been the best thing to her.. She’s gained alot more fans, and Adam is being really nice to let her do that.. Why the hell are you saying that she should stop touring with him? when he gives her something Jive couldn’t give.. She gets more publicity, and the reviews of each show, the maturity she gains on stage, is freaking beyond AMAZING..

      • FLA-Lady

        I love Allison, but I feel that there were other factors. For one thing, she didn’t have the passion. Maybe I just didn’t see it. She loves to sing, but something in her makes here take some steps back. And I once said in another posting that Allison lacks people skills. (Yes, someone jumped down my throat for that one!) The bottom line is…she’s a great singer. And…that’s it. You and I would think, well, that’s enough! Isn’t it??? Well, NO! I truly hope she will become BIG soon. NOT years from now, but soon. And, I believe, she needs to be a big part of that “SOON”. She’s old enough, but still too emotionally young for grabbing the bull by the horns. Anyone agree…..??? Somewhat??

    • Yes, thank you Micheal

      What does it mean that she is still signed to 19 Recordings? Does it mean they are going to look for another label for her or can she still release CDs under 19 Recordings? Or does it mean essentially nothing?

      I think Allison is extremely talented. I think the problem is that she doesn’t fit into radio stations’ neat little demographics. It is very hard in this day and age. Radio doesn’t want to take any chances. And if you are not on the radio, you don’t sell records. If you don’t sell records, you don’t make money for your label . . . & you get kicked off your label. It’s as simple as that, unfortunately.

      I remember Lyndey Parker’s interview with Adam Lambert after his CD was released. He more or less said he couldn’t put out a rock album because rock radio would not play a gay male artist – he does not fit their demographics. There were some people who gave Adam bloody murder for not releasing a rock CD. Thank goodness he didn’t. He might have been dropped as well.

      It’s all about the radio stations’ format folks – and it’s highly specific. And it sucks. :(

      • allyr

        Exactly. It’s about radio. And Adam did NOT WANT to be ROCK. I don’t know how many times he has to say it. He wants to be POP. Enough with the ROCK wank already people. His voice isn’t even the correct voice for todays’ rock. He’s said so himself. He has a throwback voice.

      • @allyr

        It isn’t what Adam wants to sing, it’s what he’s good at and what people expect him to sing. The fact is that he is a good Rock singer, but a mediocre Pop singer. He wants to be something that he simply is not good at. And there are way too many people who do Pop better than he does. He needs to seriously think hard about doing Rock.

      • May

        @allyr why so pressed?

  • Danny

    With that voice she should be fronting a band anyway. Allison, I will follow you wherever you decide to go next!

    • Chichi

      I agree with you, she definitely should be fronting a band. But rock isn’t getting much radio play these days, maybe a nice indie label would snatch her up and allow her to grow and find her own sound.

  • Sinsational

    She was dropped. It is a business afterall and she made the company no money. Infact, with money spent on promotion etc, she LOST them money. Not even Slezak buying endless copies of this terrible cd could save it.

    • Sarah

      What promotion though? I’m just a casual music fan and don’t remember hearing/seeing Jive do anything for her. Then again, I wasn’t paying close, specific attention to Allison but…how can an artist succeed with little to no promotion?

      • Smarty Tight Pants

        People always use the excuse of no promotion when a cd fails. I am into Idol and I really wanted to like Alison’s first effort. Yet it was just simply bad.

      • Jason Scott

        Umm…but she didn’t get any promotion…it’s a worthy excuse cause I’ve been following what she’s been doing ever since Idol…and I loved her album…what did you expect? She came through the Idol machine and they turned her sound very pop…that’s not her fault…she’s only 18 now…I’m excited for what she does next

      • Timbo1718

        Isnt being on the most popular show promotion?

      • jrain

        She got a lot of promotion, maybe not Adam/Kris promotion but it was prevelant and nothing worked. It’s just not her time yet.

      • Ravanne

        It would really be erronious to say that Allison got no promotion for her album. She actually was very heavily promoted, especially in the first few months following its release. She had a large number of high profile appearances, including a prime time New Years Eve performance, and more recently on So You Think You Can Dance. Yes, Jive had been scaling back the promotion push when it was obvious that even after appearing on national television that her sales did not even marginally improve. The more primary reason for her album failing is that she was aimed at the wrong market. Her sound is decidedly mature, but because of her age they aimed her at a young teen audience that just wasn’t interested. Unfortunately Allison wasn’t mature enough or experienced enough to force the issue of how she wanted her album produced and marketed in the way that Adam was able to.

