Jackie Evancho, child opera singer from 'America's Got Talent,' signs with Columbia

Jackie-EvanchoImage Credit: Trae Patton/NBCJackie Evancho, the 10-year-old opera prodigy and runner-up from this season of America’s Got Talent, has signed with Syco/Columbia Records. It’s not too surprising that she’d sign with a label, given her viral popularity and obvious talent, and it’s even less surprising that she’d sign with Simon Cowell’s label, given her reality pedigree. Sometimes the world makes sense after all!

Evancho was a fan favorite on AGT, and week-to-week, the judges heaped more praise on her than any other contestant. It is a little creepy to hear what sounds like a fully matured operatic voice coming out of an adorable, tiny, blond child? It’s not…not creepy? But it’s also pretty stunning:

Would you buy a Jackie Evancho album, Music Mixers?

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  • macthemovieguy

    No. She doesn’t sound like an Opera Singer. Anyone with an actual music degree would tell you she sounds like a child making sounds.

    • Jen

      Not many people have music degrees, so to us she certainly “sounds like” an opera singer.

      • Huh?

        This is bad for her on so many levels. Right now she’s a shooting star, but she’ll sell a few CDs but there won’t be a second Cd and she will fade. Then she will spend years wondering where the fame went and where she went wrong. Like the star quarterback on the high school football team. It’s sad to have one’s Glory days at age 10.

    • Allen

      I guess she fooled millions of us “normal” people and the judges. Good thing you’re here to set us straight.

      • Gladiator

        Good reply Allen! Huh? will spend years wondering how he/she could have been so stupid.

    • A Fan

      She doesn’t sound like an opera singer, because she isn’t – she’s a classical crossover singer. And her voice is beautiful and brings joy to millions of people – let’s hear you “make sounds” like she does.

      • frank j. morley

        all I can say I am glad I witness Jackie Evancho singing she is a star and the idiots that are against her specially you crac I mean mac you are nothing but compost material big time!!!!!

    • singleslove

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      hurting.i maybe need someone to love..still..
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      • bradDaveshaw

        Well. To me it’s refreshing to see and hear such wonderful singing from this girl. If she wasn’t 10 it would be a test of our loyalty, I’m afraid. Still, it is refreshing to see something non-lady gaga or katy perry-esque.

    • Uncle Buck

      Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face! Good day to you, madam

    • from 1761…

      Mac can’t help it – this is what his ancestors wrote in the Vienna times – “today I saw a presumptious little brat name Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart perform for the bishop and what a pretentious little boy..playing the piano, violin and other instruments..how does one say..too many notes? …my advice skip this punk kid and see a real adult musician ..someone like Antonio Salieri..”

      • i don’t know anything

        just have to give you props for your comment, that’s all, carry on…

      • E.B.

        She’s an adorable and talented girl, but comparing her to Mozart is taking it a bit too far.

    • Albee

      Mac, Jackie has millions of fans. How many fans do you have?
      I guess you have to put down a little girl because of your inadequacies.
      I kept asking myself, “Is this Mac guy really that stupid? Perhaps just deaf.”
      My suggestion: Do not make any more posts. You are just revealing how stunningly stupid you are. I feel sad for you.

    • Tamara

      Music degree here – vocal performance in point of fact. And I as well as a number my choral compatriots have listened to this child in amazement. Opera no – wonderful voice that is remarkably trained and polished for a child – oh yeah. Just making sounds..in my opinion is the response of a frustrated performer about a child getting this shot

      • Gladiator

        @Tamara…You are worthy of a music degree. You have my utmost respect.

    • debrarae

      You sound A) Like a Elitist, B) like you’re jealous of her success (at such a young age).

      I’m guessing B)

    • Albee

      Mac (who sounds like a child making sounds), here are some quotes about Jackie from some people who have the credentials to pass judgement on singer’s performances:

      “She does have an unusually adult feel for the repertoire,” said Claudia Benack, a singer and assistant professor of musical theater at Carnegie Mellon University.

      Christopher Hahn, general director of the Pittsburgh Opera said that Jackie’s performances are “spellbinding” and “compelling.” It is quite unusual to hear a young girl with that level of warmth and roundness.”

