Beyonce working on new 'party music,' says songwriter Sean Garrett

beyonceImage Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.comIs Beyoncé readying a new album? Songwriter-producer Sean Garrett, who’s previously teamed with Queen B for tracks like “Video Phone,” “Diva,” “Get Me Bodied,” and “Upgrade U,” says it’s true.

“I am going in the studio with Beyoncé this week to work on her next record,” Garrett told the Music Mix at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. “I think we are doing a lot of up-tempo records for this one. She’s in such a good place right now in life that she is interested in making party music, definitely.” A rep for Beyoncé was unable to confirm her recording plans at this time.

What do you think of this news? Excited by the prospect of Beyoncé and Garrett making more upbeat party music? Let’s hear it. —Additional reporting by Carrie Bell

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  • Jonathan

    I personally enjoyed the ballads on ‘Sasha Fierce’ more then the up-tempo tracks, but I’ll get behind B no matter what.

  • emily

    i can’t wait!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    yawn I don’t really care for her or her music. Her albums are always sub-par to me, she should just do broadway

    • anonymous

      broadway……???? Stfu idiot

      • Yang

        u got that rite! beyonce is the queen! she is the S***!!!

    • Philbertha

      you’re an idiot, why are you even commenting if you feel like that.

      • Ahmad

        Beyonce get out the way!!! you are bclkoing my view from that fineness of a man that is your back up dancer!!!! k thanks!

    • Titou

      To begin with, I would like to thanks in the eslltar as well as informative access. I will have to acknowledge which often, We have not heard concerning this information. We now have observed quite a few new information with regard to cause. Many thanks a lot for providing this effective as well as interesting information. We’re waiting around pertaining to other thrilling posts due to you from the nearest long term.

  • sweet jesus no. i’m so tired of her.

    • ….sumbody

      u aint neva lied!!!

      • Brian

        -_- stfu

    • Reonte

      Beyonce is baddest, finest, thickest bi*** in the game and all
      the haters can kiss her bootylicious ass

      • Philbertha


      • Yogesh

        momraspthnful on November 7, 2011 my favorite food is fried shrimp with a salad on the side, um um good

  • JC

    Ke$ha 2.0 , here she comes

    • anonymous

      but Keisha doesn’t sing….Beyonce does
      -_- just cuz it’s a party record doesn’t mean she isn’t gonna sing

  • anonymous

    anyway…… I’m more excited for Ciara’s album, Beyonce know she need to quit

    • anonymous

      Ciara tho…..u shouldn’t be taken seriously she is nowhere on Bey’s level….fck outta here

      • anonymous

        ummm I said I’m more excited for Ciara’s album than Beyonce’s. Where in that statement did I say that Ciara was more successful. I just like Ciara better, my preference

      • anonymous

        exactly your preference which is lame….u obviously don’t no talent even if it was thrown in ya face….you come tryin to diss Beyonce by putting Ciara on top like juz stop

    • anonymous

      all I said was that I’m more excted for Ciara’s album, don’t get ur panties in a bunch, everybodys entitled to their own opinion & mine is that Beyonce is overexposed/wack

      • anonymous

        foh you tried to come for Beyonce lol like stop…I mean I guess your wack when when all your albums so far have gona number one and you have more accolades than bum bxtches so hey I guess if your Beyonce and you slay the charts she doing a hell of a job at being over exposed and wack…lets see what does Cici have????? Nada….nothing

      • D

        -_- STFU!!! geez, we get it, u r a Bey fan…move on! I for one like her music but I think she’s just doing this b/c dance/party music has proven to be so successful for Rihanna & GaGa. I like Bey when she’s setting the trends…not following them.

    • Philbertha

      you’re confused

    • Saurabh

      This new track is HOT!! Beyonce is back, but with an amazing new sound, and altguohh this isn’t THE BEST it is still a taste of how fcking great this album is going to be… especially with Timbo?! DAMN!! Can’t wait to hear more of Bey’s new sound…!!

  • Rashad

    I can’t wait until Beyonce’s next album comes out. She’s my favorite female singer

  • Drew

    I realize this will sound mean, but Sean Garret cant keep his mouth shut. In the past month alone he’s talked about working with Rihanna and Britney also. He’s kind of a name dropper.

    • D2


    • Preston

      I think I can take hearing Sean’s songs for Rihanna and Britney as well and Beyonce! He does his songs differently for each artist.

  • Ebon

    Her uptempo records are the main songs that slay the charts so I’m excited and all her up tempos are good especially when she switches between rapping and singing so elegantely

  • adrielle cooper

    yesss..i cant wait for Beyonce’s new albu to come out im so excited..Beyonce’s music is so insperational!!!

    • Philbertha

      it’s so true

      • Haroon

        Exactly — it just goes to show, you don’t have to be a sex ocbjet to be successful! Thanks for reading and commenting Rene!

  • Troy

    Can someone please take that b*tch to another planet so she can annoy the hell out of the aliens, because a lot of the earthlings are pretty much sick of her…I thought she was going to take a break, but she still managed to keep her 30 something year old a** face on television…

    • anonymous

      if you don’t like her why even comment this article…you need a life….smh

      • Yang

        u got that rite! beyonce is the best entertainer of the decade! i am never tired of her.beyonce rules!!!!

    • Billy

      I agree she’s over the hill and needs to work on her acting skills which at the moment are extremely bad. Besides after she sold her soul to the devil, I was out. Not a fan anymore.

      • Anjlai

        well,me i like alanis very much ever and bec bnetriy and beyonce sung my idols song i would say i like them too,,this is good i know bnetriy and beyonce can relate themselves to this song bec it happens to them..i would rather thank them both bec they reminds us of alanis greatness..

    • Cornelia

      that she is too modest to show her bare belly: she has been dnciang around practically butt nekkid since the inception of Destiny’s Child. Now all of a sudden she’s MODEST? Give me a friggin break. I’ve got a bag of magic beans to sell ya.

  • Alicia

    LMAO @ Troy… are so right. I have never seen one person that wants so much attention in all my life. I can’t wait for her time to be up.

    • anonymous

      *pause* She def keeps her life out the limelight papparazzi follow her wherever she goes but she stays to herself so stfu

      • Yang

        i totally agree!!!!

  • Rahal

    Why does Beyonce have so many haters? She is a sweet compassionate woman and she makes classic music. Other artist love her and her fans are so protective of her and the whole media world adores her. In my opinion She is The Queen and I cannot wait for this next album…. God Bless Beyonce for all the days of her life

    • u

      Name one artist who doesnt have “haters”. I guarantee you even the Beatles have “haters”. And not liking someone doesn’t make you a “hater”, only fanboys use that childish and outdated term.

      • Regina

        bruktv on August 16, 2008 Really Good Info ahknts,I’m in the credit repair business myself and even I learned a bit from this video.

  • Lisa

    My Idol!!!!!!!!!

  • Keisha

    When is she suppose to be coming back???? Cuz I love the Sasha Fierce Era but seriously I need some new Bey…Luv ya girl… P.S I love Bey haters lol they are so lame

    • Yang

      lol. me too!

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