Taylor Swift sings about Kanye West (we think, sort of) at the VMAs: Is this the official end to the saga?

Taylor-Swift-VMAs_320.jpg Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Taylor Swift “surprised” the audience at the VMAs (though word of the performance leaked last night) with a song “about” Kanye West’s now-all-too-infamous stage-crashing incident at last year’s ceremony. And a good thing word leaked yesterday, or we’d barely know this song she sang was vaguely, possibly, inspired-ish by said lapse in manners. The replay of the incident at the beginning of her appearance helped make it clearer, but then it was all moody lighting and red lipstick and sparkles. She looked gorgeous, as she is wont to do, but, um, the actual song was a pretty opaque: She seems to be saying Kanye “lost [his] balance on a tightrope” and “lost [his] mind trying to get it back” and also “who you are is not where you’ve been,” thus he is “still an innocent.” Perhaps the clearest reference to the rapper was when she said “32 is still growing up now” — lo and behold, he was that very age when he crashed the stage.

At any rate, she seems to have forgiven him: “Time turns flames to embers,” and “minds change like the weather — I hope you remember today is never late to be brand new.” So, yay. Let’s all toast to the (hopefully) final note in that moment that launched a thousand blog posts, apologies, and replays on YouTube. Everyone’s been wondering if her new album full of confessional tunes, Speak Now, would address the debacle — and now we have our answer! And she’s had the last word. There, don’t we all feel better now?

How do you feel, Music Mixers? Do you have proper closure on Taylor/Kanye-gate?

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  • Sara

    aww, it was cute!

    • Silent Rage

      It was a very good song…Loved the guitars like the lyrics….but her voice almost ruined it for me.

      • gataroo

        Seriously, I hate it when people lip sync, but she really needs to. Please Taylor, lip sync from now on. I like you and want to keep on liking you.

      • ben

        great voice, told selling artists, stop coming on as different names because you are jealous…fat cow… :)

      • j

        see this is the sad part – it’s not her voice. She has a decent tone. It’s either an inability to truly match pitch, or she knows zero technique and has no breath support to keep her notes on key. If it’s the former, well, then I guess this is as good as it gets. If the latter, though, it’s not too late! A woman’s voice continues to develop until she’s 30, sometimes. She could still learn some technique and how to breathe and then maybe she wouldn’t be flat every other damned note.

  • Kevin

    Taylor let this go, and Kanye is the one who’s recently resurrected this.

    He got what he deserved. It was outright disrespectful regardless of who he did it to.

    • Carter

      He brought it up in an apology you idiot. People need to stop hating.

      • Jake

        It just so happens “he brought it up in an apology” riiiiiiiight before the VMAs. The only people more cynical and skeevy are the people who actually watched this.

  • Bre

    I thought it was cute. Taylor pretty much said she forgives him. And why should she have to get over it seeing as how nobody else has?

  • annie!

    omg she needs to stop being a baby and get over it! i thought she was gonna do a funny song or rap or something… and then it turned out to be this woe-is-me thing. like shut up… seriously.

    • Kz

      You seriously need to go back and listen u idiot!!! She took the high road. Was nit feeling sorry for herself at all.
      She was trying to help him get past it. He
      went into hiding after. She wanted him to know no hard feelings.
      You just can’t give credit where credit is due. If it were the other way around you’d give Kanye a standing O.

    • Molly

      I’m w/ Annie – what Kanye did last year was obnoxious, but at this point she’s milked it for all it’s worth. I thought her SNL monologue was funny, but this song was way too self-righteous and borderline ridiculous. I think it’s time this whole Taylor/Kanye feud was left in the past.

      • the other Molly

        Disagree, Annie & Molly. She was classy and just wanted to put incident behind them. Like Chelsea said, time to address the big elephant in the room. It’s over.

    • ilovesyou567

      SHE SAID SHE FORGIVES HIM! HOW is that NOT getting over it?!?!

      • Em

        Annie and Molly, I agree with the other Molly. She said she forgives him and is trying to comfort him. Kayne was rude and obnoxious but Taylor forgave him for it. I think Taylor was definitely the better person.

  • Alex

    So where exactly is the high road and who took it? Taylor Swift’s persona is starting to show cracks. What was the point of this? I don’t think you need an audience in order for a song to have therapeutic value. Especially if it is all about the music. Sometimes it should just stay personal.

    • jodipo

      ya, like his behavior was private at all. you Kanye butt lickers are pathetic. The guy is a no talent hack. f course, I dont listen to her music either, but he is a flat out creep.