      Tim Janis, world-famous composer said Jackie’s voice is “flawless” and “phenomenal.”

      By the way, what are your credentials (to back up your statements)?

    • John Ford

      @ macthemovieguy I guess you know better then Clark Rosen DIRECTOR of the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center who said of Jackie Evancho ” She is a rare talent becouse she can sing with a natural control of her voice.” But I guess he’s wrong becouse you know more about it then anyone. All I can say to that is [ GET OVER YOURSELF }.

    • Fisherman

      macthemovie guy sounds like a typical elitist and they always try to rain on the parade. It seems that such obnoxious people abound in our society. He misses the point entirely and that this is a young girl with extraordinary talent and she is having fun. We all know her voice will develop and we all know she may turn out to sing in another genre then opera. But I guarantee you, she held her own, at 10 years old, with one of the preeminent singers, of the day, when she sang with Sarah Brightman. And yes mac, you bonehead, this University level PhD, musically trained ear of mine, did not detect a tinkers damn worth of significant difference between her and Sarah. So I ask you mac, do the letters K.M.A. mean anything to you? Well, the first letter stands for the word “Kiss” and I’m sure you can figure out the other two. Grow up, for God’s sake and enjoy a kid having fun and stop with the stinking critique already…she is doing just fantastic for 10 years old and she will get worlds better!! One more piece of advice…go soak your head you old stick in the mud!!

    • ed

      That’s because the whole premise is incorrect. She is NOT an opera singer and has said she is a classical crossover vocalist many times in interviews. Get a grip on reality and let lose the hype.

    • wayne

      Actually there are are lot of people with music degrees who like Jackie. A lot without degrees who like her also.

    • Jason

      I guess director of the Pittsburgh Opera, Christopher Hahn; world-famous composer Tim Janis; Musical
      Theater professor at Carnegie Mellon Claudia Benack; and Jazz instructor at Creative and Performing Arts High School in Downtown Pittsburgh don’t have real music degrees? They probably got those phony degrees, because they don’t know anything about music or Opera because they praised Jackie’s singing.

    • Saulius

      I don’t understand your comment. If you’re dissing her, please explain. I’d like to be educated as to what constitutes good music.

      • frank j. morley

        who ever is writing jealous thing about Jackie, wouldn’t make a good pile of crap on the bottom of the ocean, deepest part and it seems you lack an mentality brain. you slob!!!!!!! this goes for all jerks of this caliber!!!!!

    • J. Tran

      I am not an american but I will definitely buy her album. The US needs more citizen like her to win the world over.

      • Quasimodo

        Well said Tran! For every Paris Hilton, we need two Jackie’s

    • Quasimodo

      - NEWS FLASH – The wife of a Chicago swimming pool cleaner received an ultra-sound today at The University of Chicago Medical Center. Not only did she not know she was 8 months pregnant, but it was discovered that her -1 month daughter was singing a series of arias in the womb, including Puccini, Bizet, and Verdi. Experts from around the Chicago area were called in to listen to the “womb wonder” with some reservations and seeming disdain for the nervy little upstart!

      An Italian nurse noticed that , “Her diction is perfect!” The hospital Priest mentioned that, “her Latin is superb.” However, one Music Critic and one University of Illinois Chicago Musicology Professor skeptically mentioned that the “water” may be adding to the resonant qualities of her voice, and she was probably just mimicking languages expressed in her proximity. Said the good Professor, “Well, I am not denying her talent, but she is a long way from being an opera singer and certainly hasn’t paid her dues to the opera community. “Besides, her voice may change at birth, and she may no longer be a contralto!” Being ever so contrary, the world can’t seem to wait until Jacqueline is born in one months time to listen to this little womb wonder. The elitist Music Critic noted, “We have all seen the ultra-sounds of this fetus. “I find her facial expressions and thumb sucking to be rather peculiar. “In retrospect, perhaps it would be better to delay birth a month to six weeks to allow the fetus to develop her stage presence more!”

    • Gladiator

      If thats so then your music degree is just a worthless piece of paper!

