Taylor Swift: Could 'Speak Now' sell a million in a week?

Taylor-SwiftImage Credit: Christie GoodwinNearly everyone agrees that Taylor Swift‘s third album, Speak Now, is destined to be a hit. The only question is how big. Some people are openly raising the possibility that Speak Now could sell as many as one million copies in its first week — a feat no one has accomplished since Lil Wayne in 2008. Could she really pull this off? The Music Mix found out what a few retail experts have to say.

“I would expect it to be probably the best-selling record of the year for any artist,” says Rob Baker, head of the music department at Nashville’s Great Escape, where Swift herself has been known to shop. Great Escape mostly sells vinyl LPs and used CDs, but Speak Now is one of the few new CDs they’ll be stocking. “If the Beatles put out a new record, we’d be carrying that one too,” Baker jokes. He wouldn’t be surprised to see this one hit the million mark: “Anything’s plausible. I’d say there’s a high probability.”

Across town at Nashville’s Ernest Tubb Record Shop, store manager Stephen Bowen says customers have been asking about Speak Now “quite regularly,” especially the younger female ones. “We’re always excited about a new Taylor Swift,” says Bowen. “Each album, she gets bigger and bigger.” That said, Bowen isn’t sure the current commercial climate will allow for a million-plus debut: “I would say it will be in the hundreds of thousands, but whether it breaks a million — that would be great to hear.” His conservative first-week estimate is somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 copies sold.

Carl Mello, director of purchasing for New England’s Newbury Comics chain, agrees that instant-platinum status for Speak Now is unlikely. “If the first single [‘Mine’] was a ubiquitous classic, then that could have happened,” Mello says. “The first single has reacted okay, but it doesn’t lead me to believe that [the album] will sell a million.” Instead, he’d bet on a first-week total in the mid-600,000s range, a modest step up from Fearless‘ 592,000 debut two years ago. But regardless of how well Speak Now does in its first week, Mello is confident it will remain on the charts for a long time. “The good thing looking at [Swift’s] last couple of releases is that the things are usually deep with singles,” he says. “They just live on for a year and a half, selling like crazy. She’s as big of a mainstream music star as we have these days, really.”

How many copies do you think Speak Now will sell in the week after arriving on shelves Oct. 25? Could Swift move a million copies in a week? Speak now in the comments, below.

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  • Polly

    No way it will sell one million in it’s first week. I don’t think Speak Now is destined to be as best selling as Fearless. Fearless’ promo itunes realeases all came into the top 20 on the Hot 100, none of promos from Speak Now have even come close. And “Mine” peaked at # 7 on the Hot Country songs, while it peaked at # 3 on the Hot 100. Anytime a single goes higher on the Hot 100 then the Hot country songs, I think it’s safe to say that she is indeed no longer a “country” singer.

    • MC

      This comment is beyond baffling. The first promo single, “Speak Now”, just debuted at #8 on the Hot 100, and, as the current iTunes #1, “Back to December” is guaranteed to break the Hot 100 top 10 as well. “Mine” has thus far peaked at #6 on Hot Country Songs and continues to grow. The reason it peaked higher on the Hot 100 first is because sales don’t factor into the Country Songs chart, and radio is always slower to reflect a song’s popularity.

      • Ron

        Thanks MC you beat me to it

      • cale3

        Perfect comment.

      • Lana

        agreed fantastic comment!

      • hikaru_TSVN

        I totally agree with you.
        I think Back To December climbs chart better than Speak Now.
        Taylor is a good country singer
        she will break more records in the future and I’m sure that Speak Now will be sold over 1 million unit on debut week

      • Brian

        Taylor cannot sing her way out of a paper bag, and she is about as country as Snoop Dog. Her little teen fans are delusional as they think she is actually a good singer. I feel sorry for them, as they actually sound better then she does on youtube. Pretty funny. Her music all sounds the same and I am embarassed for her when she sings live. Awful.