        Hopefully 19E hasn’t given up on Allison yet and will get her signed with one of the UMG labels. She is an extremely talented performer that, with the right management and guidence and a bit of time to mature, can be a very marketable performer. She should take this as a learning experience and try to grow from it. It’s painful to get dropped by her label, but it’s happeend to bigger artists than her. Her career isn’t over unless she allows this to push her out of the music business.

    • Phil

      my god you Idol fans are SUPER DENSE. PROMOTION accounts for any TV appearances…amd since no Clear Channel stations were playing her actual single last Fall, she was a ‘surprise’ presenter at most of the Jingle Balls, which DUH again counts as promotional appearances in major markets like L.A., NYC and Philly. And yeah, don’t get into an argument with me, cause yeah the cd was bad, and rushed. Her single “Scars” coulda been a hit but sounded too much like a record Pink should have released.

      • Tarc

        Yeah, she didn’t get any promotion – like a dozen people that are ‘superdense’ already said. TV promotion is typically PAID or FREE (as in appearances on TV shows). The record could have been better, but was hardly bad. And Scars sounded like Pink because Pink co-wrote it. Dense much yourself.

      • Phil

        ‘sounded too much like a record Pink should have released’ was my nice way of saying kept for herself moron. And I mentioned all the radio shows cause they weren’t free. Do not insult my intelligence when you try & attack my words out of context.

      • Ant

        First, I dont think Pink co wrote scars. Second, I think its ignorant to say that Allison sounded like pink on scars because she was sick when she sang it, if you hear it live, it sounds nothing like Pink. Third, she was on, as far as I know, 3 or 4 tv shows, not counting Good Morning America and those other ones that she went on just once when her single was released, while Others like Kris, Adam got to go on various tv shows more than Allison. Uhm, Radio stations adored her voice when she performed, yet they didn’t play her music [which I wont blame on Jive]. I think they made a poor choice with the first single, I think Just Like You or even D Is For Dangerous would’ve been better. Overall, people love her voice, they’re just too cheap to buy the album or to ignorant to realize the talent that she has.

      • Siggie

        Sounding like Pink hasn’t stopped Clear Channel from playing the hell out of “Wadya Want From Me” from Lambert. That sing was written by Pink and sounds like Pink and I hear Pink in it no matter who sings it. 19 sucks and doesn’t promote their artists in a way that will allow them to grow lasting careers releasing music that’s true to them. Its all about the buck and all idols are stuck. Clarkson is vocal in her disdain of the music they make her do. Cook’s promo was cut to make way for Daughtry and Lambert even when his record was selling. Daughtry’s not selling near expectation. Lambert continues to get support though he’s not selling. Then they take a young talent like Iraheta and screw her over. Great job, 19. At least Bowersox seems to have some sense and hot hersel independent management.

      • Melissa

        Her CD was bad??? no way Scars is gorgeous, Holiday is rocking, D is for Dangerous is great, Trouble Is I could listen to for days.

      • RM

        Pink wrote No One Else. Would been hard for her to keep Scars to herself.

      • swarm

        @siggie what are you talking about “Cook’s promo was cut to make way for Daughtry and Lambert even when his record was selling. Daughtry’s not selling near expectation. Lambert continues to get support though he’s not selling.”

        LOL Daughtry is 4x platinum including canada. Cook? 1x. Yet DAUGHTRY is underperforming?

        How is Lambert “not selling?” >2 million units all over the world and sold out headlining tour the same size venues as Gaga’s first tour and several of Carries size venues. He OUTSOLD KATY PERRY’s new album drop last week at 192K with his debut album 225k You idol fans just make crap up. LMAO

      • Siggie

        Daughtry’s sophomore effort just went platinum. It was expected to do way better base on previous performance. Joey Barnes has been quite vocal about the pressures placed on the band for underperforming by label standards. Look at the timeline of releases, Cook’s promo simply stopped. Even when he went on ESPN to promote himself with baseball, the label sent in a sample of DAUGHTRY’s music and you can tell Cook was taken by surprise right there on TV. Blindsided by his label, which later sent in a clip of an unreleased Cook song for a future clip. Its also disrespectful to the artist’s fans.

        Lambert’s album is barely gold in the US. And not for lack of label support and pushing him hard. They gave him mentorship at Idol! Katy Perry and Gaga haven’t had that kind of exposure first tour.

      • Siggie

        Lest we forget, swarm, Cook debuted at 280k. Last I checked 280k>225k.

        My theory is that Lambert was so hyped on Idol, even at the expense of other talents like Iraheta, that Idol can not afford to let him fail. They will do EVERYTHING in their power to prevent his failure. None of the others get that consideration, as we see with Iraheta now.

