Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2011 nominees include Beastie Boys, Bon Jovi, LL Cool J: Who got left out?

bon-jovi-beatie-boys-summersImage Credit: Chris Walter/; Ebet Roberts Redferns/Getty Images; Lester Cohen/Wireimage.comThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced its latest class of nominees via press release. The list of 15 artists covers a broad range of eras and sounds, from rock (Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi) to pop (Neil Diamond, Chic, Donna Summer) to folk (Donovan) to hip-hop (Beastie Boys, LL Cool J) and more. Inductees will be announced in December and honored at a ceremony next March.

As always, plenty of eligible acts didn’t make this first round. Last week names like Rush, T. Rex, the Smiths, Joan Jett, and KISS came up as potential nominees; none of them got the nod this time. (UPDATE: Rush documentary director responds to Hall of Fame snub: “It’s unfortunate”)

Take a look at the full list of this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees after the jump. Then let us know who you think the most egregious omissions are. Bear in mind that eligible artists must have debuted in 1985 or earlier. And, hey, if there’s anyone you’re glad the Hall did nominate — personally, I was psyched to see Chic, Darlene Love, and the Beastie Boys on the list — let us know about that, too.

2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees:
Alice Cooper
Beastie Boys
Bon Jovi
Neil Diamond
Dr. John
J. Geils Band
LL Cool J
Darlene Love
Laura Nyro
Donna Summer
Joe Tex
Tom Waits
Chuck Willis

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  • The Jackal

    I guess the term Rock and Roll is used liberally. Why don’t we just call it the Music Hall of Fame.

    • Tony

      Every year this list gets more and more ridiculous. I like a lot of these acts, but, come on, in the “rock and roll” hall of fame? This place started out making a huge mistake by locating themselves in Cleveland, and, year after year, it gets more and more laughable with their nominees.

      • Mark

        As a Cleveland native, I take your comments about my city to heart. However, I do agree that the RRHOF is a laughing stock.

      • Tony

        I mean no offense to the good people and city of Cleveland, but, in my opinion, the rock and roll hall of fame does not belong there.

      • Bast

        I could not agree more, what a joke. It shows when you nominate grps like ..
        Neil Diamond
        Dr. John
        J. Geils Band
        LL Cool J
        Darlene Love
        Laura Nyro
        Donna Summer
        Joe Tex
        Tom Waits
        Chuck Willis
        and the Beastie boys, Really? And still slay a grp like Rush and Kiss out. Its just a show that its all got to do with politics not what Rock and Roll. what a joke, a place ill never go the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame.

      • Elizabeth

        Oh, Tony… do some research and learn why its in Cleveland.

      • Jerry

        Oh yeah, we’ve all got our personnal favorites and a bone to pick w/ RRHOF but it just amazes me that Steppenwolf gets left off the list every year. C’mon, even if it wasn’t for “Born to Be Wild”, “The Pusher”, and “Magic Carpet Ride”, these are the guys that came up with the term “Heavy Metal”. Isn’t that worth something.

      • mystic7

        Not true about Steppenwolf coining the phrase “Heavy Metal”. That was actually the name of The Fugs music publishing company, “Heavy Metal Music”, going back to 1967. I do believe “Born To Be Wild” was written in 1968. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • jcrocknroll

        What’s really laughable is that Tony obviously doesn’t know rock and roll history. The reason the hall of fame is in Cleveland is because the first ever rock and roll concert was held IN CLEVELAND circa 1955. Also Alan Freed, who is credited with coining the phrase, ROCK AND ROLL was a disk jockey on a radio station IN CLEVELAND when he came up with the phrase.

      • Mister Rik

        @mystic7 – You’re wrong ;p

        Well, partly. It was released in 1968, but it was recorded in 1967. From Wikipedia:

        “”Born to Be Wild” is a rock song written by Mars Bonfire and made famous by the Canadian rock band Steppenwolf. It is often used in popular culture to denote a biker appearance or attitude. It is sometimes described as the first heavy metal song, and the second verse lyric “heavy metal thunder,” marks the first use of this term in rock music.”

      • Mister Rik

        @jcrocknroll – And making Rush’s continued exclusion even more laughable is the fact that they got their first big break in the US when Cleveland DJ Donna Halper played “Working Man” on her show, and Cleveland rock fans embraced them. Nobody else in the US was playing them before that.

      • Steve

        I find it ridicules at who gets in the RRHOF. I find it more disgusting at who gets left out year after year.

