T.I. sentenced to 11 more months in prison

T-IImage Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty ImagesA U.S. District Judge has sentenced T.I. to serve 11 more months in prison for violating his probation, reps for the rapper confirm.

T.I. and wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested in early September on suspicion of drug possession during a traffic stop. He was already on probation after serving a term behind bars for a 2008 weapons conviction.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, T.I. told the court that “I screwed up big time, and I’m sorry. I’m truly and sincerely sorry. I don’t want and I don’t need to use drugs anymore. I want them out of my life.” But U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pannell Jr. was not swayed, reportedly stating, “I think Mr. Harris had had about the limit of second chances.” T.I. was born Clifford Harris Jr.

A rep for Atlantic Records, T.I.’s label, released the following statement: “T.I. is such an important and valued member of our Atlantic family. We offer to him and his family our continued love and support during this very difficult time.”

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  • u

    Clearly this idiot LOVES jail. How do you screw up so soon after just getting out, only to send yourself back into the slammer again?

    • u

      Uh, there are dumbasses of every ethnicity and socioeconomic level (see: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan). And judging by your racist comment, it seems that you are a dumbass as well.

    • dave


    • Michael R Henson

      Racist? I do believe that he did not refer to a race. Do you personally think that only blacks, browns or whatever live in a ghetto?

      I guess we know who the real racist is.

    • Me, Baby, ME

      Tom, I usually don’t respond to douchey commentators, but if you’re reading this, please seek help. You are obviously very upset about something in your life enough to channel it into racist diatribes that are not productive or useful, especially for yourself. If you truly believe you are better than any number of ethnic minorities, try to display that sentiment through your actions.

    • Rock Bottom

      Heeeey, Tom! I’ve been expecting you, glad you could make it! This place isn’t the same without you. You can stay in Larry David’s room.

      (Usually “Me, Baby, ME”)

    • Dody

      Watch it Pal. Obviously you don’t know much about life or people. And … I will add, that of all the statements I seen this is definitely coming from an ignorant place. Are people dismayed? Yes, are people disappointed? Yes. I believe that he ( T.I) is disappointed in himself. But he has made a living for himself and his family. He has not had everything handed to him, he has not been flat backin with whoever, whenever, and hittin the pipe, snortin girl or boy, going in and out of jail WEEKLY. No real skills , making headlines for giving head and doing lines. You follow me. Lets not generalize that demographics or socioeconomics play any role in this. Lets agree that drugs has often been the underlying reason and problem for non productive behavior.

    • Kim

      Yey! like Paris Hilton straight out of Compton….you sound like an idiot…go somewhere and shut the hell up!

    • u

      @ Michael R. Henson:

      Yeah, cause we all know that “ghetto” is used for whites, since the terms “trailer trash” and “white trash” don’t exist. Nice try at attempting to flip the table on me, but #FAIL.

    • PrettiRed1

      First off that is very ignorant for you to say. I myself know people that are from the ghetto and they are very successful and for you to sterotype in this manner makes you look like the fool. People make mistakes and they learn from them. I have seen many people in different walks of life go through things like T.I. but I assure you that it has nothing to do with where you come from. You might want to re – evaluate your thinking because by your comment you seem to be very ignorant to the world we live in.

    • jay

      @Tom that was by far the dumbest thing I eva head a person say I wish we were talkin in person cuz u would get it seriously an I hope u goto hell for that comment…..

    • PrettiRed1

      Wow you have the perfect name TOM. You are very ignorant as well as your friend Larry. How can you say the things you say about rap artist? From what I can see there are more Rap artist helping our communities then the others that we fail to pay attention to for the obvious reasons. Who are you to judge anyone i’m pretty sure you don’t live a perfect life and you have probably done some horrible things as well but who are we to judge you. Again ignorance will get you know where in life my friend. Why don’t you get a new hobby instead of it being racist.

    • mike

      Whites live in the ghetto also…Paris & Lindsay are real drug heads and they didn’t get anytime in jail! So back off dude!

    • angi

      I see you are proud to sound hateful and soul less. Would you you be think like this way on your last dying breathe

    • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

      @ Larry:
      I hope you’re stupid brave enough to say that to a black person’s face in real life. But something tells me that you lack the balls to do so, so you’re more comfortable saying these things online behind the protection of anonymity.

    • Bill

      People…celebrities from the “ghetto”…Oprah, Diddy, and many people in my college are prove you wrong everyday

    • Se

      @Larry Really? I have to believe you’re trolling because I can’t imagine that anybody is that ignorant to leave a comment like that.