    • BlackSunshine

      Lol i love how the second its confirmed some ppl like you cant wait to throw in their nwgative two cents. You needed to comment your dislike of her that quickly?really? What has she done to offend you so much? Also, WHAT PROMOTION? They just wanna blame the artist for “their” mistakes.

      Note worthy: gaga was dropped from her first label too because “they didnt get it” in other words, “we dont know what to do with talent”.

      • Phil

        PROMOTION…let me break it down for you since you seem to be a bit slow. When a record label has to pay for an artist to make these promotional appearances, they must pay for her to get there, her make up artists to do her up, since she’s presenting in front of an audience & will do interviews backstage and possible meet & greets. WHO DO YOU THINK PAYS THAT BILL? The label. At the time, other than Idol-obsessed fans, no one knew who she was, or that she even had a cd being released cause again, the radio stations were NOT playing her. I said this last year over the whole Kris Allen/Lambert sales showdown. Idol has become a bloated machine. What they SHOULD do is release the winner’s disc in Nov. and NOT release the runner up’s til the 1st week of January. YES, after the holiday sales are done, since that would allow the winner to actually have all the sales with no competition (in an already over-crowded marketplace) & releasing the runner up’s cd in januray…no new cds come out, and there is NO competition, and they’d have there own market share & Idol debuts 3 wseeks later which could then promote the runner up’s release or have them perform a dated set. These 3rd & 4th finishers need to realize they may have talent, but no one ever remembers who came in third.

      • BlackSunshine

        bs, they just dont know what todo with talent.

      • Lisa

        Phil…if the winner has such a big fanbase from Idol why would they have to delay the runner-up’s cd. There has only been a couple of times that a runner-up has outsold a winner and that was season 2 and season 8. In season 5 the 4th place finisher outsold the winner. Doesn’t that tell you something. Maybe these winners didn’t have as big of a fanbase as everyone thought. Maybe they just had people who could power text better then everyone else.

      • Phil

        Lisa, I agree with you. I was just offering a viable business plan so that the labels can’t use the ‘overcrowded market place at the holidays excuse’. But no one likes change, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Idol winning releases now, after all the upcoming changes & a new home on Universal rather, than Sony/BMG. I agree with you about the show being rigged or fixed, but if you should ever dare utter those words, the fans treat you like a blood thirtsy vampire needed to be staked (instead of looking at themselves going rabid for a talent show competitor).

      • Siggie

        Thats the problem with these labels. They don’t know what to do with their artists. Theyre too busy trying to push something that’s worked before. They’re looking for the next Swift or Gaga or Cyrus or whatever without looking at the true potential of the artist in their hands. Quick buck and move on to what’s new. The whole 19 system is one big clusterf*coed conflict of interest. The ones who lose are the fans who keep getting crap music out of actually talented people. These artists van give us much better material. I can’t wait for the big labels to bust when their sales model becomes completely obsolete and artists finally learn to get the stuff directly o fans through technology.

      • djm

        Sorry, but history has shown that you can’t rely on the fan base of the winner to drive sales – people who watch AI don’t necessarily go out and buy the music. I have friends who throw AI finale parties and power vote every year yet they haven’t spent one cent on a recording by any of the Idol contestants. They look at the show as entertainment and once it’s over, it’s OVER so far as they are concerned. What 19E needs to do is come up with a way to make money during the season (I say they should charge a $20 fee to have the opportunity to power vote – that way they can see who CONSUMERS are interested in) and they should take more time to create the first CD so that they are releasing a QUAILTY product and not some rushed CD that is hit or miss.

      • Teresa

        I think if they had held up Adam’s cd until January, fans would have marched on 19’s offices with pitchforks and torches. It was too bad for Kris that he had to compete with Adam head on like that. On the other hand, they were both completely blown out of the water by Susan Boyle… and who the hell could have seen that coming?

        It obviously didn’t help Allison to release her CD later. But I think her career is just going to be that way. She’d already dealt with struggle and disappointment before idol ever happened. I don’t think it’s ever going to be easy for her.

      • Siggie

        I don’t get the concept of music as a competition. If I like two or more artists releasing their music on the same day I WILL BUY THEM BOTH.
        The labels have fans thinking like labels and it’s killing good music.

      • Teresa


        You have a very good point there. It shouldn’t be a competition. Unfortunately, my funds for buying music are limited. So, there has to be a choice. For me, it was Adam first (because I need my fix), Allison second (because she needs my support and want her to last), and Kris third (because I like him, but I’m not worried about him).

    • david

      it’s true. this album was terrible. 2 weeks in my car then right into the dust bin.

      • karen

        David, that’ your openion. I boutht it and I LOVE IT.

    • Elizabeth

      Jive doesn’t support its artists. At least the ones who actually might need the extra boost in the joke that is considered the music industry today.