        Judas Priest
        Iron Maiden
        Diamond Head
        Ozzy’s solo career
        and many others

        I mean how long did it take Alice Cooper to FINALLY get in?! I feel the “Hall Of Fame” should stick to ROCK music, and have the other types of music form there own hall. I mean Madonna is in the hall and not Iron Maiden?! What kind of crap is this?!!?

      • CA

        Tony, It’s nice to know I am not alone thinking the The Rock-N-Roll Hall of fame nominees are a joke.

        I’m curious to know who these clowns are that get to pick who is inducted year afer year! Chic, (who is) Darlene Love? Bon Jovi over Rush! Chic, Darlene Love over T Rex! Seriously! Who are these clowns that get to pick and choose?


        Cleveland has nothing to do with whos gets nominated, so get off that. I understand it has something to do with The Rolling Stone magazine. These people are just People magazine for pop junkies. I belive there is room in there for Chic and Tom Waits, but these guys both had two songs played on the radio. These people have to look at the body of work by other artist, and frankly Rush’s body of work cannot be touched by anybody. How can a group that has been constantly producing good, freash material sience 1974 be ignored? It must be because they showed up on time every night and didn’t piss in the crowed to make the papers

      • Chuck

        IF you understand the history of Rock and Roll, you understand why the Hall of Fame is in Cleveland. The term Rock and Roll was coined there by the first real Rock and Roll DJ, who sponsered the first real Rock and Roll Shows. Saying the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn’t belong there is like saying the Baseball HOF doesn’t belong in Cooperstown.

      • zzzxz

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      • GlockNSoul

        Chic? Chic? But no Rush, no Yes … ridiculous

      • Old Grump

        Cleveland makes sense. Wasn’t that where Alan Freed was from–the DJ found guilty of payola. With some of these selections–got to be some payola going on. Chic and Neil Diamond get nominated and Rush/Kiss/Joan Jett get ignored? This is the Rock n Roll HOF–not the Pop HOF

      • DK

        @CA — please do some research before you insult darlene love. ms. love was one of the original female superstars of rock and roll who deserved election 20+ years ago.

      • CptStupid

        @ Steve take a good look at your list. What do all these bands have in common? Yep that’s right they are all foreign bands. The RRHOF continues to snub bands not from America. Great bands BTW!

      • MCW

        I agree about the list anyway. Who makes these absurd decisions? The Beastie Boys? Really?? On what freaking grounds? Is just about units sold or does musicianship ever enter the equation? Judging by the list, probably not! What a joke!

      • RC

        Tony – Took the words out of my mouth. F’n joke.

      • Ry

        I think this needs to be said…rock and roll got many of its roots from the same place as Darlene Love etc. Without soul music, early R&B, etc, there would likely not even be rock music. Listen to the first artists of rock (Elvis, Beatles, etc) and read up on what their influences are. And if you don’t count them as rock, understand that Ozzy considers the Beatles one of the most important bands in rock and roll. It’s all branches off the same tree.

      • Ifta

        I saw Michael McDonald in concert tongiht () and that is one smooooth silver fox he was AWESOME. His voice is still 100% intact, it was the ! Having finally heard What A Fool Believes’ sung live I had to come home and watch this of Y.R. one more time. Love it love it love it. Stay smoooooth.

      • Ginette

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    • Plato

      People will never agree on what comes under the definition of “Rock & Roll.” Jackal is right. It should be called the Popular Music Hall of Fame.

      • Jim

        In the words of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart: “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced . . . but I know it when I see it”

      • Pallavi

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    • Coach Marty

      The term “Rock and Roll” is used as it was originally coined- a generic term for the popular music that descended from the early pioneers of the genre. Early “rock and roll” wasn’t as segmented as it is now, but has influenced nearly every form of our current popular music from Rock, to pop, to R&B, to hip hop, to rap, to soul, to new country, and so on and so on. If you look at the array of artists currently in the Hall, it becomes obvious that their influences spawned a great variety of the current forms of music. So try not to get caught up on the term “Rock and Roll.”

      • Dre

        Well said Marty! Well said.

      • Plato

        Thanks, Marty. Every year when the nominees are announced, someone complains that so-and-so isn’t rock & roll. It’s ALL rock and roll.

      • Rick

        It is NOT all rock ‘n roll. If most of your music is not electric guitar based it’s definitely not rock ‘n roll. There should be no disco, no rap, no hip hop, no modern R&B no country period. This place has no credibility at all until Rush is in. Normally I would include Kiss as well but I* think Kiss is not in due to demands they are making regarding it.

      • StPeteBill

        Very well said Marty. Don’t overlook the cross pollinizing influences from band to band, genre to genre as well as the Rock and Roll band “genealogies” and you do realize that its all rock and roll to me, to quote Billy Joel.

