Lady Gaga and Elton John: Working together on the pop queen's new album?

lady-gaga-elton-johnImage Credit: Michael Caulfield/WireImage.comWill Elton John make an appearance on Lady Gaga‘s forthcoming album Born This Way? It seems very possible. EW recently spoke to Elton about The Union, his album collaboration with legendary pianist-songwriter Leon Russell, which hits stores Oct. 19, and the Rocket Man couldn’t help but bring up his love for all things Gaga. “I love her, and I love her ability to write,” he says. “I love the songs she writes.” A collab between the pair—who’ve become bosom buddies since performing together at January’s Grammy Awards (pictured here)—is a good possiblity. “I’d love to in the future,” John says of working with her. “I’d love to do that.” Then he elaborates: “There’s a chance I might do one track with her [for Born This Way], but it’s just, she’s so busy, and I’m so busy, we can never get together!” But, he adds, “I’ve already heard [Gaga’s new album], so I think it’s more or less done. [Born This Way is expected to be released early next year.] Her record—it’s f—ing amazing. ‘Born This Way,’ which is the title song, will completely get rid of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive.’ This is the new ‘I Will Survive.’ That was the gay anthem. This is the new gay anthem. Actually, it’s not a gay anthem—it can apply to anybody.”

For more from Elton John, pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands now.

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  • Amar

    Who died and made Lady Gaga queen of pop??

    • Andy

      No one had to die, If Elton John says she is than the Queen she might as well be.

    • Jake

      Nobody. Madonna owns that title and that’ll never change. MJ is the King of Pop, Madonna is the Queen of Pop, Elvis is the King, Aretha the Queen of Soul. Funny how they never say Timberlake is the new King of Pop but the media always like the stir the pop when it comes to Madonna.

      • twisty

        I know, and Timberlake sucks so much ass…

      • Mitchell

        GaGa isn’t even the princess. That crown rightfully goes to Britney, with Justin being the Prince :D

  • nodnarb

    Gaga or Elton John’s new album? It really could go either way

    • AcaseofGeo

      Elton, NOTHING will EVER supplant, completely GET RID OF, or otherwise replace “I WILL SURVIVE”. Ever. Yes. Ever. I think of Gaga as the second coming of Madonna, and that’s saying a lot. But “I WILL SURVIVE” will ever endure.

  • Berling

    Excuse me?? Lady Gaga the Queen of Pop?? That title belongs to the Madonna who used sex to cover up the fact that she’s a TALENTLESS hagg that sounds like a cat getting raped in an alley when she sings live.

    Lady Gaga is too talented and powerful as a performer to be considedered merely the “queen of pop” She’s out to be the Queen of Music!

    The way she can SIIING, The way she performs, She’s a Stage Beast!

    “Born This Way” will only further cement her status as one of the most Dynamic and TALENTED female performers of all time.

    • lizzy

      personally i think lady gaga is overrated….maybe the media has lost credibility

      • Andy

        She’s in NO way over rated.

        She can sing, she can play, she can perform, compose, direct. Everything a pop star is supposed to do and more, on top of that she has a brain and she doesn’t need a creative team to tell her what to do or when to do it.

      • u

        @ Andy:
        There are tons of musicians out there who can do all those things better than Gaga. I swear, you people make it sound like it is rare for musicians to *gasp* possess musical talent! Well, I guess the music landscape of today has to be as barren as it is in order for Gaga to appear like a musical genius. And Berling, go take your meds, please.

      • Bobby F

        @u You are mean and an idiot yourself. Where are all of these *gasp* (please) really talented musicians? If there are so many more out there, lets hear them.

      • u

        @ Bobby F:

        You’re the idiot if you can’t realize that there is a world of music beyond Top 40 radio and MTV, you numbskull.

