Taylor Swift to perform song about Kanye incident at the VMAs?

According to the Associated Press, Taylor Swift has written a song about last year’s Kanye West incident and will unveil it with a surprise performance tomorrow night at the VMAs. That means the two probably won’t team up as some had hoped (here are some of our suggestions for such a pairing), but we’re still dying to hear Swift’s musical take on the now-infamous encounter.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear it, or should they move on, already?

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  • fancypants

    move on already.

    • ?????

      omg agreed

      • mike

        Taylor should be thanking that jerk for making her even bigger than she was.

      • LOL

        Sounds nice-but also, MOVE THE F ON!!!! He made a mistake, everyone does.

      • jordan

        you guys are idiots… obviously it’s going to be a joke song.

      • calistoga

        All these celebs pay a fortune to PR agents, managers, handlers, etc. to ensure that celeb is seen as best he/she can be. Why didn’t West’s people save him from himself??
        The only thing I want to see and hear is West down on both knees begging Swift’s forgiveness for his inexcusable behavior. It’s one thing to insult someone in a private setting, but quite another to do it on TV in front of millions! After he’s done that, THEN we can ALL move on!

    • Bart

      OMG!!! I cannot believe there are celebrities who want attention and publicity! I am shocked!!! SHOCKED!!!!!!!

    • Betty Draper

      I really hope the song is called “I’mma let you finish”

      • pete

        is donald still sleeping around?

      • Roger S.

        Pete, you might be a partner now, but you still gotta learn a thing or two about personal questions like that.

    • Leah

      She can’t sing her way out of a paper bag. Taylor Swuft is the musical equivalent of Sarah Palin. One can’t sing and the other one is as dumb as a box of rocks and shouldn’t ever inflict herself upon us politically.

      • pete

        sarah never said she could sing and it is swift not swuft dumb a…

    • amj

      Absolutely agree….snooze!

    • Carlee

      Taylor doesnt need publicity for her new album its gonna be HUGE HIT!

    • wtf

      bring it on, anything that reminds the world that kanye west is a tool is all good

  • Nicole

    Who cares? Taylor Swift is just trying to market off of the incident, typical of a singer who is only famous because of teenagers.

    • trueblue21


      • jennifer

        i think kayne was wrong to do that to a young singer like that that was her moment

    • Nicole’s boyfriend

      I always fantasize that Nicole is Taylor Swift when we are having sex trust me it helps alot

      • barry


    • George

      Which is truly her biggest audience!!! called business!!….He was the idiot !!

  • kat

    If its disrespecting kenye, then No, move on. If its about overcoming obstacles and becoming a stronger person from her experience, then go for it!

    • Jer

      I agree, if its got a positive message (which is what I would expect from her) go ahead, its one of her life experiences, understandable for her to want to write about it. If just a hate song (which I doubt) then don’t, just move on.

    • Jenn

      Taylor doesn’t seem like the type of singer/songwriter to disrespect someone. She’s always written songs that were from her heart etc. I am very interested hear the song but I won’t be tuning into the VMA’s to hear it.

      • gem

        …so do i

    • Kris

      Yeah if it’s a hate song then that’s a bit beneath her and she needs to just move on. If it’s positive or even humourous then I’m all for it. It could be a highlight of the show.

  • Amy

    KANYE is using the incident for publicity, so is she now. Besides, doesn’t she write songs about her life…I’m not surprised she wrote a song about this incident. At least I got something to look forward to tomorrow night. Otherwise, this year’s VMAs looked like it was going to be a snore-fest.

    • Brad

      Not really. His publicity is his GOOD Friday series.

      • Kris

        Still he wrote an ‘I’m sorry’ song for her not because he’s sorry but because he wants some publicity. I dont believe for a second the guy is sorry for what he did. He’s just sorry everyone hates him.

      • Brad

        You’re not getting the point duder. He hasn’t even released this supposed song. He doesn’t need the publicity from this situation at all. Kanye is a bigger star as an artist than her, despite what he did. He did more for Taylor than Taylor has done for herself.