    • curiousme

      Yeah….so Jive can make more room for out-of-tune,auto-tuned,lacklustre,personality-void artists. Why would they want ACTUAL talent when there are so many artists who lack talent but bring in the $$$$. Afterall,there’s only a few artists out there with vocal chops worthy of praise….she’s touring with one now (**wink,wink**)…Usher can sing,Gaga’s a great performance artist,Christina has an amazing voice…..I know there are a few others but I’ll have to think about it.

      Nope,in the grand scheme of things,talent doesn’t appear to be the criteria anymore….the bottom line rules again!!

      So sad!

      Good luck Ali….great talent will prevail and your day will come….the others will just go *poof* when people smarten-up and realize that singing is an art and catchy ditties fronted by mediocre vocals and personality-void artists will have no way to go but extinct. People will come around,I have faith. In the meantime,the less-talented will continue to stay on labels despite their shortcomings (actual talent).

      Record execs……..WAKE UP!!!

  • Alexandria

    To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan when I saw her live a few times on the Glam Nation tour (her voice isn’t my type, though no question that she’s skilled), but the fact remains that she’s opening for a pretty consistently sold-out nationwide (and soon worldwide? I never heard if she’s opening overseas as well) show. I can’t believe that a record label would drop someone in the middle of that kind of regular exposure.

    • Jennifer

      They dropped her because the cd didn’t make them money. This isn’t a commentary on her talent or on the quality/lack of quality of the cd. The music business is just that, and if you don’t make the labels money, they drop you. May not be fair, but that’s how it is.

  • Heather

    I’m hoping hard that she will be picked up by Universal then. I need more Alli music in my future! I’m sure she will be successful in the long run, she has her whole life ahead of her and she is mad talented!

  • Mark in FL

    Overrated from the beginning.

    • musicfan

      @Mark in FL – are you kidding me? Have you even heard her live? Holy crap, that girl can wail – she is a rocker that delivers time after time – she can belt out Heart, Pink, Pat Benatar, Joplin – whatever you throw at her.

      • Kara

        musicfan – her cd wasn’t a covers cd ya know -it was full of terrible, original material

      • Ant

        @Kara: Yeah material that she didn’t write or produce, but just performed. Her voice on taht material made it better than what it would have been if say Gaga or Ke$ha would have performed it. I’d like to see them be so vulnerable in scars as allison was or so gut wrenching in Trouble Is. Yeah her CD may have been more pop than rock, but you can’t knock her voice, because her voice is amazing.

  • musicfan

    Allison is sensational, hopefully another label will pick her up right away (RCA!!!) and get her some great music to work with – I think she should do some work with Pink & Max Martin & Linda Perry – Adam’s fans love her on the tour & signed petitions to extend her opening for him. She’s still young, she WILL be successful, she just has to have the right combination of songs, writers, musicians, producers, etc just like everybody else. She’s got the talent, no doubt about that. She does need someone to help her with enunciation when she sings, though, many have complained they can’t understand her.

    • Phil

      musicfan…your stupidity shows, pleases top with the nauseating Idol worshipping comments before you make a further fool of yourself today. RCA is the SAME label as JIVE, all under the Sony/BMG conglomerate. IF they just dropped her RCA sure as hell ain’t picking her up.

      • DJ

        There was this stupid petition going around the Internet where people were spamming RCA with tweets to pick up Allison. Extremly stupid since Jive and RCA are both owned by Sony.

      • Phil

        Almost as stupid as Idol fans thinking when they call a radio station & request songs that they’re actually written down or entered in a computer instead of knowing that music logs & playlists are created usually the day before by a music director or program director (usually also on the air & not looking at reasearch & data more than once a week MAYBE)on Selector, haha Ignorance is truly bliss.

      • Siggie

        That’s right, radio doesn’t take requests anymore. They don’t track them. This was confirmed by my multiple PD’s in my market.

    • WTF?

      But, she DID do work with Max Martin (flew to Sweden to work on her first single he wrote for her, which tanked) and P!nk (who wrote “No One Else”). Even Kevin Rudolf and David Hodges helped on her album. The money and names were put into that album, but in the end, Allison just didn’t connect with the public. Should have known it would happen when Simon kept questioning that disconnect during her Idol tenure.

      • FlyingColors

        Simon Cowell, ruining America one teen at a time.

  • Scott

    Why is this surprising? AI fans who go on about “oh he/she has the best voice” continue to fail to grasp what makes a music star. This young woman clearly has talent, and just as clearly has zero star quality (no matter how much some people try to pump her up). AI is unsalvageably dead as long as it continues to be a karaoke competition for non-stars. Maybe X Factor USA will differentiate itself by also looking at songwriting, style, dancing, personality, interview skills, etc. — more “x factors” that make a star.