      • Gladiator

        Sorry Quasimodo my reply was for macthemovieguy and they put it in the wrong place(under your comment). He needs to stick with movies. I have nothing but respect for Quasimodo.

    • Tommy

      Mac, I dont know why you took all the heat. You are correct. Jackie is not an opera singer. She sings clasical. And you are correct that she sounds like a child making sounds. Beautiful heavenly sounds put together in a way the warms the heart and soothes the soul. By the way, I know nothing about music however I know what I love to listen to, and Jackie is a piece of it.

    • frank j. morley

      idiot mac! yes you are a movie goer you probably sit in the first row!I bet your popular with the rats!!!!

    • frank j. morley

      Hey mac what does she sound like!!!! a PIG like you!!!! you can go on a talent show as the worlds biggest pile of crap on the oceans floor!!! or loser. I bet you are a child hater right?????

    • Susan

      Yeah. I’m sorry guys. I’m an opera singer and this is not real opera singing at all. The technique is all wrong. And she lowered this an entire key. It is beautiful in it’s own right, which is what music is supposed to be about. So I respect that. I can tell you that she will not have a voice for very long. She has a TON of tension in her voice, and young singers should not be singing this type of rep. This is extremely hard on a young voice.

  • Jon

    I have a music minor, and I would buy her CD in a heartbeat….she is 10. She has some vocal flaws….duh how can that be?? She is also every bit as good as Julie Andrews and Beverly Sills were at similar ages.

  • RonH

    It’s a good thing you don’t have to be a music major to appreciate and enjoy music as per ‘macthemovieguy’. I’ll definitely buy her CD. Someone once said of Judy Garland. ‘Her talent was so big it practically leaped off the stage and hit you.’ I feel the same way about Jackie.

  • Phil

    Mac, your comments don’t make you sound as educated as you were hoping. I’m sure anyone with an “actual music degree” would tell you a violin is wood and string that makes sounds too. It sounds like you are mimicking an “expert”, just like you are accusing her of.

  • Raving Lunatic

    This is why shows like Glee and American Idol continue to run. Average becomes the norm and no one demands true talent. If, in 10 or 15 years, this kid continues to perfect her craft, then, maybe, she should get the recognition. Until then, go to school, have fun and have a normal life kid. You’ll be better off for it in the long run.

    • Preston

      Some people are just thrust into that unexpected fame and just don’t know how to handle it. Some of them aren’t good singers to start with. They need a year or so to work on their voice BEFORE they release their first album. Because audiences are tough these days and they want a good album the FIRST listen. Anything less, they’ll move on to another singer!

      • David C.

        Um, Preston, Jackie already has a first album. You can get a copy of it on eBay if you’ve got $200 to spare.

    • Saulius

      You’re right. There’s a lot of mediocrity in the media. But you can’t honestly put Jackie into that group. I’m speaking objectively here. If you didn’t know who was singing and you heard her perform, how would you critique it? Clearly, it’s not a fully developed voice. But she’s spot on key with a beautiful vibrato, incredible phrasing and strong emotion. The really fastinating thing for me is how much Jackie has improved over the past four months or so. I don’t think that she’s anywhere near her full potential, and I seriously doubt that she’ll be a one CD wonder. I share your feeling about Jackie receiving so much fame so early in her life. All I can do is wish her and her family all the best. But I’m grateful. Jackie has already made a positive impact on a lot of people.

    • Quasimodo

      “Average”? May I suggest you buy some good taste!

    • Gladiator

      @Raving Lunatic…Your name describes you perfectly! Need I say more? Except to tell you us sane people will be buying all of this little Angels albums when they become available. I also want to tell the writer of this article that Jackies voice is astonishing…not creepy!

  • Anthony C.

    The writer, Margaret Lyons, of this article seems to be either racist and/or prejudices against blond individuals, especially children. Blond females and males can (and are) talented and skilled singers/performers just like anyone else. Hair color has nothing to do with the quality of someone’s voice, just like skin color.

  • Anthony C.