      • brianna

        Well said Marty! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Chuck

        Rick, the problem is with your definition. Rock and Roll doesn’t need guitar. Is Jerry Lee Lewis Rock and Roll? How about Elton John? If it can be piano based, I see no reason why it can’t be keyboard based? Ever hear Morphine? They were pretty much just bass, drums, and sax, and they were one of the best rock bands of the 90’s. What makes music “Rock and Roll” has nothing to do with the instruments the music is written or played on.

      • Mitch

        I have been saying the same thing for several years Marty. Rock and Roll has less to do with the actual sound and more to do with the attitude and roots. The Beastie Boys are a Hip-Hop group that originated with a lot of “traditional” rock sounds. They continued to be cutting edge and bridging the gap between rock and rap. That reached a wide audience and thus made them pioneers in their own right.

        To be honest, you could probably put a lot of country artists in the R-n-R Hall of Fame as well. Most country (especially today) is nothing but pop/rock with some twang anyway. Elvis, on any given day, was a gospel, country, pop, rock or even R&B artist. And that is what made him such a larger than life figure.

        But I digress, rock and roll is too diverse to say what really fits and doesn’t fit in the category. And music has become too diluted to distinguish between the genres anyway.

      • MCW

        Totally disagree, Marty. Just call it the Music hall of Fame and be done with it. Rock and Roll use to be a specific genre but they just throw everything in that basket now, and I feel we all lose out when music becomes as homogenized as it has been in last 20 years or so. I’m sorry, but Madonna and LL Cool J and the like have NOTHING to do with R&R. As someone who cringed when disco came around in the seventies, I don’t think that R&R should be such an all-encompassing term. Besides, MUCH hip-hop and rap contain NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS! And yes, I know that the human voice is considered an instrument, but only when SINGING is involved.

      • Jeff

        “Early “rock and roll” …, but has influenced nearly every form of our current popular music”, yeah sure – “The Blues had a baby and they named it Rock n Roll”.

      • Natalie

        I agree with you Coach Marty.. Just because some modern genres don’t include electric guitars doesn’t mean that it wasn’t influenced or derived from the early pioneers of rock n’ roll

      • Titus77

        Hear, hear! The birth of ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ in the early 50s marked a clear split from all the music that came before it. It was influnced by pop, jazz, gospel, country, blues and a dozen other micro-genres. In turn, all music that has come after it has been touched by its influence. I have no problem with any group currently in the Hall, even ABBA. I do think that there are dozens of deserving bands which should all be admitted en masse, without this nominating nonsense.

      • RushFan

        That said, I’m still having a hard time comprehending Neil Diamond as “Rock n Roll”….

      • jimmy

        Marty you make no sense! There has to be a point where we separate the genres. It is not all rock and roll as you say! If it was then where is Ms. Streisand? Nobody is trying to push her in and she is one of the biggest artists ever! Or Frank? or Bing? or Dean? They would all qualify as much as LL cool J or Neil Diamond! What you are describing is pop music! And this is not the Pop music hall of fame! And if it is then let them all in! The point is if you are going to leave some out because they are not rock enough then you have to define what rock is! and the selection committee has done a terrible job of defining any criteria except for who they feel represents rock and roll! Miles Davis to Abba to the Beastie Boys. Their rock but Journey isn’t! Come on!

      • Mr Haff

        Rock and roll IS a very specific sounds, Marty. If you want to define the sound, listen to Big Joe Turner’s “Shake Rattle and Roll” and Bill Haley’s cover of it. The difference IS rock and roll. Period.

    • Larry

      I toaltily agree.the “Rock and Roll” hall of fame has lost all credability and must be run by record companies.

      • Bull

        Yes, indeed… why would record companies have any hand in a rock n roll hall of fame? It’s not like record companies had anything to do with the success of rock n roll music. None whatsoever, right?

    • adrifter

      Judging by this year’s list of nominees, EVERYBODY will eventually be in Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. It doesn’t seem reserved for the best of the best. And, Rush is far too great of a band to worry if they’re not included in this silly hall of fame.

    • Tom

      I agree. The only true “Rock” artist listed would be Alice Cooper.

      • g55rumpy

        j.Giles too, the rest suck

      • Simm

        J. Geils, abso-effen-lutely! Ain’t nuthin’ but a houseparty baby!

      • Woofa-goofa-mama-toofa

        Geils deserves in! Give It To Me, Musta Got Lost, Blow your Face Out is one of the best live albums ever made. Check it out, you will love it.

    • Jenny

      I have thought the same thing.