      • Richard B.

        MC: what is “beyond baffling” is why her fans continue to support someone who cannot even sing on key. Her songs all sound the same, all about teen boys. She is so over-rated it is disgusting, and her music is rubbish.

      • Whoops

        Brian: LOL you obviously didn’t see her live don’t you? Many will be offended haha cause don’t you know that many of her fans are adults. Goodluck with that

        Richard b.: what is “beyond baffling” is you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • gates

        I’m sorry, but i’d have to agree with Brian and Richard B. Swift is, in all honesty, not that talented of a singer. For one, her vocal range is surprisingly limited, and secondly, what little talent she does possess for some reason is only able to be displayed on recorded songs and not during live performances. And no, most of her fans are *not* adults. A *very* small percentage are, while the majority are teenage girls who let the fact that her lyrics are sympathetic to the average teenager’s love life blind them to the blatantly obvious fact that she is completely unable to get out of a box when it comes to the musical aspect or subject matter of her songs. Every single one of her songs has the same sound, feel and basic story. It is not at all impressive that it only takes the first three notes of a song to know that it is by Swift. Good musicians are skilled enough to be able to experiment with sound at least the tiniest bit.

      • Davina

        Hey Mr KnowItAll, why don’t you write, produce, and sing an album all by your lonesome and see what you come up with before you ding Taylor why don’t you? I’m sure we’d all like to critique your marvelous work since you seem to be soooooooooooo knowledgeable about artistic musical experimentation. Note to yourself: The ones that cannot do, always complain about the ones that are already successful.

      • gates

        oh no, i make no mistake in thinking that I would do better. however, just because someone is talented in comparison to yourself, does not mean that they can stand on their own, and certainly does not merit a lucrative position in the music industry. from what i can see she does not deserve to be so widely renowned when there are many other great country music artists with more creativity to bring to the genre. and does the fact that i do not have any musical talent mean i can’t have an opinion on an artist short of admiration?

    • Ron

      It didn’t peak on the country charts yet, its still climbing and has a shot to hit #1 in the coming weeks. The only other promo single released so far after Mine did indeed hit the top 20 this week, so shes 2 for 2.

    • mclovin

      Actually, “Back to December” is currently the number one song on Itunes and “Speak Now” at least was number 7 last time I looked. However, I don’t think Speak Now will sell over a million in one week. It’s lead radio single is not as strong and is not doing as well as the lead single from Fearless did. It could still outdo Fearless’s first week numbers, as she does have more fans now, but I doubt it will sell over a million copies in the first week, and I’m not sure it can catch up with Eminem’s album for best seller of the year either.

    • Preston

      Mine sounded too country to me and didn’t have the pop hooks that were notorious on her Fearless hit singles. And I hardly heard it as much on the radio this time around. It looked completely out of place when I heard it against Katy Perry, Taio Cruz, and Eminem’s songs on a music lineup. Just disconnecting. It’s okay, but I’d rather hear it in a bar on a jukebox in or some club in a lonely town in Ohio than the mainstream levels on a pop music station.

      • Brianna

        “Mine” is about as “country” as Snoop Dog’s latest hit. People calling it country are delusional, and lying to themselves. Taylor calls herself a Pop artist in Europe and remixed her entire album to pop for Europe. So why pretend to be country in the USA, but Pop in Europe? Talk about a 2 faced fraud! Learn to sing and stop pretending to be something you are not, Taylor. You are NOT country.

      • Lyn

        Brianna, she country/pop like shania. I don’t think there’s any thing wrong with that.

    • Lilly

      Taylor is the worst live singer I have ever heard in my life. How she continues to sell so many records and wins so many awards is beyond my comprehension. I heard her at the Grammys live as I was there, and she was so bad I was embarassed for her as well as Poor Stevie Nicks who was forced to sing with her. Taylor should be a Disney singer or write songs for Hanana Montana as all her songs sound the same, bubble gum Disney tween pop. If she sells 1 million albums in a week, I fear for the future of music, and of youth.