      • True Blue

        @ Bobby F:
        Really? I love Gaga, but if you honestly think Gaga is the only talented musician out there, then you’re either very young and have not been exposed to much music, or you’re just one of those over-the-top Gaga stans who truly believe she IS the best musician out there. Even within the mainstream, she is not the only person who can write, sing and play an instrument. There’s Alicia Keys and Justin Timberlake. And Beyoncé, though she doesn’t play instruments and doesn’t write all of her music, is one hell of a performer and singer. She’s been frequently compared to Tina Turner and Michael Jackson, has earned the respect and admiration of those people, as well as Prince, Bono, Brian May, and many others. I mean, if she gets the respect of those people, then clearly she’s not so bad herself, isn’t she? And of course, the wonderful singer and artist that is Christina Aguilera. It’s cool to hate on her now, but go listen to “Stripped” and “Back to Basics”, and you’ll see she’s just as much of an artist as she is a singer. I didn’t even go into the world of alternative music to prove to you that Gaga is not the only talented musician that exists. You might wanna refrain from calling others “idiots” when you yourself don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • Ben

        I’m sick to death about hearing about all of the great things she writes about – I have yet to hear anything that is not just a very generic dance-pop song with empty lyrics. Joni Mitchell she is not!

      • brandy

        @Ben: That’s what happens when you take all of Gaga’s lyrics at face value. Pretty much everything she writes is metaphor and symbolism – even “Just Dance,” which sounds pretty vapid on the surface, is actually meant to be taken metaphorically. I’m not saying that Gaga is the deepest artist ever or better than Joni Mitchell, but most people who dismiss her have no idea what her songs are actually saying.

    • Jase

      Its obnoxious people like you that make me not like her.

    • santana

      Um I’m pretty sure that Gaga has blantantly ripped off Madonna several times. And I’m a huge Gaga fan. Theres just no reason to insult Madonna like that.

    • True Blue

      @ Berling:
      While you’re entitled to not like Madonna, keep in mind that she is one of Gaga’s biggest influences, and it clearly shows in her music and image. So you may want to refrain from dissing your idol’s idol as well.

    • Sam

      Are you kidding me? I’ve seen GaGa in concert twice and Madonna twice and Madge in her 50’s still wipes the floor with GaGa. Madonna’s music is timelss and will endure for generations b/c her songs had substance and she stood up for things when it actually mattered. The path that GaGa walks is the one that Madonna paved for her and GaGa’s label has encouraged her to recycle Madonna’s old ideas and re-hash them to people like you that are too naive to realize how Madonna is a once in a lifetime artist. To diminish her talents or accomplishments is ridiculous, watch Sooner or Later at the Oscars, or Mother and Father acoustic or You Must Love me Sticky and Sweet tour or listen to her entire Ray of Light album. Madonna can sing and quite well when she isn’t dancing her a## off (no she’s not Whitney Houston but neither is GaGa). Madonna will FOREVER be the Queen of Pop and GaGa just a copycat. Lets see if GaGa last a decade let alone 30 years as the biggest and most influential female artist in history.

    • Sumi

      Salvador Dali was the last master of the 20th Century. His wifes name was Gala. Dali and Gala were doing piulbc stunts on a regular basis. His ideas seem to work well for GaGa.

  • Aaron

    Out of the new generation of pop stars, Gaga IS the Queen of Pop.

    But yeah, Madonna holds the title.

  • joan

    lady gaga is just a pop product that is ready to sell in the shop without much substance….sorry folks but that is a fact

    • Mike

      “Oh, okay.” Gaga is not a product of pop but is rather someone who is redefining that genre. I’ll admit that not all of her stuff has substance, but why does it have to? The Beetles had fun tunes and beautiful thoughtful pieces as well and they were way bigger than Gaga. It’s called range; she can do more than just the pop song with the catchy hook. Take Speechless for example, it’s a rock ballad.
      As for being “ready to sell”, I think that is just a result of her popularity and ability to appeal to several different kinds of people.

      • u

        I’m not sure how she’s “redefining the genre”. I mean, yeah, her songs are enjoyable, but not really a huge step up from what is already out there. It’s still generic pop (and yes, I have actually listened to her music beyond her singles to make such a judgment), and while it’s cool that she is having this much success, I really think the media and her lunatic fans should hold off on treating her like a modern-day Mozart. The amount of praise she gets is seriously overkill at this point.

  • Tyler

    People who think Lady Gaga is just a product clearly haven’t seen her live performances, when it’s just her and a piano.