    • Megan

      Where the hell is Chicago? Why does the Hall keep not honouring them?? And KISS? Why is Madonna in and not these incredible bands? And what about Lesley Gore?

    • BF

      Jackal NAILED it!! If they renamed the place the Music Hall of Fame, then the Hall wouldn’t look like a bunch of idiots by nominating non rock acts every year. It defies logic how Rush and Cheap Trick keep getting snubbed year after year. Both those bands are cited more times as being powerful influences on other bands. I would LOVE to see the criteria that the Hall uses in their selection process. Neil Diamond? C’mon!!

      • Doug

        he is being included mostly for his song writing. Go back to early 60’s rock for bands like the monkees and so forth when am rqadio was big. find the label and look for n.diamond. that is why he is on the list.

    • zzzxz

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      • david booker

        Get off the line we are talkin R&R here ..

    • Sherry in Kentucky

      Alice Cooper has been looked over year after year. The man is a legend and inspired so many that came after. This should be his year.

    • Travellar

      Definitions of Rock and roll aside, (I’m no Rush fan, but they are definately more rock than some of these nominees), how can this orginization be taken seriously when bands I’ve never heard of are on the list; while bands everyone on the planet has heard of are not?

      Hall of “Fame”, right?

    • sarah

      you are absolutely right. i can’t help but get a little upset when i see people like madonna and run dmc in the hall of fame, while actual rock and roll artists aren’t even nominated. (e.g. JETHRO TULL, RUSH)

    • Sterling Boyd

      Exactly. Grandmaster Flash, RUN DMC and LL Cool J ARE NOT Rock and Roll.

    • andy

      I think who need to be in the rock and roll hall of fame. it shoud be Rush. I think its been to long for rush to be passed for the hall of fame. a real rock band not band like ll cool j not even a real rock band.

  • Mark

    RUSH and KISS snubbed again. A-holes.

    • MWC

      I am not a KISS fan by any means… but how are they not ALREADY in the Hall of Fame? Is Gene Simmons really that big an a-hole?

      • ALM

        There was an organized campaign to keep KISS out of the HOF for a number of years–the fact that they were nominated last year was a step in the right direction. Alice Cooper, however, needs to be inducted before KISS gets their shot, since they were following in his footsteps.

      • Anthony C

        Yes, he is that big of an A-hole

      • Healing Enzo

        Yes. Yes he is.

      • Derek

        A-hole or not, KISS was a major influence to so many bands and should be in the HOF.

      • Derek MacPhail

        HUGE a-hole.

      • Kathy

        Gene Simmons is the biggest a-hole in rock n’ roll, but that shouldn’t preclude him from being in the HOF. It’s supposed to honor the music, not the man.

      • Betleguice

        KISS should not be in before Alice Cooper…since they copped everything from him! I’m still amazed how Metallica got in already. Jann Wenner is the publisher of Rolling Stone, and he holds sway over most of the nominations. And RS hasn’t been relevant in years.

      • KISSARMY

        Gene isn’t an a-hole, I met him 3 times along with Paul Stanley and they where soooooo sweet! They deserve to be in the hall of fame because I mean they had 4 solo albums come out on the same day and kept KISS going for 30+ years, doesn’t that count for something?!?!?

      • Kiss Will Never Get Inducted

        Kiss will never get inducted as long as Gene keeps insisting on such a high percentage of the musuem’s admission prices. If he’s going to donate all that stuff for the exhibit, he feels he’s entitled to a larger cut. Never going to happen.

    • Michelle

      Beastie Boys over bands like Rush & Kiss is a major slap in the face for two of the greatest Rock-n-Roll bands. They should have been there long before most of the bands in this list. That’s NOT ROCK-N-ROLL!

      • Patrick

        Funny thing Beastie Boys did a remake of Rush’s Tom Sawyer I heard it in their concert I went to and now they are in the Hall of Fame. I think it was in 1998 or 1999.

      • Stephanie T.

        Beetlguise is right. Look. Cooper defined the glam rock movement. KISS was glam from the makeup and outfits (stolen from Zolar X) to the platform boots. I am not saying that KISS sucks, they do not!! However, Cooper introduced them to the big time. Without Alice, KISS would still be two teachers from Queens, a studio drumer and Ace.

    • Sheli

      I took my kiss to see Kiss this summer. Having their song on my iPod made the girls love them. I had seen them twice in the 80’s and was honestly expectiing them to suck. I mean, Gene Simmons is 63 for God’s sake. I was wrong, and they still put on an amazing show. They have had a huge influence on music and musicians, and I’m baffled as to why they aren’t in the HOF already.