      • K

        Worst? I don’t think so. I’ve heard so many so called “musicians” today that sing live worst than her with their auto tune garbage.
        And I’ve heard the girl live, she can sing and I enjoy her songs live than her recorded one which is rare today.

        I hope she can sell 1 mill. I respect her

    • Zoey

      Taylor is the worst vocalist I have ever heard. I was dragged to her concert by my nieces and I could not believe what a fraud she is. She cannot even stay on key to save her life, and she spends most of her time thrashing her hair about and beating garbage cans or using castles or other props like shower scenes to distract the screaming teens from her bad singing. Unfortunately, it works as they are all blind and deaf, apparently, thinking she is the best singer they ever heard. lol I feel sorry for teens today with someone like Taylor to be their Pop star to look up to when she sings worse then they do on youtube.

      • Lyn

        I don’t feel sorry for the teens who look up on the girl. She’s the most recommended role model today. I respect the girl. I’ve heard her live and she’s awesome, with my nieces also. And she’s not a fraud. She sings love always. And I prefer listening to her with just her and her guitar. I wish her all the best and were going on speak now tour next year.

      • Lyn

        Oh wait, ……. live, I mean not love

      • ew

        carrie fan. Reported.

      • Kenley

        So Zoey, are you saying that your nieces are “blind and deaf” now? Wow, what a nice Aunt you must be. @@

      • My Thoughts

        While I agree that Taylor isn’t a very good live vocalist, I think she is still an excellent role model for young girls. She’s never disrespected herself or her fans, and that is rare with someone so young and so famous. She’s a good kid, and she puts out recorded music that her fans like…I see no reason for anyone to hate on that.

      • u

        What, is the the primary function of a musician now, to be a “good role model”? Not to be talented, just to be a saint? Well, thank God the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin weren’t forced to have to make it in today’s era, or they would be screwed due to their lack of a clean-cut image.

      • lillian c

        may i just say that i would agree it is more important for a musician to be talented than a saint.

        in taylor swift’s case, however, i doubt she’s a ‘saint’ either. she mindlessly ruins other people’s reputations, people she used to be ‘in love’ with or whatever–people who have more tact than her and aren’t vocally attacking her. jeez. didn’t anyone ever teach her vindictiveness isn’t the way to move on?

        not to mention i know people who went to the same high school as her. apparently she didn’t have any friends because she was a bully. no wonder. it’s not like she’s ugly and that’s why no one wanted to be friends with her.

        also speak now just leaked and i am rather disappointed so far.

        with that said, while i like her music to a degree, i would hardly call her record the best of the year nor would i look to her as my role model.

        this is coming from a senior in high school, there are SO many other people out there who are more talented and more ‘saint’ like as ^ he puts it.

    • Bob

      300,000 if she is lucky. Remember this is 2010. Records do not sell anymore. Two week ago the #1 album was less than 80,000.

  • Rachel

    As anticipated as it is, I do think that “Speak Now” could sell that many in one week. Question is whether or not it actually will.

  • PDT

    A million in a week? Today? Nope. If Eminem couldn’t do that with the smash that was “Not Afraid,” no way can Taylor Swift do it with the tepid performance of “Mine.”

    • Anna

      Eminem and Taylor Swift have very different audiences. I don’t see as many little girls going to illegally download her album the way it affects Eminem and other acts whose core audience is slightly older male. Not that women don’t steal music, but it won’t as much as a problem. Her fans proved that they are very willing to go out and buy the album. She is coming off a hit album and which was on the stayed on top for a long time. So she was still building here base long after the album came out. I don’t think she can beat Fareless final total sale, but 1 million is not impossible considering she has reached critical mass of her fan base.

      • Rachael

        Eminem is SO much more talented then Taylor and he can actually sing live unlike tonedeaf Taylor. It amazes me that her fans cannot tell the truth about her singing. Maybe they are deluded. Who knows. Her songs all sound the same to me, all about boys and bubble gum tween angst.