    • True Blue

      Exactly. I am tired of idiots saying she has no talent. Hate her music and image all you want, but don’t try and deny the obvious: she HAS talent, and a great deal of it.

    • b

      Exactly. They also usually don’t realize that she wrote every song on both her albums (and the upcoming album) herself. I don’t care if people don’t like her music or her image – that’s pure opinion – but anyone who says she’s not talented isn’t looking very hard.

  • dave

    Well I think she’s great. Can’t wait for the new album, sounds promising.

  • True Blue

    I can’t wait for the album. If Elton John says it’s this good, then it is probably worth the hype.

  • The Louvre

    “Her record—it’s f—ing amazing. ‘Born This Way,’ which is the title song, will completely get rid of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive.’ This is the new ‘I Will Survive.’ That was the gay anthem. This is the new gay anthem. Actually, it’s not a gay anthem—it can apply to anybody.”
    OK… Born This Way may indeed be a very good song, but to go as far claiming it will overthrow “I Will Survive” is pushing it a bit far now. And dooming the song to underwhelm, due to setting ridiculously high expectations on it. It reminds me of Brandon Flowers of The Killers saying Sam’s Town was the best record of the past 2 decades. It was indeed a very fine album, but hardly the best album of the past 20 years. Or Rihanna’s producers saying her upcoming album will be like Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Now I won’t even touch on how downright ridiculous that is. But my point is, you don’t hype a product as being the best thing since sliced bread (metaphorically speaking) when the public hasn’t even gotten the chance to find out for themselves. Let them hear the music first, and they’ll be the ones to decide if it is the anthem of a generation or not. When you set the expectations so high, people aren’t going to judge it without bias, which of course isn’t good.

    • Agus

      I have been in one for a year but we might never meet, still I will wait more! I dont care about what anyone says..

    • Rik

      Knut February 17, 2010 Glad you liked it! I will have to do a better job dpauting you on Norwegian pop then! On these MAP-posts, there is a download everything zip option far below on each post. Maybe that’s a sollution for you? I might be nice when we’re finished with the upcoming EardrumsPop-compilation and make a mixtape of Norwegian pop for you, but right now Between Two Waves (our collaboration-compilation) takes all my time and more BTW, have you heard the latest album from Moddi and the latest from Monzano? Two good Norwegian artists. Spotify links: and ahhh Monzano’s new isn’t on spotify yet but you can listen to one song from it on Oslo2 , a compilation of good pop from Oslo (which is a really good introduction to music from my country: . From this album, the bands My Little Pony, Casa Murilo and Like Spinning will be a part of different collaborations on the new Eardrums compilation. Casa M + Like Spinning, and Ola, the vocalist in MLP will work together with a Portuguese artist called bFachada in a project called Ole1fachada, a looovely song!

  • Alicia

    Can’t wait.

  • Belinda

    How is she not talented?

    YouTube “Lady Gaga Speechless” and watch the first video that comes up, and come back and tell me she’s not talented.

    • Jeremy

      I watched it.
      She’s not talented.
      Thanks Belinda! You have confirmed–once again–that Lady Gaga fans have no taste in music! Have a pleasant evening!

    • u

      I’m not an extremist Gaga hater, so unlike Jeremy, I DO admit that she is talented, but overrated as hell. She’s not THAT great of an artist as people make her out to be.

      • Jeremy

        No, dear, she is completely talentless. There are a thousand lounge acts in NYC with more talent than her. She is famous because her daddy’s money bought her a record deal. Interscope Records has spent millions on her neverending marketing campaign. And people in the modern world, born and bred to be obedient, docile consumers with no ability to think for themselves, buy anything marketed to them as “trendy” or “hot” because they are trained to believe that popularity equals quality.

  • rae

    There was music and entertainment before there was GaGa….

  • americajoe

    Saw the title of this article- Lady Gaga and Elton John: Working together on the pop queen’s new album?……….didnt know if the new album was for Gaga or EJohn. a bada bing bada boom

    • Johnny

      I honestly thought it was for Elton.

  • Soldier

    Madonna eats Lady Gaga for breakfast.

  • Alex

    Madonna is the absolute Queen of Pop. Forever.

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