      • Sheli

        That first kiss should have been kids. Grrr

      • Joe

        The reason KISS is not in is because Gene Simmons demands to be paid to be in there. If not for that stipulation, they would have been in there years ago.

      • bobby

        @Joe: I’ve been following the Kiss/Hall of Fame debate for years, and have not heard or read ANYTHING about demands from Simmons for payment. Do you have any evidence to back up your claim?

      • @Bobby

        I do. As a former intern for the RnRHOF, I can tell you that is categorically 100% accurate. $immon$ wants a massive cut from ticket sales.

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    • Eric

      I still don’t see Kansas either.

      • Jonboy

        It’s just West of Missouri.

      • Bob

        Yep, have to agree if we are going by musical talent, Kansas is also long overdue to be in. Rush should have been nominated YEARS ago. Unfortunately, any band in the ‘progressive rock’ category is considered pretentious and therefore not worthy. Genesis squeaked in thanks to their poppy pahse in the 80’s.

    • Dave

      Thank GOD Kiss didn’t make it. They’re horrible.

      • jay

        If they are so horrible Dave why do they still sellout arenas and stadiums where ever they go. KISS and RUSH should be in but now the Hall of Shame is such a joke neither band at this point really care if they are in. End of story.

      • Chris

        KISS took rush on there first tour. They took Van Halen as well… and ACDC and Motly Crue… and many many more. KISS should be in. Also, I met Gene Simmons several times. the man is a class act and far far from being an a-hole.

      • George

        You must work for the Hall of Shame.

      • me again

        i like KISS personally, but nickelback sells out arenas, ’nuff said.

      • dex

        nickelback is lame…every song sounds the same… chad is a knob
        good business man but ..same with all his other 604 record spin off…all sound the same but people eat it up for some odd reason..they must like listening to the same song over and over and over and over and over…. mehh to each their own…rush for sure should be in there… more albums than anyone i know…maybe because they are canadian

      • dex

        that they dont get in,,,has any canadian?

      • Leroy

        Kiss doesnt come close to sucking as much as your mother

  • Eric

    Rock and Roll Hall of Sham or Shame is more like it. Too many artists have been neglected for far too many years.

  • Elizabeth

    Jackal: its not just rock and roll musicians, but influences too.

    Anyway, if I had to pick seven to get in this year (based on contribution, Jackal), they’d be:
    Alice Cooper
    Beastie Boys
    Neil Diamond
    Darlene Love
    Donna Summer
    Tom Waits

    • Kathy

      I’ll defend Neil Diamond as a rock n’ roll artist. As someone who saw him on concert many times in his early years, back in the 70s, he was pure rock. He’s also written some of the best rock tunes of all time. In recent years, yes, he’s become a Vegas lounge act, but back in the day, he was all that.

      • Mr Haff

        Neil Diamond deserves to be in on the basis of his songwriting alone.

    • Billz

      Wrong. Beastie Boys have no business in the HOF.

      • Drew

        And why not? Have you really listened to their albums. Those albums are artistically ingenious. Also, many don’t know they DO play their own instruments. Don’t judge them from the songs who have heard in the mainstream. I’m sorry man, the B-Boys are most defintely Rock n Roll son. If you don’t know, then you just don’t know their work. They are punk rock to the core son! Stop Hatin’!

      • Ian

        The Beastie Boys are way more deserving of being than Kiss. The Beastie Boys have continually evolved over the course of 3 decades and did nothing but release good albums. Sabotage rocks harder than any Kiss song, hands down, and I’ve heard a lot of Kiss after being in classic rock radio for 15 years. If you go and see Kiss now, it’s the same cartoonish shtick they’ve been regurgitating since the 70’s. Exact same show, exact same songs, exact same lameass makeup. Exhibit A on how credible Kiss is that when they took the makeup off nobody was interested. They put the makeup back on and sold tickets for the theatrics. They could put any 4 mediocre musicians in that stupid makeup and have them spit blood while playing Strutter and Rock and Roll All Nite day after day, year after year, and nobody would even notice. Laaaaaame.

        A lot of the voting on the hall is done by musicians, and most musicians don’t give any credit to Kiss for musical inspiration. Theatrical inspiration, perhaps. But not musically. I’d put Gwar in the hall before Kiss. At least Gwar changes their shows up over the course of time.

      • Dondi

        @Ian – In regard to your comment – “A lot of the voting on the hall is done by musicians, and most musicians don’t give any credit to Kiss for musical inspiration. Theatrical inspiration, perhaps. But not musically.”