      • mclovin

        Oook. Well first of all, woman like Eminem too, and I’m a woman and I don’t like Taylor Swift and I don’t relate to her lyrics. And I’m pretty sure Eminem has the best selling album of the year so far, not to shabby.

      • Rachel what?

        I thought eminem is a rapper not a singer.
        I admit that Taylor is not the world most talented singer but she can sing. You don’t have to belt every verse to a song just to be called a “good singer”. I’ve seen her live in a concert and acoustic one and I can say that she can certainly sing live. Believe what you want to believe.

      • u

        No, you don’t have to belt every verse to able to sing, you just have to sound decent, which she doesn’t.

    • Kenley

      Country fans are a loyal fanbase and they buy full albums instead of just individual singles. Taylor is probably getting most of her pop fans to buy the single downloads, while her pure country fans will buy the whole album. For myself, I couldn’t wait for the whole album so I downloaded all her available singles so far and can’t wait for “Mean” on Tuesday and I will definitely buy “Speak Now” on the 25th.

  • Sarah

    No way. N Sync achieved this feat back in the day because insane little girls bought multiple copies to make sure they beat the Backstreet Boys.

    • Kate

      Actually, ‘NSYNC managed to sell a million albums in one day. I remember that, b/c I was one of the “insane little girls” who bought multiple copies haha… Since then, there have been many artists who have sold one million in a week.

      • Gale

        Not in this sales climate. Total record sales for the industry have dropped in half since N Sync hit that goal.

      • Maureen

        @Kate: I was a BSB girl back in the day (still am actually!). All of us BSB girls got so mad when the NSyncers tried to out buy us when the new albums came out LOL!

    • Preston

      I remember that period in 2000 and 2001 when NSYNC, Backstreet and even Eminem sold a million copies their first weeks. That was way before the technologies downloading you see now and people just bought the physical album CD. I wish that artists would push and promote themselves more so that they CAN get those million-plus first weeks. Some of this breed of artists are becoming lazy, taking 2 to 3 years between albums or pushing their album releases back. Don’t fool your fans or potential music buyers because they’ll move on to another artist instead!

  • Jenny

    Stop setting the bar so high. It would be great if T-Swift sold a million copies the first week but in this economy, that will be difficult. It’s more important that she stays on the chart for a long time and become the BEST selling album of the year, like she did with Fearless. All I want is to see her beating the album sales of Beyonce and Kanye. She did it in 08, she can do it again.

    • Molly

      Don’t let Kanye West hear you say that.

    • Tara

      Kanye West is 10000x more talented then tonedeaf Taylor, who cannot write about anything buy teen boys. Grow up Taylor and hire a vocal coach as you are so over-rated and annoying I cannot stand to hear your pitchy warbles on the radio anymore. Remix anymore songs to pop lately? Some “country” artist who calls herself Pop in Europe. What a fraud.

      • Mac

        No one is telling you to listen to her! I can’t fathom people who hate someone but continue to listen to that person constantly. Geez! If I hate that person I don’t go waste my time to hate! Ahhhh people full of hate, I can’t fathom!

      • Kenley

        Have you heard Kanye West sing live? I wouldn’t throw stones at Taylor. Oh brother. @@

      • u

        @ Kenley:
        The difference is, Kanye is a RAPPER, not a SINGER.

      • Alice

        Dear Tara,
        Kanye is a rapper. Taylor is a singer. So no, Kanye is not a better SINGER that her. Just don’t listen to her.
        Sincerely, get your ears checked.

    • mclovin

      Beyonce is also more talented then Taylor. Just sayin.

      • Mac

        Who cares? Lmao!

      • Kenley

        Beyonce and Taylor are two different types of artists and shouldn’t be compared.

