Miley Cyrus' video for latest single 'Who Owns My Heart': Watch her vamp here!

Miley Cyrus‘ evolution into a pop-dance diva continues with the debut of the sexy new video for “Who Owns My Heart,” the latest single from her most recent album Can’t Be Tamed. Just like the perplexing lyrics in the song (“Who owns my heart? Is it love or is it art?”), the dancey, vampy video makes little effort to string together a storyline beyond Miley waking up in a bed, heading to the club to gyrate (complete with a head of crimped hair, scandalously low-cut gold lamé top, and lots of bangles), and then head back home. Truly, the theme of this video could be: hair! There’s a lot of it flying around! There’s almost a rave-y vibe to the whole thing, too. But who’s complaining? Not us! It’s fun! And really sultry! What more could you want? This song is a pulsy, possibly club-ready jam that deserves single status—and a frothy fun video like this, too. Catch the whole thumpa-thumpa deliciousness after the jump:

What’d ya think? Are you ready for Miley to “Own Your Heart”? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Emily


    • karen

      guess that’s why the video was only suppose to release on Europe, not in the US.

      • madhavi

        not in india 2

    • Savannah

      I am a avid Miley fan. She is my inspiration. Parents are so stupid to think these things of her. She’s amazing. Simple as that.

    • nikki

      she dose seem desperate for attention but shes not doing no more than any of the other pop stars shes grown get over it parents!!!

    • Samantha

      I honestly like this song. i don’t see anything thats wrong with it. really i dont. Miley’s just expanding her music. all artist do this. Yes so she sings country but she has a good voice for pop. i mean can’t be tamed wasn’t country and that was a good song. so hows this any different?

      • Amanda

        I so agree with you, she is trying new things let her….she is an a entainer, she does what she wants just as we do….

      • Kelly

        “She’s just trying to expand her music” blah blah blah. Yeah right. Wait until she turns into another Britney Spears. Then you won’t be saying that anymore. And btw, she can’t sing. She’s only famous cuz Billy Ray Cyrus (who is amazing and deserves a better daughter) is famous. Enought said…

    • RoseAnna Contreras

      LMFAO! omg!she has really gone down hill… Sorry I have to say it it seems like as if shes confused between a woman or man whatever she SUCKS get a real life miley & stop trying to be this sexy woman that you think you are SELENA GOMEZ IS way better than you in music & style your too plain & opld news!!! U SUCK!!! :)

      • jenny

        honestly i agree with u but i think demi lavato is the best singer in disney she can hit high pitches perfectly nd shes not slutty nd is great influenc on kids demi is better then miley

      • latasha

        how da hell u gne say she suck if she suck she wouldnt have made it this far u sound like a hater n haters SUCK LMAO AT HATERS

      • Kelly

        um latasha, in case u haven’t noticed, her last name is cyrus. Her dad is the reason she is famous.Her dad is amazing and can sing unlike her cuz she SUCKS at singing and will never learn to sing good. maybe ur tone deaf and can’t hear her horrible singing voice. :)

    • nina

      I like Miley, I like the song..I just never thought she would stoop to the level she has, I will nolonger allow my daughters to listen to her or let alone watch her video’s, I can honestly say that much.

    • bigbabyjlh20

      ok i can see both sides of this as a mother i hate the way she’s taking her image but as a 21 year old i can rememeber what it was like at 17 and she’s not really ding anything that half the kids her age are doing and she gets called on it because of her fame she has to grow and mature just like everyone she may not do it in a way others like but she’s doing it the way she feels is right if she is making a mistake the only one who can really change it is her so bad publicty negative thoughts won’t help

    • jenny

      she is too desperate for attention

      parents should get mad cuz shes in disney aka a kids show

      it wouldnt be a problem if she was never in disney nd if she never started out as kids influence nd if she never started singing for kids but she iz soooo hello problem

      nd if ur a girl nd shes ur insperation nd role model well ur either slutty like she is a wanna be slut or u have no self respect for ur self nd or are really insecure nd or have parents who dont love u cuz its obviouse if ur parents let u act like that they simply dont care for u

      and im not saying her new music is bad its good but not to be singing it to kids nd not good to be acting like that if ur underage nd in disney

      nd were r her parents geeze i bet her parents dont love her nd dont care for her i bet they only care for the money coming in

      face reality u guys shes gone bad nd i feel bad for her to have no one in her family corect her

      • Billy

        She’s seventeen, legally an adult in the U.S, so that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s gone bad, it means she’s GROWN UP.

    • Sarah

      I totally agree with you. She is just selling out her body when she’s only 17 years old. IDK any 17 year old girl singer that dresses all skanky and does all of her videos like she is going to be in some hot freakin movie.
      She really needs to stop doing with what she is doing because shes not going to have as many fans as she did in the past. Like me…I use to be a big fan, but now im really not because she changed sooo much within like a year or two.
      She just really needs to think about all of the things she is doing and just try all over again.
      She is acting just dumb and stupid.
      MILEY IS A HOE!!! (: lol

      • Davette

        You SHOULD know another 17-year-old that dressed and sang like this… her name is Britney Spears.

