Perez Hilton responds to 50 Cent Twitter controversy

On Sept. 6, rapper 50 Cent tweeted that, “Perez Hilton calld me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better.” Attached to his tweet was a photo of two men in tuxedos, running from an angry mob. (Here is what appears to be the original Hilton post that angered 50 Cent). The rapper’s post caught the attention of GLAAD who then asked that gays and allies tweet back, “RT @glaad: Tell @50cent to let his fans know that anti-gay violence isn’t something to joke about. #LGBT #gay Pls RT!”

Hilton tells EW, “Joking about violence is not funny. 50 Cent should stick to what he does best, rapping, and leave the funny business to comedians.”

What do you think, Music Mix-ers?

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  • Lance

    Perez sucks.
    50 Cent sucks.
    End of story.

    • BM


    • joey

      I agree Perez sucks and he shouldnt be casting stones since he thought it was “funny” to post crotch shots of Miley Cyrus,
      50 should have been the bigger man and just ignore Perez

      • Zakry

        Sorry, but what the hell does one have to do with the other?

    • Martin

      I am gay 100%. I am actually taking the side with 50. What 50 said is funny. GLADD should be trying to put an end to Perez Hilton who is actually doing more harm for us gays than good. He is by far a positive role model. It’s okay for Perez to make fun and offend others, but Lo and Behold if someone says something about him, or anything that pertains to him. I don’t like 50 at all, but I do like to be fair. Way to twist it too, saying that 50 is promoting gay violence.

      • Silent Rage

        If only more people could be as fair as you when it comes to things like this, the sheer sensitivity in most gays remind me of most blacks in “certain” situations it’s ridiculous.

      • Les

        Wow! A self-loathing gay and a racist agree! And some folks say we can’t find common ground in these contentious times.

      • Ean

        What they are saying is true, though. Even though I think 50 Cent’s comment was not in good taste, a lot of people in both the black and gay community are hyper-sensitive. What I don’t understand is how Tyler Perry can make these movies and it not be racist, just because he’s black. The stereotypes are so outlandish! And the same with gays. Like the joke is okay if they’re in on it, but if anyone else makes it…bring out a book to throw at them.

      • ger

        Yes, we all know white males are the the real victims. They don’t get to be racist or homophobic anymore (or misogynist, for that matter).

      • Silent Rage

        @Les…so because I said most blacks in “certain” situations get sensitive makes me racist? It’s not racist it’s the truth…and I’M BLACK, idiot.

      • Ean

        White guilt is so ridiculous! White males have done bad things in the past, yes. Pretty much every kind of people have gone through slavery, extreme hardship at some time. It’s in the past! I’m a Latino, by the way. There are still some racist, sexist, bigoted jerks out there. On all sides! Latinos, Blacks, Whites, Asians. They can all be racist, sexist, etc. I don’t like any of the jokes. I don’t think they are okay if white men say them, but I also don’t think it’s okay for black men or gay men to say them about themselves. That’s all I was saying. I hate it when George Lopez or other people like that make jokes about their own kind.

      • Gabby

        “I’m a Latino, by the way.”

        No, you’re not. But nice try.

      • Marie

        Why wouldn’t Ean be latino Gabby? Jw.

    • Sylvia

      WELL SAID!!

    • mark

      Agreed, but calling someone a douchebag is far less severe than saying you are going to shoot up a gay wedding. Both are idiots, but 50 cent, in this case, is the bigger one.

    • jacktrndjkr


    • malik d


  • Fatima

    NEVER in my life would I think I’d be siding with Perez Hilton. 50 Cent’s Twitter reveals him to be even more unintelligent than you would have already guessed.

    • Mr So & So

      please explain to me how 50’s tweet makes him seem less intelligent

      • Fatima

        Well for one thing, it’s a pretty ignorant comment. The rest of his Twitter feed reveals him to be a moron, making jokes at his “baby mama’s” expense, etc. Here’s his latest tweet: “Im a get me one of them bi*ches from a third world country. At least she won’t have high expectations. Heres a clean glass a water baby lol.” Need I say more?

      • Mr So & So

        And you follow morons, what does that make you Fatima?

      • Fatima

        I don’t follow him! I looked at it after I heard news about the comments he made. I don’t want that hateful garbage on my page.
        But keeping coming after me for no reason. That’s fine.

  • you are

    50cent is an idiot and a bigot another thug with money.

    Perez is the worst thing to happen to gays on America in 20 years. And is to blame for a large amount of the anti gay feelings out there, him his actions and those who have followed him into the ‘Gay is my profession and I don’t want a real job have no real talent so will do a website for dumb women to read gossip on’.

    I support gay rights, I am not gay, I am female and I am black. Yet I dislike both these two deeply.

    • Kate

      hey, talentless shills attempting to capitalize on celebrity worship is hardly restricted to the gay community. But I agree, they’re both d-bags.

    • Les

      Hateful homophobes are to blame for ALL the anti-gay sentiment out there.

      • Gabby


  • Nick T

    Thats not very nice… It makes me sad.

  • Ixarix

    Yep, I never thought I’d be siding with Perez on anything. But 50 cents comments were beyond sad. They just plain hateful and have no place in this day and age.

