Kanye West on 'SNL': How'd he do?

SNL-KanyeImage Credit: Dana Edelson/NBCU Photo BankAfter his disastrous Auto-Tune-gone-wrong debacle the last time he performed on Saturday Night Live, all eyes were on Kanye West for his return appearance last night. I’m happy to report that things went a lot more smoothly this go-round. Both of West’s performances—”Power” and “Runaway”—went off without a hitch, and provided two of the more memorable moments of this week’s show. For both tracks, West appeared on a completely white set. At first, I thought to myself, What, is he too good for the usual Grand Central Terminal backdrop? But I have to say the whitewashed background provided some striking visuals, as did the couple dozen scantily clad women surrounding West, providing an “Addicted to Love”-meets-Caligula vibe. (It also wasn’t surprising that he replaced the already infamous line “F— SNL and the whole cast” with a new verse.) On “Runaway,” West again relied on Auto-Tune, but there was no malfunction this time—just a well-executed rendition of the cool, robotic track. Do you think Kanye redeemed himself after last time? We’ll have clips of the performances when SNL makes them available to help you decide for yourself.

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  • Devin Faraci

    No-talent assclown. Entertainment for morons.

    • Robin

      if you feel that way, why entertain a thread about him??

      • Tony

        Devin, Go back to listening to your Taylor Swift songs, dont worry That special guy will come for you soon.

      • ann p

        a toy piano sound? i think the peformance last night proved what many of us have suspected for a while. kanye hs become the andy kaufman of rap. you really hope the craziness is for the stage alone but its so convincing, youre just not sure.

      • thin

        I thought the performances were good. With that said, playing the “if you don’t like it, why are you reading it” card is pretty tired and vacuous. He came here to say that he doesn’t like Kanye. It’s really not that hard to understand.

      • bgredhd

        West is a bufoon, and so are his fans.

    • jmcg

      Kanye is crazy-talented. One of the best in hip-hip today.

      • julie

        Kanye’s only talent is as a con man for tin-eared morons.

    • wakeforce

      Same comment Devin made on another SNL thread. What’s the matter devin, can’t hink of anything else to say?

    • jason.

      Now, the question WAS “what did you think?”

      The first sentence answered the question; the second…well, that was a bit insulting to the rest of us. At least, the ones who like Kanye’s music.

      Definitely a better performance than last time; I still hate autotune like nobody’s business. The man is good at what he does; he should let everyone hear his lyrics.

    • Jeff

      I cant stand this punk.

    • stayinschool

      Whoa devin, i assume by saying mr west has no musical talent, you, yourself have that talent and then can adequately judge others contribution to that art? I can respect your smack talking if for nothing else than being bold enough to put your real full name behind it. the social network says your in your middle 20s, balding, with an affinity for comic books and predators and planet of the apes. Maybe mr west doesn’t make music for you, maybe he never intended on you hearing his music. why show a distain for someone who clearly doesn’t need or care to reciprocate it? Also get your fbook profile straight…seriously privacy concerns all over that…

  • benjamin moore

    as usual ye knocked it out the park…when is that cd gonna drop already?!!? get the track monster with nicki minaj!!!

  • couchgrouch

    if a “song” where the auto-tune doesn’t malfunction is now considered a good musical performance by EW…well, that’s just sad.

    • faz


    • Ang

      Thank you. I thought I was the only one thinking, WTF at that.

  • Brad

    I work in the television business, and people have said that last time he was on SNL, he was a pain in the you know what because he refused to use the normal stage and ordered a 40-person African choir. Overall he was just completely hard to work with and it makes me sick because there is such better talent out there than him.

    • Robin

      whatever you say, Brad… whatever you say.

      • wah wah

        yeah kanye is the only demanding headcase in the industry, right brad? he’s the only one you’ve ever heard a non-favorable story about? lol makes you sick.

    • Will

      Brad is right. I took the Rockefeller NBC tour and when we entered the SNL stage the pages said that most people are unaware of how tiny the stage is, but Kanye was livid when he found out he couldn’t have all the stuff he wanted like the choir.

    • Bryguy1

      Well, Brad, I watch what y’all in the tv business put on the screen, and I have to admit I was completely blown away by Power. It was, hands down, one of the top 5 performances ever on SNL. Forget the man and the apparent craziness- Kanye is one amazing talent.

    • Thomas

      I took the NBC Studios tour too, Will! Someone asked if anyone had given them any problems and they said that they had a problem with someone who flicked off the cameras or something and he wasn’t allowed back and then they said that Kanye had given them a lot of trouble and made a huge fuss over the stage because it was so small and he wanted a huge African choir… seems that this is a pattern seeing how the stage is once again much larger than what people on the show want the musical guests to work with.

  • Snsetblaze

    I thought it was horrible – both the numbers and the dancing, or lack thereof. The highlight was the model on the right (my right) losing her balance and barely keeping from falling of the pedestal.

  • RnR

    i love my FF button on my DVR…it came to good use 2 times when I watched SNL this morning. What I have heard of Kanye, he is a music thief and an arrogant wannabe talent.

    • Robin

      wrong about music thief…

    • T

      14 Grammys beg to differ….

      • joe

        WOW!!! 14 grammy’s….i’d say he must be great but hundreds of grammy winning artists from the 1970’s beg to differ…

      • joe

        make that hundreds of grammy winning artists from the 1970’s who were absolutely, positively terrible…

      • Rich

        Yeah, we all HATE that Stevie Wonder! What a no-talent assclown, right Joe??

      • nate

        T, he didn’t specifically mention Stevie Wonder, or any particular artist from the ’70’s. Also, Joe did not say that he was a “no-talent ass clown,” someone named Devin did at the beginning of this thread. You like Kanye West, great…but seriously, how about you calm the hell down. And 14 Grammys? And there have been plenty of artists who are – albeit arguably – lacking in the talent department and have won Grammy’s.