    • MJ

      I agree that Allison lacks star quality. She sings well enough, but there’s something that just isn’t connecting. I saw her on the AI tour and twice now on the Glam Nation tour and have not been impressed with her. Her singing is okay, but I don’t care for her “presentation” at all … mumbling, manic movements, running all over the stage, etc. I found it extremely off putting. Hopefully she’ll hook up with a label who will take her under their wing and develop her into a true performer. The talent is there, it’s just too raw and undeveloped right now for her to be a successful recording artist.

      • allyr

        You haven’t seen her on Adam’s tour. She improved alot. If she’s lacking in star quality, then Orianthi is a negative 100. Talk about a big zero. Allison needs a TON of coaching, and I wouldn’t call her “star” quality but she can perform and sing. She needed to make contact with the audience and singing with her eyes shut or just randomly looking all over the stage at nothing…all the time (for starters) is not a good idea haha. She also needs to go back to a interviewing and vocal coach. Diction and tone. She sounds like she’s singing thru a cloth half the time. Then again, Freddie Mercury “Why are we successful? My charisma, darling, of course”. LOL.

      • allyr

        MJ sorry, i see where you said you DID see her on Glam Nation. IDK, I thought she was much better.

      • Teresa

        One thing that sticks in my mind is Adam’s comment during one of his Slezak interviews when he said that Allison is going to be star “in a few years.” I don’t know *why* he says that (since I like her fine right now), but I trust that it’s based on something.

        For that reason, I don’t feel like this is a mortal blow. I think she’s doing what she can and should be doing right now. She’s in a good position to learn what people seem to think she’s missing–how to connect with the audience. If there’s one thing that Adam shines at, it’s connecting to the audience.

        It may take time for her to take everything she’s learning right now and apply it. Goodness knows it took me years to understand the stuff I was trying to learn at 18.

        But patience. Better for her to learn and mature than to be pushed into some pop teen singer role that she’s really not suited for. I can wait to see the amazing woman she’s going to be. In the meantime, I’ll just try to send her positive thoughts and buy her cds when they come out. It’ll be fun to have them as a record of her growth.

    • J

      X Factor is MUCH more karaoke than American Idol, they sing to backing tracks (not live music) from the auditions to the finals (except for some of Boot Camp). Contestants are hardly ever allowed to play instruments, and the manipulation by the judges is unbelievable at times. They even used Auto-Tune on some of the auditionees to make it look like they could sing! No way in hell can anyone pretend it is better than American Idol overall once the two shows have been compared.

      P.S. On topic, Good luck to Allison for the future, you still have a place in my favourite albums of all time.

    • Melissa

      Sigh, I guess you are right I saw her live and loved her voice but my friend was unimpressed and liked Orianthi much better and said she had a much better stage presence. I think she’s cute and heartfelt but needs to polish her performance style, she’s young yet, she can learn.

  • cookster

    Allen will be the next to be dropped. He’s losing them money too. Jive has dropped a small fortune promoting him. You wait and see when David Cook releases his next CD he will go Platinum really fast. Cook is better than every past idol ever. Cookie will show them all how its done. Cooks 1st went platinum faster than Clarksons, Daughtry’s and Underwoods. Allen is a joke. Allen can’t even beat Hicks LMAO!

    • Jay

      Yeah, I kinda agree with what you said about Kris. Jive can’t be too happy with the way Kris has performed. Yes, he did have one hit single, but his album isn’t selling, and it looks like his second single isn’t going anywhere. As far as David Cook, I think you are way too optimistic with regard to how fast he will go platinum (if he ever does). David has been under the radar for too long now. I doubt there’s still the same level of interest in him. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of his fans have moved on. Not sure why they waited so long to put out new music and keep him on the radio. It’s a shame because he’s so talented. I wish him luck, but I am not nearly as optimistic as you are about his next album.

      • hanna

        Totally agree with Jay. Really wondered what happened with planning for Cooks next album. He was so good on the show but I think he’s going to have a tough time because he’s been off the radar for so long, and never made that big of a splash with his original music on the first record.

      • Angela

        Cook yes he with platinum but he did not have hit singles.

      • LiLa

        I’ve got my money in hand waiting for Cook’s next CD to drop. Exactly because it’s taken so long to produce, I’m expecting it will be outstanding.

    • Phil

      Any Kris fans here…he’s the opening act for Lifehouse’s fall tour. I ONLY even know this because I bought tix for my friend’s bday next month online yesterday & I clicked Event Info. So Sad he wasn’t even mentioned on the main page, a little over a year being crowned Idol. (So go buy tickets if you are a Kris fan.)This is the machine so many of you Idol obsessed fans perpetuate. Its prolly one of the most use ‘em & discard ‘em aspects in the music industry today other than the Disney tween Idols. How there are so many loyal supporters that come back every January is beyond me.