    • Nikki

      Everyone is so quick to judge. What mistake have you done in your life over and over. I pretty sure plenty but ur not going to blast that.

      • Steve


    • KG

      Really i agree with larry a little bit,look the rappers here keep going to Jail, why i mean why don’t they stop, and dude they grown men, and stuff stop comparing them to young celebs, you guys acting like they role models for your kids are somthing, and then if you say its not ghetto? why did you guys just post a threat to him, it makes him think that you cannot handle a statement. I mean for a fact you do not know even know T.I personally, but he does the same stuff over and over. Like all the rapers i mean all they do is go to jail and go back. it’s facts they have the power to control them selves. Stop bickering about it, cause you cant help them, change.

    • nicole

      THE SAME WAY Lindsey Lohan and Paris do! The only difference is that justice wasn’t served fairly. How can they keep violating their probation, keep getting arrested over and over again for nothing major to happen to them? Lindsey what 2 weeks in jail, Paris what 3 or 4 days? C’MON am I the only one seeing this?

      • Kammi

        No, Nicole you’re not the only one seeing this. I too see TI going back to jail and Lindsey and Paris getting nothing. The police didn’t even have to search Paris’ car, the coke fell right in front of them.

        Are you and I also the only ones who saw Chris Brown get served community hours for domestic violence while Mel Gibson got to make a movie? Not to mention Charlie “Estevez” Sheen (a good thing for him he doesn’t use his real last name). He even shot Kelly Preston and got away with it.

        It’s gotten to the point of being blatant and ridiculous. Something needs to be done. I can at least say Lindsay, Paris, Mel or Charlie will never get a dollar from me seeing one of their flicks, ratings from shows or any product they endorse. This needs to stop.

      • Ashley

        The difference between his case and Paris and Lindsay’s case is that TI went to federal prison where it is mandated by law that you serve 80% of your time. There is no early release for good behavior/overcrowding.

      • Yahshua

        We know what the common denominator is!!!! U only have to look back the past 400 years to understand!

      • Josie

        If this was Paris Hilton or the Lohan chick, NOTHING serious would have been done. He’s a Black Man!!!

    • dipshat

      This is like something the real Larry David would say!

    • TY

      The sad part you really believe this. TI did wrong, but was it worth giving him 11 months when he has a drug problem. Locking him up for 11 months does not help his problem and when you compare his case to Paris and Lindsay cases you make it look racist when they are caught doing the same crime but getting different punishment.

    • Yahshua

      U sound like a racist or a uncle tom racist… Which 1 u are is anyone’s guess! Get a life!

    • Staypositive

      Dont u think he knoe that and one he is not ghetto right now is really not the time for your negativity all he needs is support is u not gonna give it to hime Shut up he dont care about you he has his famiy so stop hating.

    • Ta Ta

      So that white girl Lohan can mess up with her probation how many times but TI doesn’t get that? What racist BS!

      • Josie

        Thank you!!

  • William

    Gee, there is a shocker! Well now he will have more street “cred”! Give it 5 years and we will be reading his obit.

  • Al

    Well…this is what happens when you mess up with the Feds.

    The state on the other hand…

  • miss k

    It takes real talent to end up back in the slammer so soon. Really, I’m impressed.

    God, he’s such an idiot.

  • S.O.

    I’m sure he’ll on good behavior & will be out in 6 months at best.

  • jpratm

    finally some actual punishment for bad choices .

    • Nitely

      When will these spoiled little WHITE girls get punished.

      • Obvious Guy

        Why does color matter? That’s racist.

      • Ta Ta

        Not racist at all. Nitely is just telling the truth. Lohan, Paris, they all have messed up many times on probation but yet they are till free to walk the streets. Ok I understand the Federal thing, but still. Lohan needs to go to Prison for a year! See if she learns her lesson that way. Rehab is NOT helping her! Prison will!

  • Mo

    I believe he was set up. Celebs do drugs all the time.

    • Nick

      Um…you really can’t be “set up” when you admit to doing it.

  • h

    11 months is kind of harsh for a drug violation…. I mean Paris and Lindsay keep breaking their probation and yet got of with little time…

    I understand that his initial crime of gun possesion is a big offense compared to drugs like Lindsay and Paris… but driving under the influence can kill people and destroy lives just as easily..

    do girls get lesser sentences or is it a racial issue?