        If this is even half-true, then I am more than appalled that Rush hasn’t been inducted into the HOF years ago. It is absurd, a crime, a sham, ridiculous, outrageous, inane and outright wrong. Based on musicality, no one touches Rush. Each of the three play out of their minds making this ‘sound’ that is ONLY Rush. They are humble enough to not mind not being in the HOF, but even so, it shows that the HOF, Rolling Stone and anyone associated with the nominating committe of the RRHOF itself, it baseless and has lost any credibility it ever had.

      • Ian

        I didn’t say anything about Rush or that the rock hall has credibility.

    • Simm

      Donna Summer over J. Geils? Get off the crack pipe.

    • Linda West

      I’m thrilled to see Darlene Love and Neil Diamond. But where is Joan Jet? She is still fantastic after all these years.

  • J

    Laura Nyro? Folk? I don’t think so.

    • Helen

      Laura Nyro should definitely be in the RRHF – she wrote many songs other artists made popular. She was incredible singer as well. She as never a folk singer, why don’t people check their facts?

      • Helen

        she “was never” a folk singer. sorry.

  • Stella

    Would they just put Darlene Love in it already? That woman has been a HUGE influence on Soul and R&B and why she gets put off year after year is beyond me! Make this her year, Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame!

    • Metro Hack

      Maybe because in your own description her in fluence on Soul and R&B have nothing to do w/ RnR. The take over by the owners of the Rolling Stone have ruined the Hall of Fame.

      • D’s Advocate

        The thought that Soul and R&B have nothing to do with Rock And Roll is amazingly shortsighted.

      • Juan

        The Blues is the parent and RandR is the child. Just so you are aware.

      • KRG

        Let me explain..America’s truest art form came from ragtime, bluegrass, Jazz, Blues and folk…Thus was born our art of Rock and Roll.. rock has evolved into a colection of varying genres but remember what the song by Billy Joel says..’It’s all Rock and Roll to me;-)

      • ALM

        @KRG: the lyrics are, “It’s STILL Rock and Roll to me”. But I agree with your point wholeheartedly, so go right ahead and paraphrase.

      • DC

        If it were not for jazz, blues, soul and R&B, there would be no Rock n Roll. As was and continues to be typical Rock n Roll’s origins come from white people having appropriated black music.

    • Rick

      Maybe it’s because soul and R&B aren’t rock n roll?

  • john

    they got it right with j geils but where are the moody blues, ELO , YES and Hall and oates

    • Jim

      They are in the discount bin of your local record shop.

      • senorplaid

        So’s everyone else, smart guy, because the local record shop is closing up (assuming there still is one).

      • Mick

        if you don’t like these bands Jim that’s your opinion, but you are way off as far as their relevance and their success. All of them were big selling acts. You sir, have been schooled.

    • Someone in Columbus

      SO they’re in the dicount bin of teh local record shop – so is Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, Bruce Springstein and a host of others who are in teh hall.

      The fact that Moody Blues, Rush and Kiss are out shows how totally bogus the Hall gate keepers are.

      • rocknmovies

        Springsteen still sells out stadiums around the world. Can’t be said about the others.

      • AZhiker

        Hey, rocknmovies, I just saw Rush at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas in August, and that show sold out. It may not be an arena, but it looked like it held at least 15,000 fans. Anybody know the capacity of that arena, for a concert set-up (w/seats on the floor)? Anyway, not bad for a band that’s in its 42nd year, and who have only had a couple of hits, ever.

      • AZhiker

        Oops, I should have said “It may not be a stadium…” Sorry about that!

      • Mark Hartig

        Can anyone explain the continued exclusion of Jethro Tull? Unless there is a bias against “Thinking Man’s” R&R, the only reason I can cite may be Ian Anderson’s nose-thumbing disdain for such “mainstream” self- aggrandizement. There have been few, if any, better live performers than Ian Anderson.

    • StPeteBill

      Absolutely, Moody Blues, ELO, YES and Hall & Oates! Totally agree that these should all be in.

      • Mr Haff

        Yeah, the Moody Blues and Yes not being in is a disgrace.

    • allison

      And Dan Fogelberg?

      • Mark


    • Mark

      Thank you StPeteBill–Where is “Yes” indeed!? Maybe the Hall of Fame is waiting for them to get older (Yes, that is) before inducting them?

      • Mike

        Without Yes and the Moody Blues the Hall is not complete.

    • Mick

      right on, John. just add Rush and Steppenwolf and I’ll be happy!

    • Dennis D

      That’s right… The Moody Blues. They’ve been around since the early sixties and they’re still around. Many gold and platinum albums.. several hits and sold out shows just about where ever they perform. No Nomination.. again! Grandmaster Flash (inducted in 2007)and now the Beastie boys?!?!? Shame on this organization. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke.