    The writer, Margaret Lyons, of this article seems to be either racist and/or prejudiced against blond individuals, especially children. Blond females and males can (and are) talented and skilled singers/performers just like anyone else. Hair color has nothing to do with the quality of someone’s voice, just like skin color.

    • being blonde is not a race, you dumb piece of sh-t.

    • jury’s out

      @Anthony C.- I hope you’re joking.

  • gleeishorrible

    women hate when someone other than a hunky white guy wins a reality show.

    • Huh?

      A hunky white guy did win this reality show!

  • she’ll do about as well as every other AGT winner, i.e. she’ll be forgotten in about 6 months.

    • Jon

      Ummm she didnt win. She finished second. Second place finishers often do quite well – ask Susan Boyle

    • Al

      She was not a winner of AGT. She was runner-up

    • Preston

      I think the first writer meant to say that as a runner up, she will do as well as the past winners did. I feel she will have good traction as a singer but will lose momentum in maybe 7 years. She might change her genre of music once she reaches her late teens.

    • Saffie M. Lowe

      I just wanted to point out that it’s now been over two years since this person predicted she’d be history in six months. I won’t deny that young artists’ popularity can be ephemeral, and their voices can change for the worse after puberty, but with all the evidence out there that her parents, coaches, doctors and handlers are protecting her voice from harm, and her person from being exploited, this proves that it’s always silly to make predictions.

      Her voice might break, but an experienced vocal coach can work her through it. Some kids’ voices don’t break at all. Some change for the worst despite all efforts. The interesting thing is that she has, in interviews, made it clear that she’s aware of the possibility of fleeting fame, and fears that people won’t be interested when she’s not a kid anymore. That’s both sad and remarkably self-aware. Luckily, her parents keep her grounded in reality (her mother has said that she does not shelter her from the real world), and she cooperates with and supports her parents’ guardianship – in large part, I think, to the fact that they also support and encourage her. There are some ugly parents out there who push their kids to feed their own egos, but this is a kid who’s propelling her self, and basically taking her parents along for the ride. Let’s hope it’s a long journey.

  • Pericon

    Actually, someone with a music degree might say that Jackie, together with her abundance of natural talent is practicing elements of the Bel Canto technique of singing. That “creepy” sound you hear is the result of singing with the full strength that proper breathing and breath control provides. Watch her breathing in her AGT videos- her dress actually raises up four inches off the ground, no small feat for someone only about 4 foot tall. Then notice how her shoulders don’t rise nearly so much. Her diaphragm harnesses all that air into her very core. Pop singers sing with their mouths and upper chest only which results in a thin, tight sound. Controlled diaphragmic breathing allows Jackie to project her voice resulting a rich and full sound. Diaphragmic control also allows her to fully relax her upper cavity which allows her to hit very high notes effortlessly. Pop singers have to do the opposite which means tightening their throats and straining their vocal cords, limiting the fullness of sound and damaging their voice. This is why a pop singer’s voice fails after a relatively short career while an opera singer can astound audiences for decades. There is nothing “creepy” about Jackie’s ability or the amazing sound that she produces. It has everything to do with what Bel Canto (beautiful singing) is all about.
    Jackie still has much to learn, much more technique to master and her body is still developing. Still, we are witnessing the very beginning of what might well be the finest vocalist of our time.

    • Pericon

      Oh, and Yes! I would definitely buy her CD!

    • David Sanders

      This is the best analysis I’ve seen on any Jackie-related site of the technical aspects of vocal technique. I thank you for it, and hasten to applaud the favorable (to Jackie) appraisal you reached – “might well be the finest vocalist of our time.” I hope someone shows that to Jackie. Fortunately, I think she is sufficiently well grounded and humble that she would use it only for further motivation (although I can hardly see how she could possible handle any more motivation) instead of letting it go to her head.

    • Steve Martin

      She is singing from her diaphragm? That would take YEARS to learn, wouldn’t it???

      • Pericon

        Diaphragmic breathing is the natural way to support your breath. Just watch an infant while they sleep and we’ll see how they use the diaphragm to support their breathing. It’s the upper register cavity that takes the most time to develop control and technique.