      • nate

        oh wait…my apologies T regarding the Stevie Wonder comment, obviously that applies to Rich. Sorry!

  • Mac

    Kanye was great, much better than most who go on the show (see Katy Perry). His last effort was about the same as a regular act, maybe a bit worse. This time he put on a fantastic show.

  • Jennifer

    Would have been more impressed if he had kept it simplier. Background was too distracting and it looked like some sort of preview of any upcoming concerts he may do. I’m not a huge fan anyway but that set was a little elaborate for SNL but maybe that was the point.

    • Robin

      He recreated the video for this song…

      • Jennifer

        I would have been more impressed if he’d not try to recreate it. If I wanted to see the video I would have downloaded it. This is SNL not MTV.

      • Dave

        Silly Jennifer. Haven’t you realized that MTV no longer has anything to do with music or music videos?

      • Jennifer

        That’s kind of my point, Dave. SNL is a comedy show. (I realize MTV as music television doesn’t exist). Trying to recreate something like a video isn’t going to impress a lot of viewers. Kind of like how “reality” tv isn’t actually reality based.

      • Dave

        Lol, I gotcha, and I agree. My first comment was merely to take an easy jab at MTV for sucking so much and having nothing to do with music anymore.

  • Eliza

    I loved Kanye’s performnances. Shows that he’s a true artist, even if he’s a rude egomaniac.

    • Robin

      I agree, Eliza… on both counts. ;)

    • Mama Rose

      I agree! I’m pretty objective on the Kanye front, although I get the impression he’s a huge jerk, but even so – those performances were amazing.

    • moonbeam

      Knowing what a rude egomaniac he is, I can’t get past it and see any redeeming qualities in the guy. I honestly don’t see the talent.

    • u

      I feel the same way. His talent is sufficient enough to put up with his childish behavior offstage.

  • marty

    Rap is crap and Kanye is an ego driven incompetant .Rap all sounds the same to me …same beat, unitelligent homophobic lyrics

    • flippy

      Learn how to spell the word “incompetent” before you criticize the intelligence of another person Marty.

    • LD

      Also, unintelligent. On a related note, country all sounds the same to me.

    • Anna

      All rap sounds the same to you because you are not listening. Kanye West has openly supported the gay community so I wouldn’t call him music homophobic. some of his songs have a strong intelligent point of view and message. Just because you don’t understand what he is saying does not make it unintelligent.

    • Kel

      Wow. You’re very close-minded. And before you judge me as well, I like most music: Rock, rap, classical, alternative, etc. The only music I haven’t really acquired a taste for is country, but I’m not going to just call it ‘crap’. Unintelligent? Have you ever heard some of Lupe Fiasco’s lyrics? And Kanye, despite what people think of him, has a great musical mind and creativity. Does he have an ego? Of course he does, but I think people are pretty harsh on him. He seems like he has a good heart, he just thinks a little bit too much of himself.

  • Please read…

    So for all of you saying what a “rude” ego maniac the guy is, what an “ass clown” the guy is, here is a little anecdote….I am a flight attendant for a major airline. About a month ago Kanye was a passenger on one of my flights. He was not seated in first class, as we don’t have first class on my airline. Just a regular exit row seat. He did not have a huge entourage, just 2 other people. He could not have been nicer and more humble. He even signed an autograph for one of our co-workers who wasn’t working with us but is a huge K. West fan and made sure he made it out to her personally. Obviously, we all know about the moments that weren’t his finest but we also don’t know what caused him to act that way. He has apparently worked very hard to deal with his behavior issues and I would say based on the experience we had that he has changed for the better. It’s what we all hope for. To learn from our mistakes and become better for them. I wasn’t a huge Kanye fan before that day, but I definitely am one now.

    • JackieB

      So because he sat in a seat for his flight without making a scene, and signed his name on a piece of paper shoved in his face, now he’s a nice guy?
      Doubtful. You don’t know this man.

      • passionate listener

        Jackie B. you don’t either.

      • T

        I don’t think the comment ever suggested that they “know” him. Just what their experience was based on actually having met him, unlike 99.9% of the other people who comment negatively about him. Must be sad going through life so cynical about people that YOU don’t know either.

  • James

    I wouldn’t say West is untalented, just over-rated. How can anyone take overly self indulgent antics like this seriously? He’s only considered a genius (a word that gets thrown around too much these days) because the media builds him up to be.

    • Jennifer

      I’d have to agree with you on that. There are far to many other things going on to be concerned about. To me, entertainment isn’t about who’s got the most money, who’s getting the most exposure or who’s getting completely trashed this week. I don’t care! Entertainment is supposed to be fun and interesting, not mean and hurtful (brusied egos don’t count). The media throws around the wrong words because there are no original ideas in Hollywood anymore. I would rather hear about what these supposed geniuses are doing to help society not add to the problem. Einstein was a genius, Kanye is supposed to be an artist but then “artist” is another word gets thrown around to much.

    • u

      I agree with you, James. Kanye is talented, but hardly the best rapper out there (he has more skills as producer), and calling him a genius just nullifies the meaning of the word itself.

  • The Jackal

    I am not a fan of rap but I thought he put on an entertaining set.

  • Matt

    I miss College Dropout Kanye. He wasn’t too serious and too self-important back then.

    • u

      That is my favorite era of Kanye as well. He seemed to be an actually endearing person… until the 2004 AMAs where he threw a fit over losing the “Best New Artist” award to Gretchen Wilson.

  • TCA

    Loved it…can’t wait for the album to drop next month

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