Jay-Z signs Will Smith's 9-year-old daughter, Willow

Will Smith’s nine-year-old daughter, Willow, has signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Columbia Records to release her debut album. This news comes on the heels of Willow’s first single, “Whip My Hair,” gaining Internet buzz (you can read my thoughts on the song here). In a statement, Jay-Z said, “We at Roc Nation are excited to work with Willow. She has an energy and enthusiasm about her music that is truly infectious.  It’s rare to find an artist with such innate talent and creativity at such a young age. Willow is about to embark on an incredible journey and we look forward to joining her as she grows in all aspects of her career.”

Listen below to “Whip My Hair”…

What do you think about Willow signing with Roc Nation, Music Mix-ers? Is that a smart choice for the young singer?

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  • The Devil

    Smart choice? Smart if you want your music produced and commercialized. What other choices would there be if that’s what she and her parents want?

  • Karate Pants

    What a strange looking puppet…so life-like.

    • Trice

      You racist prick. Muppet really? Trust that you are not at all funny sweetie.

      • pZED

        You know, if you call everything racist, it takes away from your ability, and everyone else, to critique real racist statements. It takes away your power when you “cry wolf.” I’m guessing Karate Pants called her a puppet because she’s young, small, dressed gaudily, and seemingly is being used by adults to make a lot of money, not because she’s black.

        And less self righteous statements ending in calling someone “sweetie” would probably help you look less prejudiced yourself.

    • mrs rogers

      It was a ignorant insult truly but then again she has a record deal famous parents and brother not to bad for a puppet I’ll trade places.

    • mcoha

      Exactly! racist Ass Hole! This is a child, and this is all you have to say about her? F*%&% You!

  • JAM

    THIS. IS. AWFUL. Also awful, the sliced and diced all stars that shes wearing above her all stars. I like Will Smith but already dread the rest of my life with his famous because their dad is Will Smith kids.

    • JAM

      In 2 minutes it’s gotten worse! I only watch like 20 seonds of the thing but it’s STUCK IN MY HEAD!! UGH, I have crap looping in my brain!

      • Liz

        I whip my hair back and forth. Haha!

  • Terry

    It’s rare to find an artist at such a young age. Artist? C’mon, if it wasn’t Smith’s kid we wouldn’t even bother. Who’d buy a cd by a 9 year old anyway. really, I used to have respect for Will smith, he seemed to have his head on straight. So why does he keep pushing his kids into the business. I figured he’d raise his kids witha focus on education, since he was supposed to go to MIT, and if they wanted to go into the business as young adults, well, he’d leave it upm to them.

    • Trice

      Obviously not enough respect. You do not know if he is pushig his kids into anything. He has an older son that is doing his own thing. Know the facts before you talk junk.

    • Nicole

      thats exactly whaat im saying becuase shes oly 9 i guess maybe 10 shes dressing like shes 16 and acting all grown up its appproprite for her age if it wasnt for will, oh she wouldnt be anything to music

    • siani

      ok first of all everyone here has it all wrong will and jada did not push her to do this she wanted to do it and she loves to do it how about u let her have fun and be a kid instead of saying negative things about her and her family it’s just uncalled for

  • Lilie

    That sounds truly awful. Wow, just because someone is in show business doesn’t mean that their progeny should follow suit. It was bad enough to remake karate kid but now this? Ugh, seriously. I used to like Will Smith but I am so sick of hearing his name and about his family. It’s just too much now!

    • Trice

      Well we got tired of hearing abut hannah montana but her career will soon be in the dumps so who cares. Stop hating and get a life.

    • girl

      i think that Will smith’s family is blessed and full of talent!

    • ASIA

      Your all hatin becuz all of your lifes arent nothin n will probuly never be anything so comment on dat n cuz im goin 2 whip my hair!

  • Pierre

    I don’t think it’s Will Smith doing but Jada Pinkett. She doesnt have a career and wants to live vicariously through her children. She was bragging about how she is going to enjoy music through her daughter since her own music aspirations didn’t materialized.
    She may have a great voice but what is the rush of pushing a 9 year old little girl in this business. Willow was on Ryan Seacrest this morning proclaiming how she doesn’t go to school and although her tudor travels with her, she hardly do school work because she is busy doing red carpet things with Jaden.
    People need to not buy her album because if it flops, most likely it will take sometime for her to make another one and maybe she will get to have a normal life in the meantime.

  • Briget

    It ain’t so much Will as it is that untalented harlot wife of his. That woman gives me the creeps and I feel bad for Will and the kids once the divorce proceedings get going.

    • The Devil

      Yikes, I’m evil – but not close to that evil. I don’t like what Will or Jada is doing to their kids, but why put the blame on the wife? Will is just as much their parent.

  • purple daisy

    she is so talented and so is the rest of the family why u hating they are good at what they do let them shine they might be the ones to change the world something Micheal Jackson was trying to do. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

    • Chichi

      Change the world? Girl looks as if she couldn’t even find Carmen Sandiego without her tutor.

      • Phil

        Carmen was on the other side of her head that got shaved off. With Waldo.

  • Chris

    LOVE IT!!!! GO Willow!

  • purple daisy

    some of yall need to shut it and try doing what they do and see if it is that easy. i’m sure God gave you talent and half of you all aint using it!!!!!

    • JAM

      Hey if my dad was a famous rapper/actor then I probably would have had a no talent chance in hell at 9 years old too.

    • don’t throw god into the conversation, you sanctimonious idiot. because i’m not making awful music or boring movies, my opinion is somehow less valuable? right…

  • Danelle

    This is so cute. Talent runs in the family.

    • JAM

      Did you listen to the song? You call that talent?

  • Monet

    I didn’t even listen to the audio clip just because I read the comments…it kinda let me know what I was about to be in store for. I just don’t think that any nine year old child should have a record deal–period. I think that their kids are cute, but should be focused solely on education.

  • she’ll end up on behind the music: 2030 at this rate. nine years old! nine! go to school! play with dolls! jeez. the only thing worse is that she was being called a fashion icon for looking like a fool at the kids choice awards this year. the older i get, the more i hate celebrities.

    • JAM

      I agree completely.

  • Journey Love

    Why are so many adults hating on this 9 yr old child? She can’t help it she was born into a family where both of her parents are famous. We should be happy she is doing something positive instead using drugs and drinking at the age of 9 like Drew Barrymore. Stop hating on this baby! Grow the heck up!

    • JAM

      I wouldn’t be hating if the song was any semblance of good, but it’s not. The song is horrible, if you can call it a song. Wait, it even sounds a little like “Pants Down” form that Idol guy. I smell LAWSUIT!

    • Anno

      I’m so sick of the “why are you hating” crap. Just because a person voices their dislike of something doesn’t mean they need to be labeled as haters. It’s just a way for untalented people to try to intimidate others away from criticizing them.

      • Trice

        You can voice your opinion without disrespecting the person. If you do not like the song ok but to talk about the entire family is not ayones business how they raise their kids.

  • jara

    why would it be a bad idea? She is nine .her voice sounds great with the brains of Jay-Z she got the jingle stuck in your head.As long as she remains innoscent and sings about kid like activities and emotions why not? do you have to be apart of Disney to encourage a growing childs dreams and imagination..Im sure if balanced right,she can have the best of both worlds..not sure what her heart wants her to be as she matures but hey, if you have an opppertunity and have someone looking out for her best intrest take this chance..Let Willow find her calling.. Think of it like trying a new sport or instrument..what if she had the skills to go pro in one of those activities would it be any better???? still in spot light, under the scope..Morales are built at home not at work..

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