      • jodipo

        keep telling yourself that Brad… you and Kanya probably believe that load of crap

    • Will

      Totally disagree with you there. This year’s VMA are shaping up to be really exciting. Especially if My Chemical Romance makes their much rumored about surprise appearance to announce their new album. Then it would be the best VMAs evr.

      • MCR

        Yes, it would be the best VMA’s ever if My Chemical Romance make an appearance. Do you know if they are gonna be playing a song tonight?

  • L

    Taylor Swift of the cast of Glee

    who is more annoying?

    • Joey

      Glee is most annoying

    • Joey

      Glee sucks

  • tenley

    I’m guessing no awards show is going to let her sing live ever again. Pity.

    • Glory

      We could only BE so lucky1

    • TCA

      Agree…I wish her fanbase would admit it. Her voice is horrific.

  • KC

    She wrote the song. Actually ” singing” it will be another thing. She can’t carry a tune in a bucket.

    • Emma

      lmao you’re insane.

    • yep

      lmao so true.

    • Cody Andrews

      She’s the one laughing….making millions

  • Josie

    Oh goodie, a song about the fairy tale day she turned into a pop princess.

    • Cody


    • Jay

      LOL, exactly…her song should simply be titled “Thank You Yeezy” lol :)

  • mark

    Let that POS have it Taylor.
    Not a musical fan of either but that guy is trash.

    • Lilly Ann

      Did he kill her family? Did he beat her up?? I’m struggling to see how Kanye saying some ill-advised statements at an Award Show 1 YEAR ago where she still got her award and was privileged to have Beyonce correct the issue immediately honestly merits all of this. I mean wow… there’s war, famine, and apparently the world’s most important issue: Taylor Swift continuing to milk this situation as much as possible. Honestly, she owes him a fruit basket and a sincere thanks for all of the press he gave her this year. Get over it, Taylor… and you too, Mark.

      • Cody

        All that goin on in the world and yet you read THIS article and your reading THESE comments haha

      • Randy

        And yet, with all of those important issues that you mention, you are reading EW and commenting.

      • pete

        it’s just good taste stupid… not the end of the world. That is what this topic is…..Get it?

      • pete

        it’s just good taste not the end of the world…

      • Meredith

        Ignore the haters above! I’m with YOU, Lilly! Taylor needs to get over it, and get real. Everyone felt bad for her last year, but this is FAR from the worst thing to happen in the world.

  • Abby

    wow, you guys think she’s just doing it for attention? if you knew ANTYING about tay you’d know she writes everything she feels. it’s never for attention. back off. she actually doesn’t even wanna talk about it anymore. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

    • let me guess, you know her? best friends in kindergarten? what?

    • Katja

      LOL…”Tay”?? Is she like totally your BFF 4eva?
      I’m sorry, I don’t mean to rag on you for being a fan because fandom is fun and Taylor Swift is a pretty good artist, but…”Tay”??? That just struck me as hilarious.

      • Cody

        Needs to be a like button!

  • El Fido

    If she has anything nice to say about the dude, she’ll prove once again that she’s the best performer at the awards. Hopefully, that won’t make him grab her mike.

  • JunkMail

    I’d like to hear the song. It could go two ways: 1) He’s a creep, or 2) I’m sorry you felt that way. Either way, he brought it upon himself.

  • Rocker

    Theres a difference that you all seem to be missing here. The incident happened to Taylor she didnt do anything wrong if she has written a song about it which im sure she has she has every right to sing it and use it for publicity its her life just like the relationships she sings about. When Kanye tries to use it for publicity he is trying to capitalize on victimizing Taylor.Basically hes being rewarded for his egotistical bad behavior which is the entire reason the public was so ready to drop him in the first place. oh and those of you saying Taylor cant sing STFU over 13 million albums sold and the top selling digital recording artist of all time. We love her voice if i hadnt heard that she was performing i wouldnt be tuning in to the VMAs at all.

  • anonymouse

    she already sang it when she hosted SNL close to a year ago….it’s probably the same exact song. :(

    • ?

      You are probably right….

  • bob

    why cant they just move on

    • LIzS

      I agree completely this has dragged on for too long and its really annoying that it continues to get so much press

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