'Glee' covers Britney Spears and Paramore: Hear it now!

The much-ballyhooed Britney Spears episode of Glee airs next week and we’ve got our first tease of the music we’ll be hearing. So what Spears classics will the New Directions folks be tackling? From the leaked montage, it appears the lucky songs are “Toxic,” “…Baby One More Time,” “Stronger,” “I’m a Slave 4 U,” and “Me Against the Music.”

Plus, the episode features the Paramore tune, “The Only Exception.” Glee star Lea Michele has actually had her eye on covering Paramore for a while now. Says Michele, “I’ve wanted to do Paramore since the beginning. The song that I’m doing  is actually my ringtone.” Hear a snippet of each below, including Michele’s cover of her ringtone…

What do you think of these Glee covers, Music Mix-ers? Are they doing Britney and Paramore justice?

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  • jen_s

    Fantastic! I can’t wait to see how they’re worked into the story!

    • sm

      see that’s the problem with the show lately. the story should stand on it’s own and the songs should accent it. The songs shouldn’t dictate the story, makes it forced.

      • Katy

        They’ve always said that they write stories around songs. That’s how its been from the beginning. That’s what one of the writers said anywho.

      • RICH

        completly agree with you

  • Carrie #2

    Eh, they don’t sound particularly original but that’s not a bad thing necessarily. Rachel sounds particularly good on The Only Exception, but I’m wondering how it will fit into the story. By the way, Stronger was a very good choice for Artie, since it probably has something to do with him moving on from Tina. Perfect choice!

  • Marianne

    I don’t even like B. Spears, and I am soooo looking forward to this episode! Brittany is hilarious.
    I hope its as good as the Madonna (who, like B. Spears, not a big fan of, and is my fave ep!!)

    • Deanna

      Toxic is really the only good song B has ever had, I hope they can do it justice. It might just be way too much for an hour.

  • Woot

    All these songs are super auto-tuned (but they pretty much have to if they want to sound remotely like the brittney spears version) but underneath that it seems like Heather Morris does indeed have a good voice! Happy she finally gets a song.

    • Rion

      What’s with the auto-tune hate? It makes songs sound better.

      • DMR

        I could really explain why auto-tune is bad for music, but I have a feeling the explanation would be lost on you at this point.

      • Rion

        Oh I get it DMR, you’re one of those “purists” who thinks everything should sound “organic”. Get real, kiddo.

      • sm

        auto tune is bad for music because it’s making people stars that shouldn’t be. music is about talent, and auto tune hides their lack of. If you can’t sing, don’t. period.

      • Katja

        It doesn’t make ALL songs sound better. And it’s really, really heavily used right now. For me, it was much more effective when it wasn’t used for the vast majority of pop music. I respect a singer a lot more when they’re able to…sing. And can prove it by doing so. Auto-tune disguises a person’s natural abilities to some extent, and I’d rather just hear a real, kickass singer. Any talentless fool can use auto-tune to make a fun song (or a crappy one). That said, I do remember enjoying Britney (I was in high school when she was big, after all) and I’m okay with Glee auto-tuning the kids doing Britney. But usually, the over-produced flat studio sound of the other performances is distracting to me. I’d rather hear a less-polished, more “live” sound when they’re just breaking out into song in the classroom or whatever. It would be much more exhilirating. (For me, anyway.)

      • Rion

        Katja, I have to disagree. I would rather hear someone’s voice polished to perfection with technology than a natural-but-flawed vocal. Vocals should sound the best as they possibly can, and if technology is the key, so be it. Auto-tuning is like botox for the voice, and I’m all for it. Diff’rent strokes…

      • AJ

        Rion, get your ears checked as it’s obvious you are tone deaf

      • rouge rainbow

        Also, while this isn’t really relevant to Glee, all the autotune in pop right now is making several musicians all sound the same. I seriously can’t tell the difference between Jason DeRulo, Jay Sean, Taio Cruz, and Iyaz (or whatever his name is). They all sound like the same person. Same could be said about Katy Perry and Kesha. Autotune is in heavy overuse right now and people who aren’t even talented are huge stars. The Glee kids on the other hand, are talented and autotune is being overused here. I understand using it some but not to the point that it is so obvious.

      • Jamie

        I don’t mind a little polishing here and there, but these Glee songs sound like they are being sung by the Chipmunks and that is annoying – considering I’ve heard Lea sing live (Spring Awakening) and she really CAN sing. Oh, and B Spears songs are going to automatically sound better since they are being performed by people who can sing.

      • Dave

        Kind of ironic how Rion defends auto tune and thinks it’s a good thing, and then tells someone who criticizes it to “get real.”

    • Liz

      Auto tune has been around for forever i just think some music now uses heavly. But think thats why they did paramores only exception because it completly acoustic.

      • Annette

        Auto tune has been around for two decades now and everyone’s just starting to complain about it!

  • Sarah


  • ann


    If they’re going to make EVERY song sound just like the original, I’d prefer to just watch a different show and listen to these albums on my own time. I also am not quite sure that the choice of songs really fits the plot so far this year. Focus on the plotline, the songs should be second choice.

    • Erin

      If you haven’t heard anything about next weeks episode by now you won’t know that most of the britney songs are actually going to be fantasies from what ryan murphy has said so they don’t really need to fit in the story

      • Katja

        But that’s just it. Fantasies aren’t an excuse to do whatever you want. They should relate to the plot in some way. And Schuester saying “Kids, imagine you’re a big star like Britney Spears in order to boost your confidence” is not a good enough relationship between plot and music. So hopefully it’ll be a stronger connection than that. I don’t know how they’re working them in, but Glee has done some lazy music/story tie-ins before so I think it’s fair to be concerned even if the performances are fantasy sequences. But I thought the premiere was a lot better than I was expecting it to be, so I myself am fairly optimistic for now…

      • Me

        I can’t roll my eyes far back enough in my head after reading your comment.