  • Phil

    Simon, you know I love to go toe to toe with ya, and I think this makes for an interesting Friday blog item, but you left out a pretty substantial chunk of information in relation to the possibility of Ms. Swift accomplishing this feat. For the past 2 weeks, the #1 album on the Billboboard 200 have been country albums from Kenny Chesney & this with Toby Keith. Lady Antebellum released their Target Exclusive holidat cd this week, and Sugarland are relasing their latest disc this coming Tuesday, 1 week prior to Taylor’s release. Some people see that as a very good month for country music. I see it as oversaturation and since Taylor’s may be the MOST anticipated release, being released last to me signifies she won’t be able to do a million week 1. She may come mighty close (her only competition that week is the Michael Buble re-released Hollywood Edition of “Crazy Love”), but it doesn’t really matter because the week after the CMAs telecast will make sure she has a huge week 2, which is what worked so well for her back in 2008. So even if she doesn’t do a million in the first week, I’ll be happy to say she’ll cross that mark & then some in 2 weeks no matter what.

    • beb

      Hey Phil – I think that’s a pretty interesting view about the release schedule and over-saturation of a particular genre of music. Personally, I think the release of multiple “promo” singles before the actual CD release has dogged a number of acts this year – look at Katy Perry, who was expected to break 300K her first week but managed to shift roughly 192K. How many songs were out there in advance – six? I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another underwhelming number (going with 360K) and we’ll be talking about the death of the CD again in a couple of weeks…

      • Phil

        The multiple promo singles issued on iTunes wekes leading up to these releases are actually iTunes exclusives, which are all worked out between the record execs & the Apple exces, to keep the money coming in, due to low album sales the last few years. Do I think its helping the industry? No, but honestly, now that the technology is out of the bottle, there is really no way to put the toothpaste back in. They’re trying to come up with new ways to make things work, but its never going to be the same.
        I think the argument here thats spiralled out of Taylor being moreof a pop artist than country is kind of humorous. Funny in the sense that most of these folks refuse to accept the reality. ‘The act’ that a few have mentioned below, includes the fact that shje is a clean cut girl next door, singing songs that she writes in her diary at night…thats an ACT. She may be a very sweet girl. There’s no denying or questioning that…but her wholesome appearance and look, and graciousness…well lets just say thats part of the reason the Zac Brown BAnd never got one of their singles to be a top 40 hit. They may have won the BEst NEw Artist Grammy last year, but most of the time, they look like a bunch of folks from the cast of DELIVERANCE. And, argue whatever you want, but that definitely plays into your mainstream success, and whether you can attain a crossover hit single. When Taylor released “Fearless” in 2008, “Love Story” wasn’t worked to pop radio with a pop mix until after the album opened huge. “Mine” was immediately added to top 40 stations after its huge debut on iTunes following its ‘leak’. These are all carefully calcuated moves made by her label. And I didn’t know she wasn’t performing at the CMAs…maybe further proof that she is more pop than country now too!

      • beb

        Phil – I hear you about the technology situation. The old days of releasing a single, letting it build critical mass and dropping the full CD are over. It’s funny you mention the Zac Brown Band conundrum – I was just listening to Kings of Leon’s “Radioactive” and wondering why Top 40 radio has virtually ignored it. Maybe they’ll catch on 6 months from now, like they did with “Use Somebody.”

      • beb

        I’ll add Sean Kingston’s “Letting Go (Dutty Love)” to my last comment, as Nicki Minaj seems to turn everything to gold…