  • Christian

    Glad to see Alice Cooper on there. Cooper this year, KISS next year.

    • Kathy B

      Alice Cooper, finally!!!

      • Mel

        No kidding! Alice Cooper rocks (and Bon Jovi) but like others on here, why NOT Rush?!

    • ALM


    • Dinesh

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  • CoreyJS

    There have been so many omissions over the years that are unreal. Still not nominated: Heart, Hall & Oates, Pat Benatar and most shockingly The Eurythmics.

    • Dee Jones

      Yeah I agree with your list of names.

    • Ann

      Pat Benatar and Heart should definitely be in the Hall of Fame!

      • Jean Genie

        Them & Def Leppard … why the hate for that band? The 90s are over, folks.

      • Mel

        Jean Genie – you nailed it!! Def Leppard DEFINITELY!!

      • SDTim

        Yes! When is Heart getting in? And Pat Benatar? They’re both still rocking hard — and Heart just put out a new album. Hello! Heart’s been making music for what, 40 years?! Come ON RRHOF!

      • rebelwolf625

        I’m sorry, but I’m offended that Bon Jovi is nominated, but the idiots have ignored Def Leppard, who opened doors for acts like Bon Jovi and have been eligible since 2005(!!), have never been nominated. Not to mention the fact that if they go by sales, last I checked Leppard had TWO DIAMOND albums!! What gives??

      • dee

        Still waiting for Def Leppard, Scorpions, Motley Crue, Dokken. Metal bands are always missing from their nominee list year after year. Heart, Bryan Adams, Hall and Oates, Pat B! I agree!

      • Jenny


    • Mari

      Amen to Heart, Pat Benetar, Hall and Oates…

      • Gabrielle

        Hall and Oates, Chic, Heart, Pat Benetar, Joan Jett, and Teena Marie

      • kev

        Heart is way over due. J Geils is a really good pick.

    • Dashboard Lights

      MEAT LOAF! He’s had two Hall of Fame careers.

    • StPeteBill

      Heart, Pat Benatar and Hall & Oates…Yes indeed, overdue.


      Ok I hate the Erurythmics, and their body of work was two damn songs. But Rush on the other hand

  • ASC

    The absurdity of the RnR HOF shows again–I like J Geils Band and LL Cool J, but to suggest they’ve done more for music than Kiss and Rush is ludicrous. It’s exactly the stupid sort of stuff that will prevent me from ever visiting this farce of a place.

    • smoothie

      yeah, LL Cool J only released the the first full length hip hop LP in Def Jam history. he’s only been around for 20+ years. last time I checked the temptations and aretha franklin weren’t “rock and roll”, but they are in. you can’t have it both ways, folks. LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys are more “Rock n Roll” than Kiss ever was.

      • Mike

        smoothie youre a idiot

      • jthunders

        Smoothie, you are a moron. LL Cool J is in no way, shape, or form rock n roll. The fact that you think he is shows you know nothing about music. I hate KISS, but they ARE a ROCK N ROLL band. L.A.M.F

      • halloraj

        Hey jthunders, you sound like your parents. They said Rock n Roll wasn’t music.

      • Rock Fan

        Halloraj, He never slammed the genre… LL Cool J is Hip Hop and has no right to be inducted (by terms) into the RRHOF. Who’s next? Liberace? Smoothie… More R&R then Kiss? I don’t think so


        I was A Kiss fan for about five albums, then it became repetitive. However These guys worked as hard as James Brown, and became a household name

      • Drew

        Agreed. Kiss is GAY! And the B-Boys are as Rockn’ Roll as it gets. If you don’t know that, then you really haven’t listened to their albums. (ya probably only heard some mainstream shiz).

    • Willow Rosenberg

      You’d really go all he way to Cleveland just to visit a glorified Hard Rock Cafe?

      • mmkr

        Don’t forget the hellmouth!

        Sorry, couldn’t resist with your name….

      • Simm

        mmkr FTW!

    • jthunders

      The New york Dolls deserve to be in there before KISS. Them & Alice were their biggest influences, and better bands also. L.A.M.F

  • no_stevie_ray_vaughan?

    You’ve got to be kidding me… no Stevie Ray Vaughan or RUSH? This is beginning to sound like the Grammys!

    • Denise Passmore

      AGREED!!!! Stevie Ray is totally deserving!

  • Mike

    Iron Maiden – 80 million records sold. 30 years since first album. Latest album was in the top 10. That style of music may not be the most mainstream, but they deserve it no doubt.

    • Chris

      Love it or hate it, the hall of fame is more about influence than record sales.

