Katy Perry on her 'Sesame Street' appearance: 'The highlight of my entire career'

katy-perry-sesame-streetHer Sesame Street rendition of “Hot N Cold” may have been so hot that it left some parents cold, prompting the kids’ show to remove her guest spot from their 41st season, but  Katy Perry definitely enjoyed working the Street. “I did “Hot N Cold” the other day, with Elmo,”  she told EW in an interview over the summer. “It was the highlight of my entire career.” Perry was aware that the original song might be a little racy for kids, but she was pretty excited about the cleaned-up version they made for the show. “I think some of these songs, even though sometimes they have a naughty dimension to them, they are so pop infectious it gets into kids, just like whatever parents are saying around the house will get into kids,” she said. “And I love that “Hot N Cold” could translate to Sesame Street. I just love that. I’m gonna have kids someday, and I love that some pop star out there is gonna change their lyrics to make my kids bounce in their diapers.”

What do you think? Did Sesame Street over-react in pulling the clip, or was Perry’s outfit not ready for daytime? Is it any worse than covering Madge with “Cereal Girl”?

Reporting by Whitney Pastorek.

Watch the video of Katy and Elmo in PopWatch.

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  • Jen

    maybe the reaction is more from her outfit, which could have been digitally altered to cover up more.

  • UGH

    I still think she’s not a “big enough” star to appear on Sesame Street.
    The producers really screwed up with her, as far a research goes. Try reading some of her lyrics sometime. They might as well have a serial killer make a guest appearance.

    • Lori

      She looks plenty big to me. I think that was the problem.

  • Mal

    I have to side with the parents on this one. The wardrobe department should have chosen a slightly more conservative top for her. I’m not saying they had to put her in a turtle neck, but look at the picture. Elmo’s even staring.

    • P


    • JanB1234

      I agree, I know it’s her “look” having her boobs always front and center but I”m a 43-yr-old mom and I’m sick of seeing her boobs! Now if they showed the same amount of boob with a baby breastfeeding on it, that would be more appropriate for the demographic!

  • Scott

    Does this mean that she can end her career now…please?

  • daisyj

    Glad she enjoyed herself, but I still think the outfit was wrong for this context. Can’t we at least let girls get to grade school before they start being surrounded with images that “pretty” means flashing your cleavage?

    • whitney


    • Kristi

      How about Disney movie Aladdin? What was Jasmine wearing? Is that OK but this is not?

  • John

    I think it was going to be an issue when she was overheard repeatedly saying “Elmo. Eyes up here.”

  • Chip H

    I’m a parent with kids square in the demographic for the show and I can’t find anything remotely objectionable in the clip. My children, and I presume all children not raised on a desert isle by their father, are aware that women have those breast things. As someone else pointed out, kids in the demo this is aimed at just aren’t thinking sexually even had the very tame princess type dress been even more revealing.

    Hey, Children’s Workshop: how about next time you don’t bow to close minded prude’s deciding that a princess dress in unacceptable. Plenty of intelligent parents can tell the difference between sexually suggestive and merely anatomically correct.

    • Jay


  • Gianna

    its not a big deal…the song was cute and cleaned up…parents are over reacting because they know the original version of the song…the children dont and thats all that matters…she’s dresses like every other princess…she a women..women have breasts!!! Not a big deal!!

  • Liquid Monkey

    I AM a parent of two Sesame street aged kids and they would have LOVED this. They don’t know about sexy or sex nor do they care at this point. I’ve seen more revealing outfits at the grocery store. I plan on showing them the YouTube video.

  • whitney

    its not about the song, or even katy perry (although personally, i don’t like her or what she stands for), it was about what she was wearing…….and with elmo running around her bare legs and her breast bouncing all around, it was completely innappropriate.
    and no one, especially children, should be subjected to that while whatching a rated g childrens program.

    • Liquid Monkey

      Her bare legs? Really??? The dress came to just above her knees. A pair of shorts would be shorter than that.

  • Amy

    I’m sure the Sesame Street stylist had a final say in Katy Perry’s wardrobe. I found the clip to be adorably clever and am disappointed it was pulled.
    If children look outside in the real world, aka not Sesame Street, they will most likely see something far more inappropriate.

    • Jennifer

      Just because children may look outside and see something far more inappropriate doesn’t mean that Sesame Street should have Katy Perry on their show looking inappropriate. They are the ones who hold the standard up high for little ones. A rep of Sesame Street told George Stefanopolous this morning that they pulled the show because they value parent concerns. That’s what I call responsible television programming.

  • Rush

    People having a problem with her outfit aren’t paying attention to the context. They were playing dress up! Kids don’t have a problem with clevage, parents do. This clip is extremely cute and Perry is a perfect fit for the show. Big mistake by CTW.

  • Rush

    Furthermore, why didn’t CTW or “parents” have a problem with Johnny Reznik from the Goo Goo Dolls? Their “Black Baloon” song is about heroin!

  • Rush

    And the original song offensive? It’s about an indecisive boyfriend. Maybe they’re worried about kids listening to the rest of her catalog and girls wanting to kiss a girl and like it.

    • Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

      #1 – If they had been worried about toddlers listening to Katy Perry’s other songs, they wouldn’t have invited her on the show in the first place.

      #2 – These things are pre-taped… they couldn’t make the decision while taping to have her wear something else?

      #3 – There should not be a toddler alive that sees anything wrong with her outfit! The kids that watch this are under the age of 5 and most are under the age of 3!

      I think it is simply a publicity stunt as not as many kids watch Sesame Street anymore. They are too busy watching Sprout and Nick Jr… who has time for Public Broadcasting Station? This got to the news and on the internet and has us reading and talking. Sounds like they got what they wanted out of Ms. Perry

  • Michael Brower

    I think all you prude women out there should just understand that newborns to 5 year old kids are watching sesame street and they have no idea what cleavage is or short dresses are(if you consider a dress right above the knees short).I’m sure they enjoyed the song and enjoyed elmo running around. The song is about opposite do you women get that part or are you hung up on cleavage?

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