      • JT

        It doesn’t matter, the best way to dis someone like Kanye is to ignore him. She’s adding fuel and a match to an already extiguished flame.His fans don’t care about Taylor Swift; he’s a hip-hop artist, being rude is cool. Also, to call him no talent is incredible faulty, like him or not, the kid has talent. Maybe you would have to know hip-hop; his production skills are top-notch and his lyrical talent is dope.

      • shante

        um idk which kanye u talkin bout but the one i kno got un tapped talent and joe,alex,and everyone else is right she needs 2 get over it, ti happened a year ago

    • Kz

      He didn’t keep his feelings personal when he burst up on stage and took her mic….

    • Sasha

      The thing about Taylor is she puts it all out there with the songs she writes. Things don’t stay personal cause she puts her heart on her sleeve in her songs. Its one of the things I like about her and one of the reasons I think she is so successful. I don’t think she was milking it. I think she was just saying well singing what she felt. I think the song is a testament to her talent because although the song was inspired by the kanye incident there will be lots of people who will think of someone else when they hear that song. Its relatable. We all know people who screwed up,made mistakes,and hurt others in the process. It made me think of people in my life when I heard it. People wonder why this young women is selling millions of CD’s and the answer is people love her music because they can relate to her music. The songs we all the love the most are the ones that speak about the things that we actually experience or have experienced. Taylor has an incredible ability to produce music that makes you go ‘that reminds me of a time in my life…I’ve felt that exact same way’ That is real Talent.

      • Patricia

        Sasha, you wrote everything I feel about her. She’s an amazing song writer.

      • J

        If this were Facebook, I’d like it. I love her music, because unlike most songs out there right now, it isn’t just appealing to the masses, it’s personal for her. It just seems more real to me, and that’s why I love her music.

      • Em

        Yeah Sasha. You said it all.

  • Tyrone

    Kayne West is a d-bag n i g g a. I hope he meets up with his mom in hell real soon. I am so glad that they annouced that his performance would be last, so I know when to turn this show off!!!

    • Gigi

      Wow! You are really taking this personally! Do you need a hug? Maybe a vicodin?

      • Tyrone

        NO I just need the likes of Kayne West and his ilk to all go to hell!!! I can’t believe people actually stand up for this d-bag.

      • Gigi

        Nah…you just need a pill and your family to invoke an intervention or anger management. You care too much about a celebrity that doesn’t even know you exist. Charming!

      • Tyrone

        Shut up Gigi he does know I exist! I email tweet and email him everyday demanding that he retire from living but that d bag hasn’t responed to me yet!! I love taylor so much it hurts

      • GiGi

        Yeah I guess I see your point.

      • TYRONE

        Nah I’m just a d-bag!

      • Gigi

        Just in case you need it…www.angermanagementtips.com

    • aaliyah

      That is wrong what u said . I do hate him . But u didn’t have 2 call my a N . Will u just said that u don’t like back people. You need 2 watch ur word carefully.

      • wanda

        Oh, hon, and you need to learn to type better. We all have our problems.

    • nelly

      spoken like the true white trash from jasper, Texas that u are. Are they still killing them black folks in ur hood. FOOL!

      • Sam

        I don’t think he’s white, white people don’t say, **gga. White people say, **gger. Either way, he’s still a d-bag.

      • Bailee

        Hey hey……Texas isnt trash…..why dont you come down to Houston and say that huh….

    • Brenda Barrett

      Wow. I really cannot stand Kanye — I think he’s a talentless, egomaniacal HACK — but I was shocked by the harshness of this post.

    • Deannaaaa

      Yeah you took it way to far Tyrone. Way to far. Uncalled for.

  • Razor

    It was only slightly better than the original lyrics: “I hate you/ I hate you/ I hate you/ And I’m going to have you killed.”

    • gataroo

      Too funny

    • ilovesyou567

      Rofl. But she forgives him. Us Tennesseeans don’t hold grudges. For long:)

  • Kylie

    Why don’t you watch it Joe. She was forgiving him, saying we all make mistakes. “Who you are is not what you did.” It’s pretty impossible for her to not look like the victim in that situation. The song proved she moved on. And it was fantastic.

    • Katja

      I think some people feel like “proving she moved on” would have been better accomplished by just letting the whole thing drop months ago, rather than celebrating the anniversary of the incident with a new song, even if the song is about forgiveness and understanding and all that. It just smells too much like marketing for some people, even if it wasn’t intended that way. I’m sure Taylor Swift is a lovely person and I’m happy to assume that she only has the best of intentions with this performance…but personally, I wish she just hadn’t addressed it at all.