      • Steve Martin

        Oh, OK. I see. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I will go buy $3,000 worth of cat toys.

      • Pericon

        Most adults breathe by using the upper proportion of their body. Try this: inhale deeply filling your lungs by lifting your shoulders and expanding your chest as much as you can. The force of your exhale is then regulated by how rapidly you relax your chest muscles and how open or closed your mouth and throat is. This is kind of like a balloon deflating. Now try inhaling, allowing your belly to expand fully but not lifting your shoulders. Yeah, it makes you look a little fatter just stand up straighter. Now when you exhale, the force is controlled directly by your abdominal muscles which are linked to your diaphragm. This is kind of like a piston moving inside a cylinder, there is a lot more control than a simple balloon deflating. Also, because your mouth and throat is not a major part of the regulating process of the exhale they can be fully relaxed, allowing a singer to fully control their vocal cords without strain. This is where the amazing stuff happens. The sound that results is fuller, richer and in Jackie’s case mature beyond her years. Would you like your singing or speaking voice to project more fully? Start using your diaphragm.

      • Steve Martin

        My wife uses her diaphragm – I figured that was good enough for both of us! Just – kidding… OK Hey – Grandpa bought a rubber

  • kevin

    Sorry but if you want to hear the songs Jackie sings sung well, buy a CD from an adult singer who can really sing. Like Susan Boyle…if you want hear that kind of music, there are dozens of Broadway divas who’ve recorded albums and sing way better…same with Paul Potts

    • david

      @kevin, gee I didn’t read anything here about Jackie being polished and
      fully developed. Pericon pointed out she has much to learn, and yes, certainly, there are accomplished adult singers who are much more polished and whose voices through many years of training and polishing might be better singers, but really, at ten she is pretty good. I judge the quality of a singer by how they move me; she moves me. And before you bash me for my opinion, I do have several artists who sing the same songs she does and I enjoy them, but when I play them along with her songs, she holds her own.

    • Albee

      Jackie already sings better than most adult singers.

      Jackie received standing ovations after every performance on America’s Got Talent – not from just the audience but from EVERY judge for every performance because she is the best that they have ever heard.

      • frank j. morley

        This is very true she raise them to their feet! yes including the judges! Stunned everyone except jealous nobodys and mac!!

  • Preston

    I would have waited a few years, let her voice develop more–it’s kind of young for her to get on a record label at this moment. But I’m sure she’s had enormous response after she finished 2nd on America’s Got Talent that labels were scrambling to sign her. I think she has a great operatic voice. At least she’s doing opera and not the typical commercial pop that’s so typical of many young singers. She could have held off until she turned 14 or 15, let her be a kid first because that music business will have her far away from home with all the touring and being on the TV shows. I wish her well.

    • Gladiator

      @Preston…This was Jackies dream. You have to grab oportunity when its offered to you. The major record company didn,t tell her to come back in four or five years. They wanted her now. I also want to point out that shes not an opera singer,she is a classical-crossover singer like her idol Sarah Brightman.

  • chistosa

    I don’t want to join the debate about whether it is too soon, or whether she is really that talented. I will just answer the question posed by the author of the article. No I would not buy Jackie’ CD.

    • frank j. morley

      chistoes, its evident,you are mac’s brother or you don’t have the money!!!!

  • Stephen

    I give Jackie 6 months before she is hitting the clubs, in rehab w/4 DUIS..

    • Quasimodo

      Your a liberal!

    • gladiator

      @Stephen…Since Jackies first appearance on AGT I have read thousands of comments on the internet and I must say this comment by you is the stupidest,most ignorant comment I have ever read. Jackie just became 10 and a half years old a few days ago (Oct.9th). In six months she will have just became 11 yrs. old. An 11 year old child will not be hitting any clubs,nor will she be driving to get any DUI,s. In six months time she will have her first professionally produced (Columbia Records) album out,and it will be selling millions all over the world. She will not be in rehab. Your the one who needs to be in (mental) rehab!. Your comment suggests that you do not need to wait 6 months though. I suggest you go have yourself comitted immediately.

  • David Sanders

    I’ll buy anything and everything she records – instantly!

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