      • Phil

        Bri – their record label hasn’t gone for top 40 adds on Kings yet, but I think its a hit. I am predicting they’ll go for adds in in Dec. & hopefully build a pop hit during the holiday season when most stations stop adding records from the 2nd week of Dec. til the 2nd week of Jan. The ridiculous amount of albums being released from now til the end of the year is astonishing. I am truly wondering if Interscope is really dropping this announced Black Eyed Peas “The Beginning” cd on Nov. 29th like they announced. I mean, lets be honest here, Ke$ha debuted her new single last night and is dropping “Cannibal” in a month’s time..but I would think we’d have heard the Peas’ single by now. I really hope they wait til the top of the year. I also fear that Kelly Rowland’s album is going to be bumped from Nov. 2nd to 2011 with no hit single on the radio..and if Ne-Yo can’t get a hit out of “One In a Million” they may bump “Libra Scale” to 2011 too, but that would kinda defeat the purpose of the album’s title. I like me some Nicki, I even hear she is on Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” song now too, but I really don’t like her new single “Right Thru Me”. My fave record of the week is Detail Feat. Flo Rida “SMH (Shakin’ My Head)” its like “Club Can’t Handle Me” Part 2.

    • beb

      Also, I’m not sure if she’ll get that CMA “bump” as she isn’t nominated for any major awards (or any awards period), nor is she performing.

      • Marta

        Avitable, your love is my drug.xoxoReply by on November 8th, 2010 at Monday, November 8, 2010 @ 12:02 pm@Thursday’s Child, awww, so sweet you gay bear of a sleamhe.Reply by Twitter: on November 8th, 2010 at Monday, November 8, 2010 @ 12:08 pm@Avitable, How dare you call me a sleamhe, you whore!I prefer to be referred to as well-balanced.

  • Ron

    I don’t think its oversaturation. A large chunk of Taylor’s fanbase is not within country music whereas most of Toby and Kenny’s are. I don’t think there is much overlap between TK and Taylor. Also Lady A’s is a holiday album. This time of year is always supersaturated with releases so there’s bound to be a lot of other albums in the same genre competing.

    • Phil

      I understand your point completely, but to the average music fan, to walk into a BestBuy or WalMart and see the latest releases being mostly all country, thats how they perceive Toby, Taylor and Kenny, regardless of what YOU may think. Yes, Taylor has a string of pop hits at this point, but most 20 somethings that can’t stand her for whatever reason (not singing well live, thinking her songs all sound the same) still equate her as a country artist. Oversaturation will most definitely be very key to whether she can move a million units in one week (or even 2). If you don’t think thats an important factor, thats cool, but as someone with both radio & retail experience, it most definitely is.

  • Carlee

    I would love for that to happen for her because shes an amazing artist and i have been waiting for this album for over a year!! I have already preordered 3 copies<3 :)

  • Matt

    One million? Nah. This is a 600-700K seller. People thought I as crazy in 2008 when I predicted 500+. Now there’s talk of 1 million-plus? I don’t see it. Certainly after two weeks and certainly by the end of the calendar year she may pass Eminem as the #1 selling album of the year but no way she gets to 1 mil the first week.

  • any

    Not even slightly. Music doesn’t sell that way anymore and I think people are tiring of her and her act.

    • Molly

      And what exactly is ‘her act?’

      • Lyn

        I know right. Tell me what exactly her “act”? People can’t handle the fact that she is genuinely nice and talented

    • Kenley

      I see green envy hitting the screen in so many comments here. So sad these haters.

      • gates

        not “haters”- just people who have a decent taste in music

      • PureCountry

        Musical taste is a matter of opinion and your idea of decent may not be exactly someone’s else’s idea of decent. Taylor’s doing fine for herself and her sales numbers speak for themselves.

      • Horacio Reyna

        Welll let’s see you are saying that 6 million plus ppl have bad taste in music? Ha hahahahaha MAJORITY RULES!

      • gates

        well i see i am arguing wih a child here, so i’m not going to impose…

  • Marcus

    A million plus in week one? Not a chance. There aren’t THAT many people who are obsessed with having garbage music as soon as it comes out.

    • Molly

      And what ‘garbage’ do YOU listen to, Marcus?

      • PDT

        Garbage music > Taylor Swift.

        She obviously didn’t get the memo that if you’re going to be a female singer who can’t actually sing, you need to be hot and/or slutty.