      • Silent Rage

        We all can’t get what we “wish” for. Move on.

      • J

        Is “dropping it” bringing up the apology right before the VMA’s? Because that’s what Kanye did. HE didn’t drop it, and he obviously felt pretty bad about the whole incident. Taylor was simply helping him out, by publicly stating that she forgives him. And for all you people saying how her music shouldn’t be personal? That’s what her music is all about. Nearly every single one of her songs (if not all) are about her experiences in life, why change that? It’s why I love her music, and her, so much. She seems so much realer, so much more genuine than most of the other artists nowadays.

      • Em

        No I think Katja has a point. I like that it was personal and I like Taylor Swift and I’m not saying she should’ve not even have made the song; she just shouldn’t have performed it. It was kinda like bringing it up again when she didn’t have to.

    • Kz

      I agree with you. The fools like Joe just can’t get past loving their hip hop artist and anything they do they think is ok.
      They are stupid fools!!!!!!!!

  • Bri

    I don’t understand this EW post…but I completely understood Taylor Swifts song. What was vague about it? I don’t think she had to have lyrics that specifically referred to the incident – and the song and performance were beautiful. Get a clue, EW. Her performance was fantastic.

    • Kz

      Right on!!!!! Well spoken!!!!!

  • aimie

    “Holding a grudge.” DID YOU NOT LISTEN to the song. It’s all bout forgivness and forgetting. And losing balance on the tightrope was OBVIOUSLY talking about living in the public eye. How he had backlash after the event and went crazy trying to fix it by blogging and posting. Taylor clearly has great writing ability it’s not all sugary poppy country that’s she’s had out before. There is depth and meaning to the song. Listen to it you’ll get it! I think it was a classy way to say what’s done is done and you’re still an awesome artist keep going and you’ll be great again.

  • r ich pang

    She’s over it. The song shows support for Kanye. Figure it out.

    • Tracy

      I didn’t think it was that hard to understand, either. She sang about forgiveness–obvious if you listen. And to everyone who said she should get over it, people are still talking about it and saying awful things about Kanye, so I think she was actually telling us all to get over it. Seriously–not rocket science.

      • Silent Rage

        Well said Tracy.

    • Jamestown

      Yeah, no duh…idk why nobody gets it…its funny seeing peoples posts that have nothing to do with her lyrics…

  • Meelissa

    That was very nice of her to do that for him. Everyone knows that Kanye West was still hurt and embarrased by what he did last year and just a few weeks ago he sent an insane amount of twitters about it. Taylor has said time and time again that SHE WRITES about things that she knows so of course, that’d be something that would be included on her next disc. Now she performed it for HIM because HE needed it so that HE can move on. She could have performed “MINE” instead but she needed to answer him so hopefully this guy can stop it with the twitters. This girl is generous, instead of performing her current single to get more downloads and radio play she chose to perform a song to give him release. How can anyone fault her on this one?

    Go Taylor, anyone he has a problem with this is just a hater and jealous of her success. Girl can write a tune too.

    • ann

      she can write a tune but she sure as hell can’t sing one

      • sue

        Thank you, Ann- totally agree!!! My ears were bleeding last night from her horrible singing. I tried to like her, but bad singing is bad singing- stick to song writing.

  • Andy

    boring song, hopefully her hype is finally ending

    • Meg


    • Bernice

      I just thought her performance was awkward and uncomfortable. and her voice was not that good either.

    • GGG

      she seems like a sweet, nice young women but her voice is terrible. really awful. and this kanye thing needs to be over. let it die, mtv. let it die.

  • John

    The song is about forgiveness, namely Kanye forgiving himself. She sang well and looked great. Why all the hate?

    • diva

      She did not sing well and the song wasn’t entertaining or catchy, but she did look ok though

      • Brett

        Much the same way that I feel about Kanye’s performance.

      • Min

        How can a song about forgiveness be entertaining or catchy ! It will be inappropriate. She sang this song not just for Kanye. She forgave him long ago. She want the fans and everyone to forgive him too. And her voice is beautiful. Seriously, people should stop judging her. You don’t have the right to tell people what to do and what not to do. It’s never wrong to do something you love. If you don’t like her singing, why you still read the news and watch the performance ! Get a life…

  • larue152

    It wasn’t “woe is me”…it was about how things happen and she’s encouraging him that it’s not his legacy. Geez…songwriters get their lyrics from real-life experiences, and that was certainly one. She did a classy job of saying that she doesn’t think of him that way. I applaud her finesse.

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