    • u

      Really, the fact that he wasn’t given a harsher sentence is actually more surprising. And yes, illegal possession of drugs & firearms carries a much harsher penalty then drinking & driving, even if it is just as dangerous. But I can’t sympathize with T.I. on this, he previously spent a year in the slammer for not only illegally possessing firearms, but violating his probation as well. He obviously has an appetite for self-destruction.

      • Markus

        The reason Paris and Lindsay are not facing harsher sentences is because theirs is based on state guidelines. His is based on Federal guidelines (his original bust was for a Federal felony to purchase the guns). Federal courts don’t play around.

      • h

        Im just saying Lindsay better get some jail time for testing positive for drugs on her urine test. But i bet you anything she wont get close to even a month (total time served) in jail. The sentence might be more but she wont serve that long.

      • sally

        The difference also with Lindsay is it’s different states. TI is Georgia, Lindsay is California. People seem to forget with Lindsay that she really kidnapped two guys and took their vehicle and went on a high speed chase after her assistants mother scaring her to death. I think Lindsay has gotten off really easy since it’s not just two drunk driving violations. She should go to jail just like TI is.

    • JT

      Racial Issue? Huh??
      DO you know anything about the federal system?
      If you violate probation then there are mandatory minimums you must serve or can be redefined by a federal judge based upon the infraction.
      T.I. SKATED on an unbelievable array of weapons charges that included Silencers and Automatic Weapons both of which call for a mandatory 10 year sentence. ANYONE ELSE on this planet would have done 10-15 years.
      So would you like to explain to me how he got 1 Fn year in prison?
      Perhaps that was racial too.?
      There is only one way to breeze like that… I think I smell a RAT.

      • LS

        Good point JT.

      • Addiemak

        I somewhat agree but don’t forget the majority of people can’t afford the same kind of lawyers, and the judge used T.i case to try and steer kids in the right direction since he has so many fans, it was part of the deal that was agreed to. The average person can’t reach that many people. So his case is a little different in those aspects. Doesn’t mean he is snitchin. #im jus sayin

      • Obvious Guy

        Excellent point. No one is yelling racism on this one, I wonder why

  • lisa mac


    • thome


  • topher45


  • topher45


    • john

      You don’t know the difference between probation and parole.

  • LBD

    Although he was wrong for violating his probation, you have to wonder why individuals such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton who was busted bringing drugs into another country, and who repeatedly violated their probation guidelines get off so easy. Is this a case of race or simply throwing the book at TI because his art is not yet respected?

    • u

      I agree that it is unfair that Lindsay & Paris get so many slaps on the wrists when they continuously break the law. Now granted, T.I. is getting exactly what he deserves, but I am rather astounded at how Lindsay and Paris get so many undeserved second chances…

      • fuz

        the discrepancy isn’t with lindsay, paris, or ti alone, but who they know, their lawyers, families (ahem, hilton), socio-economic status, state law vs. federal law, and overall crimes. all these add up to a big difference. i don’t think it’s about race alone and none of the judges are really lenient in their cases.

    • Se

      @LBD “Markus” made a good point on the difference. Linsdsay and Paris=State Law where as TI=Federal Law. Huge Difference between the two. Besides, IMO TI’s numerous offenses are much worse than Lindsay’s or Paris’s. This guy needs to be locked up for a very, very, very, long time. Of course, that’s not to say they don’t either but they weren’t caught with Silencers! and Semi-Automatic Weapons!

    • thome

      Get real and wake up fuz, it is about race. Isn’t it always.

  • ossurworld

    Apparently the publicity stunt of saving a potential suicide did not work.

    • S D

      This guy has been arrested 30 (thirty) something times, Thats three-zero together. After this sentence he will have spent less than 2 years in jail…..I think he’s doing good avoiding harsh sentencing. And I dont care if 30 of those 30 something arrests were for something minor, the meer fact of being arrested that many times is mind boggling.

  • Jau

    monkeys? Well aren’t you a little racist jerk-off.

  • What

    I sure would like to know what you mean by Monkeys!

    • Lala

      FOOLISH.. Tom is an idiot seeking attention. Although sadly there are people like him roaming the street without handcuffs. I think TOM should be arrested instead of TI for posting hate speech on public forums. Ridiculousity at its finest!

    • Anon

      Yes, clearly Tom should go to jail for being racist while people abuse drugs and own guns illegally walk the streets free. Logic at its finest

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