        Get over yourself already…

  • Winona

    They certainly have the auto-tune down pat. And, just listening to these, it makes me realize how horrible some of her songs really are.

    • Rion

      Wow, you’re an awful human being.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Because she’s smart enough to know Britney’s music sucks?

      • Breckster82

        Wow, some people really can’t stand an opinion other than their own…

  • Rion

    Why are they doing a stupid Paramore song on Britney’s episode?
    I hope they are releasing an EP of the Britney songs because iTunes m4as simply aren’t CD quality.

    • DMR

      Paramore talent > Britney lip-syncing studio tracks. Its not even a discussion.

      • Rion

        Paramore sucks. They’re a lame emo band trying to rip off No Doubt.

      • sm

        no doubt is a ska band, where’s the connection? both have female front person? no doubt wasn’t the first to do that either. you’re arguments are weak.

      • Me

        Paramore does suck… that’s why they’re not on my iPod and I love everything on my iPod.

      • santana

        I see no connection between Paramore and No Doubt other then they are both lead by females and have people playing instruments in them.

      • Lem

        ……..shhhhhhh, your stupidity is showing.

      • mimimimi

        Paramore is the truth! And they never need auto-tune. When No Doubt and Paramore toured together, it was an amazing show. Both are talented groups in their own right. Britney is a good entertainer, but she is a different genre. No need to hate. If you put something you don’t like on your iPod, then you’re a tool.

    • Torey

      I highly doubt that they’re releasing an EP. Do you really want to compare Britney’s singing ability to Hayley’s? Really?

      • Jase

        Nobody was comparing singing ability loser. If its a Britney tribute episode (as they’ve been saying for months) then do all Britney songs. If you people dont like Britney’s music when the hell did you click on story that says HEAR IT NOW?

      • Torey

        Cute. Hey, I like Britney fine for what it is – bubblegum pop. Besides, they only did two Gaga songs in the so-called “Gaga episode”.

      • santana

        I’m kind of wondering why they have a random Paramore song in this episode. All the other songs are Britney and if they’re going to write the script around the music why don’t they just fit in the Paramore song in the week after?

      • B-

        Because Hayley sang so great at the VMA’s… She CANT sing well either. So in this argument I choose Britney.

      • Veronica

        As for the Paramore song, I think it’s so we have a break from the autotune, plus Mr. Shue’s denial of doing a Britney week and probably banning everyone from doing any form of Britney song.

        One question; where’s Kurt’s song D:

      • Charlotte

        Hayley’s amazing! She sounded great at the VMA’s but the only thing was that she sounded bloody NERVOUS and I don’t blame her. Despite her beautiful performance on the VMA’s, she often a lot better than that. Check out some of Paramore’s acoustic sessions and you’ll see just how great she is.
        Paramore is talent, Brittney is just some autotuned slag who can dance.

    • AJ

      LOL, they both suck

    • Spanky

      Hey Rion. Loved your “LEAVE BRITNEY ALOOOONE!!!!” video on You-Tube a few years ago. Too bad, like Britney’s, your magic too has passed.

      • Rion

        Not really, you idiot. Her last single went to #1. Yeah, she’s totally irrelevant. You’re disgusting. FOAD.

    • Charlotte

      Paramore ARE talented, Brittney is not. They’re not trying to rip of no doubt, there’s barely any resembelence to no doubt apart from the fact that they both have female lead singers.

  • Nathan

    Sounds like Quinn will be getting a solo, no complaints here. Sooooooooo hot.

    • Rion

      What song do you think sounds like Quinn?

  • Rion

    Surprised they’re not doing Womanizer. It’s the perfect Glee kinda song.

    • Jake

      I definitely thought they’d have Quinn singing “Womanizer,” namely to Puck. How perfect would that have been?

      • sam

        that’s what i said! I would imagine all the glee girls puck has been with (which is all of them except tina) doing that song in fantasy dream turned nightmare…

      • Jake

        And Sam, they could model it after the music video, with each girl playing one of the disguises Britney takes on.

        And I’m ashamed that I know so much about the song and its music video…

  • Buddy

    Haven’t seen the ep obviously but does anyone else secretly hope this “very special Brittany episode” might be a strong enough submission to get Heather Morris’ sharp comic timing and dance skills an Emmy bid for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy? Sorta kinda hoping myself.

  • Fatima

    Toxic sounds like the only one they’re attempting to switch up and make show choir-esque. I don’t get when they just sing the song as is. It’s not interesting.

  • Rock Golf

    Maybe if Glee actually focused on the pretty interesting characters they already have instead of continuously trying to top itself on guest stars, it would have won that Emmy.

    • Katja

      Nice one. And a really excellent point.

  • Kylie

    I love the Paramore song but what is it doing in a Britney ep?

    • melissa

      It’s the only exception to all of the Britney songs!

  • DAVE-O

    The lyrics for that paramore song are pretty easy

    • Torey

      I love Paramore but I absolutely hate this song. Why couldn’t they cover Ignorance, Misery Business, or Turn It Off instead?

      • Tara

        I was hoping for Brick By Boring Brick

      • santana

        Agreed, I kind of like Paramore but I hate that song.

      • Dee

        Totally agree with you! I love Paramore, but I HATE Only Exception…

      • Lainey

        CrushCrushCrush would have been perfect

      • Jake

        Agreed – “You Are The Only Exception” is repetitive and kind of a snoozer. “Misery Business” would have at least been peppy and intense-sounding.

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