      • Sarah

        We get it…you hate Idol. No need to insult others on here who enjoy the competition and/or support some of the artists who emerge from the show. Your music snobbery is more off-putting then any other thing on this page. Personally, I thank Idol for giving me an artist like Kelly Clarkson to enjoy. She’s a true talent whose voice you can’t deny. If that makes me an Idol-idiot…then so be it.

      • Phil

        I’m a FAN of music. Good, bad & pop. I’m NOT an Idol fan, but I’m an equal opportunity offender. I’ll comment on all aspects of music, I can’t help it that most Idol fans are whiney sobbing messes when something happens to one of their fallen. But I’m also offering info. Here supporting Kris Allen’s current touring info. wjich is positive & thought some Idol fans would appreciate, but everyone always like to pick out the bad, & overlook the good. And people wonder why its so hard to be unbiased about Idol winners. Thank you for provinf this point Sarah & painting me a snob instead of a fan, just like you only more informed.

      • Lucky13

        FFS Phil! You’re the most obnoxious person commenting on here today and not ALL of your “knowledge” is correct. Stop being so condencending and maybe people will listen to the few things you say that are right. ugh. stfu already.

      • Phil

        @Lucky13 – What ‘knowledge’ have I commented on is incorrect? And you may think I’m condescending, but I’m not offensive like using the term ‘stfu’ . Even if you don’t spell out the words, thats offensive & shows you have ZERO respect for anyone else’s opinion other than your own. All i’ve done was comment on other people’s comments, which has been done with my Anti-Idol attitude, but I haven’t told anyone to ‘stfu’. Another young silly child that needs to learn how to communicate with others.

      • Niix Starkyller

        “let me break it down for you since you seem to be a bit slow.” “your stupidity shows, pleases top with the nauseating Idol worshipping comments before you make a further fool of yourself today.” “Another young silly child that needs to learn how to communicate with others.”
        Yeah, not condescending at all.

      • Siggie

        Phil is right. Idol uses and discards it’s alumni and rarely actually nurture and grow their true potential. I see it with Cook… Smashing Billboard records right off the show, selling platinum, touring like a madman… and cast aside for the next RCA idol to promote. His songwriting isn’t even acknowledged by his label as they decided to release only the three singles he didn’t write. Sad that the first song written by Cook to receive promo as a single is by another artist on another label. Then they have Cook on ESPN to promote himself and instead send the network Daughtry’s song for the clip. Asses.

      • allyr

        TYPICAL Kris fan. You show up here all stealthy trolling Adam Lambert (upthread) as being to blame for Ali when they weren’t even on the same label. If you want to blame someone blame the slacker Kris Allen who was on Jive with her. He tried out for a lark then when he “won” couldn’t even be bothered to develop himself. Or do you forget GMA when he showed up to promo his album and announced he “was tired fro being at the Empire State Building late the night before and was just going to sit on the backdrop instead of socializing with the fans that were there cuz he was ‘tired'” IT even showed in his voice that morning. (worse than usual). Stop talking about Adam Lambert if you’re such a Kris fan. He’s the only one that even did anything concrete for the girl.

    • DDB

      I seriously doubt David Cook’s first CD went platinum faster than Underwood’s or Daughtry’s first CD. Both of those were huge.

      • Marci

        His album went platinum in two months time. I don’t know about the others, but that’s still pretty good. Lots of us are waiting for the second album too.

    • overyounow

      Actually, the consensus thought is that Jive has already made money on Kris. His album didn’t cost a lot to produce, his lead single has sold more than 1.5 million copies and went Top 10 in 3 different radio formats and his album is actually one of the best-selling ones on Jive’s label over the past year (last I looked, only 2 artists on the Jive label had sold more albums than Kris since his CD dropped in Nov. 2009).

      As for Allison, Jive tried to force her to try and be a pop princess, and that’s not even close to what she is. I think she will land on her feet — maybe the best thing would be for her to sign with a smaller label that will actually take the time to promote her correctly and help her develop her musical style and stage presence. She’s got a ton of talent, but it’s still very raw.

      • Lisa

        Wow if Kris is one of Jive’s best producing acts, they are desperate trouble.

      • allyr

        LOL You Kris fans. All of a sudden you’re interested in ALBUMS? Since when? Please cite your sources. Where you “looked”. And who is “the consensus” that agree he’s making Jive money. I’m dying to know.

      • Allen is Next

        How do you know that Kris’s album didn’t cost that much to produce? Sounds like an excuse to me.