  • jennrae

    Ugh, Perez Hilton. No, what 50 Cent said wasn’t funny, but really, who would’ve even heard about it without GLAAD drawing attention to it? I don’t listen to anything 50 Cent says–let alone Tweets, for god’s sake–and this doesn’t make me want to shoot up a gay wedding. Not surprisingly, every time I hear anything about Perez Hilton I want to shoot myself, though. He riles up other people and then sits back while they go off on him, as he tries to look like the good guy that didn’t do anything. He’s not a good guy by any stretch of the imagination, and contributes nothing but negativity to the image of the gay community.

    • 50 cent has over 3 million followers, so word would get around.

  • Kate

    50 Cent should apparently stick to rapping, because it’s what he does best (although I’d say he’s not a good rapper at all, so he’s much better at being an ignorant ass – he WAS doing what he’s best at!). That means Perez Hilton should stick to what he does best, which is… ??? Does he have any actual skills apart from annoying the piss out of me? Both of these people need an ego check… or to just go away.

  • JeanJanie

    50 can’t stick to rapping because no one wants to buy his albums. Hopefully he’s good in this new movie.

    • rae

      You keep on believing that okay?

  • Anna

    They should admit their unrequited love and get a room

  • rouge rainbow

    50 Cent obviously comes off like a bigoted douchebag. And Perez has done almost nothing positive for the gay community and constantly makes fun of people who he believes are in the closet, though for several of them he has no proof other then the fact that he believes they have “gayface”. I’d be happy if they would both go away now.

    • u

      50 doesn’t just come off as a bigoted douchebag, he IS a bigoted douchebag.

      • rouge rainbow

        good point.

  • Phil

    I’m gay. I have mixed feelings about Hilton because he may a huge a$$ sometimes (OK, most of the time) but he does say what alot of people are thinking, but are afraid to say, which I definitely am like also. All that aside…I don’t tweet or Facebook, and let me tell you..its SO FREEING. People (both celebrities promoting projects & regular folk promoting their lame lives) have no real clue how addicted they’ve come to sharing their personal thoughts & feelings every minute of the day with folks, all for the sake of feeling important. Where am I going with this? Well, look, 50’s last project tanked. He has no new single currently out, and we’re still not sure if he is signed to EMI now, or just Lloyd Banks…but, this is what 50 does. He picks fights with rappers usually (Diddy, then saying Tiny should take the fall for T.I. last week) and all of his stupid followers on Twitter take it as gospel, and then spread it to the internet so all the ‘smart’ people not listening to his stupidity have to hear about it. In this case his target was another fame whore Perez instead of a rapper.
    IF A WEBPAGE WAS CREATED ON THE INTERNET, BUT NO HAD THE URL TO VIEW IT, DOES IT EXIST?! (“If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to witness the fall does it make a sound?”)
    I’m not saying any of this is right, but to give this stupid commentary any more shine only perpetuates what most intelligent folks already know…Perez is a hated homo that was an easy target for 50 to pick on, and he’ll then say, my mom was a lesbian, so I was only playing. Stupidity breeds more stupidity on the internet.

    • Mr So & So

      First comment here I actually agree with

    • u

      Both guys are talentless morons the world could do without, so if someone were put both of them in a spaceship and send them out to Mars never to return… I’d be totally happy with that.

    • Lola

      Banging on in the comments section of an article on an entertainment website about how addicted people are to sharing their personal thoughts and feelings. Oh how I love the irony.

      • Silent Rage

        Lola you’re gonna flop come this fall.

  • Jay

    50 Cent, go make a hit song or something…everybody knows you haven’t been relevant in YEARS…lol :)

  • Jean

    Yeah yeah yeah… let’s see what happens when someone talks about shooting up a civil rights parade or a an all african american church just cos… like, i hate fiddy you know? there’s no double standards here. That dumb ass needs to realise attacking a minority is not acceptable and should be made a fool of accordingly. Or die tryin’.

  • fiveagainstone

    It’s pretty obvious that 50 Cent was trying to joke around; it just didn’t come out right. What I don’t get is why the gay community isn’t more offended by Perez Hilton, who is an embarassment to their community. His cattiness and juvenile mean girl act is much more offensive than the 50 Cent tweet.

    • Caitlin

      Well, most are embarrassed by Perez. I know I am. GLAAD has actually issued statements against Perez in the past. With that said, 50 cent was wrong to say what he said, but I still find Perez a lot more annoying then I’ll ever find 50 cent. Both are d-bags.

    • Ashleigh

      Actually it’s not. If some douche celebrity had beef with a black person, then said, “I’m going to shoot up an African American church, haha” the uproar would be 10x worse.

  • MCS

    so glad you pointed this out Lola. A tad pretentious writing an enormous comment about how people need to keep their thoughts to themselves. Love the irony.

    • Phil

      I’ve been coming here commenting for years, long before Facebook or Twitter even existed. If you can’t understand my points or appreciate my commentary that’s fine, unlike 50 I’m not going to argue with you. And to be honest I fully expected someone to call me out on what they thought of my hypocrisy or irony, but I’m ok with that because coming here & getting entertainment updates (which I need for my job) is a necessary part of my everyday life. And I make long posts because unlike most people who hit up message boards, I back my thoughts up with facts instead of leaving just some silly pointless thought. More people should try it…if they have something intelligent to share.

      • Doug

        Something intelligent to share about 50 Cent and Perez Hilton> LOL!

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