      • Danielle

        Why Beyonce? Sorry…Taylor Swift is no Beyonce. And, I don’t think the economy will have much to do with how this sells. It’s more about the state of the recording industry…and not just sales. The whole industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. Katy Perry had two big hits on the radio when “Teenage Dream” was released and she couldn’t sell over 300K. Why? I think one of the reasons is that people now download singles instead of a whole CD. And, hopefully, people are tiring of Taylor Swift. Yuck. JMO : )

      • Geez

        You know why danielle, perry didn’t sell well because her songs are just catchy with no substance. But Taylor is different. Her songs are actually relevant to people. Whether you like her or not, you can’t deny that.

      • gates

        PDT: my thoughts exactly x)

      • PureCountry

        gates = MCP

      • gates

        i have absolutely NO idea what that means =P

    • Oh my!

      LOL how about Taylor swift > garbage music

    • Travis

      Taylor’s music is garbage. It is all about teen boys and nothing else. Her singing makes my dog howl and ears bleed. She is so over-pimped and over-hyped it makes me physically ill to hear her offkey warbling on my radio. I can’t escape her either. She is on country radio pretending to be country, and then on pop radio with pop remixes pandering to that crowd. Figure out who you are Taylor, and pick a genre, but stop pretending to be country as you are about as country as Lil Wayne.

      • TravisLOL

        Her music is garbage??????? You’re so delusional buddy!!! Get over yourself! You don’t like her? Then don’t go her bit**ing irrelevant things

      • TravisLOL

        *here … I mean

      • Preston

        Taylor does need to write about other themes in her music than teen boys and being cheated and jilted a lot by ex-boyfriends in her lyrics. It accounted for some of the lyrics on the Fearless album. Which helped when she was 18 then, but at 20 she needs to move forward and write more mature country songs.

    • Kenley

      Why do you all haters comment if you hate her so much? Nothing beter to do except dissing on Taylor? @@

  • Rob

    See how she does the first day then talk about 1 million. I think she will top between 600-700,000.

  • PNK

    I’ve not bought any of hers but I do think I’ll get this. I am beginning to appreciate her songwriting skills, very catchy tunes and all. “You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter” – this is Dolly Parton caliber!
    Go Swift!

    • RebaFan

      Spare me. Dolly Parton is 100000x the writer that Taylor is. That line you quoted is the only interesting lyric in the whole song Mine. The rest of the lyrics are all generic cliches and boring. Her singing has not improved and her songwriting is bubble gum rubbish. Most importantly, she is NOT a country artist and needs to stop pretending to be one. She is a pop artist masquerading as country to milk awards that she does not deserve. I would respect her more if she just admitted she is pop, not country, and called herself Pop like she does in Europe. Talk about a 2 faced phony. She calls herself a POP artist in Europe, and country in the USA. Pick one, and stop trying to fool the public to milk album sales. Fraud.

      • Hsh

        Oh my god you’re funny, LOL ! She’s country/pop buddy! That’s why! Nobody is forcing you to listen to her, so do yourself a favor. Oh so you don’t respect shania cause she’s also country/pop? Get over yourself!

  • bella

    i think taylor will sell 600-700k in it’s first week, which is still an impressive number, considering she can’t sing, that in itself should be applauded that she can pull off those kinds of numbers with just her swinging of the head and her prancing around like a tantrumental child…she has many fans who connect with her thru her fairytale la-la-la land lyrical diaries…when will she sing about “real life”…she’s not country-pop she’s just pop, country music just loves to claim her because shes a huge selling promotional machine..it benefits the country music industry, to have her around for ratings at what not, but we all know she has nothing country not even a little ounce of country in her songs, taylor may fool the little girls in pigtails, but she ain’t fooling anyone at a mature level.

    • X


    • What

      There’s no any once of country in her songs? You obviously didn’t know all of her songs then.
      And don’t you know that her fan base are diverse.

      I will effin buy her album and I’m not a teenager

  • bella

    please excuse the misspelled words :)

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