      • Stilldreamn

        The actress Brooke Shields played a child prostitute at age 12. This is nothing new.

      • Billy

        She’s not a hoe,
        a hoe is some sex-craved person, and she’s not that.
        she’s covering up more in this video than you would if you were in a bikini, so, stop hatin’.
        and btw; she’s losing fans like you due to jealousy, clearly.

    • John

      What’s the fuss? Miley’s cute but the song…is a dog!

    • Elena

      God, can’t female singers do anything but gyrate seductively toward the camera, crawl on all fours toward the camera with a seductive look on their face, and give the camera seductive, come-hither looks? Is there any other look?? Besides the “sexy vamp” of a million pop tarts, and the “I’m such a sweet, vapid, lovelorn virgin” crap that Taylor Swift pushes, are there any pop females that show a different side?

      • Crystal

        I would rather my almost 9 year old daughter watch Taylor Swift videos than these videos Miley Cyrus is putting out. I understand she is trying to take her career further…but she could have done it without looking like a skank. I’m with nina…I love the songs she’s putting out, but I will not allow my daughter to watch these videos. That would just show her that I would accept this type of behavior out of her.

    • shawn

      dont you dare miley is my crush

    • melissa

      i agree wit yhu

  • GG

    This could possibly be one of the worst songs lyrically. lol I mean, I don’t know how anyone could get wrapped up in how “fun” it’s supposed to be when you take a second to listen to the words. Terrible.

    • Hanna

      I noticed too. I guess it only shows that the song is irrelevant. It’s all about shock value and legs.

    • Savannah

      Its an amazing song if you would look at the lyrics and not her. Stop judging.

      • Angela

        i don’t think it is too bad i mean she is dressed like every teenager out there at least she is not naked she is covered up

    • santana

      totally augree with GG, the actual lyrics suck

  • Couchtime With Jill

    It’s a fun song, but I think her voice is better suited to a country-rock-pop vibe.

    • yeta

      Miley’s voice really clashes with the pop/dance vibe- it just really sounds off. I agree with you-she’d be much better suited with country.

    • A

      I agree. The song is catchy, but she does way better when she sings country.

  • Damon

    Her body is sick!! And in a good way!

  • kendra

    She still looks like a doe-eyed teenager that is totally out of place in the club scenes. Miley is stillshot sexy, but in motion she lacks the sultry thing this video wishes it could portray.

  • Vivi

    We’re talking bout Miley here, right? Sexy? Sultry? Ooookaaay. Cause what I see is a little girl trying way too hard to stay relevant. But hey, whatever fills your cup in the morning. *shrugs*

    • Savannah

      She’s almost 18. You can’t expect her to be a child anymore. She is not hannah montana. She is Miley. She is who she is. Accept it.

  • Ladyli1

    This song and vid is sooo 80’s in a BAD way. She looks and acts like a kid in her mom’s 80’s clothes. And WHY is she pawing most of the women?

  • Lunna

    “sultry”? HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Dominic

      LOL – I know. There’s nothing less ‘sultry’ than watching some teenager trying to act all grown up.

  • Jonathan

    Yes I am! Too many haters against new Miley, but I’m in full support of this new dance diva!

  • s

    Beyond stupid

  • Rockatansky

    Four words: Lindsay Lohan in training. I hate to go all Simon Cowell, but the song is bland, the lyrics are pedestrian, and her vocal phrasing leaves a lot to be desired, especially as the first chorus ends with “sparks.” On the plus side? Lots of confidence … maybe too much …

  • michelle

    Who wants to see Miley Cyrus vamping??? Any of her adoring 9 year old fans? I don’t think so; she’s aiming for the male teenage and older market now. Change the channel!

    • Crystal

      My daughter won’t be watching her do this mess…I won’t allow her to watch. I don’t want her thinking she can go out of the house dressed like this when she gets to be a few years older. I won’t even allow her to dress like this for Halloween!!

  • Chris

    “It’s just about freeing yourself from anything you think is holding you back,” she told MTV News. “And I think that’s really important, especially for girls, because so many people are told, ‘No, you can’t do something,’ or, ‘You need to be this because Mom and Dad say that, teachers say this.’ ”
    Wow, a teen idol whose popularity is shrinking is starting to take her clothes off and claiming it’s about “empowerment”. Never seen this before, didn’t see it coming from a mile away. I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. Next up will be Justin Bieber putting out a hip hop album to look more “street”


    I really like this CD, but she’s way too young to have a video this skanky. Miley put on your clothes and where are your parents?

  • @Popservations

    I really have no issue with Miley moving on to more adult music and themes, but this song is a travesty (completely laughable lyrics that make no sense, even for pop/dance music).

    The video’s no better, which strives to be an indoor version of Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting For Tonight.” And that gesture Miley keeps making with her right hand (especially in the first 1/3 of the video) is super-annoying.

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