      • Jonathan

        Iron Maiden influenced so many bands. One of them was inducted recently, named metallica.

      • Betleguice

        If it was about influence, the Alice Cooper & Rush should have been in yeeeeeaaaaaaaarrrrrsssss ago!


      “Up the irons Mate!”

      • MaidenMonger

        Aye! Maybe we should send “Eddie” on over to the RRHOF to clean some house, eh?

        LL Cool J.. whaaaa?

      • Sterling Boyd

        @MaidenMonger – Iron Maiden WILL get in there eventually.

    • Jeff

      I saw Maiden live this summer. Even though The band formed 35 years ago when Steve Harris and Dave Murray were teenagers, they still rock as hard as ever. A relentless 35 year run is pretty impressive.

      Judas Priest redefined metal, and without them a lot of great bands wouldn’t even exist.

      Bon Jovi?- MTV hair band shlock.

      Chic- they milked a fad at the end of the 70s – even though the band’s members publicallyadmitted they hated disco.

      Tom Waits, Neil Diamond?- both very talented songwriters but hardly rock and roll.

      This list is giving me a flashback to the Gramies giving Jethro Tull a heavy metal award.

      • Rich

        Dude, Tom Waits bangs out beats on trash can lids and sings through bullhorns. He’s straight-up punk rock.

        There’s tons of folks not in yet who deserve to be there. Give them time. Maybe take away one of Eric Clapton’s three (!!) positions in the interim.

      • Brian

        Bon Jovi has the number one tour this year and in 2008 and have sold probably more records than any one else on the list. Over 120 million albums sold, they are more than worthy.

  • Sam

    Maybe if there was a Rock’n’Roll Hall of Infamy then maybe bands like Motley Crue would not only be nominated but inducted.

    Just don’t get why KISS keeps getting snubbed year after year. Though I am admittedly extremely surprised to see Alice Cooper FINALLY on the list. I was starting to think that only the media friendly rock bands like Metallica and Bon Jovi got nominations.

    • Gina

      [quote] I was starting to think that only the media friendly rock bands like Metallica and Bon Jovi got nominations. [quote]

      Really? Bon Jovi gets snubbed all the time. Glad to see them on the list finally.

      • lynn manthe

        I agree with Gina! Bon Jovi gets snubbed all the time! I was surprised, but happy to see them listed. I really hope they win too, it’s about time they get some recognition!

      • Steven Rose

        Bon Jovi are a perfect nominee because they are very commercial, very marketable, very American and very average musicians. Yes, Chicago, RUSH, Iron Maiden, they will never be inducted because they always stood against everything Bon Jovi stands for: glitz, big hair and bubble gum music.

    • dee

      Why does KISS get snubbed? Ask Chicago, Linda Ronstandt, Rush, Journey, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, Yes, The Moody Blues, ELO, Cheap Trick and so on…sad isn’t it? Some of the bands they induct considered Rock and Roll? Hmmm….

      • Mel

        Have to agree, Dee!

      • Mike

        Dee is right…these groups deserve it more then the ones than a whole lot of others

      • Gman

        Not having Chicago in is a travesty.

  • J Fisch

    LL cool J are you really serious.

    • BF

      Even LL Cool J himself is saying “WTF”?

    • tbrown17

      He’s on ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ now. Was he ever any good at singing?

    • mike

      be careful insulting him. I heard his mama said knock you out.

  • UGH

    U2 and Madonna were ridiculousy inducted too early compared to others….and I like U2.

    • Karl

      I would disagree about U2, but I wholeheartedly agree about Madonna.

      • Plato

        You can’t deny the fact that Madonna has had a major influence on popular culture. Does she deserve to in the hall based on her music? I’m not convinced one way or the other.

      • Larry

        And what about the Doobie Brothers? 40 years and still rockin’! New album out today.

      • Peter

        @Plato, I can answer: no, she does not. She is not and never was Rock and Roll.

      • Ben

        Irrelevant if Madonna is not rock and roll, per se. Most of the inductees are not what one would define as rock it is mostly pop and R&B, so Madonna absolutely belongs.

      • Lie

        Interval swim w/tempo bike ride this morning. Swim- 6x150m on 3:30- 3:02,3:03,3:04,2:58,2:58,2:58. Tempo bike ride duirng the spin class after; yeah I did a spin class. 52 minutes/8 minute cool-down. Strength & conditioning this afternoon. Subbed Kip Pull-Ups and 20 45lb. SDHP- 1:25,1:25,1:23,1:27,1:27 minutes. S&C was brutal. Brick workout this morning was good too.

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