      • junebug


        Your comments about Kris Allen show an amazing amount of ignorance. You call him a slacker, somehow who refuses to work on his career? On this past Sunday he just finished a 3+ month tour that covered more than 90 cities. He has been doing dates opening for Keith Urban, Maroon 5, Barenaked Ladies, Chris Daughtry, The Fray and lady Antelbellum, interspersed with a bunch of his own headlining shows. He is going out on tour again with Lifehouse in October. Yup — he’s a real “slacker” alright.

      • junebug

        Here is some info I found for some of Jive’s more prominent artists who have recently released albums.

        Chris Brown: In a BB article dated 8/13/2010 it says: “…The track was the lead single from Brown’s third album, “Graffiti,” which has sold 316,000.” (CD was released 12/8/09)

        R. Kelly: “As of March 27, 2010 the album (“Untitled”) has currently sold 300,000 copies (CD released 12/1/09)

        Three Days Grace: “Life Starts Now has sold more than 400,000 copies as of July 15, 2010 in the US” (CD released 9/22/09)(their 1st 2 albums went platinum)

        As you can see, Kris’ (approx) 320,000 albums sold is pretty much in line with what other more established Jive artists have sold recently

      • hanna

        Lol, I think it’s just the consensus of desperate Kris fans that Jive has made money on him. They clearly lost money on his second single. His album sales and lack of touring success indicate a lack of interest in him as an artist.

    • Lauren

      I love Cook, but I don’t see another platinum album in the cards for him now that it looks like the album won’t be out in time for Black Friday shopping. Nothing to do with his talent, but timing is crucial these days with album sales being down as a whole.

      Allison just never hit a sweet spot. She’s too much of an old soul to be the next big virginal teen queen, and not quite dangerous or sexy enough to be the next shock diva. Fronting a band does sound like a good idea for the immediate future, and then maybe the solo thing will come back around eventually.

    • Siggie

      Cook is unappreciated by his label and so are his fans.

    • TJ

      Cook’s first album did not go platinum faster than Carrie and Daughtry’s CD’s. Both Carrie and Daughtry’s CDs went platinum faster, and I believe Clay’s did as well.

    • Melissa

      Once again the haters come out to trash other artists to feel better about themselves. Why does Kris have to dive for Cook to do well, can’t they all do well, wouldnt that be nice? Sorry, I live David but he is so generic, he and Kris both have nice voices and are nice and cute but there is nothing to differentiate them in a tough market. He and Kris will continue to tour and make money but will not be huge stars. But they make pretty good money and make a living doing what they love and are better off after Idol than before.

      • Siggie

        Lambert’s hasn’t gone platinum at all.

      • Allen is Next

        Lambert may not have gone platinum but hey, he’s still got a slim chance. Plus he’s gold or platinum in at least a dozen countries. How many is Allen Gold in? Oh, that’s right. NONE. Allen isn’t even going to go gold in his own country. How hysterical is that? An AI winner not even going gold? If there were an Idol Olympics he wouldn’t even get the bronze. LOL!

      • Siggie

        Record sales are not the measure by which the label decides to support an artist, as evidenced by Lambert’s case. One really expensive gold record, two failed singles, four videos later. RCA artists who sell better than Lambert don’t get that consideration. It’s all favoritism. This has nothing to do with Allen.

      • swarm

        @siggie You’re very inconsistent in your criticisms. First “Lambert hasn’t gone platinum at all” (wrong, anyway) then “sales aren’t important to the label” (laughable). Cook’s album is platinum, yes. 1M 300K IN 1 YEAR and NINE MONTHS? So he sold 300k in ONE YEAR AND SEVEN MONTHS? LOL. BIG SELLER. Jan 2009 all the IDOl’s soundscans were reported as follows. Cook sold 464K in 12 months of 2009 (as the reigning Idol till May). Lambert sold 434K in 2 months. So given Lambert has sold 750K in the past 8 months versus Cooks 1M350K in the past 19 months, I think you meant to say COOK isn’t “selling”. Lambert is on 3 radio AND Billboard’s charts and all with positive bullets right now and no flat sales. In fact Billboard 9-18 only has Adam, Carrie and Daughtry even ON THE CHART. You can make up whatever “rumor” you want people to believe on the internet, but facts don’t lie. It’s not Adam’s fault that Cook decided to be a band and go on a neverending tour LOL.

      • Siggie

        Keep massaging numbers, swarm. Theyve done everything possible for lambert, more than Katy Perry and Gaga got at debut.
        The point is the labels support whoever they feel like it. Unfortunately Allison isn’t one of them for Jive.
        Now Bowersox is fighting to get her own original songs on her debut with Jive.

      • ChristineGlambert [KRADISON

        Thank you.. I believe that as well.. I don’t understand why people have to fight over artists.. Here’s what I have..

        I have Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, David Cook, Allison Iraheta, Danny Gokey, David Arculeta, Kris Allen and alot more.. Those CD’s are only a few that I have… of course [DUH..].. Why can’t people accept them as REAL PEOPLE.. They are not freaking ROBOTS.. Unless you talk to either of them, and they tell you black and white what happens in the buisness, none of you are actually going to make sense at all.. I’m a fan of music, not just artists.. My Favourite is actually Adam, but I love the others as well.. Why can’t we all make them shine? Instead of fighting over which artists is best?

    • LJ

      Nobody is interested in David Cook anymore – his album will tank.

      • Siggie

        So much the better if it allows him to break from RCA and be free to make his own music. I’d hate to see him trapped in the same cycle as Clarkson who is counting down the records until she’s free.

      • djm

        Well, then I guess I’m a nobody because I can’t wait to hear David’s new CD. I get that you are trying to prove a point, but you might want to speak for yourself.

      • Nobody

        Yes, you are correct. I am extremely interested in what he does next.

      • LiLa

        I’m also looking forward to Cook’s next album to be released.

  • Anna

    I agree with Danny, she needs to front a band, preferably rock. Solo career doesn’t look promising, but she would kill as lead singer of rock band.

  • TorontoTom

    Michael – how are you coping with this?? Go easy on the gin and Oreos. She’ll be okay.

  • Briguy

    It’s a great CD. I’ve been recommending it to friends all year. I don’t think it was properly promoted. Hopefully she’ll land with a better record company this time.

  • keith

    I never saw her sing live (or bought her music), but Allison strikes me as remarkably talented. Jive is a tough label to be signed to; they are cheap and their decisions are often baffling. I wish her well and hope she lands on her feet.

  • MW

    Jive only has themselves to blame. Maybe if they hadn’t tried to squeeze Allison into the Disney Diva mold and had let her do her own thing, the record wouldn’t have flopped. I loved her on Idol and expected great things from her, but when her album came out it was the same syntesized pop garbage everyone is putting out these days. The vocals were nothing like her Idol performances. I skipped buying the CD and I don’t regret it. Give me a record full of performances reminiscent of “Alone” or her parting shot at “Crybaby” and I’ll gladly snap it up.

    • MW


    • Siggie

      The labels screw up all the time and always look to blame the artist. Jive pushed Allison in the wrong direction and lost a great opportunity with a talented girl. Their loss.

  • jamz

    Allison had far more promostion than other new artists. Late night shows, daytime talk shows, American Idol and NYE show.

    The problem was the music and her image. 1st single geared for the teens, 2nd single geared for an older set, 3rd single was just throw it together and see what happens and none of them connected to an audience on any level. Jive simply did not know how to or how they were going to market her. They clearly did not have a good plan.

    • sara

      I don’t know how they *could* have marketed Allison. Her voice and style is too old for a younger crowd, but she’s too young to sing music that appeals to an older crowd. I heard Holiday on her album, liked it, but then bought it by Dilana. It’s not a believable song for a teenager. On some of her songs she sounds like P!nk, but I’d rather listen to P!nk. I could possibly see her fronting a band, but she doesn’t know how to connect with an audience, which is usually criteria number one for a great frontperson. I honestly don’t know what else they could have done without changing this girl into someone she isn’t entirely.

      • jrain

        I agree, her image is her biggest problem and until her voice catches up with her image she won’t have a chance. That’s probably 5-7 years from now. Just releasing cds in the meantime is pointless. I guess they don’t want to make that commitement and I don’t blame them. Allison will continue singing it’s just a matter of when and where.

      • duck

        She was marketed in rock/pop which is kinda out right now. Plus her personality didn’t really connect well enough to the audience.

      • TJ

        I don’t think its her image. It’s just her. People noted the same thing on Idol. I was just a casual fan of S8, but I remember wondering vaguely why she lasted so long because I really found her rather forgettable despite the hair and clothes. I saw her on DWTS and still felt the same way. I know her fans may have felt people were picking on her by pointing out her lack of charisma, but over a year removed from Idol it’s still her biggest problem.

      • rockfan56

        Yes, lack of it factor is part of it. But image is big, how can a 17 year old sing a song like scars? Doesn’t fit. And as a 30+ year old male, she doesn’t strike me as a rocker, at least not at this point…I saw her do heartbreaker and I was not fist pumping.

      • Teresa


        Heh. When I hear her sing “Scars,” I can’t help think that ‘s about her experience on Idol–trying vainly to seek approval from someone who will never give it.

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